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Ingest numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. We just didn’t have to ingest it.
  2. I have to ingest a daily dosage of:.
  3. Fat is a product that you ingest when you eat foods.
  4. We’re happy to have dolphins ingest the fish they.
  5. However, studies have indicated that vegetarians do ingest.

  6. Tobacco is dangerous to breathe or ingest so use with caution.
  7. Coffee ConsumptionAdults tend to ingest more coffee than do teens.
  8. Answering what Sue said about loving to ingest my love juice, I.
  9. Mitchell paused to ingest the imperfections in his disguised voice.
  10. Make sure there is nothing toxic laying that the cat could ingest.
  11. I was stunned for a moment trying to ingest what Aidan just told me.
  12. It’s not something you’ll be able to ingest in a single reading.
  13. Whatever it is you ingest most of, like it or not, is absorbed at.
  14. Since sugars and starches are our body’s main sources of energy, when we ingest.
  15. Some animals are injected with chemicals, and others are forced to ingest chemicals.

  16. The meals he had been forced to ingest over the last few days were far from delectable.
  17. And all of these effects come from the pesticides the mother birds ingest from the fish they eat.
  18. Doing cardio on an empty stomach, without ingest of carbs, forces your body to burn up stored fats.
  19. Rebound scurvy can develop in newborns whose mothers ingest mega doses of Vitamin C during pregnancy.
  20. Unfortunately it also destroys good microorganisms as well, microorganisms we need to ingest regularly.
  21. They are here not by thought, but instinct, seeking out by trans-nature that which is healthiest to ingest.
  22. It was a wildlife documentary in which a python was trying to ingest a crocodile while sinking down into a pool of mud.
  23. We are not to ingest unclean flesh, or come into His presence unclean, for whatever reason and if we do, we will be cut off.
  24. In the case of the herb as well as the drug, testing needs to be done to assure the public that what they are about to ingest is safe.
  25. What the machine had just said made no sense at all to Hilderich, but he was anyway preoccupied with trying to ingest what it had all implied.

  26. Boric acid powder is an excellent, safe (do not ingest! Keep away from cuts, wear gloves) control of roaches inside the home if used correctly.
  27. About half a minute in, John realized that he wasn�t sure if the proper protocol here was to spit it back out into the sink, or just to ingest it.
  28. I mixed Avens, called Herb Bennet into the cookie dough because it smells and tastes like cloves and has the ability to protect those who ingest it.
  29. Each delicate organic-cellular-biological balance of your body is changed drastically if you ingest any kind of artificial non-living chemical substance.
  30. This is the level that women should ingest to reduce the risk of spinal birth defects in their offspring, and may help defend against cervical dysplasia.
  31. The creatures had been bred to consume all organic materials - they could even ingest plastics - but the scent of faeces and flesh drove them into a frenzy.
  32. My mother assured me that I wasn't as she was grounding up more Atavin to put in my orange soda, the only thing I chose to ingest at this point for some reason.
  33. Many parents have found help through natural or alternative tablets, pills, and other treatments, but you need to be cautious about what you give your child to ingest.
  34. An athlete will not constantly ingest those things which are detrimental to their performance, should you wish to develop as a healing channel you should do those things which serve your highest good and your physical body.
  35. Yeah, yeah, yeah, said Wilx, handing a bag of dried up, dusty and filthy superfluous internal organs to Rip, who began rather grotesquely to ingest them and move them about his insides back into place with a pointed stick.
  36. I cannot be expected to ingest some unknown concoction that is being given to me by an employee of the very county that has been trying with all their might to murder me for 12 years! Furthermore, this ―crushing‖ of pills is contrary to the manufacturer‘s instructions.

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