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Issue numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. A key issue in 64.
  2. At issue in Ballew v.
  3. So it's an issue of.
  4. The issue is the coup.
  5. This is the issue of.

  6. Money is not an issue.
  7. In the first issue of.
  8. That was not the issue.
  9. The terms of the issue.
  10. The issue at hand was.
  11. States on the key issue.
  12. The next issue of the.
  13. My issue is with your.
  14. Mott, we have an issue.
  15. Dating is in issue ―S.

  16. Hit the issue head on.
  17. But, the issue was moot.
  18. Is it an issue or not?
  19. The one issue in Table 6.
  20. But it was Tyler's issue.
  21. However, if a debt issue.
  22. Is the Issue Really Gone?
  23. A better issue than the.
  24. Always an issue with cash.
  25. But that’s not the issue.

  26. Is It an Issue of Ethics?
  27. I took care of the issue.
  28. While issue of line clear.
  29. That is not a faith issue.
  30. The issue might occur in.
  31. This is a short-term issue.
  32. So Trust is the issue here.
  33. I will solve that issue.
  34. But Monty pressed the issue.
  35. And the issue there create.
  36. I also have the José issue.
  37. I’m ignorant of the issue.
  38. This issue is about mileage.
  39. The other has no issue at.
  40. However, if an issue were.
  41. He didn’t press the issue.
  42. The real issue is slavery.
  43. It is their issue, not ours.
  44. The Issue was that of P NOTE.
  45. He did not need to issue it.
  46. It was an issue of trust.
  47. See November 1937 issue, pp.
  48. Therefore the issue then is.
  49. Debbie, only on the gun issue.
  50. Back to the issue at hand.
  51. Enforcement is the real issue.
  52. The timing is the main issue.
  53. To understand this issue we.
  54. It was this last issue that.
  55. Oil became a political issue.
  56. It is truly an issue of trust.
  57. His issue was being bypassed.
  58. Of course the issue here is.
  59. In Romans 6:23, the issue is:.
  60. That's not the issue any more.
  61. I can’t escape this issue.
  62. What is the second issue?
  63. A medical issue she might have.
  64. Copyright is a difficult issue.
  65. Gadiel has confused the issue.
  66. The issue was not knowing God.
  67. The issue was not-knowing God.
  68. Liability was seldom an issue.
  69. But I don’t press the issue.
  70. He decided to push that issue.
  71. Buy cheap (price of the issue).
  72. The Outhouse was still an issue.
  73. Another notable issue here is.
  74. But that’s for another issue.
  75. His suitcase was an issue, in.
  77. To what issue will this come?
  78. Begin again, with another issue.
  79. Issue was joined in an instant.
  80. Amount of (1st) preferred issue.
  81. We will look at that issue next.
  82. I should have pressed the issue.
  83. Then there’s the issue of heat.
  84. She was facing a serious issue.
  85. Shall not in their issue stand;.
  86. There is a more important issue.
  87. Let's leave the two pass issue.
  88. When rigidity is an issue, use.
  89. But that’s not the main issue.
  90. Unfortunately, this is an issue.
  91. We’ve had this issue before.
  92. It was the issue of her stealing.
  93. Money is an issue big enough to.
  94. It had legs and was now an issue.
  95. Hurt is pride issue in influence.
  96. During the issue, EVA can still.
  97. The real issue for me was courage.
  98. Graisco was divided on that issue.
  99. Cleanliness is a universal issue.
  100. They kept arguing about the issue.
  1. By issuing a Sprug, he was.
  2. Next they’d be issuing demands.
  3. Usually has responsibility for issuing.
  4. She spun on the spot and began issuing.
  5. The Remo will be issuing instructions by.
  6. As soon as the Government started issuing.
  7. They spend their days issuing orders, having.
  8. By issuing money with interest attached, all.
  9. Although the Chinese government stopped issuing.
  10. ConocoPhillips for issuing too much equity in 2006.
  11. Central Bank of the issuing countries of that money.
  12. Great Britain had two objects in issuing her orders.
  13. The avatar appeared again, issuing new instructions.
