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Incidental numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Yes indeed bucko, incidental accusations.
  2. It's like an incidental effect of inclusion.
  3. The dream studies were incidental to the.
  4. The name that I chose was almost incidental.
  5. What happens ‘out there’ is purely incidental.

  6. A king and a prince at last in death, with incidental music.
  7. The choice for this particular frame section is not incidental.
  8. The Butcher couldn’t have cared less about the incidental murder.
  9. To put in place things that cause the incidental effect of inclusion.
  10. But material prosperity is only an incidental concern of the Geeta and.
  11. But this reference to nature is for the most part casual and incidental.
  12. Now it was merely incidental that he was the son of a famous movie actor.
  13. The death of the security guard was probably just incidental, he said.
  14. Intentions are (oftentimes) incidental to their effects, or the absence thereof!.
  15. It’s incidental that GEICO was on a path to recovery and Coca-Cola was on a roll.

  16. A custom-house is in its nature incidental and subservient to the collection of duties.
  17. It is an incidental result of differences in the reproductive systems of the parent-species.
  18. Here the bearing becomes clear of an incidental remark of Pausanias in his description of Olympia.
  19. It is, and I don’t mind telling you that there was an incidental and crucial reason why it was chosen.
  20. In fact, in its nature it does not in the smallest degree partake of the derivative, incidental character.
  21. If the Congress can exercise an incidental power not granted in one case, it can in all cases of a similar kind.
  22. This includes elimination of incidental airing of candidates for non-political reasons of interest near an election.
  23. All these things are part of the forward movement; they are incidental to the evolutionary process of completing society.
  24. It was hard to fret over incidental things like breaking into a lighthouse when faced with such stunning, natural beauty.
  25. Also inside was the logic fabrication machinery, weapon stores, and the other incidental machinery needed by the expedition.

  26. The Sat Guru channels the incidental cause of all evolution, the energy of the soul, which removes the samskaras or energy.
  27. The incidental power ought to be strictly subordinate and limited to the end proposed to be attained by the specified power.
  28. Let the advocates for this doctrine lay their finger upon the power to which the right of erecting light-houses is incidental.
  29. But for that ending a quite different anxiety arose, a new, incidental, but yet fatal and insoluble difficulty presented itself.
  30. Balance of Power seldom aligns itself with Duty and Honor; more so, perhaps, with the (incidental) prospect(s) for economic gain.
  31. And when objections are pointed out, they are met with, Oh, well, that is only incidental and unimportant, and so dismissed.
  32. Beside the direct pleasures of the chase and the bagging of game, there are many incidental pleasures in such a hunting expedition.
  33. All but two of his English historical dramas are devoted to the War of the Roses and the incidental struggle over the French crown.
  34. It’s incidental that you happen to already own shares purchased at a higher price, you still have the chance to buy a great company on sale.
  35. The gentleman proceeded to remark, that in taking a review of the constitution he found general as well as incidental powers enumerated therein.
  36. He made all manner of gestures while he spoke, as if in incidental imitation of some few of the great diversity of signals that he had never seen.
  37. The power to grant charters of incorporation is not an incidental, subordinate, subservient power; it is a distinct, original, substantive power.
  38. In all cases where incidental powers are acted upon, the principal and incidental ought to be congenial with each other, and partake of a common nature.
  39. An incidental allusion, purposely thrown out, to the day of the week, and the day of the month, set him thinking and counting, and evidently made him uneasy.
  40. Anderson) had otherwise declared, I had always understood the right to erect light-houses had been exercised as incidental to the power to regulate commerce.
  41. Hence the erecting of light-houses has been mentioned as an instance in which an implied power, incidental to the regulating of commerce, has been exercised.
  42. The footprint of the act and the bloodprint of its effect must be calculated not as incidental damage of collateral importance, but as the End Game itself, e.
  43. In contrast, the commodity momentum strategy has ambiguous and incidental carry because recent winners can just as well have higher or lower carry than recent losers.
  44. It will be advisable to explain a little more fully, by an example, what I mean by sterility being incidental on other differences, and not a specially endowed quality.
  45. This opinion has received the sanction of Sir Joseph Banks,[56] and also of Sir Humphry Davy, if we may judge from an incidental expression in his Agricultural Chemistry.
