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Instruction numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It was a direct instruction.
  2. He did not need instruction.
  3. If given an instruction then.
  4. The instruction here I fear's.
  5. The instruction to leave Mecca.

  6. I have one last instruction.
  7. Study this Book of Instruction.
  8. Thy sacred words of instruction.
  9. For your instruction here to tell.
  10. He gave instruction regarding the.
  11. I’ll need a formal instruction.
  12. The Bible, His instruction manual.
  13. I will give you further instruction.
  14. I did that at Max’s instruction.
  15. Part 9: Sex Instruction In the Home.

  16. His instruction to Cast the net.
  17. I followed her instruction instantly.
  18. Director General of Public Instruction.
  19. He resented any instruction Jesus gave.
  21. Instruction to themselves left by God.
  22. Know that attention to instruction may.
  23. Time for instruction to begin in earnest.
  24. She briefly studies the instruction on it.
  25. He rolled out suddenly without instruction.

  26. He reinforced this instruction by securing.
  27. Without instruction Holnami halted hers also.
  28. Instruction: Solve the following Math quizzes.
  29. Without thinking Libby obeyed the instruction.
  30. The Instruction For Shan Hai Jing And I-Ching.
  31. What his instruction was? Lord Buddha asked.
  32. Sex instruction is a post-convalescent therapy.
  33. I need instruction to cement my newfound center.
  34. You should not give your wife that instruction.
  35. Bephistoles, Aesa is here for his instruction.
  36. Her education and instruction were provided for.
  37. There is also the instruction to Petrof Skinsky.
  38. There are three points of instruction in these.
  39. Ali looked surprised at the instruction hut ran.
  40. The instruction for feeling both emotionally and.
  41. The boy looked startled by the sudden instruction.
  42. Shorter studies for the instruction of Christians.
  43. May the most profound practice and instruction of.
  44. You’ll receive further instruction from Flicker.
  45. Since, as per his father’s instruction, he had.
  46. James gave instruction to the church, concerning.
  47. She pulled the instruction sheet off the fridge.
  48. Hear instruction and be wise, and do not refuse it.
  49. How we have suffered because of wrongful instruction.
  50. They didn’t exactly give me an instruction manual.
  51. It is not meant to be an instruction book on mankind.
  52. So this instruction by Krishn is a complete sacred.
  53. It's best to begin with the following instruction:.
  54. He sat there silently, waiting for some instruction.
  55. He was going to repeat the instruction, for a noble.
  56. Or rather, that you may not truly need my instruction.
  57. Andrew had presented Teherma to Simon for instruction.
  58. Thanks, but I think I’ll need further instruction.
  59. When these women heard the instruction about covering.
  60. Your instruction was to study the scriptures, period!.
  61. Consider again Pauline instruction specifically to the.
  62. With what success had he attempted direct instruction?
  63. Eric waited, but no further instruction was forthcoming.
  64. At the instruction of Black Francis, Elowen and Diggory.
  65. You know as well as I do it was a bloody instruction.
  66. With the instruction completed, it was time to practice.
  67. Jeff found Leigh’s instruction very much to his liking.
  68. The switchboard operator gave me complete instruction to.
  69. The instruction came over the intercom to prepare to land.
  70. My father was rather brief with my religious instruction.
  71. I felt much more confident with it after his instruction.
  73. I simply followed his instruction which was to focus the.
  74. She found the instruction insert from the box and read it.
  75. He had not given Zach instruction to call the authorities.
  76. The lady's daytime instruction covered the use of nuncha-.
  77. None spoke to him and obeyed the instruction he had given.
  78. The instruction not to tell it to any in the town reveals.
  79. Whatever the merit of individual instruction, class piano.
  80. Of course not, would you sign an instruction to murder.
  81. But I doubt we have much time for spiritual instruction.
  82. The instruction to acquire food in abundance, by any means.
  83. The trees took the instruction and pushed it into the wind.
  84. Sir Alex had already made that instruction for his brother.
  85. It was a terrible instruction this prohibition to touch her.
  86. This type of education is often synonymous with instruction.
  87. Equality has an organ: gratuitous and obligatory instruction.
  88. Second, he did not believe the instruction that he was given.
  89. Tuition in Music and Art: Instruction on Piano, per term, $20.
  90. Meditation instruction will be given by one of the monastics.
  91. When adults apply for instruction in playing the piano, both.
  92. The House of Laoshi: They rule over instruction and genealogy.
  93. Lineage a line of instruction that has been passed down from.
  94. So this is what the method of instruction is to be based upon.
  95. Complying with his father’s instruction Rama, accompanied by.
  96. In this example, the instruction tells the operating system to.
  97. I could hear his firm words of instruction in my ears even now.
  98. He typed in an instruction and a scanner light bathed the hair.
  99. That proved to be all the instruction that Doris ever required.
  100. In any case, after a year of solid reading instruction, those.

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