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Jam numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I was in a jam.
  2. It tried to jam its.
  3. Ah Jam, and the others.
  4. A traffic jam made them late.
  5. And why was he in this jam?

  6. Spread with jam and roll up.
  7. I brought you some plum jam.
  8. Thanks again caller, Jam here.
  9. It's the whole pie with jam in.
  10. Don't worry there's no jam here.
  11. This caused quite a traffic jam.
  12. We’re really in a jam here.
  13. Warm some jam in a small saucepan.
  14. I can offer you tea, bread and jam.
  15. But I doubt if I could jam it in.

  16. Spread with jam quickly and roll up.
  17. And cherry jam? They have it here.
  18. When set, put warm jam in the middle.
  19. Put jam in middle or not, as preferred.
  20. Maybe jam with us on the beer bottles.
  21. They tend to jam when not in use, sir.
  22. We`ll stop this ticking and jam that hand.
  23. Wèll stop this ticking and jam that hand.
  24. At the 2nd attempt; the car’s gears jam.
  25. Melt the jam and spread it over the pastry.

  26. Carl had spilled a saucerful of jam on Mrs.
  27. Find other musicians and friends to jam with.
  28. That main road leading to the hall has a jam.
  29. Can we isolate that signal and jam it?
  30. Jam Sessions was that you be ‘presentable’.
  31. Jam Sessions was holding their own, but tastes.
  32. But the gangstas caught up, and put us in a jam.
  33. At that instant Agafea Mihalovna came in with jam.
  34. The jam stays hotter much longer than the cookie.
  35. Jam Sessions was the current hot-spot for the ce-.
  36. Jam on the gas and jack up the sirens, I said.
  37. I came back home, I made the same jam for my family.
  38. They downed plenty of toast covered in Jam, stepping.
  39. I didn’t want to hear that he or Yuki was in a jam.
  40. Stir in jam, liqueur and 4 tablespoons whipping cream.
  41. Ivan rang for the waiter and ordered soup, jam and tea.
  42. I jam the vicious twist of the corkscrew into his neck.
  43. Holy strawberries? In a jam? Even Barrons looks stumped.
  44. Serve together with clarified butter and lingonberry jam.
  45. There was still a traffic jam of people at the south exit.
  46. They had large hunks of fresh bread, spread with jam and.
  47. Then she said, After having the gun jam on me, I was.
  48. You could see the little seeds of the berries in the jam.
  49. It was time to use her skills to get her out of this jam.
  50. Better still, use sections of good home-made jam sandwich.
  51. You remember that? Let me have jam too, I like it still.
  52. Trapping me in the biggest traffic jam I had ever been in.
  53. Place 1 teaspoon jam in center, cover with another circle.
  54. The simple, sweet smell of jam and bread was utter torment.
  55. He’d heard they were looking for a space to jam, he said.
  56. They picked up the slices of bread and jam and began eating.
  57. Jam a screwdriver in there and twist it around a few times.
  58. Another tіmе уоu want to jam the pot is іf уоu have.
  59. Place the top layer of the cake carefully on top of the jam.
  60. As soon as the message is out, jam all subspace frequencies.
  61. Therefore, it only seemed apropos to break during a slow jam.
  62. She stopped their jam, hugged a couple of them then.
  63. It is what you would call in England glorified gooseberry jam.
  65. She is the sheltering jam that makes the pills of life possible.
  66. It's said that Nostradamus wrote the best recipe for cherry jam.
  67. Through the door jam I could see the empty couch on the far wall.
  68. I prepared tea and toasts with butter, jam, ham and smoked turkey.
  69. Big Al wiped up the last of the jam with his crust and popped it.
  70. But it’s just like a log jam in the river in the old days where.
  71. Here in the venue and the areas surrounding were totally jam packed.
  72. The golden rule; is jam yesterday, jam tomorrow but never jam today.
  73. His free training is jam packed with quality information that works.
  74. I have ham and biscuits with currant jam if you’d rather try that.
  75. If it was something you screwed up during the jam I never noticed.
  76. England became a nation of tea drinkers, jam users, and sugar addicts.
  77. The Mk-11 had a bad reputation in the field because it would often jam.
  78. There’s jam roly-poly for afters I know that you will enjoy that.
  79. As for the basic shoplifting tactic, I've discovered that you can jam.
  80. And Brett Larson is the MC and he’s stuck in the same traffic jam.
  81. You remember how you used to love cherry jam when you were little?
  82. Samsung attempted to jam his toes deeper into the dirt, but to no avail.
