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Hurtle numa frase em (in ingles)

Morel, if he didn't hurtle himself up as if he was trying to get in the smallest space he could.
I don't know, there is a side of me that says until I can no longer see Narrulla hurtle by in the dark.
I hear metal sliding against metal and feel wind so intense it forces tears into my eyes as I hurtle toward the ground.
A nation losing its social cohesion does not necessarily hurtle through the gates of a fascist paradise all at once.
Forty-five years ago it seemed busy and dangerous to cross, but compared to the multi-lane motorways that now hurtle across the Riviera, it was a mere country lane.
Cosmic rays hitting the outer atmosphere of earth are mainly fast-moving, high-energy protons, and as they hurtle towards the Earth they collide with atoms in the air.
But his ship’s momentum continued to hurtle it forward, toward the Disrupter, and on my HUD, his ship began to flash red, indicating that its reactor core had been set to overload.

If he could find that stairway, could he find the door he knew at the bottom? Where did that stairway go below? Down into solid rock? Or would the flight snap off and hurtle down thirty feet into an abandoned cesspool? First he had to find the stairway.
Holly's mind was hurtling.
Holly was hurtling faster now.
and was hurtling through the night.
Hurtling into them before Aetes could.
Hurtling down the road was the Mercedes.
It sent her hurtling backwards out of control.
confection sphere came hurtling in the darkness.
Small pieces of jagged stone had come hurtling.
From above an object was hurtling out of the sky.
an empty box and hurtling it across the car at him.
You are the one of the hurtling world, he said.
It was interval and bodies were hurtling everywhere.
The rogue asteroid was hurtling its way towards Earth.
The afternoon was spent hurtling through pouring rain.
Green Band was hurtling along without an apparent hitch.
Into what exciting times it seemed we were all hurtling.
Responsibility, guilt, and freedom, hurtling back together.
Then back to the hurtling dance-rhythm of the second refrain:.
spin out of the path of the hurtling ship, or be crushed by it.
Scott hadn’t noticed Josh hurtling towards the exuberant man.
The washed-over anger of so many years was hurtling back at me.
it, instead it would have been my yelling, or my hurtling fist-.
hurtling through the open space and clattered noisily against the.
no longer hurtling forward, but were now simply standing in the air.
At that moment a heavy shining thing came hurtling down from above.
The boat was hurtling headlong into a narrow and cluttered channel.
A blast from his fingers sent Mother Yagga hurtling into a brick wall.
The Apollo Gorn slapped her down and sent her hurtling across the room.
This time it was the two of us, on fire, hurtling down a bottomless shaft.
He’d hurtled into.
Ruthie’s body hurtled across the car.
Disloyal beast! And a rock hurtled down.
The trucks finally hurtled up Tenth Avenue.
He hurtled backwards and fell to the floor.
Her father hurtled backwards towards the house.
life as he hurtled backwards towards the witches.
Its rider hurtled forward into a spray of bullets.
A wall of whitewater hurtled toward the Daiichi plant.
A line of Militsia squad cars hurtled down the highway.
The Buccaneer hurtled along perilously narrow waterways.
transport and hurtled along the causeway towards the bridge.
They hurtled toward the solid wall at the end of the cavern.
carriage flew open as the train hurtled around another sharp.
She had to stop this outrage, before it hurtled into tragedy.
The wind roared around him and the rocks hurtled to meet him.
the train slid off and we hurtled into the pitch black tunnel.
Cloud hurtled around the corner next, swinging his sword with.
should have just snatched the blade from his hand, hurtled it.
Hundreds of energy projectiles hurtled toward the Kierdan ships.
they hurtled around a winding bend, Cloud stared powerlessly as.
A dark form hurtled out of the sky toward Lord Robert and Evelyn.
She stared at Maria in confusion as Maria hurtled toward the porch.
"Forget it!" Jacob hurtled out of the shadows and snatched at my hand.
Thesa looked about as the stones and rocks hurtled down all around him.
An SE-5a hurtled past the nose of my plane, tightly followed by another.
As if called by his words, the first squad car hurtled round the corner.
immediately and the ship hurtled on through space without a care for the.
It hurtled through the air and Dom watched it with breathless anticipation.
Yet from this mysterious thicket had hurtled that boulder, swift and deadly.
Ace hurtles forward and begins dropping megatons of force.
Hours later, he wakes to see the silhouette of an airplane blot stars as it hurtles east.
After all, we don't feel the slightest movement as the spinning Earth hurtles around the.
As they journeyed towards the field of battle, the Allies knew their enemy was growing desperate; attempting to throw more hurtles in their path and test the strength and power of the Silver Fleet.

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cast hurl hurtle lunge thrust