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Funds, of course, incur costs.
Without it man shall incur a loss.
T’would be unwise to incur her family’s wrath.
But you do not have to incur stress over the decision.
These plans incur unmanageable volatility and drawdowns.
To adventure is to incur the occurrence of spontaneity.
The stray dogs, that incur the state no costs to live on.

He did not want to incur the wrath of his formidable sister.
We have heard about the Khakhan—we don’t want to incur his.
The more rejections you incur, the closer you will get to an acceptance.
These filters incur two, three, four, and five bars of lag, respectively.
Assume the company can incur senior debt of four times its borrowing base.
If you are trading an idea that stops working, you will incur some losses.
They even bereaved her of her young, which made them incur God’s wrath.
The buyer will incur considerable costs in this investigation and they will.
You may often incur a variety of nuisance fees that can exceed $25 per year.
Before they start to incur costs for this service, they should undertake some.
Would you incur the wrath of Amber to keep it? Corwin’s voice was steel.
The real cost of debt is the next interest rate that a corporation can incur after.
However, any harm that you incur here will be carried over to your corporeal being.
When earnings are retained and become part of stockholders’ equity, they incur the.
Another one in the plus column is that long options holders do not incur margin costs.
And the easiest way to lose in investing is to incur high costs by trading excessively.
Therefore, many of the costs we incur in capital structure are not representative of a.
We expect to incur net losses for the foreseeable future and we may never be profitable.
So even if you enter the trade for a credit you may incur a cost besides the commissions.
Why anger the gods anyway? Isn't the Plague enough to deal with, why incur their wrath?
She told me that her anguish had at last spurred Linton to incur the risk of liberating her.
Then add on any other costs you will incur; All materials and consumables, special equipment.
Gold bars are cheaper to own than coins, but both forms will incur storage and insurance fees.
If they live to reject on earth in maturity their God and Savior, they incur the death eternal.
These are often called switching costs, like those you incur if you change cell phone providers.
These cost more because you will incur product listing fees as well as a monthly subscription fee.
Hunters rarely incur fatal, or even serious, bear attacks as they always have their guns with them.
While this does not change the profitability of the position, it would incur a much larger investment.
It costs me less in every sense to incur the penalty of disobedience to the State than it would to obey.
However, this withdrawal may incur a surrender charge, depending on how long you have owned the annuity.
Public disagreed in principle with the tax on tea, what penalty did he incur by refusing to pay? Nothing.
The slight reproach to which the virtue of patriotism is commonly liable, the noble are most likely to incur.
The over-prudent, cats as they are, and because they are cats, sometimes incur more danger than the audacious.
You will be incurring a cost for.
Sometimes, the incurring of debt is not a strategic play.
Even at the risk of incurring his superior’s wrath?
We must guard against incurring obligations that don’t suit us or.
Incurring injuries can pass as one of the greatest nightmares of many.
And you’ll do it with minimal human involvement, incurring minimal expense.
The probability of incurring the maximum loss (or any loss) must be considered.
Since incurring debt implies a tax deduction, the new rate of interest is multiplied.
He wasn't sure if he was more shocked by the fact that she was risking incurring his.
Since incurring debt implies the risk of default (failure to pay interest expense in a.
Assuming an investor could borrow 50 percent of the cost of 10,000 shares, incurring a 7.
They destroyed several of the P A F ships without incurring significant damage to themselves.
We will have to show some ingenuity in order to stop them without incurring heavy casualties.
Morel would never have pulled through, without incurring debts that would have dragged her down.
If he did not come soon she thought that she would go down and even risk incurring another pang.
He however could not avoid or refuse combat without incurring the wrath of Grand Administrator Li.
America could have destroyed the Soviet Union many times over, without incurring the ultimate risk.
The sentimentalist is he who would enjoy without incurring the immense debtorship for a thing done.
Our first step with Goodvernment is to stop the war, bring the troops home, and stop incurring debt.
Individual responsibilities are so manipulated that no man perceives precisely what he is incurring.
The factor that changed as time passed is that the probability of incurring that loss is now smaller.
Why? As long as it is necessary to take risk, there is always the possibility of incurring a big hit.