  46. It seems, however, that I am mistaken, and that this right is incidental to that clause which gives Congress the right to exercise exclusive legislation in certain places.
  47. So with plants it appears that, from having the power of movement in obedience to certain stimuli, they are excited in an incidental manner by a touch, or by being shaken.
  48. It may take a little time to receive the share certificate but that is incidental since it is your presence on the share register that really determines ownership of the holding.
  49. This has been accomplished by the notes issued from the Bank of the United States, under the authority of Congress, exercising the power incidental to that of regulating commerce.
  50. The general sterility of crossed species may safely be looked at, not as a special acquirement or endowment, but as incidental on changes of an unknown nature in their sexual elements.
  51. Scattering themselves throughout the park, people, head and shoulders covered in self-decorated bags, litter themselves as the disposable and incidental waste War trashes the world into.
  52. To the adoption of the first clause of this resolution, there was no objection made by any one; but a desultory debate took place on incidental points and on the merits of the last clause.
  53. Incidental, all of it, of course, but this was what this city bestowed that novels couldn’t: not what you needed in order to live, but what made the living worth doing in the first place.
  54. Exceedingly moody and dejected was the sorely wounded Don Quixote, with his face bandaged and marked, not by the hand of God, but by the claws of a cat, mishaps incidental to knight-errantry.
  55. It may be bought as a sound investment with an incidental chance of profit through an enhancement of principal, or it may be bought primarily as an attractive form of speculation in the common stock.
  56. You see, there is the small matter that sixteen of the nineteen hijackers were indeed from one or another of the Arab countries, plus the not so incidental fact that Osama bin Laden hails from Saudi Arabia.
  57. This is true so far as original substantive grants of power are concerned, but it is not true when applied to express grants of power, which are strictly incidental to some original and substantive grant of power.
  58. Hence, in the English, this thing of whaling good cheer is not normal and natural, but incidental and particular; and, therefore, must have some special origin, which is here pointed out, and will be still further elucidated.
  59. The criminal can only be made to speak by the sudden and apparently incidental communication of some new fact, of some circumstance of great importance in the case, of which he had no previous idea and could not have foreseen.
  60. The right to erect forts, magazines, and arsenals, is fairly incidental to the right of declaring war, and of raising armies; and the right to erect dockyards is fairly incidental to the right of providing and maintaining a navy.
  61. What with the physical shocks incidental to my first interview with Professor Challenger and the mental ones which accompanied the second, I was a somewhat demoralized journalist by the time I found myself in Enmore Park once more.
  62. For the growing number of African Americans who are prospering economically, incidental to government programs and more in keeping with their own private initiatives, innumerable others continue languishing economically and socially.
  63. But, sir, I can clearly comprehend that the right to erect light-houses is not incidental to the power of regulating commerce, unless every thing is incidental to that power which tends to facilitate and promote the prosperity of commerce.
  64. Under the power to coin money it is conceived that Congress would have a right to provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the money after it was coined, and that this power is fairly incidental to, and comprehended in, the general power.
  65. The nature of incorporations is so clearly a distinct class of political power, that, before they can be converted into means incidental to an object without the jurisdiction of the General Government, they must be shown to be absolutely necessary.
  66. When the nerves and muscles of an animal are excited by galvanism or by the absorption of strychnine, the consequent movements may be called an incidental result, for the nerves and muscles have not been rendered specially sensitive to these stimuli.
  67. Normally very different things! The initial realization of the amounts (usually larger than we think!), involved on incidental, discretionary and impulse buying is an eye-opener for most and ends up saving families all kinds of money they never knew they had.
  68. However, the ship was incidental and just a smokescreen to locate a specific German submarine which had been rammed and sunk by the ship! Paul only knew of the submarine and its cargo of gold bullion, because his brother David had done a lot of research on it.
  69. For paranoia was Zig’s late style: How else but through networks and conspiracies could he fashion a target big enough for his outrage? Richard usually found paranoia uninteresting, insofar as it swept away the incidental, which was the real grist of history.
  70. The unqualified extent given to its general powers, and the inclusion of incidental powers, as flowing from and belonging to particular enumerated grants, have constituted the essential points of difference among those who have divided upon the principles of the constitution.
  71. One section look at it as an incidental phenomenon, arising out of the special political situation of Europe, and consider that this state of things can be reformed without a revolution in the whole internal social order of nations, by external measures of international diplomacy.
