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  1. How dare they impose that.
  2. That would impose even greater.
  3. When we try to impose a single.
  4. But this could not impose on Fanny.
  5. It's clear that it does not impose.

  6. This was not the way to impose his.
  7. You put the question and impose an.
  8. Could I impose on you for another?
  9. Floyd knew when not to impose himself.
  10. The certainty that we impose helps to.
  11. They purposely inspire and impose false.
  12. We can impose our will upon creation with.
  13. You are my guest and I don't want to impose.
  14. They impose on the people, he repeated.
  15. They don’t speak or impose on me in any way.

  16. I do not impose myself when I am not welcome.
  17. No government could be strong enough to impose.
  18. Why impose a tax on an inheritance, you might ask.
  19. I, more or less, tried to impose my values on him.
  20. Kate, may I impose upon you for a notepad?
  21. But he could not impose on me by his dumb reserve.
  22. If it should happen that I impose my will upon you.
  23. Never impose on him that he is the man in the house.
  24. I'm afraid we could not impose on you for that long.
  25. It was not that government could not impose religion.

  26. When external forces impose very strict disciplines (e.
  27. Sir, it will be the most unpopular tax you can impose.
  28. It seeks to impose a set of probabilities on everyone.
  29. I wanted him to call me first; I didn’t want to impose.
  30. Nate will impose a fine, and I’ll pay it, he said.
  31. We must impose the teachings of our Lord on to your people.
  32. The terms on which they are thrown together impose intimacy.
  33. The true agenda is to impose a new morality upon the nation.
  34. Federation would have no choice but to impose sanctions on us.
  35. Then they impose that feeling on the subject of their desire.
  36. The only limitations on your mind are the limits you impose.
  37. She didn’t want to impose, but I finally talked her into it.
  38. From now on, I will not dare to impose upon you to protect.
  39. Rather than impose additional restrictions, Napster execs have.
  40. Fear is the gift we impose on our children, along with abandonment.
  41. Th e need of safety is frustrated in al religions that impose bans.
  42. And I, the President of the United States, feel I have to impose it.
  43. I cannot just impose my rules he has a choice in all this as well.
  44. That would be most kind, but I shouldn’t want to impose upon you.
  45. The mother, already during the intrauterine phase, wants to impose her.
  46. Sometimes they are intended to impose entirely new rates of oscillation.
  47. Will this why entail, impose, imply an ethic? the pulsing analyzed her.
  48. Mitchell felt his stomach sink, You know we couldn't impose on you like that.
  49. Remember that charts are artificial structures that we impose on market data.
  50. And surely, said he, this is not a very severe order which we impose upon them.
  51. It will impose the burdens of the war on the Atlantic, the commercial, States.
  52. This would impose a tax burden on their fellow citizens which is unacceptable.
  53. This does not mean that you have to impose your philosophy or creed on others.
  54. The combined motions of the particles will impose a clockwise torque (face-on.
  55. We camped out on the beach, not wishing to impose on such grudging hospitality.
  56. There is something that makes for power in the limitations your materials impose.
  57. New programs require droves of new regulators to impose massive new regulations.
  58. So, it’s imperative that a concerted effort be made to impose only highly useful.
  59. Well, says Justice Breyer, it is part of his duty to impose structure on madness.
  60. Jim was the only person she felt she could impose upon – for the use of his phone.
  61. I am affirming the principle that if the mother does not violently impose her needs.
  62. They will impose various public acts of penitence upon themselves with a 470 of 967.
  63. For three years the Federal government had been trying to impose alien ideas and an.
  64. It has to be said though that she did not overtly impose her views through her column.
  65. What have we lost? The power to impose petty variations, favouring some serfs and.
  66. To display the difference in ratios that an industry can impose, we will contrast two.
  67. Since high standards are not imposed by the marketplace, management must impose its own.
