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Intertwine numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I instinctively intertwine my arm with his.
  2. I felt her plump fingers intertwine with mine.
  3. Science and Magic, they are always intertwine.
  4. Sometimes two thinks intertwine and it's hard to.
  5. It's complicated, our worlds don't intertwine smoothly.
  6. In the case of default, even psychological factors may intertwine with capital.
  7. With those final words, I felt my bones and the beams that supported me intertwine.
  8. Fate and choices are all intertwine like the vines of the dream catcher that is being.
  9. What we want are the tendrils to intertwine, not win a Pulitzer as Alice was fond of saying.
  10. I intertwine my fingers with the ones in front of me, then feel a hard tug then the hand let go.
  11. A melody which then unfurled, resulted from the intertwine of colored ribbons flowing out my fair Companions in reply.
  12. The fact of the matter is this: the tendrils will intertwine whenever we spontaneously create stories from the unconscious.
  13. My father took one of my crutches so that Salem could intertwine his cold arm with mine, and he led me to the Wrangler parked far off into the lot.
  14. That connection had started the march to this point in time, where the binary numbers of one and zero would intertwine and unlock what was held within the scroll.
  15. Yet they are joined more tightly than any pair of Siamese twins for the eighteen or so years that their lives intertwine, and yet they remain utterly unaware of the connection.
  16. The application of the above principles and concepts undoubtedly incorporate and intertwine all the spiritual and psychological areas of our personal lives and the personal lives of others.
  17. As time progresses, the common public memory of the past will continue to fuse and intertwine all nations’ destinies together based on what each individual accomplishes now, in the present.
  18. But he did not allow their fingers to intertwine; instead he grasped her by the wrist and moved her hand along his body with an invisible but well-directed strength until she felt the ardent breath of a naked animal without bodily form, but eager and erect.
  19. If you check the bloodlines of the owners of all the national banks, and their banking families, you will find that they all intertwine and are a near exact copy of the royal system of elite power by intermarriage and the inheritance of power and wealth by direct descent which had ruled Europe before the Industrial Revolution.
  1. The tones were doing a dance; intertwining.
  2. Now, a rolling motion could be felt intertwining itself tightly.
  3. This stick, he said, intertwining it between the bars of the crib.
  4. The intertwining of interests runs even deeper when the relations of Wall Street's.
  5. The same intertwining of two people who not only wanted each other but belonged together.
  6. Many scientists view the intertwining of migraine and depression as a chicken or egg situation.
  7. Along the rim of the lid seven skulls were carved among intertwining branches of strange trees.
  8. Wow… I whispered, stunned by the beauty of the colors intertwining and bouncing off of each other.
  9. Now, a rolling motion could be felt intertwining itself tightly within the increasingly exaggerated trembling.
  10. Marcus stopped in front of an unusual door; carved into the wood were intertwining red and white climbing roses.
  11. Clumps of undergrowth limited the vision that quested under the somber twilight of the lofty arches formed by intertwining branches.
  12. He had felt her hands on him, felt his body pressed to hers, their limbs intertwining as perfectly as only dream lovers are able to.
  13. Had I disobeyed my master? I pulled my body close to Jade, intertwining my limbs with hers, feeling her chill flesh against mine and willing my warmth into her.
  14. The intertwining of industry with the intelligence apparatus allows for covers for intelligence operatives who might otherwise be separated out for their pure intelligence work.
  15. There was a fleeting concussion, a fierce writhing and intertwining of limbs and bodies, and then Conan sprang clear, every thew quivering from the violence of his efforts; blood started where the grazing fingers had torn the skin.
  16. Ecstasy to me is the ultimate expression of the intertwining of our souls, our love and our spirits culminating in the release of fluid from our loins called orgasm, which blends together as we ascend to the edge of heaven together.
  17. Approaching the great house that glimmered dimly through the trees, he turned aside into a little-used path that ran between close-set oaks whose intertwining branches formed a vault overhead, shutting out the dim light of the gathering dusk.
  18. It may be that destructive human behaviour and contents of speech are a result of the culmination of the intertwining of inflexible distorted and irrational cultural, political and religious traditions, beliefs, ideologies and practices mixed together with primal base instincts.