  14. Moshe heard loud voices issuing explosively from inside.
  15. It does so at the request of the issuing bank and taking.
  16. Tony Gal was issuing his final instructions as she entered.
  17. As soon as Charly entered the house she began issuing orders.
  18. Slowly he became aware that moaning was still issuing forth.
  19. This risk can be avoided by issuing another types of cheque.
  20. Santa Anna rode around issuing orders, but was not effective.
  21. Karyl was issuing orders to deploy them at the forest’s edge.
  22. A stupendous trio all issuing forth against the idea of caste;.
  23. Tafferel was in the middle issuing orders with Aguero by his side.
  24. Tarzan was still issuing orders which Clayton could not understand.
  25. Ralph did not mind Philippa issuing orders to the domestic servants.
  26. The radicals had to resign themselves to issuing a minority report.
  27. Karlov nodded and began issuing commands to the Guardians around him.
  28. The company or other entity issuing the security is called the issuer.
  29. It was far too late to go back to the issuing office and my soundman.
  30. Issuing bank: The Bank which issues a credit is known as issuing bank.
  31. The new Government that developed started with the issuing of credits.
  32. You can also buy individual stocks straight from the issuing companies.
  33. It was more as if he were issuing a threat, drawing a line between us.
  34. Beneficiary at the request of the issuing Bank is known as the Advising.
  35. Many banks are engaged in the business of issuing a variety of Electronic.
  36. Applicant: Applicant is the party on whose request the issuing bank issues a.
  37. He was focused on the battle and issuing commands, but open to communicating.
  38. The radio in Olsen’s ear filled with Deane’s voice calmly issuing orders.
  39. The exposure is to be treated as an exposure on the LC issuing bank and not on.
  40. In order to learn more about its customers, Tesco began issuing a loyalty card.
  41. The Word is issuing from the heart of God, emerging from a central point of love.
  42. That has not stopped the EPA from issuing regulations concerning dioxin omissions.
  43. At that moment Gareth came at him, fangs bared and a growl issuing from his mouth.
  44. Actual y, needing him was the smal er of the two reasons for not issuing threats;.
  45. They dodged their weapons while issuing counterattacks with their claws and fangs.
  46. The Marshall ran his hand over his sweaty forehead and mouth before issuing a new.
  47. The Marshall was almost finished issuing his next order when a shout from the comm.
  48. Zamaril was issuing firing statements against Arabian countries in their neighbors.
  49. The practice of drawing bills of exchange clause ‘without recourse’ and issuing.
  50. So the issuing company is as solid of a company that you would ever hope to work with.
  51. It is the world's first album issuing 4 hit singles, which topped the charts in the U.
  52. Five minutes later, he was issuing instructions to his team to initiate those measures.
  53. But then he felt his sword vibrate in his palm, issuing the sound of a faint heart beat.
  54. For other institutions, issuing of debt contracts such as bonds is a typical source of.
  55. If an egg started issuing nonrandom sequences, the bar would move and a tone would sound.
  56. Pointed steel thrust all the way to the hilt (sharp two-edged sword issuing from my mouth.
  57. Horns refer to the Ten Commandments, which are repeatedly shown issuing from the heads of.
  58. Issuing from the cabin, Stubb now called his boat's crew, and pulled off for the stranger.
  59. With each labored breath issuing from his nostrils he blew away small clouds of dry earth.
  60. As I slowly approached the large gym I could hear muffled music issuing through the doors.
  61. The General saluted and hurried off with the others issuing hushed commands along the way.
  62. Fysto began waving his arms madly and issuing orders they couldn’t hear from so far away.
  63. First, most companies issuing stock options probably don’t have stock repurchase programs.