  68. All this, thought Elinor, is very pretty; but it can impose upon neither of us.
  69. First, you must understand that I did not come to impose on your rules and regulations.
  70. Messiahs never impose, but only invite and always welcome any who answer the invitation.
  71. Raising his hand to impose silence, the Professor motioned to me to bring the others in.
  72. He might be trying to impose martial law over the council, bringing on a final showdown.
  73. This has allowed its leaders and their cohorts to impose widespread ignorance under the.
  74. We have always said that we would not impose a solution on our allies, Kissinger said.
  75. Those found in positions of power in politics, religion, and money that impose ignorance and.
  76. They hesitated to break the silence which death seemed to impose; at length Valentine ventured.
  77. Our destination is worked across our decisions and we cannot impose our criterion on the others.
  78. Christian Rome ruthlessly strove to impose its approved belief systems throughout all of Europe.
  79. They felt that they could not impose on the hospital again before their earlier debt had settled.
  80. She was constantly trying to rein in my new streak of wildness and impose a modicum of discipline.
  81. No! Allow me, that is not what we are discussing! he cried, waving his hand to impose silence.
  82. You no more deceive me with that false calmness than I impose upon you with my frivolous solicitude.
  83. Acceptance of negative impulses by the conscious mind causes knocking on conscious to impose entrance.
  84. The government impose penalties on companies and local government that fails to meet the requirement.
  85. If gentlemen are now afraid to impose the taxes, they must believe that the people will not bear them.
  86. The net impulse holding the dots has a feast of negative reasons to impose war or break and make.
  87. Orwell, because the function of the Institute, as we shall see, is to impose corporate Socialism on the U.
  88. Some states impose harsher penalties when the offender is a certain number of years older than the victim.
  89. Its vulnerability is found in the very thing that it seeks to impose upon all of us, which is language.
  90. They tried keeping a dog, but found the urban sprawl too bleak a thing to impose on such an innocent creature.
  91. The government had agreed to impose sharia law throughout Swat and in return the militants would stop fighting.
  92. There would be no likeness whatever upon him, we impose on him a weight which no human intellect can bear’ (p.
  93. Governments show thus how successfully men can be imposed on, even impose on themselves, for their own advantage.
  94. However, if they feel that our service is too lenient a sentence, they will impose additional sentencing upon us.
  95. It was important now to act on the subject, because Congress had the power to impose conditions on the Territory.
  96. The primary problem with writing for theatre is the sheer physical difficulties that performing on a stage impose.
  97. It would, besides, impose only one tax upon the people, that which they must contribute in order to pay the bounty.
  98. To chastise somebody: to impose a punishment upon him that brings out what is folded and hidden in his spirit.
  99. We have however one condition to impose that Zulimistan and Crowngland should be must left alone for next 50 years.
  100. It must have been the ordinary road taken by Erik to reach Christine's dressing-room and impose upon her innocence.
  1. The tall imposing man said.
  2. I hope we're not imposing.
  3. The tall imposing man added.
  4. The man was imposing enough.
  5. Aafre was an imposing figure.
  6. The tall imposing man laughed.
  7. As such it exhibits an imposing.
  8. The imposing man angrily said aloud.
  9. The tall imposing man laughed aloud.
  10. The imposing old man shouted angrily.
  11. The imposing priest, Priest Zi Bo asked.
  12. It was imposing and surrounded by trees.
  13. Express your opinion without imposing it.
  14. Furthermore, imposing the many follies and.
  15. It was that religion was not worth imposing.
  16. But unexpectedly, the imposing old man shouted.
  17. The tall imposing man rubbed his chin and laughed.
  18. Neither man was very large or physically imposing.
  19. Broad stone steps led up to an imposing oak door.
  20. The tall and imposing man was startled and yelled.
  21. We passed through the imposing front gate, a look.
