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Influence numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. To the F flat influence.
  2. Of the F flat influence.
  3. Of my memory and influence.
  4. My influence on him and a.
  5. Form, the influence of, 32.

  6. His influence is upon most.
  7. If the Sphere Of Influence.
  8. The F flat driven influence.
  9. They lost influence at court.
  10. I lost my influence over her.
  11. His mother also had influence.
  12. The moment his influence was.
  13. Thanks to the influence of M.
  14. Many users with low influence.
  15. How to influence the audience.

  16. Influence at his beck and cal.
  17. Mormon influence in the area?
  18. Perhaps that had an influence.
  19. The influence of Hamlet cannot.
  20. But it's the evening influence.
  21. His influence is brought to bear.
  22. Influence of terms and duration.
  23. Now, under the influence of the.
  24. Hurt is pride issue in influence.
  25. But they could not influence him.

  26. Influence corrupt in votes to win.
  27. Cut of the influence of the stars.
  28. We always influence by the spirit.
  29. Major who had some influence with.
  30. The influence of his voice was felt.
  31. You have a negative, bad influence.
  32. They can have a terrible influence.
  33. She had thought her influence more.
  34. Jethro’s first influence on Moses.
  35. When they combined that influence.
  36. A negative force of great influence.
  37. Weather, influence of the moon on, F.
  38. They noiseless spill their influence.
  39. Of Influence, but not under Jil ’s.
  40. The influence of alcohol on the mind.
  41. Their influence is still felt today.
  42. Influence of aggregates on forming.
  43. He could influence the investigation.
  44. But they have little influence over.
  45. Uk), has a strong influence over the.
  46. I knew that any influence I had was.
  47. And, in gaining unlimited influence.
  48. Ah, you know the influence you have.
  49. The main object of influence for as-.
  50. The Beast grows to influence the world.
  51. His influence spread over the entire.
  52. You have a lot of power and influence.
  53. The influence of "Macbeth" is apparent.
  54. That may have been Kira’s influence.
  55. Let's say Adrian had an influence on.
  56. But this didn’t influence Bernhardt.
  57. The influence of God's Spirit on the.
  58. The zone of the maximum influence of.
  59. The didact’s influence will fade in.
  60. He might have a bad influence over you.
  61. Be the positive influence in any forum.
  62. This sweat has a certain influence on.
  63. They have a lot of money and influence.
  64. Ragusa expanded its influence over the.
  65. True influence is an outward-facing act.
  66. Redfield, influence of ice on, xlv, 325.
  67. INFLUENCE: The Science and the Practice.
  68. The vote was still a powerful influence.
  69. His influence on others was unsurpassed.
  70. It has a direct influence on our health.
  71. Picture galleries, the influence of, 33.
  72. Nothing has more influence than a title.
  73. He’s under the influence of Countess.
  74. Under their influence, I have grown fat.
  75. Persuasion is a form of social influence.
  76. He was not the product of alien influence.
  77. I could feel his influence in every word.
  78. Grande influence; they are not the usual.
  79. We are here to affect and influence the.
  80. You’re a bad influence on me, Jesse.
  81. The place had a soothing influence on him.
  83. Their influence does not go back just 12.
  84. I want my influence to grow and increase.
  85. Satisfaction is an influence over markets.
  86. Old Earth influence, Nancy corrected.
  87. Then no external influence can affect you.
  89. The place had sorely missed her influence.
  90. Those are all positions of great influence.
  91. When the distance is large, the influence.
  92. Catherine Street while under the influence.
  93. He is innocent and responsive to influence.
  94. They will become your centers of influence.
  95. It enjoyed extensive influence at the time.
  96. The wicked souls whose influence was fast.
  97. I cannot influence the courts or the police.
  99. It would mean my freedom from his influence.
  100. Nerves, influence of, on animal heat, x, 390.
  1. Setne is influencing you with his.
  2. This is useful for influencing legislators.
  3. She guessed somebody had been influencing him.
  4. Aliens are here and are influencing this culture.
  5. It has something to do with influencing her choice.
  6. It’s influencing your thoughts and your feelings.
  7. Rhythmically influencing them, we stimulate our brain.
  8. A little bit about what went into influencing the story.
  9. Whatever or whoever was influencing it could not be seen.
  10. Lord Cordus is gifted at influencing others, she said.
  11. Asanas and pranayamas, which were influencing greatly the.
  12. This circle is now composed of four means of influencing men.
  13. It is true that Satan is the one influencing all of the nations.
  14. This kind of publicity is excellent for influencing uncertain.
  15. The CO is banned from punishing or influencing members in any way.
  16. Influencing people’s thoughts and words, he is a master at cre-.