  19. The condensed atmosphere quivered at the slightest sound, and from all the roofs on both sides of the river, columns of smoke rose up like giants and floated across the cold sky, intertwining and untwining as they went, so that it seemed new buildings were rising up above the old, a new town was taking shape in the air.
  1. See how the sins are intertwined?
  2. Our fates have become intertwined.
  3. Righteousness and faith are intertwined.
  4. This is because they are so intertwined.
  5. Then she intertwined her fingers with his.
  6. You will learn how these two are intertwined.
  7. The tree branches intertwined like spider-webs.
  8. The two were a mass of intertwined arms, legs.
  9. What he considered fact intertwined with opinion.
  10. I had become deeply intertwined with everything here.
  11. Magic and religion are closely intertwined in Leranon.
  12. She never will He intertwined his hand with mine.
  13. Boys have been intertwined with my life for over 20 years.
  14. Your present and previous lives have, therefore, intertwined.
  15. Intertwined, you were kissing with as much passion as—.
  16. Our arms were intertwined much as I had done in the previous.
  17. In other centuries, religion and state were intertwined and so.
  18. Accountancy and computers are so intertwined now the Institute.
  19. The fingers of one of his hands found and intertwined with mine.
  20. This mixture was intertwined in heavy, dark green natural vines.
  21. They were all intertwined; it was impossible to tease them apart.
  22. Eric says as he binds his hands together with intertwined fingers.
  23. Their arms intertwined and off they went to the Italian Restaurant.
  24. He seemed as surprised as I was, looking at our hands intertwined.
  25. The magic of this land is intertwined with the elements around you.
  26. Each element in the song intertwined with its partners to create a.
  27. The desire to be and power are the two closely intertwined themes that.
  28. Money and materialism are intertwined but so are war, power and control.
  29. Their fingers intertwined but, with his free hand, Simon touched his neck.
  30. The Campbells and the Montgomerys have always been kind of intertwined.
  31. She looked down at their intertwined hands and then finally looked up at him.
  32. The last two joined the circle, arms intertwined around waists, swaying gently.
  33. Rafael’s and Sage’s fates are intertwined with the fate of Amerie and Lance.
  34. Don’t shock yourself or their selves by having your lives quickly intertwined.
  35. Frequently religion and myth were so intertwined that they could not be separated.
  36. Since our body systems are intertwined, a blow in one area ripples into the others.
  37. It was interesting that the two, for a short time, were about to become intertwined.
  38. He smiled and intertwined his free hand with mine and placed it above my head again.
  39. These principles are very intertwined with each other, they are all separate and yet.
  40. She prayed for that not to be case, as she still believed their fate was intertwined.
  41. He intertwined his fingers with mine and guided the make-out session to a calmer place.
  42. But while being completely intertwined, he felt his soul rushing through his airwaves.
  43. It, this Presence, has been delicately intertwined throughout all of these imaginings.
  44. Risk and return are so intertwined that it is proper to refer to them as a statistical.
  45. Henry picked it up and felt the weight of it in the webbing of his intertwined fingers.
  46. Greeks and Romans in Egypt, its history and people were inextricably intertwined with and.
  47. They spent the night rediscovering each other, falling asleep with their limbs intertwined.
  48. Our marriage was witnessed by two trees whose trunks had intertwined since their beginning.
  49. She sat wringing the scrap of cloth in her intertwined fingers, lamenting the dear departed.
  50. And the practice was so ingrained and so intertwined with religion, it was rarely questioned.
  51. As they moved together their magic intertwined and he finally saw her for what she truly was.
  52. All facts are intertwined with people, this is called "WEB OF DESTINY" is in the Book of Life.
  53. One day as I lay there next to her with our arms intertwined, I had the overwhelming feeling.
  54. Maybe Great Grandfather told me one too many stories, but his words had intertwined with my soul.
  55. The interesting part for him would be seeing if and when those secrecies intertwined or crossed.
  56. A monk dressed in blood red robes and carrying an ebony staff of intertwined snakes hissed at me.
  57. Two bands of pure gold, each designed as a single snake, intertwined themselves on my upper arms.
  58. Caduceus (two snakes intertwined around staff), both of which model the wisdom of cyclic reality.
  59. Our minds have become so intertwined that Jenny can read my thoughts as easily as I can read hers.
