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1. This cycle represents one iteration.
2. The first iteration generated the price of $31.
3. After 1 iteration the Page Rank of all pages is.
4. Iteration i finds all shortest paths that use i edges.
5. Ownie Madden to be the next iteration of Jack Kennedy.
6. For the whole portfolio, the first iteration yielded a loss of $2.
7. This format of the WHILE statement is an exit controlled iteration.

8. The Iteration Statements on the other hand act as an automatic looping.
9. After each iteration, every tree in the forest is a MST of the vertices it connects.
10. All material objects around announced their irresponsibility with terrible iteration.
11. The year 2014 is now the beginning year on this current iteration of the spreadsheet.
12. The more iterations we do, the more gradual the change will be between each iteration.
13. The elements selected during the first iteration will be denoted as belonging to layer 1.
14. Eric turned away, seeking out the differences between this realm and its previous iteration.
15. You can see that after another iteration of our formula, the PR of page B dropped significantly.
16. It still does, as the augmented penalties for hate crimes are but a modern iteration of the moral.
17. If there is no order in this iteration, go on to the next iteration and try to trade there instead.
18. If a number is lower than one cent (rounds off to zero) I stop the iteration at that spot in the spread.
19. But maybe this is a virtue, because by the fifth or sixth iteration, mirabile dictu, the opposing crowds have merged.
20. So, we have to wait until each user's details are fetched from a database to initialize each iteration of the configuration settings.
21. Firstly, we give ourselves a clean slate by clearing all the settings and variables from a previous loop iteration by using the CodeIgniter email function:.
22. I did not like this iteration of one idea—this strange recurrence of one image, and I grew nervous as bedtime approached and the hour of the vision drew near.
23. He had never before seen a woman's lips and teeth which forced upon his mind with such persistent iteration the old Elizabethan simile of roses filled with snow.
24. So if more of the business receipts are put into wages and all of those wages are spent on the economy, then greater iteration of the original purchase will occur.
25. And we were the members of the family most actively involved in the modern iteration of what his mother and our Uncle Jack had tried to accomplish with the 1963 Community Mental Health Act.
26. And he could not forget Father Beron with his monotonous phrase, "Will you confess now?" reaching him in an awful iteration and lucidity of meaning through the delirious incoherence of unbearable pain.
27. Edgar’s stern rebuke of my carrying tales; and I tried to smooth away all disquietude on the subject, by affirming, with frequent iteration, that that betrayal of trust, if it merited so harsh an appellation, should be the last.
28. This gradual shifting to the ground of the benefactor, even of the servile sort, was not entirely placating, as Ivory Buck’s corrugated brow still hinted, but the constant iteration of admiration for his marvelous shrewdness and good fortune was having its effect.
29. Love, however, did that, though the earl was assiduous, surrounding the young man for the betterment of his choice with half the eligible petticoats in the county; a mistake, seeing that iteration and propinquity in affairs of the heart are of more assistance than variety.
30. Notice several additional changes from our first iteration of this cheap growth stocks on the mend strategy—in addition to using the more comprehensive value factor composite, we now require that three- and six-month momentum be greater than the database median as opposed to the database average.
31. Casaubon's ear, Dorothea's voice gave loud emphatic iteration to those muffled suggestions of consciousness which it was possible to explain as mere fancy, the illusion of exaggerated sensitiveness: always when such suggestions are unmistakably repeated from without, they are resisted as cruel and unjust.
32. So while the price has swung above and below a well-defined midpoint as expected, the upswings and downswings have become more exaggerated in each iteration; each time not breaking into a significant uptrend or downtrend but triggering the stop orders that were placed as protection against such trends developing.
33. As a child that has been hurt skips about, putting all his muscles into movement to drown the pain, in the same way Alexey Alexandrovitch needed mental exercise to drown the thoughts of his wife that in her presence and in Vronsky's, and with the continual iteration of his name, would force themselves on his attention.
34. Now the iteration is very large and congested looking and you are not expected to absorb the whole thing, but the figure on the next page shows the layout and results of the spread of one dollar in the market, where, for simplicity, all businesses are assumed to have the same ratios for wages, replacement stock, overhead, and savings rate.
35. Consider the intimate and curious acquaintance one makes with various kinds of weeds—it will bear some iteration in the account, for there was no little iteration in the labor—disturbing their delicate organizations so ruthlessly, and making such invidious distinctions with his hoe, levelling whole ranks of one species, and sedulously cultivating another.

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