  17. Reflex effect on the brain by influencing on olfactory and other.
  18. A moderate perfection loses its power of influencing men's hearts.
  19. Factors Influencing the Call-to-Put Ratio in an Options Portfolio.
  20. This was taken from the Remote Influencing report, available in The.
  21. Some of these influencing factors are easy to identify, such as your.
  22. If Mother offends her, I think dark forces must still be influencing her.
  23. Events influencing the winds of change, however, remain remarkably constant.
  24. As long as you exist as a lover, your ego is also influencing upon your love.
  25. The underlying asset price is not the only factor influencing the option premium.
  26. Who was he really? Influencing him like a child, but he had achieved the miraculous.
  27. Influencing a person’s mind, the way he had done hers, often had that sort of affect.
  28. You are influencing your trading results regardless of whether you acknowledge this fact.
  29. Yes, absolutely, it's influencing everyday behavior in a non-labeled and non-deliberate way.
  30. We are influencing, even in the present, how we will experience the fruit of our past karma.
  31. This man evidently possesses the power of influencing events, both as regards men and things.
  32. Influencing others by your behaviour is the only way you will change other’s ideas and desires.
  33. God are imprinted in their thoughts, desires, and inclinations, thereby influencing the character of.
  34. A little later a Christianity was required for influencing the miscellaneous multitudes of the Empire.
  35. The factors which are influencing the effect are drawn as bones which are connected to the backbone drawn.
  36. All experiments involve an experimenter interacting with and influencing an experimentee—and vice versa.
  37. It generally signals that estate planning and taxes are greatly influencing the financial decision-making.
  38. But he soon had his revenge upon me, for when it came to influencing my brother he outweighed me every time.
  39. Many of you are doing extensive estate planning – this and tax issues are influencing many of your decisions.
  40. Nevertheless, until it is pulled forward to the conscious self, then it will go on driving and influencing reality.
  41. The reality is that they do, and in our experience they are normal and are what’s influencing and driving reality.
  42. Laws on tax actually play a major role in influencing the entire retirement plans of most people in the United States.
  43. NAV, unlike reported accounting earnings, seems to play little or no role in influencing day-to-day stock market prices.
  44. She found a way to stop her spirit passing on, thus remaining in an in-between place to continue influencing the living.
  45. Finding factors influencing this dynamic is the subject of special research and falls beyond the boundaries of this book.
  46. She had an intuition that you would somehow play an important role in influencing the course of her life at some point in time.
  47. We begin the exploration of factors influencing the call-to-put ratio with the percentage of short combinations in the portfolio.
  48. Free Will, however, does not preclude God from influencing (or changing) the course of events, however, for His (own) intended.
  49. It is screamingly funny, the blood flows all the time, and the actors believe themselves to be influencing the fate of the universe.
  50. As the child grows up his parents, relatives, society, government and the entire environment keeps influencing the child all the time.
  51. This diagram is a way by which a problem/Effect can be looked in a structured way to identify causes under various influencing factors.
  52. Net asset value or NAV, unlike reported accounting earnings, seems to play little or no role in influencing day-to-day stock market prices.
  53. Unless you are trading a purely mechanical system—a pure automated trading system, you are influencing each and every one of your trades.
  54. More and more people representing these courageous Americans have been elected to Congress or are finding other ways of influencing the country.
  55. The volume of the open capillary voids influencing quantity of frozen water, depends on the water-cement ratio (W/C) and degree of cement hydration.
  56. Even the courts, with the powers given them by the legislature could not keep Adam and Susan from negatively influencing the lives of their children.
  57. Although researchers can try their best to avoid contaminating, influencing, or interacting with what is being studied, they can never fully succeed.
  58. There is an alien intelligence at play here that is influencing the Iotian culture above and beyond the Horizon’s initial cultural contamination.
  59. And therefore so long as not all the conditions influencing men are defined, there is no complete inevitability but a certain measure of freedom remains.
  60. Otherwise, they’re going to think you’re playing a different game—making money with referrals as opposed to influencing many lives with mass influence.
  61. The unusual relationship between the implied volatility of GLD options and the price of gold may stem from what market forces are influencing the price of gold.