  64. He had also approved of the issuing of a new gold loan required for a financial negotiation.
  65. But late in the afternoon a horseman issuing from the gate was made out riding up fearlessly.
  66. Once again however, the Attorney General was told that she was following, not issuing, orders.
  67. In short, your permanent status prior to citizenship is given by the issuing of a Green Card.
  68. Orders sent previous to the issuing of the President's proclamation violated no existing law.
  69. Issuing securities publicly gives rise to strictures existing under the Securities Act of 1933.
  70. Wemyss was indeed the typical bridegroom of the Psalms, issuing forth rejoicing from his chamber.
  71. Drew later watered the stock of the Erie Railroad by massively issuing new shares without warning.
  72. And he founds the issuing of this decree on the act of the American Congress of the 2d of March, 1811.
  73. NERC notes that the pace and aggressiveness of issuing so many rules at once is unprecedented.
  74. These retailers settled with the issuing banks to replace the stolen cards for about 70 cents per card.
  75. Then, issuing from the obscure corner from which he had never moved, Sydney Carton came and took her up.
  76. Little did they realize at the time that within the year they would be issuing birth certificate's also.
  77. The fact that no good bonds are available is hardly an excuse for either issuing or accepting poor ones.
  78. There frequently are regulatory and rating agency reasons for issuing preferreds rather than subordinates.
  79. After issuing letters of marque, they would resort to the invasion of the enemies' territorial provinces.
  80. The Congress needs to pass a law defining the authority of the President in issuing executive orders and.
  81. And issuing from my asylum with precaution, I sought a back-stairs which conducted directly to the kitchen.
  82. Imran while standing outside ZBN with his MFP super crusaders was issuing mission instructions to his team.
  83. It is to say to the President that, in issuing that proclamation, he has acted wisely, and we approve of it.
  84. Stocks with the lowest buyback yield represent the firms that are issuing stock as opposed to buying it back.
  85. No one could resist her persuasive nods, or the fragrant invitation issuing from the nose of the coffee pot.
  86. A while later the rest of them heard strange muffled sounds issuing from Ben as he lay face down on the earth.
  87. We have a firm policy about issuing shares of Berkshire, doing so only when we receive as much value as we give.
  88. The warrant-officer issuing the tyres was the most obnoxious man in the world and hated everyone with a passion.
  89. The fact that it was the British prime minister issuing this warning to South Africa was enormously significant.
  90. Consequently, the Ten Horns refer to the Ten Commandments, which are repeatedly shown issuing from the heads of.
  91. When James Kilts took over as CEO in 2001, he quickly dropped the practice of issuing earnings guidance entirely.
  92. It wasn’t far from Kurt’s mind that the ink was not yet on the paper and Frank was already issuing conditions.
  93. Why, Yankees weren’t bad at all! The voice issuing from the whiskers had the same nasal twang but was kind and.
  94. Those who have not destroyed them within 30 days after the issuing of the order are to be branded and work as convicts.
  95. XYZ acquires ABC in a transaction by issuing 800,000 shares of XYZ common, which would have a market value of $48 million.
  96. Napoleon hurried to the scene, issuing orders interspersed with curses and threats against the troops and Marshal Mortier.
  97. So as a result of an underactive thyroid, the adrenals glands are inhibited from issuing hormones that trigger weight loss.
  98. The question then would be, whether the President in issuing this proclamation has not transcended the limits of his powers.
  99. And when he had built up Cedrou, he set horsemen there, and an host of footmen, to the end that issuing out they might make.
  100. The latter represents a restatement of the common-stock structure—in a typical case by issuing two or three shares for one.