  22. It was an imposing figure and stood 60 cubits tall.
  23. Despite his small stature, he seemed an imposing foe.
  24. The Guild Merchant’s Hall in Troyes was an imposing.
  25. One of the priests who looked the most imposing asked.
  26. As he stood there in amazement, watching the imposing.
  27. The tall imposing man walked over to the chests and said.
  28. You know, the really imposing fortress just over yonder.
  29. This is a period of negotiation and not imposing our views.
  30. In the far distant, was imposing palace that was pure white.
  31. I am therefore imposing on myself a fast of twenty one days.
  32. He turned around and respectfully bowed to the imposing old.
  33. Still, it all seemed a bit imposing to the first-time visitor.
  34. This priest looked imposing and his left hand was on his front.
  35. Other visitors had to wait outside next to the imposing queen.
  36. The imposing old man appeared to be perplexed and said sternly.
  37. We’re hardly an imposing sight, Shela whispered adamantly.
  38. Dakota - It was an imposing three story home built in the 1870s.
  39. Imposing fines for violation of these defaults without exception.
  40. In a way, it is more imposing than the Mirage Hotel of Las Vegas.
  41. The tall imposing man smiled, did not even turn his head and said.
  42. He led us to a rather imposing castle for what was a modest town.
  43. He reminded them of the imposing secret, and raised a ray of cheer.
  44. Suddenly there were a commotion all around and the imposing old man.
  45. Over two metres tall he is an imposing figure, as are his companions.
  46. The Islamics are bent on imposing their brutal and inhuman cult on the.
  47. Close behind was the imposing Joe Billie Bloodtooth, in silent pursuit.
  48. At the entrance of the great hall, a tall imposing figure could be seen.
  49. This means that each member must renounce imposing their own will upon.
  50. Judge Ellis sat in his comfortable, yet imposing chambers, reading the.
  51. The two of them had imposing voices and the sabres in both their hands.
  52. Nangong Ping lifted his sight and saw that behind the imposing old man.
  53. At the courtyard stood a tall and imposing man with dozens of men with.
  54. Alexandra, John says in his pay attention low, but imposing voice.
  55. There was a tall and imposing old man who stood in the middle of a crowd.
  56. Speaking as if there is only one other classification and imposing that.
  57. In the entire concept of the ‘ Bhagavad-Gita’, there is an imposing.
  58. It was less imposing than I’d pictured, the few times I’d pictured it.
  59. Alert and awake, Cambridge of course made for a far more imposing figure.
  60. The respect of the convicts for that day had something imposing about it.
  61. Winners honored their favorite God by imposing him on the newly subjugated.
  62. He was a large man, imposing and plump with a pleasant, slightly podgy face.
  63. It was a medium-sized palace, with an imposing entrance and an upper storey.
  64. In the centre of the forest, Salverford prison loomed, powerful and imposing.
  65. The machine on its carriage seemed as big as a cottage, and much more imposing.
  66. His full stature was so imposing that Hilsith and Nemia both stepped back a bit.
  67. Startling Heaven Seven Eagles as well as the tall imposing man that was leading.
  68. The Rocky Mountains are too big, too long, too important to have to be imposing.
  69. Yet even with that and her need for air, she continued on to the imposing figure.
  70. John was not going to roll over and let Diotrephes keep imposing his will on the.
  71. He was so imposing and strict but when he suddenly said, ‘Mistress’, ‘Sister.
  72. He was startled to see how suddenly the tall imposing man had appeared before him!.
  73. We attempt to make order out of chaos by imposing structured patterns on randomness.
  74. He was a small, imposing man with long, unfashionable sideburns and a severe manner.
  75. The two thrones were magnificent and imposing, covered in gold and valuable gemstones.
  76. For stock selection they use the price/book ratio without imposing sector neutrality.
  77. That terribly cry that was so startled and imposing cry was made by your Big Brother.
  78. Like Quinn he had an imposing physique, although he looked younger and less menacing.
  79. Oh, that's only nominal! The whale himself has never figured in any grand imposing way.