  62. The subtle approach of influencing the course of history, to bring about an alteration of the inevitable, when the inevitable meant beyond hope of any repair.
  63. The problem was that till now we were tinkering over the ideas to stop Abbu winning the elections by influencing people for peace and harmony among each other.
  64. Prior to our actions, therefore, we need to tune into our intentions – to explore what is going on within, and to discern what motivations are influencing us.
  65. Part of the undue influence claim is showing that the person being influenced was addled and that the person doing the influencing used that to their advantage.
  66. The sovereign can in this case never be secure, unless he has the means of influencing in a considerable degree the greater part of the teachers of that religion.
  67. First, the factor that is considered as influencing the supposedly dependent variable may turn out to be dependent on the third variable that was not considered in the analysis.
  68. It analyzes the factors that are influencing an emerging economy based on the sum of factors driving massive and significant changes to the way everyone works, plays, and lives.
  69. For Cruce to be influencing the environment, he must be cognizant in his icy prison in the cold stone chamber deep below the earth, aware his body is frozen, that he’s trapped.
  70. We would however have to be careful not to touch or hurt Laplante then: she was still influencing heavily the British government of the time and thus shaping our eventual making.
  71. Russian scientists, who seem to be about 3 decades ahead of everyone else in Aura research, make experiments suggesting that our DNA can be altered, by influencing its microwave Aura.
  72. Let us never try to satisfy ourselves with a little cheap, formal Christianity, taken up carelessly on Sunday morning, and laid aside at night, but not influencing us during the week.
  73. In fact, the sample size represents an additional parameter influencing the evaluation of the criterion effectiveness (another parameter, the averaging period, was previously discussed).
  74. It was now known that the Kassikan had been secretly influencing Earth for centuries, nearly taking over America in the 1970's, Europe in the 1990's, completely taking over Brazil by 2350.
  75. The "evolutionary neuro - androgenic theory" focuses on the hormone testosterone as a factor influencing aggression and criminality and being beneficial during certain forms of competition.
  76. These are collective thoughts and impulses with the power to motivate people to act in certain ways, thereby influencing the flow of events in specific patterns and directions through time.
  77. The author gives also a wide survey of the general history of the epoch and shows the various shaping causes which were influencing the rise and development of the new religion in Palestine.
  78. That well-established theory simply said that any interaction in any situation always ended up influencing that situation in some way, even if one did nothing more than observe that situation.
  79. This example vividly illustrates the importance of scrupulous analysis of all factors influencing the selection of the history horizon used for criteria that are based on empirical distribution.
  80. Maybe he could whisk Blondie off at the same time and they could live happily someplace where he would never have to hear about influencing microeconomic performance or governmental accountability.
  81. T’San had been one of the committee chairpersons influencing Vulcan’s local STC board that had put a stop to Tam’s application process, which made his decision now even more difficult for him.
  82. But why settle for being a lieutenant when you could be an empress? A seat next to the most powerful man in the empire, whispering in his ear, influencing him, having everything you ever dreamed of.
  83. It was her proudest written achievement, her words and ideas blended with John’s, creating something together that was unique in this universe, informing and influencing the words and ideas of others.
  84. Speaking about factors influencing the characteristic under scrutiny, we usually imply some variable that is external with respect to the system under investigation and, in most cases, independent of it.
  85. Financial markets operate with a prevailing bias, Soros writes, that can validate itself by influencing not only market prices but also the fundamentals that market prices are supposed to reflect.
  86. Secondly (as in the preceding example), the influencing factor (correlation) may affect the dependent variable (profit) indirectly through other factors depending on it (the number of selected combinations).
  87. In turn Vidich had revealed vital information which, although not influencing the inquiry, had left a damning impression of the audacity of the people involved and confirmed the motive for this crime of the century.
  88. But I am somewhat surprised that gentlemen who talk of opposition publications in this country, as influencing England, should derive all their political data from British newspaper publications or opposition pamphlets.
  89. Scherer and the philosophic labours of Caro—will hardly much outlive their authors, while the accidental, not real work of Amiel, his diary, will always remain a live book, necessary for men and influencing them for the good.
  90. To determine which of the methods is preferable in the given circumstances, you should arrange detailed research of the particular trading system, including its parameters and other factors influencing it directly or indirectly.
  91. Books about climbing the corporate ladder at the expense of others, or books about influencing people to encourage compliance with your wishes are not only counter to what the bible teaches, it is also destructive to relationships.
