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Iridescent numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Blue and iridescent.
  2. Swaths of iridescent.
  3. With iridescent wing doth flap.
  4. The iridescent haze spread slowly.
  5. His orange hair was iridescent in the sun.

  6. As the moon spilled its soft iridescent glow around the.
  7. Now it was an iridescent blue with cream-colored blotches.
  8. The slightest movement of her head set them into iridescent.
  9. The fighters continued to follow the iridescent halo worn by Leif.
  10. Her eyes were speckled with the most iridescent illuminating grey.
  11. As I entered the gate everything around me turned into an iridescent blue.
  12. Look at the water, it’s almost iridescent green, like opal, like your eyes.
  13. It was iridescent, reflecting a silver blue at times and violet blue at others.
  14. The wings vanished as the hungry bird transformed into an iridescent, living spear.
  15. Although the iridescent bubbles appeared to be part of the nearby atmosphere and the.

  16. Duplex showed them how the sides could light up in iridescent colours for night climbing.
  17. Rich furs and strange iridescent mats from some Oriental bazaar were scattered upon the floor.
  18. The same crystalline Caribbean water, iridescent and turquoise, throws its surf upon the beach.
  19. The early morning orange glow reflecting off the ocean fills the treetops with an iridescent shimmer.
  20. Each scale stood out as distinctly as in real life, and the iridescent colors were vividly reproduced.
  21. The iridescent man was doll-sized now, a tortured shape tumbling in slow motion while hanging in mid-air.
  22. The god peered into the bull’s iridescent eyes and chuckled when he realized what he was seeing there.
  23. A bar area with stools set around a dark wooden counter topped in an iridescent marble stood directly ahead.
  24. Lastly, and most remarkable was their hair, iridescent and golden, the hair of an elf had a light of its own.
  25. The dusk sky revealed iridescent colors that spanned the horizon, ending a delightfully sunny, windless afternoon.

  26. As I heard the note, I saw what looked like a leaf, an iridescent, metallic coloured leaf, appear near the horizon.
  27. Not the pale green of ordinary eyes, either these were the green of fresh emeralds and as iridescent as a dragonfly.
  28. There were flames in him as the protector sparked forth and his eyes shone with intensity, iridescent and invincible.
  29. Four diff’rent iridescent hues were correlated tonal waves that billowed forth in harmonies exquisitely alive with Love.
  30. Next to him in the shallow water he saw long fish with iridescent red scales constantly shifting their tone in the sunlight.
  31. Now stationary, I could see ‘twas not a sun at all, but this: an iridescent pearl-like globe that floated lightly off the ground.
  32. A long iridescent slip-dress drapes a light as air layer of lace over a slip-liner and the plunging neckline cuts a body-carved silhouette.
  33. Opening his eyes, he saw that the water about his head was filled with thousands of iridescent bubbles, each jostling the other as they crowded in upon him.
  34. But nowhere did it shine as brightly as it did in the floating, spherical, iridescent field of energy, about two feet across, rotating at the very center of the room.
  35. The last thing I could remember that I was sure was not part of my dream, was the beginning of my decent, seated in the lawn chair, surrounded by an iridescent glow.
  36. Ham at one end of the table and fried chicken at the other, collards swimming richly in pot liquor iridescent with grease, carrots in cream sauce thick enough to cut.
  37. Barnacled with age, bearded with kelp, mottled iridescent with cracked, tarnished scales, shimmering, bright, soulful-eyed, glorious, monstrous and free, a fish – oh such a fish! - awoke.
  38. The wet grass glittered and nearby a nut tree The sun, risen behind the copse, threw long shadows from the trees sparkled iridescent, winking and gleaming as its branches moved in the light wind.
  39. A flock of pigeons started from the deck of the tank house and flew around and settled again and strutted to the edge to look over; white pigeons and blue pigeons and grays, with iridescent wings.
  40. Finally, the whole firmament was filled with the magnificence of thousands upon thousands of iridescent, multicoloured leaves and the most unbelievably mind expanding celestial music I have ever heard.
  41. In the midst of the great hall stood a black stone altar, massive, somber, without carvings or ornament, and upon it coiled one of the great sacred serpents, its iridescent scales shimmering in the lamplight.
  42. But there's something—I don't know; it's rather difficult to explain—But you know how pouring champagne into a glass makes it froth up into a million iridescent little bubbles? Well, there was none of that in our married life.
  43. This human woman who stands before us now was once the young female with the sword? Reverting for a moment to full, mad Unseelie Prince, he swivels his head and fixes Jada with an empty stare, iridescent eyes flashing as he realizes what that means.
  44. The doors slid open as we approached, and I followed my father through them into a large circular room with a domed concrete ceiling that was painted a bright iridescent blue, like the screens that were used on movie sets as placeholders for digital effects that would be added later.
  45. A strange, screaming, thumping, sort of sound issued from the engine compartment and I ducked as the bonnet shot high into the air, quickly followed by bits and pieces of the engine: pistons, tappets, valves and big-ends: filters, shafts, cogs and pulley-wheels, all cascading heavenwards in a shower of iridescent alloy.
  46. Beside me like scratched iridescent glass, my cat she sparkles outstretched, baking on the hot jasper bricks of my back door patio, while my slow-burning brain crackles in its own soupy juices, on top of the clever embers that throb like useless thumbs, chopped off and tossed together with salad, into a poets skull of cool cemetery stone.
  47. The bird has an exclusive opportunity to immediately notice that this area is absolutely symmetrical: on both sides of the azure beauty existed a kind of space, but on one side, it was occupied by old houses, modern shops and darting back and forwards human, and on the other - the same field, but covered with fresh, untouched snow, playing with thousands of iridescent sparks, looking at the nearby trees are so fond of.
  48. The genius is drowning—you imagine he was drowned? Not a bit of it; this was simply in order that when he was drowning and at his last gasp, he might catch sight of a bit of ice, the size of a pea, but pure and crystal "as a frozen tear," and in that tear was reflected Germany, or more accurately the sky of Germany, and its iridescent sparkle recalled to his mind the very tear which "dost thou remember, fell from thine eyes when we were sitting under that emerald tree, and thou didst cry out joyfully: 'There is no crime!' 'No,' I said through my tears, 'but if that is so, there are no righteous either.

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