  1. The high lord had issued.
  2. Stock was never issued for.
  3. Finally, he issued one last.
  4. Mayank had issued a warning.
  5. Issued by the Congregational S.
  6. Orders are issued for a battle.
  7. Eventually an edict was issued.
  8. He politely issued some command.
  9. Quite a few protests were issued.
  10. The security company had issued.
  11. The credit is issued in his favor.
  12. Strict orders were being issued.
  13. The lock gave way and I issued out.
  14. Prior Godwyn has issued a new edict.
  15. Together they issued orders to the.
  16. Denmark has just issued Bonds that.
  17. Suddenly, a sharp sound issued ahead.
  18. Department of Education issued the.
  19. A warrant was issued for his arrest.
  20. His mouth gaped, but no sound issued.
  21. And not a sound issued from the room.
  22. At the courthouse the judge issued Mr.
  23. Greg issued the redeployment command.
  24. It was issued within the past 15 years.
  25. But my publisher has issued two more.
  26. L emperor issued an edict that shifted.
  27. He had issued a demand and received it.
  28. Patents are issued and are enforceable.
  30. Your bank has issued instructions for.
  31. Or that an arrest warrant was issued.
  32. Gilead issued an attack spell of his own.
  33. It is issued on a specified banker only.
  34. At the order issued by Enjolras, he rose.
  35. The door issued a loud creak as it opened.
  36. Passes were issued only to those people.
  37. Themistokles issued forth a counter spell.
  38. And who has issued this challenge?
  39. A shaky voice issued from within the grave.
  40. Monroe) at the time this order was issued.
  41. An announcement was issued that anyone on.
  42. Issued by the South African Revenue Service.
  43. Kylmahn breechloaders they’d been issued.
  44. He has issued this warning as a precaution.
  45. For example, no ticket is issued saying 13.
  46. I had to get his new passport issued as EGB.
  47. The police have issued a total city closure.
  48. Another may hear a word issued from somebody.
  49. Issued to the Great Humane Eminent Scholar M.
  50. Waste Management issued a restatement of $1.
  51. No energy is issued; only energy is absorbed.
  52. The Ochnar-75 was issued routinely to Apache.
  53. He issued the high-pitched bark of attention.
  54. Detectives were issued with the Walther PPK 7.
  55. In 2006, for example, ConocoPhillips issued.
  56. She is prosecuted and demands are issued for.
  57. Mother looked at all of us, then issued orders.
  58. During the last 18 months the EPA has issued.
  59. The Day never issued a retraction, and I was.
  60. President Clinton issued orders dealing with.
  61. The police had issued a missing persons report.
  62. From his mid-breast forth issued from the ice;.
  63. A strong and tender tone issued from his throat.
  64. On the third day, the Army issued him underwear.
  65. No, sir, there ain't none issued in the rations.
  66. You disobeyed one command, so he issued another.
  67. Several of his other articles were issued abroad.
  68. You are too late, madame; the orders are issued.
  69. That card, issued from the initiator, must have.
  70. It was issued when I was 16 years of age or older.
  71. More than forty years later, a pardon was issued.
  72. More time passed as many more curses issued forth.
  73. Client has issued an RFP to a number of Suppliers.
  74. The same publishing house issued a biography of A.
  75. He issued an ultimatum that nothing should be said.
  76. And now my folks had issued me an eviction notice.
  77. Grant announcements are issued throughout the year.
  78. One day an alert was ordered and gas masks issued.
  79. The first bank notes issued in Europe were by the.
  80. They have issued a warrant for your arrest Colonel.
  81. Not yet, but I’ve issued orders to find him.
  82. She dropped her head and issued a humble confession.
  83. Not a sound issued from the old woman's apartments.
  84. Leadbeater, issued by The Theosophical Publishing.
  85. Still, I diligently carried my issued Bible with me.
  86. Woodrow Wilson who issued his passport knew it also.
  87. What is it? It is a document issued to a bank that.
  88. As the two approached the guard issued a challenge.
  89. Bayis issued commands in a steady, authoritative tone.
  90. Three times they tried, they issued forth their best.
  91. Where bank notes are issued for so small sums as 20s.
  92. She told me that just before I was born, she issued.
  93. A low moan issued from the direction of the prosecutor.