  92. The recognition of man’s free will as something capable of influencing historical events, that is, as not subject to laws, is the same for history as the recognition of a free force moving the heavenly bodies would be for astronomy.
  93. And with regard to their influencing public manners, Miss Crawford must not misunderstand me, or suppose I mean to call them the arbiters of good-breeding, the regulators of refinement and courtesy, the masters of the ceremonies of life.
  94. However, of course you value the memory of the deceased so very highly; and he certainly was the kindest of men; to which fact, by the way, I ascribe, more than to anything else, the success of the abbot in influencing his religious convictions.
  95. It consists in retarding the spiritual development of men, and, by means of various suggestions, influencing them to cling to the theory of life which mankind has already left behind, and upon which rests the foundation of governmental authority.
  96. Their works have certainly been of some service to their country; not only by bringing into general discussion, many subjects which had never been well examined before, but by influencing, in some measure, the public administration in favour of agriculture.
  97. If all the major forces influencing the development of our species could be unearthed and examined; you would see over a span of millions of years how we veered off the most dynamic path of organic life, onto a path of selective awareness; instead of an overall awareness.
  98. Only then can we know that we are still wholly ourselves, that the curse is not influencing our thoughts and behavior without our realizing it! In order to prevent that, you must… You must give me my treatments as soon as I notice the activation of the curse within me.
  99. Such viewpoints are oftentimes engendered by the perception of ―partial justice‖ as it seems to apply to a particular racial or ethnic group, influencing the (collective) mindset of that group seeking justice within narrower limits that typically define that group‘s self interests rather than the interests of society.
  100. With Relativism influencing people’s thinking today, especially when considering subjects like spirituality and faith, as we have discussed earlier, it would be good to firstly reset our own thinking: For this, I would ask you to take a totally objective stance and bury all preconceptions that you may have about this subject.