  72. Is the incorporation of a bank of this character? It is not among the common, necessary, and proper means of effecting either of the foregoing enumerated powers, nor of any other enumerated in the constitution; still less is it incidental or subservient to any of the enumerated powers.
  73. As the capacity of one plant to be grafted or budded on another is unimportant for their welfare in a state of nature, I presume that no one will suppose that this capacity is a SPECIALLY endowed quality, but will admit that it is incidental on differences in the laws of growth of the two plants.
  74. Both these powers I conceive are given to Congress by the express words of the constitution; but if I should be mistaken in this idea, they are certainly comprehended as incidental and subservient to, or in other words, "necessary and proper" for carrying into effect some of the enumerated powers.
  75. But it is said the advocates of the bank differ among themselves in fixing upon the general power to which the right to create a bank is incidental, and that this difference proves that there is no incidentality, to use a favorite expression, between that and any one of the enumerated general powers.
  76. The only power expressly given in this clause is that of exercising exclusive legislation in such places; the right to accept or purchase must be derived by implication from this clause, or it must be shown to be comprehended in or incidental to some other power expressly delegated by the constitution.
  77. If, by this rule of construction, which is applied to light-houses, but denied to the bank, Congress can, as incidental to the power to regulate commerce, erect light-houses, it will be easy to show that the same right may be exercised, as incidental to the power of laying and collecting duties and imposts.
  78. It is worthy of remark that, notwithstanding all the fuss about implied and incidental powers—if you except the sedition law, which was supposed to violate a positive provision of the constitution—the same practical construction has been given to this instrument by every Administration of the Government.
  79. As a separate phenomenon from the Black Sea flood story, what might have been the cause of the Mesopotamian version? I’ve already said that it could have come from beyond the headwaters of the Tigris-Euphrates river system as a catastrophic release, an incidental causative from the rapid retreat of the northern ice cap.
  80. I have already endeavoured to explain how plants became twiners, namely, by the increase of a tendency to slight and irregular revolving movements, which were at first of no use to them; this movement, as well as that due to a touch or shake, being the incidental result of the power of moving, gained for other and beneficial purposes.
  81. In the same manner as in grafting trees, the capacity in one species or variety to take on another, is incidental on differences, generally of an unknown nature, in their vegetative systems, so in crossing, the greater or less facility of one species to unite with another is incidental on unknown differences in their reproductive systems.
  82. And as we must look at the curious and complex laws governing the facility with which trees can be grafted on each other as incidental on unknown differences in their vegetative systems, so I believe that the still more complex laws governing the facility of first crosses are incidental on unknown differences in their reproductive systems.
  83. Williams stated that the motive of the committee in proposing this provision was, to avoid the delay incidental to the minor appointments, which could be much more easily and effectually made by the colonels of the regiments, respectively, who would be personally acquainted with, and responsible for, the good conduct of those who were appointed.
  84. The betrayed husband, who had figured till that time as a pitiful creature, an incidental and somewhat ludicrous obstacle to his happiness, had suddenly been summoned by her herself, elevated to an awe-inspiring pinnacle, and on the pinnacle that husband had shown himself, not malignant, not false, not ludicrous, but kind and straightforward and large.
  85. But, sir, notwithstanding the President is invested with the power "to receive Ambassadors and other public Ministers," and, as I think, all other incidental or consequential powers applicable to the various agencies with such Ambassadors and other public Ministers, yet Congress is invested with the power, without limitation or qualification, "to declare war.
  86. And it was this incidental occurrence, in connection with the presence of Jesus and the supposed miraculous curing of the lunatic, that gave origin to the legend that Jesus had cured Amos by casting a legion of devils out of him, and that these devils had entered into the herd of swine, causing them forthwith to rush headlong to their destruction in the sea below.
  87. Shall we after this be told that Congress cannot constitutionally exercise any right by implication? By the exercise of a right derived only from implication, Congress has organized a Supreme Court, and then, as incidental to power, existing only by implication, it has passed laws to punish offences against the law by which the court has been created and organized.
  88. Duties cannot be collected, unless vessels importing dutiable merchandise arrive in port; whatever, therefore, tends to secure their safe arrival may be exercised under the general power; the erection of light-houses does facilitate the safe arrival of vessels in port, and Congress therefore can exercise this right as incidental to the power to lay imposts and duties.