Flying on one such mission, Garrett was shot down over the ocean, incurring a compound ankle fracture.
This was the first time she’d been able to look closely at his features without incurring his anger.
Over a beer I moaned to Al about paying off one debt by incurring another one to him, but he said there was.
Trading limited loss strategies requires recognition that the possibility of incurring the maximum loss is real.
Ours is in the form of the temporary losses we're incurring when the selected team enters a losing streak.
Before beginning, be sure you are capable of moderately to maximally exerting your body without incurring injury.
Second, they also wanted to hedge the higher expenses they were incurring every time they filled up their gas tank.
There is a reasonable chance of incurring the maximum possible loss ($50k) when selling 100 five-point credit spreads.
As the second cultist fell, he slammed his head against the edge of a patio table, incurring a superfluous final wound.
Evidently, the incurring of long-term debt obligates the company to a series of interest payments that raises the risk.
The punishment for incurring any significant write-off had always been the axe, and ten million ranked as more than significant.
It is not his function to be paid for incurring risks; on the contrary it is to his interest to pay others for insurance against loss.
Since interest is a tax deductible expense, in the absence of bankruptcy, a firm can increase its value simply by incurring more and.
It is not his function to be paid for incurring risks; on the contrary it is to his interest to pay others for insurance against loss….
That a pretty cumbersome and inefficient process and needless to say that you’ll be incurring some kinds of fees for the two transfers.
He saw no way of eluding Featherstone's stupid demand without incurring consequences which he liked less even than the task of fulfilling it.
However, I am willing to risk incurring his contempt, jest to roll some boulders down the hill into his” glass house” of eternal torment.
The British Government could not, from this view, disavow the act of its Minister without incurring, and that justly, the charge of bad faith.
He himself has incurred it.
Of censure for the same incurred;.
When more debt is incurred at a lower.
In addition, losses had been incurred in.
To lose this was no part of the penalty incurred.
They themselves have incurred whatever takes place.
But, all this is war; and war is never to be incurred.
That is at least 60 days after the costs were incurred.
Considering that the interest incurred on a term loan.
This loss is incurred regardless of which series is used.
Look at it this way, the costs that you incurred during.
And conversely costs incurred by these giant bottlers would be.
The act went against nature and therefore incurred negative Karma.
If earnings are extraordinary but too much equity is incurred at.
I discovered that one of the properties incurred tax debts dating.
On a closing statement, items of expense that are incurred but not.
By the time one realizes what is going on, the delays incurred and.
Substantial debts were incurred by both sides during the Civil War.
Many of these companies had already incurred significant costs in IPO.
This was a direct result of losses it incurred in hedging-related activity.
He took for granted the expense I incurred, the trouble and the time consumed.
This payment is irrespective of the actual expenses incurred by the individual.
Ralph was a minor lord, and it seemed he had incurred the enmity of William of.
If you are qualified, begin calculating how much moving expense you have incurred.
The command of your Lord has come; they have incurred an irreversible punishment.
Would you then keep amusing yourselves or you would say: we have incurred a loss.
Mau’s Rage, which lasted nearly a week, incurred 8,392 deaths and 2,694 injuries.
Financial leverage is one measure of financial risk, which is the risk incurred by a.
These two deductions recognize the costs incurred by companies in drilling and mining.
However, the cost of capital goes up because flotation costs have been incurred, which.
From the great danger thus incurred they derived but a very moderate amount of pleasure.
Helen and Colleen both wore large bandages covering their injuries incurred in the crash.
Had that opposer adopted their conduct, he would not have incurred misery and wretchedness.
Those who idolized the calf have incurred wrath from their Lord, and humiliation in this life.
To make a long story short, it appeared as though my father incurred a serious internal injury.
If you think you haven’t incurred a loss until you sell the stock, you’re kidding yourself.
For short strategies, the more the price changes, the bigger the loss incurred by the strategy.
The compensation for services performed, ought always to be in proportion to the risk incurred.
If he now incurred Natasha’s censure it was only for buying too many and too expensive things.
In a bear market, any amount of risk incurred seems to yield negative results, and so the line.
This sin incurs an irreversible sentence.
However, the borrower incurs much greater.