  2. It has not influenced me.
  3. This is influenced by the.
  4. If cancer can be influenced.
  5. Being influenced in this way.
  6. I was very influenced by Little Lulu.
  7. Joseph getting influenced by a devil.
  8. It, too, seemed heavily influenced by.
  9. And you will be deeply influenced by it.
  10. I know how he is likely to be influenced.
  11. The public is heavily influenced by the.
  12. The common theory is that Tula influenced.
  13. Events are best influenced in their infancy.
  14. My palate, influenced by my absorption of a.
  15. He influenced the exhibits of the other kids.
  16. French Revolution, was influenced by Plutarch.
  17. United States and its culture influenced his.
  18. Princip was influenced by that independence.
  19. Mesopotamian philosophies influenced the Old.
  20. Simonson influenced her because he loved her.
  21. It is influenced mightily by the messages of.
  22. They still inspired, still influenced the new.
  23. Yet it has absorbed the shocks and influenced.
  24. The Duque de Rivas mayhave been influenced by.
  25. They are influenced by hormonal changes, such.
  26. Cass, it seems, has influenced her imagination.
  27. Anderson influenced many women, not only artists.
  28. What books have most influenced your life most?
  29. When you permit yourself to be influenced from.
  30. I think that such phenomena have influenced the.
  31. Smith was greatly influenced by the situation he.
  32. Influenced by a second thought she readily obeyed.
  33. The decision was also influenced by the fact that.
  34. What if Bayis was being influenced by a telepath?
  35. They are not influenced by short term temptations.
  36. She influenced me into choosing this location for.
  37. The Canaanite traditions influenced their belief.
  38. These are those who have influenced all of mankind.
  39. I am highly influenced by the writings of Ayn Rand.
  40. Dreams are influenced by what one does in everyday.
  41. The speaker is not tormented and influenced by the.
  42. She has influenced the flow of time, the positions.
  43. Had Churchill’s state of mind been influenced by.
  44. Influenced, particularly in his early plays, by the.
  45. Zurvan philosophy was influenced by the astronomical.
  46. They are influenced by peers more than they are brands.
  47. There is a suspicion that he influenced their decision.
  48. He remembered how he and Jimmy influenced a neighbour.
  49. Bible were more influenced by this Pagan philosophy and.
  50. Naukhuwa was influenced by different allies and it was.
  51. This nation, however, is not merely influenced by Satan.
  52. Either way, Gautama’s Buddhism influenced these regions.
  53. This mechanism is influenced by experience (a-posteriori).
  54. Your personal reality is influenced by your belief system.
  55. Being bonded to adults has also influenced his physiology.
  56. It influenced city-states from the Gulf coast to Guatemala.
  57. I am a loyal clanswoman; of course a man had influenced me.
  58. Simply Me, standing tall without being influenced by.
  59. Muhammad Ali often spoke of how he was influenced by Jack.
  60. It was that, and never the duke, that first influenced her.
  61. Next we’ll look briefly at three books that influenced me.
  62. Perhaps he was influenced by his sister, or by what he read.
  63. No other book has influenced man more than the book of death.
  64. Thoreau was greatly influenced by the way of life adopted by.
  65. In the retail stores, try not to be influenced by any sales-.
  66. The greater the uncertainty, the more people are influenced.
  67. And discount rates are ultimately influenced by interest rates.
  68. Proctor’s protégé, boasted how white liberals influenced Dr.
  69. One of things that influenced me was when I worked on the BSCS.
  70. Sperm count in men can be influenced by their diet and lifestyle.
  71. Children are greatly influenced by what they hear their parents.
  72. Many were heavily influenced by events outside the United States.
  73. Your young mind is too easily influenced, Gilgamesh snapped.
  74. Other authors have certainly influenced and inspired me as well:.
  75. Silent as he now was, Keller’s voice still influenced millions.
  76. Judas would be influenced to betray Christ, yet Judas, the son of.
  77. Psychopathy has influenced legislative and executive functions to.
  78. Abusing the knowledge, he influenced each thing for his own benefit.
  79. All four directly influenced the resulting composite character of.
  80. Neither Alyosha nor any one else could have influenced him in that.
  81. If up until now we have allowed ourselves to be influenced by this.
  82. If your brush is very full it will not be influenced nearly so much.
  83. You are being influenced, and that negativity can drain your energy.
  84. Though we are influenced by G&D, our methods are basically different.
  85. Although it may be influenced by the gravitational forces of the Sun.
  86. Naturally, the overall state of your health (which can be influenced.
  87. Men need to accept that they are at their best when influenced by a.
  88. Calculations can be influenced by changing depreciation methods, how.
  89. Queen of the Jungle' My drawings of men were always influenced by the.
  90. So this wave of devotion has influenced the world powerfully since the.
  91. These trends are greatly influenced by the following candle formations.
  92. Naturally, the overall state of your health (which can be influenced by.
  93. All particles retain an impression of everything that has influenced it.
  94. I have no doubt that the experiment has influenced him, Spock said.
  95. Our classifications are often plainly influenced by chains of affinities.
  96. In addition, Christian mythology also deeply influenced Dante, which 35.
  97. We know little about our ancestors and how their lives have influenced us.
  98. I thought that it was a great idea, she would have influenced me for sure.
  99. Notice which way the major trend is moving and how it might be influenced.
  100. During the Alpha state people are 200 times more influenced by suggestions.
  1. Most of these toxic influences.
  2. It is a disease that influences.
  3. There are other influences as well.
  4. Other influences seem to matter more.
  5. Mind has far more influences than body.
  6. The local language has Arabic influences.
  7. NOT let outside influences get in the way.
  8. No need for a myriad of foreign influences.
  9. The mere influences of climate mean so much.
  10. We should never underestimate our influences.
  11. That is, influences other than the narrowly.
  12. Boundary of Limiting Destructive Influences:.
  13. The liver directly influences spleen function.
  14. Six is also the number of celestial influences.
  15. If he was aware of what society’s influences.
