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Inset numa frase em (in ingles)

1. The fourth was a square inset.
2. Inset into the wall behind that was another space.
3. It was inset into the end of the church, and the.
4. State Bank with the year 1900 was inset along the top.
5. She pointed to a series of small buttons inset into the side.
6. The inset circles are pictures of what it looks like in real life.
7. About a foot below where the floor was, I noticed a beveled inset.

8. The walkway was inset with hieroglyphs of protection and benediction.
9. Inset into the wall that separated the livingroom from the bedroom was a.
10. The inset handle required a twist and pull that only someone with thumbs could open.
11. The handle was also longer and some of the inset gems had completely changed in color.
12. It was one of those items they just read, with a tiny little inset picture up in the corner.
13. It depicted a line chart in red showing a drop in prices and an inset photograph of worried investors.
14. Inset against it was a picture showing Stripehead’s foot making contact with Gareth Foster’s groin.
15. Lights inset in the walls passed at intervals, creating a strobing effect as she struggled for more speed.
16. After nearly six days docked with the ISS, the Dragon capsule uncoupled and splashed down in the Pacific Ocean (inset).
17. One of the cuff links, however, seemed to be missing the diamond inset, and Wickland searched through the basket in case it had fallen out.
18. The wealth of enslaved nations was put to building thousands of fine houses with red roofs and little inset patios where rare secret flowers grew.
19. The first animated film to win an Oscar was the eight-minute Silly Symphony cartoon Flowers and Trees (inset) at the fifth Academy Awards in 1932.
20. The inset window closed to complete the forest view but the presidents vital signs were being interpreted as symptomatic of stress, and the PA asked, ‘I’m sorry.
21. An inset image before the President was displaying a view of the abandoned citizens at the city entrance gate; they were removing the bodies of their dead comrades.
22. As Alexandrian custom dictated, Wolfe touched his fingers first to the small inset statue of the household god Bes on one side of the doorway, and then to the goddess Beset on the other.
23. There was a pair of matching silver cuff links, discreet but classy, with a diamond (Wickland doubted his partner would have a cubic zirconia as most of the population) inset on the face.
24. It was modern, and lined with inset statues that melded Greek, Roman and Egyptian influences in the odd style that Alexandria had developed; the first, a Scholar in a Greek tunic, held a scroll.
25. Close by were brooches, necklaces, pendants, cigarette cases, writing sets, cuff links, clocks and numerous Easter eggs in red, rose, and blue enamel with designs and inset with countless tiny diamonds.
26. Fore and aft stood two cupolas of moderate height, their sides slanting and partly inset with heavy biconvex glass, one reserved for the helmsman steering the Nautilus, the other for the brilliance of the powerful electric beacon lighting his way.
27. Strap up now daisies and Jim Carey’s or you’ll have to tell Lucy bye-bye! Called out an officer, whose closely inset eyes seemed to confirm the mental instability that he was even now manifesting along with the accoutrements of his leering smile and sing-songy voice.

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