  89. As he followed his wife through the door Sergey Modestovich said rather indifferently, in an incidental way, laying no stress on his words: "Don't you think that it would be well for the little girl if she were sometimes without your company? Merely, you see, that the child should feel its own individuality," he explained in answer to Serafima Aleksandrovna's puzzled glance.
  90. Its specific aim or, as a point of argument, subject of intent, is not necessarily the overriding factor (however) but rather an ancillary consideration with respect to intent; that is to say, incidental to pre-existing intentions as such intentions and ensuing actions may (otherwise) produce unintended results triggered by original intent in whatever manner the outcome was unintended.
  91. Sir, after giving Congress the right to make war and peace; the right to impose taxes, imposts, duties, and excises, ad libitum; the right to raise and support armies without restriction as to number or term of service; the right to provide and maintain a navy without a limitation, I cannot bring myself to tremble at the exercise of a power incidental to only one of these tremendous grants of power.
  92. It is sufficient for me to say that it is a power of primary importance; that it involves as many incidental powers in its exercise as any one of the enumerated powers; that it is equal, if not paramount, to any; and, therefore, in my judgment, cannot be assumed by fair construction as incidental and subservient to any; and, of course, not as among the necessary and proper means for carrying any into effect.
  93. The greater portion of this force is proceeding on its destination, towards the Michigan Territory, having succeeded in relieving an important frontier post, and in several incidental operations against hostile tribes of savages, rendered indispensable by the subserviency into which they had been seduced by the enemy; a seduction the more cruel, as it could not fail to impose a necessity of precautionary severities against those who yielded to it.
  94. With a simplicity of language, and a solidity of wisdom almost peculiar to our constitution, the President is invested with the power to receive Ambassadors and other public Ministers; thus using the broadest terms in granting this power, without even an attempt at limitation or specification; evidently with a view that all the incidental or consequential powers might flow from this general expression to the department thus invested with this general power.
  95. The foregoing rules and facts, on the other hand, appear to me clearly to indicate that the sterility, both of first crosses and of hybrids, is simply incidental or dependent on unknown differences in their reproductive systems; the differences being of so peculiar and limited a nature, that, in reciprocal crosses between the same two species, the male sexual element of the one will often freely act on the female sexual element of the other, but not in a reversed direction.
  96. A fast vessel with auxiliary steam power, leaving the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope on the first of January, would reach Sydney in Australia in forty days, adding twenty days for incidental interruptions, and leaving the coast of Australia on the first of March, passing through the whaling ground between New Zealand and New Holland, and the Caroline Group, touching at Ponape, and allowing 30 days for incidental interruptions, would reach the Ladrone Islands by the first of June.
  97. He saw that Russia has splendid land, splendid laborers, and that in certain cases, as at the peasant's on the way to Sviazhsky's, the produce raised by the laborers and the land is great—in the majority of cases when capital is applied in the European way the produce is small, and that this simply arises from the fact that the laborers want to work and work well only in their own peculiar way, and that this antagonism is not incidental but invariable, and has its roots in the national spirit.
  98. He saw that Russia has splendid land, splendid laborers, and that in certain cases, as at the peasant’s on the way to Sviazhsky’s, the produce raised by the laborers and the land is great—in the majority of cases when capital is applied in the European way the produce is small, and that this simply arises from the fact that the laborers want to work and work well only in their own peculiar way, and that this antagonism is not incidental but invariable, and has its roots in the national spirit.
  99. He put his watch into his waistcoat pocket, and his purse—with all that was left of the hundred and eighty roubles he had taken for his journey, and for the incidental expenses of his fortnight’s stay with his cousin—and then he placed into his trouser pocket his cigarette-case and electric cigarette-lighter, and two clean handkerchiefs into his coat pockets, and went out of the room, leaving as usual the mess and confusion which he had made to be cleared up by Stephen, an old man of over fifty.
  100. The power to make rules for the regulation and government of the land and naval forces, I have shown to be strictly incidental to the power to raise armies, and provide and maintain navies; but, according to this rule of construction, all incidental powers are excluded except the few which are enumerated, which would exclude from all claim to constitutionality, nearly one-half of your laws, and, what is still more to be deprecated, would render your constitution equally imbecile with the old articles of confederation.

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