  16. Thus, art influences where society is going by.
  17. What you sell influences the degree of difficulty.
  18. All else has been put there by outside influences.
  19. And these two influences were not in fact without.
  20. You could hear those influences in what he played.
  21. One of the most powerful influences in the running.
  22. The belief system of the elite influences the masses.
  23. There is no one that can remain neutral to influences.
  24. They sent influences to look after what was to hold me.
  25. The act of asking questions influences the group in some.
  26. Education influences thinking and behavior of individuals.
  27. We have to understand we live in a world full influences.
  28. Desire is one of the strongest influences in skiing, and.
  29. It’s amazing how much nutrition influences our health!.
  30. The rest comes down to cultural influences and upbringing.
  31. Everything related to business is under favourable influences.
  32. Our five senses are loose in influences through rocky images.
  33. How do you think your friends’ spending influences yours?
  34. The condition of your body influences the clarity of your mind.
  35. The very act of asking a question influences the worldview of.
  36. Without these influences humanity would be poor indeed, though.
  37. Moreover uddiyana bandha positively influences the organs of ab-.
  38. Thus, psychological influences connect with biochemical pathways.
  39. That is why we must choose our environmental influences with care.
  40. Where they happen to intersect influences what you experience in.
  41. Outside influences, too, had come into play in the matter, however.
  42. Simply, the call here is that you become aware that it influences.
  43. In the households of noble men, righteous influences are imbibed.
  44. In a strong book character arc the influences and changes will be.
  45. The flesh or carnal nature of believers is what influences them to.
  46. Optionz Traderz: Those are usually the two most important influences.
  47. The environment influences the functioning and structure of children.
  48. The inside of man influences the path of credibility and guiltibility.
  49. But there were still other and more vital practical influences at work.
  50. What ever is on the screen, interacts with and influences the watcher.
  51. Indeed, it’s this latter process that influences our ability to lose.
  52. It is our job to see that the Bible influences and shapes these fields.
  53. Simply, the call here is that you become aware that it influences your.
  54. Once these so-called harmful influences had taken so much effect in the.
  55. Many influences were involved in how the texts of the Hebrew canon came.
  56. Herd behavior and other social influences are perhaps even more important.
  57. John saw all too well the corrupting influences in the churches of his day.
  58. He doesn’t want to deal with certain influences and limitations anymore.
  59. There are many different sets of influences at work in the service of the.
  60. There have been outside influences to all of humanity and to specific races.
  61. That is why Abraham lived the Bedouin life outside the influences around him.
  62. In a large majority of cases, we are as we are owing to childhood influences.
  63. The blessing flows equally over all, but the amount of the influences which.
  64. The environment includes, diet, attitude, lifestyle and pollution influences.
  65. The kidney influences the function of sexual desire and regulates the adrenal.
  66. Dare to win significant influences on the course of events – unique belief.
  67. They are no longer subject to the suggestions and influences of others but have.
  68. And, it is the subconscious mind that most influences what results in our lives.
  69. My race, class and gender were the biggest influences on the outcome of my life.
  70. We explored how to identify the major trend and what influences it in Chapter 1.
  71. Simply, the call here is that you become aware that it influences your metabolism.
  72. Did he then accept as an article of belief the theory of astrological influences.
  73. At the same time, I opened up all my chakras to be receptive to outer influences.
  74. The influences which we can bring to bear upon this question are chiefly indirect.
  75. Ignoring important experimental and situational influences, including the use of.
  76. If the location we propose is correct, he must have had great influences of Babylon.
  77. These were the subtle influences that drew many innocents away from the True Belief.
  78. Genetics and family background greatly influences a woman in her desire, to have sex.
  79. The call-to-put ratio strongly influences the shape of the portfolio payoff function.
  80. She needed to appreciate the influences that had shaped my world, and she needed to.
  81. She gained a lot of reputations and influences in her village and the whole district.
  82. She encounters new challenges as her past with Victor influences her future decision.
  83. Since women taking the pills have the pregnancy-like state, it influences a number of.
  84. A need or belief of a need plus action, causes experience which influences the belief.
  85. Money, religion and politics are the primary influences on the chaotic nature of life.
  86. Caribbean culture, I shouldn't leave out the influences of art and symbolism as vital.
  87. Below the top-rated bonds, cyclical influences are the primary drivers of yield spreads.
  88. I must say that I tend to feel the same way about disruptive influences within my squad.
  89. Cars, homes, and appliances are the big influences on the global demand for commodities.
  90. Plus this place is full of the influences of an old Russian culture -- books, magazines.
  91. Income / EBT, is subject to influences from sales and operating income for which there is.
  92. You have to know who her friends are and what their influences are in your child’s life.
  93. It has inspired me with great commiseration, and I hope I understand it and its influences.
  94. On the other hand, when we see the later Babylonian influences and the many obvious literal.
  95. Thus, you need to properly supervise your kids to avoid exposing them to negative influences.
  96. These are the things that choke the actings of grace, and chill the influences of the Spirit.
  97. The confident, pushing, hopeful, determined man influences all with which he associates, and.
  98. Each one of them was quite unique due to the mixture of genetic influences from their parents.
  99. Traders live hectic lives, with outside influences jerking their senses around on a daily basis.
  100. Coordinating anything requires keeping a number of variables and influences in mind rather than.

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