  80. Doña Carlota’s imposing brows bunched, and her eyes flicked suspiciously to the door.
  81. Would you happen to know whereabouts inside said imposing fortress just over yonder?
  82. His imposing gesture gently shocks her through with his electrifying touch of titillation.
  83. He wore a Chuckles’ Deli T-shirt with a large, imposing picture of himself on the front.
  84. But if you choose a risky one it will definitely be worth imposing a fairly tight stop loss.
  85. Peter or Jesus walk upon the waters it symbolizes the Papacy and Christianity imposing their.
  86. Almost every town of any size was surrounded by an imposing wall in varying stages of repair.
  87. His mental war on her was in some ways even more imposing than just the physical sight of him.
  88. The Vatican has obfuscated this most basic of truths by imposing the fear that you are a body.
  89. Hebrew symbolic code; and thereby proves they are engaged in fraud by imposing these lies upon.
  90. To reinforce the message that he was imposing on us, I suggested he go into the town to see the.
  91. I looked up at Aaron’s imposing frame and the tattoos on his cheeks and thought better of it.
  92. When he left, Aafre looked at Cardinal Richital and said, He is very imposing, isn’t he?’.
  93. The office remained the same, though without Hollowcrest’s cool presence, it felt less imposing.
  94. Despite their imposing stature, they were surprisingly gentle, very intelligent, and caring aliens.
  95. The imposing structure of St Mary’s church dominated the right hand side of the main market square.
  96. He lighted his pipe with a very imposing air, and spit several times on the floor before he replied.
  97. Of the three Sounds, the most imposing, astonishing and spectacular is, without doubt, Milford Sound.
  98. Surrounded by all those singular and imposing personages, he gazed about him with serious amazement.
  99. Everything appeared very stately and imposing to me; but then I was so little accustomed to grandeur.
  100. Denver was definitely an imposing presence and Oak was glad that he was his ally rather than his foe.
  1. Hell was imposed on ZTA.
  2. It was imposed ruthlessly and.
  3. But it had imposed itself on her.
  4. He imposed another thought on her.
  5. Limits imposed relative to what is.
  6. They imposed restrictions on trade.
  7. Life was imposed on her from outside.
  8. Usage imposed this error, and it wil.
  9. He was numb to the threats it imposed.
  10. The new law even imposed sanctions on.
  11. A number of newly imposed and enforced.
  12. What we have in Zuma is an imposed leader.
  13. It was an imposed job and a dreadful one.
  14. The stigma has largely been imposed upon.
  15. Human ignorance cultivated and imposed by.
  16. Christianity was imposed upon the world to.
  17. This being the case, this [ban] is imposed.
  18. For these three reasons I have imposed the.
  19. For them, Christianity was imposed from top.
  20. He imposed in this way a taxing according with.
  21. I’m sorry to have imposed on your solitude.
  22. As they grew more alarming, an embargo was imposed.
  23. Sometimes the restraints imposed were of obviously.
  24. They asked you for defence, and you imposed embargo.
  25. Upon the colonial trade she imposed new restrictions.
  26. The partial embargo was imposed in September of 1960.
  27. Garcia squeezed her hand and imposed a thought on her.
  28. Through thee the life pulsates, the rhythm is imposed.
  29. That mankind have in this matter been imposed upon is.
  30. Algea later told me that they imposed their hands onto.
  31. A ceiling was imposed on their portage and trading hub.
  32. The death penalty was imposed on anyone who killed a cat.
  33. Rogers said that any requirements that he imposed on the.
  34. When C Curve is SUPER IMPOSED ON COOLING RATES , it.
  35. Before the curfew was imposed and the roadblocks went up.
  36. An outstanding example of this newly imposed repression at.
  37. The threat of punishment is the threat of imposed sacrifice.
  38. She was still a slave and had limitations imposed upon her.
  39. Using his political power he has now imposed a ban on the.
  40. Nor is it a punishment imposed on us by some external agent.
  41. It reveals a palpable error imposed upon a credulous people.
  42. Say, for instance, that I run a business, and a tax imposed.
  44. The Manager of the Club, Jimmy Metcalfe, imposed a starting.
  45. It imposed a terrible fear; and dread, and grief of mourning.
