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Jalopy numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. She no longer owned a jalopy.
  2. That was Isak! In his jalopy!.
  3. Jesus, I’d hate to start out in a jalopy like that.
  4. Lawrence River and only some fifteen minutes away, this time by an old jalopy.
  5. I left with Magdi in his uncomfortable jalopy and asked him to drop me off at the Greek hospital which was not far away.

  6. Kernel turned a raise brow toward his buddy as he guided the jalopy down the worn path that the two had taken more than a thousand times.
  7. Kostya crossed himself for fun at these maneuvers, clutched at the front panel, and started to pray about the salvation of all drivers suffering from such an inveterate driver of this jalopy.
  8. Once in a while during the long years a jalopy gets off the main highway, pulls up steaming in front of the charred ruin of a little white house at the end of the dirt road, to ask instructions from the farmer they see just beyond, the one who works insanely, wildly, without ever stopping, night and day, in the endless fields of wheat.

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