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Inning numa frase em (in ingles)

The inning is over.
He got out of the inning luckily.
It was the bottom of the sixth inning.
The game did not end until the 15th inning.
The game was tied 0 to 0 going into the ninth inning.
Roman got two strikes on batter number five of that inning.
I still remember one incredible inning that I'll tell you about.

And the ending of the inning could not have been more dramatic.
So the game goes into the bottom of the ninth inning tied 0 - 0.
Batter number three of that inning reached base on an infield single.
I saw the hardest hit baseball I have ever seen in my life that inning.
By the fifth inning the score was tied at threes and Johnny was starting.
In the bottom of the inning, Bill Mazeroski was the first Pittsburgh batter.
That's some clutch stuff, but we still have an inning and a half to finish.
The game was tied in the ninth inning I can't remember exactly what the score was.
These may have cost him, but by the bottom of the eighth inning, his team led 7-4.
We’re losing by three runs, and they’ve got the bases loaded with two outs in the fourth inning.
The star right fielder then hit what appeared to be the third out of the inning: a slow bouncer to first.
It was now the bottom of the ninth for the Diamondbacks, and they went into the inning still trailing 7-5.
The score was 6-5 for the opposing team, the inning was the bottom of the seventh, and the count was full.
Clemente played a huge part in the victory, as his hustling to first in the eighth inning kept the rally alive.
I was due to come up fifth, so it didn’t look like I would have a chance to bat; at least not in this inning.
The women took a rest room break in the sixth inning and returned with refreshments, including beers for the guys.
In the top of the ninth inning, there were two outs, the score was 3-2, and there were runners on first and second.
On a psychologically damning play, Paul laid down the second bunt of the inning, exactly the same place Chance had earlier.
Somehow or other Pat O'Brien loaded the bases in the top of the ninth inning so Arizona State had runners on first, second, and third.
The third batter of the inning; our last hope to end this game without going into extra innings, was hit by the first pitch and trotted down to first base.
I may say frankly, even at that time, if the truth is to be told, the society there, and even a^ inning money at cards, had become revolting and a torture to me.
Then Mary Jane she took another inning, and went in sweet and lovely again—which was her way; but when she got done there warn't hardly anything left o' poor Hare-lip.
With Chance leading off the inning, Mitchell nervously dumped a pile of sunflower seeds into his mouth; hoping he could be offered another opportunity at the plate himself.
Even at baseball games, we parked by the exit and left at the eighth inning, me and Go a predictable set of mustard-smeared whines, petulant and sun-fevered: We never get to see the end.
The scoreboard was beginning to reflect a blow-out: one that consisted of seven runs from nine hits for the Vikings, to the Diamondbacks having just two runs from four hits, through the middle of the sixth inning.
The inning ended in the most dramatic fashion it could have ended; our illustrious batter tried to stretch that hit into an inside the park home run and he was thrown out at home plate for the final out, unbelievable.
And guess what? Curt Gentry pitched the entire game for Arizona State, all 15 innings, again that's one of the greatest pitching performances I have seen in my life and Curt was pitching just as good in the 15th inning as he was in the first inning.
In fact the game will be televised not to see who wins, but to see the jokes being played on the Empire… The coaches tearing their hair out and screaming instructions during the play, and every kind of underhanded sneaky trick that will be caught on instant replay… Only… you would need to have forty cameras, and it would takes you six hours of watching the slow-motion re-plays to figure all of what happened in just one ‘Hit’n Run’ inning of Rainbow Ball.

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The hot spring baths in the inns.
The old coach inns and hostelries.
The inns were crowded with people.
Taverns and inns filled the quayside.
Sweden with inns built along the way.
There aren’t any hotels or inns here.
There are two inns at Wiek, and one is the best.
There are also roadhouses or Inns in such places.
Many country inns have hot spring baths and these are.
The Islington inns shown on the dining room wall were where.
People made money at the fair and lost it gambling in the inns.
They say inns are a prime target, so you may want to clear out.
The inns were adequate and the food returned to being wretched.
The inns in the town varied, but the food was uniformly dreadful.
Usually, the guests of inns had to share a bathroom with other guests.
She went then, at the hour appointed, to his lodgings in one of our inns.
It was a little smaller than Yauhtepec, but we had the choice of two inns.
This place and the Holly Bush are the busiest inns in town simply because.
I should mention the odd way female servants were treated in most of the inns.
That was however common in inns and in most other places, as a matter of fact.
It was earlier in the day, and it was mostly travellers that stayed in the inns.
We have, on the long, broad road from the Leeds Bridge to the Headrow, ten inns.
Although the Lighthouse Inns accommodations austere in comparison to what Novak.
It was like a small self-enclosed town, featuring an assortment of stores and inns.
Acid is best used as a mixture that is eaten by the cockroaches (see Cockroach Inns).
At the last inn we visited, the man said, Youve told me the inns youve visited.
We soon came to the inns, little more than bunches of yurts and tents with large corrals.
Lamps indicated the Alehouses and Inns were open, glinting like the reflection of a clear.
Figure 19 shows the price history of Enterprise Inns during 20 March 2009 to 20 April 2009.
We rode generally north from Roma staying at inns in the cities and monasterios in between.
Several lighthouses have been transformed into inns and hostels which accommodate tourists.
Old men on settles before inns under spreading oak branches called greetings to the wayfarer.
Button had told her that she did not want to spend her money on lodgings in inns until spring.
As he sat at his desk in the King's Inns he thought what changes those eight years had brought.
He foresaw an entire street of inns and shops crossing the island from one bridge to the other.
Hotels, diners, and inns across the country proudly displayed reCoMMended By dunCAn hines signs.
During the winter it is not unusual for the Inns to be snowed in for several months, he explained.
I say an inn, because Don Quixote called it so, contrary to his usual practice of calling all inns castles.
It’s several bells ‘till dawn, yet, but it’s late enough that only the most seedy taverns and inns are open.
The first interview was with Ramada inns – a nationwide chain of hotels and I think also they have some overseas.

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At the Inn with that.
He was back at the Inn.
Stayed in a lovely Inn.
The best inn was at Wiek.
He did not enter the inn.
The prison is not an inn.
Place into the Roach Inn.
Gertrud waited at the inn.
You said that at the inn.
A Causeway Inn on the Mall.
There’s an inn still open.
There is no room at the inn.
We checked each inn we found.
She was a servant at the Inn.
Far from going to the inn, Mr.
The Lamb Inn still there?
The town had no inn and no yam.
The patrons of the Wayward Inn.
The inn keeper said, Not much.
On the way to the inn that the.
There is an inn, a merry old inn.
I thanked him and went to the inn.
It was about an inn; and that is.
The Inn at the Village of Flowers.
Stable of the inn of Le Lion Noir.
I know what happened at the Inn.
Find Rahab’s inn, save all within.
That was Bessie’ s father’s inn.
I was sent away from the other inn.
What’s the name of your inn?
Chance was talking to the inn keeper.
Ramster eventually found an inn of.
The bard, in the Silver-Blood Inn.
Sundown at the Honest Soldier Inn.
Turn in there and you are at the Inn.
Legrand led the way towards their Inn.
Buffet restaurant of the Novotel Inn.

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