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Jab numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. And then you jab me with that.
  2. Then he followed up with a left jab.
  3. Name? Bree said, ignoring the jab.
  4. He pauses and shoots a jab at his face.
  5. He sounded his horn with a jab of his fist.
  6. It didn’t seem to mind the jab at its eye.
  7. He gave me a painful jab in the ribs with his.
  8. The needles and pins jab and poke relentlessly.
  9. Officer Carey began to jab his finger in my head.
  10. A sharp jab at her naked arm was the only response.
  11. I sent a left jab that connected square on his nose.
  12. Bob said there with a jab, and the other man nodded.
  13. One of the Gorn stepped forwards, spear ready to jab.
  14. Then just jab it over my shoulder as hard as you can.
  15. A meaty jab woke Patrick from his much needed slumber.
  16. I jab 41 onto the screen and shoot up eleven stories.
  17. She had to jab it with the knife again to keep her hair.
  18. A quick double handed jab to the throat finished him off.
  19. His finger was still sore from the jab to draw the blood.
  20. I stop walking, reach in, and jab at Aaron’s midsection.
  21. But, of course, she didn’t actually respond to his jab.
  22. Azura had quickly knocked out the guard with one swift jab.
  23. It may be done by lethal injection, a catheter jab in the.
  24. It was an unnecessary jab that Garcia couldn’t leave alone.
  25. Travis's hands jerked into a close range jab but Theo was ready.
  26. She felt a sharp jab of pain in her jaw from clenching her teeth.
  27. Horrifyingly, Elsa was nearly able to jab my tail with the syringe.
  28. It was the verbal jab that acted like gasoline for a red-hot ember.
  29. Don't try to hit the golf ball too hard, jab at it or over-correct.
  30. He did not see Quartermain wink at Bleak and jab him with his elbow.
  31. She smiled playfully, but the jab was hard enough to break his grasp.
  32. Before I could jab him in the ribs, Aunty Em said, No, no, children.
  33. So was that a jab at me or your peers? Nicole asked embarrassedly.
  34. The Amazon guard stepped forward to jab her into silence with her javelin.
  35. Tammas wondered if there was a jab in that last bit, but decided even if.
  36. She caught his attention with a penetrating jab to the liver, with her toe.
  37. Roman hit him with a quick jab to the throat, then pinched the fat man’s.
  38. But he was stronger than me and hit me squarely in the jaw with a left jab.
  39. An exploratory jab with a short spear was met with the flat of a bronze sword.
  40. This time Chloe, 'sand the floor', and he aimed another jab at her chest.
  41. The man ripped the knife out and began to jab it back into Carter, over and over.
  42. But his upper body sprang back and he shot out a sharp left jab at Kerry’s face.
  43. I ducked under the jab of the spear even as I swung my blade for the giant's head.
  44. So it’s a homunculus—owf! Peter was cut off with a jab to the midsection.
  45. You aren’t going to believe this, Sheila continued, not responding to the jab.
  46. He threw another jab with his knife that didn’t pierce through; it met only bone.
  47. It’s ok, that’s what friends are for, Rani gave a playful jab to his knee.
  48. Whatever you say…Sir! The sarcastic jab stung Charles deeply as they led him.
  49. I'm about to jab the elevator button when I catch something from the corner of my eye.
  50. A direct jab to his sternum through breastplate armor found flesh and gouged the prince.
  51. A little flustered now, Shamus moves in aggressively for a right jab that will not miss.
  52. Nicole nodded, not sure if that was a jab at her living off her grandparents and father's.
  53. He then felt a jab on his side and a medical drone had injected a combination of morphine.
  54. The cunning ghoul-troll used both ends of his mace to jab and bludgeon the taller invaders.
  55. Darkness, thick and coagulated, leaked into the well lit foyer, a jut and jab here and there.
  56. Madame Rich then threw a jab to Sonja's stomach and close lined her when Sonja winched over.
  57. The two riders wobbled and slammed into each other without even trying to jab with the poles.
  58. With a quick jab of her knife, Samantha stabbed the spider and pulled it out of Sam’s skin.
