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  1. He gave her an injection.
  2. Someone gave me an injection.
  3. I’ll give him an injection.
  4. Lethal injection? Bring it on.
  5. Water for Injection will be used.
  6. They’re giving me an injection.
  7. The injection worked very quickly.
  8. Well, not with lethal injection.
  9. Yes, in the form of an injection.
  10. For Water for Injection systems the.
  11. An injection? My mouth goes dry.
  12. The nurse administered the injection.
  13. Procedure for test water for injection.
  14. Sam, give him an injection for the pain.
  15. And she showed us the injection mark.
  16. The injection of warmth and love into his.
  17. I shall give hypodermic injection of morphia.
  18. Injection of BDNF in the hippocampus led to.
  19. No, I’ll have you give me another injection.
  20. Harley gave him an injection that Tony was quiet.
  21. The injection should take its effect in moments.
  22. He was given an injection and another antibiotic.
  23. I think it’s the hormone injection you gave me.
  24. Sirshree : Is it actually the fear of injection?
  25. The doctor came, checked me and gave me injection.
  26. The doctor was quickly preparing a strong injection.
  27. Each time she had an injection of steroid and cream.
  28. Within five minutes of the injection she had fallen.
  29. Injection, as directed by the latest edition of the U.
  30. Euthanasia (lethal injection) is the fastest and most.
  31. Choose the largest muscle available for the injection.
  32. Without the injection I think I’d die from the pain.
  33. Euthanasia can be by lethal injection (the most humane.
  34. Some claims I've seen say you must have HGH by injection.
  35. I was examined by a doctor, who gave me an injection and.
  36. It may be done by lethal injection, a catheter jab in the.
  37. In his case he needed an injection which will kill the nerve.
  38. I can use an anesthetic and follow it by a lethal injection.
  39. This is administered by injection or by scratching the skin.
  40. The more she moved about, the faster the injection wore off.
  41. He then gave me an IV [intravenous] injection, and said I‘d.
  42. I have got a small injection for you, in the left leg please.
  43. One clean shot to get the injection in – that's all Eduardo.
  44. Each person arriving in this oasis was an injection of new life.
  45. Anyway, you’re here to give an injection, not to ask questions.
  46. She’s leaning over me and pricks an injection needle in my arm.
  47. The final unit operation used to produce Water for Injection is.
  48. Finally, another injection, and I was dropped into dreamless sleep.
  49. Yes Conrad, we did decontaminate and we both took the injection.
  50. Blood is collected, and simultaneously, you are given an injection.
  51. Each time there was recurrence of pain another injection was given.
  52. Intravenous injection of magnesium has been reported in most, but.
  53. His cuts had been dressed and he’d been given a tetanus injection.
  54. His one arm clenched around the painful injection point around his.
  55. In those days there was no Botox injection which could kill the nerve.
  56. The vet could come to our place and euthanize Lady with an injection.
  57. Although there is no known method of using Lecithin by injection in.
  58. The fat injection procedure that Burman does is an older procedure.
  59. She groaned when he gave her the injection, then dropped off to sleep.
  60. The injection into his neck was professionally executed, as was Eddie.
  61. Never could remember pills so have an injection every six months or so.
  62. We should stop the injection of water until the people are evacuated.
  63. She had been given an injection of new life through her birthday party.
  64. While he is preparing an injection to calm her down, he asks how Abi is.
  65. Val was bitten by a zombie and now she’s scheduled for lethal injection.
  66. The most common injury sustained by these sprayers is: chemical injection.
  67. Eve watched as he filled a hypodermic and skillfully gave her an injection.
  68. One injection a week and he was off and running—with his dick pipe-hard.
  69. The fact that she was already on the respirator and the atropine injection.
  70. But the type of injection you had is the only thing that works, at present.
  71. A third man struggled to find a suitable injection point for the huge hy-.
  72. I told him that the injection only worked with joint pain and not nerve pain.
  73. I was given a dye injection, and then a nurse came toward me with headphones.
  74. Nor was there the lethal injection method for the doctors would have complained.
  75. In one preliminary trial, 2,500 to 5,000 mcg of vitamin B12 given by injection.
  76. The keloid usually is small and 1 injection of steroid usually clear the keloid.
  77. Immediately after the injection the level goes up too much and decline gradually.
  78. I gave the boy the tetanus toxoid injection and hoped that he will not get tetanus.
  79. Kamil tied two more bandages on Javid’s wounds and gave him a morphine injection.
  80. He was a good man, she said, dullness with an obligatory injection of empathy.
  81. Hearing about my injection for osteoarthritis and rheumatism, he came to consult me.
  82. Study shows that women taking the progestogen pill or injection of progestogen see.
  83. Intake of progestogen or injection of progentogen causes the temporary of menopause.
  84. Speaking of funds, I received an unexpected injection of these from a long forgotten.
  85. Katie comes back with the bag and watches as the doctor gives her mother an injection.
  86. I will review the evacuation zone this afternoon after the freshwater injection is.
  87. Without the injection, you would both die a horrible death but, more about that later.
  88. Before the injection, he had swallowed a handful of sleeping pills with a vodka chaser.
  89. After all, you had counted on my being put to death by lethal injection for your crime.
  90. Injection and in their methods of preparation, at least at the last stage of preparation.
  91. Intravenous injection delivers the drug within 2 minutes and the asthma subsides rapidly.
  92. With regard to sample size, 100 - 300 mL is preferred when sampling Water for Injection.
  93. The Water for Injection monograph also allows it to be packed in bulk for commercial use.
  94. She was scheduled for a lethal injection, and I could not stand by and watch that happen.
  95. The minimum quality of source or feed water for the generation of Water for Injection is.
  96. What’s the latest with Flynn? Please tell me he’s going to get a lethal injection.
  97. I had to tell them that the injection I gave them was not a ‘cure’ but temporary relief.
  98. Under normal circumstances an influenza injection would have prevented influenza, colds, etc.
  99. Colloidal silica in Purified Water and Water for Injection is easily removed by most water.
  100. Automated watering systems should contain injection ports where a sanitizing solution can be.

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