  46. But I was afraid of this beast, and I imposed silence upon it.
  47. This destiny has been imposed upon him as a punishment by Zeus.
  48. The new subsidy, imposed by the ninth and tenth of William III.
  49. They did not enjoy freedom of religion, which was state imposed.
  50. Illogical borders; imposed for the sake of others at the expense.
  51. When change is imminent and imposed it creates a sense of crisis.
  52. We appreciate your kindness, but we’ve imposed on it enough.
  53. For acquired multimedia, the restrictions imposed by the supplier.
  54. For we are in the same arena and the same contest is imposed on us.
  55. Reputations are imposed on us by others because of what we do and.
  56. These different duties were imposed, partly by the 22d of Charles II.
  57. The loyalty that existed amongst his own army was imposed, not earned.
  58. It is imposed after the loans or debts have been deducted or adjusted.
  59. What we need to know is who imposed these militants on us,’ he wrote.
  60. Now, after a good rest the noises imposed heavily on his consciousness.
  61. Pressure is an art imposed to let panic fear and chaos stay continuous.
  62. They are imposed only upon a few sorts of goods of the most general use.
  63. Tribute: A tax of 2 days' wages; a tax imposed by a king on his subjects.
  64. However, a smaller limit is imposed as a rule in the Bitcoin protocol (i.
  65. But thankful y with commitment, I broke free from my imposed limitations.
  66. Historically, dhimmitude was imposed through successful Muslim conquests.
  67. To this end we have imposed a state of emergency across the whole of Wales.
  68. In 1917, US citizenship was imposed on Puerto Ricans without their consent.
  69. All these were the severest punishments that could be imposed for the crimes.
  70. That was settled and I was glad, as I had imposed on Roy quite a bit lately.
  71. She was less and less able to endure the restraint which her father imposed.
  72. A healthy heart is gradually weakened by the extra stress imposed on it by.
  73. You imposed fines upon them if they didn’t help return your runaway slaves.
  74. The limit imposed by ourselves indirectly reduces our capacity to love others.
  75. You know of the rules that the Captain has imposed on us I presume Elm?
  76. Ramsey took a step closer and imposed his 6ft 6ins frame over the smaller Drake.
  77. He was willing to believe it was a different soul, even one imposed via RNAcid.
  78. A duty may be imposed by regulation, lawful orders, or custom of the service.
  79. Structure can be imposed before the writing process begins or in the sub-editing.
  80. Gregory said: Why, then, has the earl never imposed such a tax until now?
  81. The courier missiles do not have the limitations imposed by having a human crew.
  82. Coupled with the World Bank they have imposed rules and regulations which have.
  83. The next morning, the army swung into action and an indefinite curfew was imposed.
  84. This was imposed by Congress in 1936, on a graduated scale running from 7 to 27%.
  85. He blamed himself and the lifestyle he imposed in their marriage for her troubles.
  86. In spite of the terror imposed on Poland in World War II, there was no systematic.
  87. They increase your fears through imposed ignorance,.
  88. Chafing at the rules imposed by the Father, he wanted the big city,.
  89. Because of the boycott the American oil companies had imposed on him,.
  90. History and current personal experience of limitations imposed by parents,.
  1. And imposes his power with compulsion.
  2. It imposes no real hardship upon the masters.
  3. Her name meant she who imposes her will from afar.
  4. At other times, though, the small picture imposes itself.
  5. Congress refuses to obey many of the laws it imposes on or-.
  6. Teaching imposes a great deal more strain than one can imagine.
  7. When God hardens the will of someone, that means He imposes His.
  8. As Freud's version imposes childhood sexuality upon adults, so.
  9. But all the second hand maladies their condition imposes upon US.
  10. Love is egotistical, instead, when one person imposes their will on the.
  11. Absolute Law imposes a set of rules on society so that it does not evolve.
  12. Together, they form a highly effective trap that imposes a mysterious and.
  13. Either, the indian is entitled of being indian, because current society imposes its rules.
  14. No duty can be laid upon American exports, but Great Britain imposes a duty of four per cent.