  60. They held each other walking down the hot street, hands intertwined, discovering the others touch.
  61. Their tongues intertwined against one another’s in an erotic dance, hunger blooming within them.
  62. Desa crossed the circle and climbed over the intertwined roots that formed its pond-side boundary.
  63. This chapter will actually cover both reading and writing as they are obviously closely intertwined.
  64. Their fingers intertwined as he kissed the hollow of her neck, the sensation tantalizing and erotic.
  65. Moments later, his fixed grip on the armrest relaxed; he intertwined his reluctant fingers into hers.
  66. Regret is often intertwined with hindsight—some decisions are easier to justify ex post than others.
  67. John and Teekra, clothed now, lie intertwined on a chaise lounge on a deck that overlooks the coastline.
  68. They tore off their clothing and, their bodies intertwined, collapsed, moaning and writhing on the cot.
  69. Jesse wove a tapestry of color, intertwined with historical facts, and people whom Emma would never know.
  70. A supreme desire made their dry lips tremble, and wearily, without an effort, their fingers intertwined.
  71. Ahimsā and Truth are so intertwined that it is practically impossible to disentangle and separate them.
  72. Parading from every corner to the center of the room were monks carrying ebony staffs of intertwined snakes.
  73. The banister itself was beautifully woven tree branches with white large flowers intertwined here and there.
  74. They lay alongside of each other in an embrace with their legs intertwined and their arms around each other.
  75. Tamlin had another rune intertwined with the Life Rune that flowed from his chest to his head and his limbs.
  76. Small bets became intertwined with larger ones and insanely complicated super series of bets, said Rip.
  77. His hoary beard and shoulder length hair were braided and intertwined with strands of the same magenta thread.
  78. The physicality/sexuality of women in postindustrial society is inextricably intertwined with food and feeding.
  79. As their souls intertwined, they felt transported, locked together in an embrace, timeless and without bounds.
  80. I relent, pushing myself out of the sand, fitting my toes into my sandals, my fingers intertwined with Noah’s.
  81. She liked his writing, the way he expressed himself, his sober evaluations intertwined with passionate beliefs.
  82. They were intertwined with the sea of former fans that had gathered outside my building, all singing my praises.
  83. The medallions were black with flowers of blue, red, white, yellow, and pink, intertwined with tiny green leaves.
  84. Inside were square-cut earrings made of the blackest onyx, two ivory and gold hearts intertwined in their centers.
  85. Every belief you have is constructed of sets of rules that are intertwined with culture, religion and common sense.
  86. Then Annie stepped into the role of Umbriel; a brief role which I had though intertwined well with that of narrator.
  87. As a result, he became ferociously committed to understanding how all these scenarios and movements were intertwined.
  88. He wanted to achieve the intertwined roots that she had described, building a sturdy foundation of networked essences.
  89. Elegantly inlaid pieces of ivory, black granite and tether-wood intertwined in flowing designs on the stylish armrests.
  90. The ceiling moldings look like vine and serpents intertwined, and the closed hunter green curtains keep the sunlight out.
  91. It was then that she took his hand, and they remained some time, their fingers intertwined, like that first day at the Show.
  92. That mess is inordinately vague, intertwined with references to other parts of Federal law and written at a 73rd-grade level.
  93. Our culture is intertwined with pervasive corporate interests that are directly aligned with their self-serving profit motives.
  94. Beaming, I intertwined my fingers with his as he pulled me against his strong chest, lowering his lips on mine for another kiss.
  95. Holly's body was curled around his own; her head on his chest, her arm spread across his torso, her legs intertwined with his own.
  96. If money is a facilitator of speech, the vocal cords to the tongue, then it is inextricably intertwined with a voice, free or not.
  97. My feelings and emotions had been intertwined with fast and slow, happy and sad, overwhelmed by crowds, yet feeling alone all night.
  98. My heavenly soul intertwined with the rising mist and my earthly body hovered above the sacred well, then plunged into its icy depths.
  99. There are two worlds, Emma, this one and the World of Light, and their fates are intertwined, as they have been for a very long time.
  100. They are two dancers atop the greatest of stages, a boy and a girl with their hands intertwined and their legs twisted about their bodies.

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