  94. However, according to the latest list issued by the U.
  95. A Pass book is usually issued wherein the person can.
  96. Warnings were issued and a team of wildlife officers.
  97. Briefing notes will be issued to everyone later today.
  98. After all, the one who issued the memo is now dead.
  99. Water Regulations (NPDWR) (40 CFR 141) issued by the U.
  100. He was issued an appearance ticket by the investigator.
  1. Both issues sell at 25.
  2. I have issues with lies.
  3. But they do have issues.
  4. We all have our issues.
  5. He's got a lot of issues.
  6. Forget issues of the past.
  7. But there are some issues.
  8. Heres some issues with men.
  9. I have issues with sleeping.
  10. Old issues can be resolved.
  11. We will debate these issues.
  12. He had some issues to deal.
  13. The issues are as follows:.
  14. Focus on the big two issues.
  15. The issues list could also.
  16. Full of issues of the nation.
  17. He had no other issues with.
  18. I was having several issues.
  19. There would be privacy issues.
  20. Issues and The Pretty Reckless.
  21. Such Issues Attractive in Form.
  22. What kind of issues? I.
  23. To understand the issues well.
  24. God knows I have my own issues.
  25. I swear she has so many issues.
  26. Subject: What about My Issues?
  28. Price Inertia of Seasoned Issues.
  29. Friends, money issues with, 221.
  30. Try to see issues in perspective.
  31. The issues they have encountered.
  32. He was invited in with no issues.
  33. Another juror has racial issues.
  34. Adversities led to other issues.
  35. He has too many issues upstairs.
  36. There are a number of issues here.
  37. Issues of Women and their Health.
  38. General Cross issues the command.
  39. And yes, even he had some issues.
  40. Oncology Issues 2000; 15(6): 17-9.
  41. We can debate family issues later.
  42. The key issues were food and water.
  43. Sometimes there are issues to face.
  44. Those are all issues of the heart.
  45. Maeve said she had control issues.
  46. That she has communication issues.
  47. This stock consisted of two issues.
  48. Good, will come out of your issues.
  49. When will we face the real issues?
  50. I have had some issues in the past.
  51. I dealt with rejection issues and.
  52. The health issues from being plus.
  53. The animal solved all those issues.
  54. How must deal with all these issues.
  55. They called it Environmental Issues.
  56. The major issues hadn’t changed.
  57. You can deal with the other issues.
  58. He got over some of his issues but.
  59. Issues that must be addressed are:.
  60. There always seemed to be issues.
  61. In the past, I have had issues with.
  62. Maybe you have issues that have been.
  63. You’ve always had issues with him.
  64. You've got to leave unresolved issues.
  65. It can lead to various health issues.
  66. He would discuss issues, analyze all.
  67. The world and its issues were outside.
  68. She really understood me and my issues.
  69. Other issues with taxes would include:.
  70. I had more important issues on my mind.
  71. A parking lot is a place where issues.
  72. The same is true with your issues and.
  73. Comparison of Definitely Related Issues.
  74. ANB stays involved in community issues.
  76. Lots of issues we’ve not even talked.
  77. The two issues are more connected than.
  78. Thus, small issues of balancing equity.
  79. Here, I deal with issues that birth rape.
  80. I read back issues of my old magazine.
  81. These issues are presented in Chapter 3.
  82. He had issues that needed to be resolved.
  83. There are several issues to consider here.
  84. Most of the team issues that we face are.
  85. Notice, which words and issues are more.
  86. There are other issues as well—.
  87. They wouldn't compromise on moral issues.
  88. If these issues are not addressed, they.
  89. Third Advantage of Warrant-bearing Issues.
  90. When they have issues, the Great Mother.
  91. We’ll have to deal with these issues.
  92. When we have conflicting issues, we have.
  93. I wanted to show mastery of the issues.
  94. Examples of Behavior of Nonstandard Issues.
  95. Securities law issues: These are a problem.
  96. Don’t hold onto emotions and issues.
  97. Obviously, she had issues, said Nathan.
  98. Other issues related to anorexia include:.
  99. When discussing issues with staff, try to.
  100. We shall first discuss convertible issues.

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