  15. Assume that you are in the 36% marginal federal bracket and your state imposes a 5% income tax.
  16. It is cosmic force, it is God that forms the thought, imposes the will, and imparts the impulse.
  17. The want of parsimony, in time of peace, imposes the necessity of contracting debt in time of war.
  18. This imposes strict constraints on the use of absolute profits for selection of option strategies.
  19. Any debt could be potentially considered toxic if it imposes harm onto the financial position of the holder.
  20. The dynamics of living lay in the limitations birth imposes and the possibilities the circumstances of life entails.
  21. If a given implementation of a value strategy imposes sector neutrality, then value spread should also be industry adjusted.
  22. In the end, after so much indifference and releasing the calipers that courtesy imposes, I yelled at him, holding his arm:.
  23. Great Britain, in the very case of foreign seamen, imposes perhaps fewer restraints upon naturalization than any other nation.
  24. Every machine, every exercise class and every method of fitness is based on our bodies adapting to the stress exercise imposes.
  25. Thus, years of dedicated effort toward training your mind to embrace the psychological effects the market imposes is a necessity.
  26. The meaning perspectives our parents and/or caretakers enact and teach us imposes a form on the world and our relationship with it.
  27. If a scientist imposes his ideas by taking the data that agrees with the subject he needs to prove, he is no longer an objective scientist.
  28. In some provinces of France, the king not only imposes what taxes he thinks proper, but assesses and levies them in the way he thinks proper.
  29. They represent the fetal I who imposes its will as though it were an absolute, completely invading the space that should belong to the adult I.
  30. President Obama‘s 2011 budget imposes $36 billion in new taxes on the oil and gas industry and this will further discourage domestic production.
  31. It is true that the state imposes a license fee, but that fee does not come to the counties or the towns except for road maintenance and extension.
  32. Reps and sets are great ways to organize a workout or are they? If you like the structure it imposes and the need to have a goal, then they are great.
  33. This philosophy of living enriches the self and uplifts the soul, leading to a life of harmony, regardless of the restrictions one's environment imposes.
  34. The terms necessary and proper, according to the construction given to every part of the constitution, imposes no limitation upon the powers previously delegated.
  35. It imposes its caricatures as well as its ideal on people; the highest monuments of human civilization accept its ironies and lend their eternity to its mischievous pranks.
  36. That order of things which necessity imposes, in general, though not in every particular country, is in every particular country promoted by the natural inclinations of man.
  37. But the objection to the present practice is that it fails to produce the stable dividend rate which is its avowed purpose and the justification for the sacrifice it imposes.
  38. And though the tax, which that institution imposes upon the whole body of the people, may be very burdensome to those who pay it, it is of very little advantage to those who receive it.
  39. We say that neither the dominant influence of the enchanters and the devils over people nor the hardships which the Almighty imposes upon them are the things that purify or chasten the spirit.
  40. Every such law, therefore, imposes a real tax upon the whole country, not in favour of that particular class of workmen who were injured by our neighbours prohibitions, but of some other class.
  41. He is thus enabled to furnish work to a greater value; and the profit which he makes by it in this way much more than compensates the additional price which the profit of the retailer imposes upon the goods.
  42. The constitution imposes uniformity of taxation for the purpose of avoiding the injustice and oppression towards particular States, which the extension of patent rights, in special cases, is calculated to produce.
  43. So, in the ‘Hereafter’, man’s virility is not subject to the innate limitations biology imposes on him ‘here’! And that could be no less an attraction for the believing Musalmans to crave the ‘Hereafter.