But I later discovered that each kill incurs.
Besides the forfeiture of the goods, the exporter incurs the penalty of 3s.
Loving in the abstract is the easy insight, but enlightenment only incurs as act.
Anyone who disobeys Al’lah and His Envoy strays far indeed, and incurs a great loss.
The reason for the lower price of short-term debt is that the lender incurs less.
And he that disobeys Al’lah and His Messenger strays far indeed and incurs a great loss.
But whoever is consecrated to eat any of these, not intending to sin or transgress, incurs no guilt.
When an oyster incurs an irritant, like from a piece of sand, it turns it into something beautiful, a pearl.
Every business in the world incurs some operating costs in different forms like employee payroll, fixed and variable costs etc.
In another verse, He says: but whoever is constrained to eat any of these not intending to sin or transgress, incurs no guilt.
On the other hand, the purchase and sale of an ETF incurs both commissions and spreads, and so is slightly more expensive to own.
Is someone who pursues God's approval the same as someone who incurs God's wrath and his refuge is Hell-the miserable destination?
Their method requires frequent profitable trades, after transaction costs, and incurs far higher taxes than the long-term investor pays.
Of course, Vanguard also incurs these costs, but because of low index fund turnover, these expenses are much less than that of conventional actively managed funds.
Supposing that Target incurs $1 per share expense for this transaction and its subsequent liquidation, Target’s workout value for the common stockholders will be $31 per share.
A business sometimes incurs expenses that may fairly be considered as applicable to a number of years following rather than to the single 12-month period in which the outlay was made.
Everything always occurs with intermediation of Bank3Sector whose Social Statute prohibits any draft type in physical money or any contract of services that it incurs in cash payment.
Here’s a method used to calculate break-even sales: If a business generates $1 million of sales and has a 30 percent gross profit margin (GPM) and incurs $200,000 in fixed costs, it will earn $100,000.
The combination of the backoff intervals and the retransmission of the packets themselves (sometimes more than once) incurs delays that are multiplied by the number of packets transmitted by each computer and by the number of computers on the network.
According to Frémy-Ligneville, the most familiar authority on the subject, the architect incurs no responsibility whatever, either for his own estimates or those of other people, unless he intentionally and fraudulently misleads his client by a pretended estimate.
The government, therefore, when it defrays the expense of coinage, not only incurs some small expense, but loses some small revenue which it might get by a proper duty; and neither the bank, nor any other private persons, are in the smallest degree benefited by this useless piece of public generosity.
In fortress ‘Al-Inshiqaq’ (The Sundering), the Almighty revealed to us some verses which indicate His Majesty and Charity so that we may approach Him and get our spirits purified, besides He acquainted us that the unbelieving denier incurs a painful torture because of the malice and evil he puts in his spirit.
In view of the vast moral and social influence of woman, the Congress urges upon every woman throughout the world to sustain, as wife, mother, sister, or citizen, the things that make for peace, as otherwise she incurs grave responsibilities for the continuance of the systems of war and militarism, which not only desolate but corrupt the home-life of the nation.
And hence it follows that as the flesh of the wife is one and the same with that of her husband the stains that may come upon it, or the injuries it incurs fall upon the husband's flesh, though he, as has been said, may have given no cause for them; for as the pain of the foot or any member of the body is felt by the whole body, because all is one flesh, as the head feels the hurt to the ankle without having caused it, so the husband, being one with her, shares the dishonour of the wife; and as all worldly honour or dishonour comes of flesh and blood, and the erring wife's is of that kind, the husband must needs bear his part of it and be held dishonoured without knowing it.
Indeed, the very significance of the social life-conception consists in this,—that a man, realizing the cruelty of the struggle of individuals among themselves, and the peril that the individual incurs, seeks protection by transferring his private interests to a social community; whereas the result of the system of conscription is that men, after having made every sacrifice to escape from the cruel struggle and uncertainties of life, are once more called upon to undergo all the dangers they had hoped to escape, and moreover, the community—the State for which the individuals gave up their previous advantages—is now exposed to the same risk of destruction from which the individual himself formerly suffered.
While interest expense is partially controllable by the amount of debt a firm incurs and the type and source of loans,.

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