  59. Tammas stiffened, partly because of the jab and partly because Admiral Leonard H McCoy was taking.
  60. The man then advanced on her in a boxing stance and delivered a powerful right jab towards her jaw.
  61. I was going to address the jab but the flower was so pretty I couldn’t help but just stare at it.
  62. You aren’t leaving here until I say you can, he yelled, not knowing what to do with the jab.
  63. These sharks are usually cowards and can be scared off by the jab of a stick, especially on the nose.
  64. Another hard toe jab in the liver sent him gasping at the renewed pain, as he rolled over onto his side.
  65. Her religious jab seemed to touch home, as the man wiggled vigorously for a few seconds, apparently enraged.
  66. Kartik also had the ability to jab and swing with shattering speed and accuracy, swinging up at Parvateshwar.
  67. However, I do get impatient with patronising people who jab at this text and tell me that the Bible is quite clear.
  68. She wanted him to get it over with—the punch, the jab, the slap, the electric cattle prod, the branding iron, the machete.
  69. His face is getting redder by the second, and I resist the urge to laugh, or, better yet: jab his wriggling behind with a dagger.
  70. Jags was fuming, she swung her fist back aiming for Gulab, she ducked missing the fist and Suraj got a painful jab in his shoulder.
  71. Hmm…I…I suppose so… You better not be holding back on me though, Praefect Serenus! She gave him a friendly jab in the arm.
  72. The smudge beside me grasped at my jacket a little when I twisted away from him, but a quick jab in the old blurry area and he let go.
  73. While this gives them a sense of power or false sense of security, your hands are where you need them – up and ready for the eye jab.
  74. Noriscaan hit him in the face with the net, reversed the stick and was about jab him with the Pain end, but was struck by the mRocK ball in the chest.
  75. The youth had found a partner in the solace of the poisonous dreams; a young prostitute who sold the joys of her teen life only for the jab of a needle.
  76. She fell to her knees for a moment before getting up, using the upward force to push the air from his lungs with a hard jab from both palms into his gut.
  77. The soldier got to business, leading off with a powerful left jab to which the Irish gladiator retaliated by shooting out a stiff one flush to the point of Bennett's jaw.
  78. Several soldiers closed in on him, and took it in turns to jab him in his wobbling buttocks with their swords, following the example which their leaders had set with the big trolless.
  79. She snapped out a hard jab that sent him sprawling through the crowd to the horrified screams of the little old ladies who abruptly dropped their hymnals and fled from the developing mayhem.
  80. I rolled over, stunned, as Benni tried to finish me off with a right jab, but I twirled away, caught his wrist, flipped over his arm and back to his other side and gave him a blow to the chin that sent him reeling back.
  81. Have you ever woken up at six in the morning with a gut-wrenching jab of adrenalin? There was a story about a young girl who got up out of bed, ran screaming down the hallway, fell out a window, and when she hit the ground they say she was still asleep, and still running.
  82. Wodehouse, and later realized that Roderick Spode and his Blackshorts was not a comic fantasy but a jab at Oswald Mosley, so it was shocking to find that the author was later regarded as a collaborator or even a traitor for making ill-advised broadcasts from Germany while interned by the Nazis.
  83. Oh, I’d been through all the training! I had learned how to interrogate a suspect with intimidation and the application of some force, slaps, dunking heads in water or slaps in the face or sharp jab to the solar plexus and I can remember fighting my conscience over the idea of using any of them.
  84. Teach yes teach opponent to do the splits, in mid air, by tearing into opponents groin, then if necessary with the hand, inside his guard, finger jab, opponents eyes, both of them if possible, with the other hand, still holding unto opponents leg, as you also if still necessary side step, at the same time, towards his guard, while he would full back, while if still necessary side kick, his groin.

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