  44. This current economic system totally imposes cruel death physical or moral to million of million of people, which it deceives governments and technocrats in the belief in economic fundamentals mistaken and torturing.
  45. But it is equally true, that wherever the constitution confides to the State governments the right to perform any act in relation to the Federal Government, it imposes the most solemn obligation upon them to perform the act.
  46. Thus every sort of confusion is revealed within us; and this is that weakness of the human mind on which the art of conjuring and of deceiving by light and shadow and other ingenious devices imposes, having an effect upon us like magic.
  47. The extreme definiteness with which they stand, now a brilliant white, again yellow, and in some lights red, imposes ideas of durability, of the emergence through the earth of some spiritual energy elsewhere dissipated in elegant trifles.
  48. Like that father who wittingly or unwittingly imposes a psychic burden of obedience on his unfortunate son’s conscience, so ‘the God’ seems to have succeeded in inculcating a habit of mechanical supplication amongst the Musalmans to everything Islamic.
  49. If you would estimate the power of such a conception and the grandeur of the transformation it imposes on human faculties and habits, read, in turn, the great Christian poem and the great pagan poem, one the 'Divine Comedy' and the other the 'Odyssey' and the 'Iliad.
  50. Jefferson, in the prime of life, is in the act of laying upon the table the great charter of a nation's liberties; while his companions support him by their silent but dignified presence, and the venerable Franklin, in particular, imposes new obligations on his country's gratitude.
  51. But the course that this debate has taken imposes upon me a painful duty, which I trust God will give me strength to discharge: the duty of reviewing past transactions in the Government, which, from my heart, I would, instead of bringing them up on the present occasion, gladly discharge from my memory.
  52. They are a lot of old blockheads in flannel vests and of old women with foot-warmers and rosaries who constantly drone into our ears 'Duty, duty!' Ah! by Jove! one's duty is to feel what is great, cherish the beautiful, and not accept all the conventions of society with the ignominy that it imposes upon us.
  53. While Great Britain encourages in America the manufacturing of pig and bar iron, by exempting them from duties to which the like commodities are subject when imported from any other country, she imposes an absolute prohibition upon the erection of steel furnaces and slit-mills in any of her American plantations.
  54. Because GAAP imposes relatively rigid sets of rules and are overseen and reviewed by independent professionals who render opinions (public accountants), audited financial statements are often the only numeric reports available to security analysts that give them reliable, objective information prepared in a disciplined setting.
  55. The colony law, which imposes upon every proprietor the obligation of improving and cultivating, within a limited time, a certain proportion of his lands, and which, in case of failure, declares those neglected lands grantable to any other person; though it has not perhaps been very strictly executed, has, however, had some effect.
  56. First, voluntary exchanges frequently don’t work since, as we have already pointed out in the previous chapter, in the United States no creditor can be compelled to give up a right to a money payment unless the individual creditor so consents, or a court of competent jurisdiction, a Chapter 11 Court, imposes an automatic stay on payments.
  57. He tells you that certain evaders of the laws have so risen up in opposition to them, that the President of the United States was obliged to issue his proclamation in April last; that this proclamation told the British Cabinet the people had rebelled against the embargo—but I will pass over the subject; it imposes silence on me, because it must speak daggers to the hearts of some men.
  58. The Church as a church, whether it be Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, or Presbyterian, or any denomination whatsoever, inasmuch as it is a church, cannot help striving after the same object as the Russian Church—namely, to conceal the true meaning of the doctrine of Christ, and to substitute a meaning of its own, which imposes no obligations, which excludes the possibility of understanding the true, living doctrine of Christ, and which above all justifies the existence of a priesthood living at the expense of the people.
  59. The corn bounty, it is to be observed, as well as every other bounty upon exportation, imposes two different taxes upon the people; first, the tax which they are obliged to contribute, in order to pay the bounty ; and,.

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