  83. I had a piece of the dark bread with butter and wonderful berry jam on it.
  84. We could have just as easily chosen sea shells or jars of strawberry jam.
  85. It was trying desperately to maneuver out of the jam, but I didn't let go.
  86. Jam 2:20 But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?
  87. Well, at least it allows you to navigate the information super traffic jam.
  88. The driver glanced in the mirror and said, It’s all going to jam up soon.
  89. It wasn’t just a traffic jam, and it didn’t look like an accident either.
  90. Before clearing a jam be sure to turn the safety switch OFF unless there are.
  91. Dot with spoonfuls of the jam and sugar, leaving a border of dough all around.
  92. They were then smothered with home churned butter followed by a dollop of jam.
  93. That’s a whole other kind of traffic jam than what I’m used to! I said.
  94. Don’t ask me how…but yes…and this little guy has helped me out of a jam.
  95. The hand, my hand, tried to hold the throttle back or jam it all the way forward.
  96. I hungered, not for the bread and jam on the tray, but for a sense of self worth.
  97. Ben jumped in to tell Peter that the black moons were discovered by the Jam family.
  98. It was a busy evening at the brothel, jam packed with rich old men and young women.
  99. The courtesy shop had none, so the guys bought jam jars to polish off the remains.
  100. I’ll have a fruit scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam, and a cup of tea.
  1. This fucker was jamming me up.
  2. His radio jamming equipment had.
  3. You’ve pulled a muscle from jamming.
  4. The jamming of communications is obviously.
  5. AND SO THERE WAS THIS, finally, jamming him up: doubt.
  6. It moved about eight inches before jamming in the mud.
  7. What follows will be the essential loose jamming that.
  8. Klegnif had disappeared as soon as they stopped jamming.
  9. There is no way to punch through the Cardassian jamming.
  10. But this was not the only jamming jeopardy he was exposed to.
  11. It always feels as if my lashes are jamming into the eye holes.
  12. But Stenworth stopped her counter-move by jamming a knee into.
  13. Now that that there was one less ship jamming frequencies, his.
  14. The Wizard of Oz, are you in the mood for jamming tonight?
  15. Of course it wasn’t us broadcasting but the VC jamming our radios and.
  16. They are jamming the signal! Mike shouted putting his sunglasses on.
  17. He pushed this aside as he closed his hand on the hammer and jamming the.
  18. Daniel pressed the button and Tracey stood with her foot jamming the door.
  19. She tried to push it away but he kept jamming it at her eyes, nose, ears, mouth.
  20. Instead, he grabbed his belt knife, jamming it into one of the creature's thighs.
  21. With a powerful karate kick Russell buckled the door inwards, jamming it securely.
  22. The access code given each voter with his id code helps stifle jamming of his vote.
  23. Marah's direction brought the reserve pole into play, jamming it closer to the bank behind the.
  24. Geoff had been trying continuously to phone her, but Carla’s security jamming prevented connection.
  25. The beast sliced into Zacchaeus’ torso, jamming his face sideways onto the hard gravel with one paw.
  26. Come! he said, fiercely, to Hastings, jamming a few inches of space free in the cage with his bulk.
  27. Once the Romulans attack, this whole area will have a communication black out due to all the jamming.
  28. They also used some kind of new and quite efficient radar jamming system and were incredibly tough ships.
  29. Jamming my credit card into the lower boards of the boat, I started it’s motor and pushed it out to sea.
  30. Unfortunately, with the accessory fuse pulled, the radar detector and jamming device were rendered useless.
  31. This screw is a stop that prevents the chain from jamming itself between the gear and the spokes of the wheel.
  32. Her elbow missed his spine by 100mm, jamming viciously into the back of his ribs, causing him to yelp with pain.
  33. Quite pictureaskew, ain't it? I guess you'll be glad to git out of this, with all them mail bags jamming round you.
  34. Ingrid obeyed and homed on the source of the powerful electronic jamming still making life difficult for her task force.
  35. It is also difficult to jam because you would have to block a wider range of frequencies for the jamming to be effective.
  36. All of them were equipped with anti-ship missiles and they were supported by four more JH-7A with electronic jamming pods.
  37. Whenever you are running, you don’t want to have your toenails jamming your shoes, since it can become quite uncomfortable.
  38. What would be very painful, but not kill you? Jamming my fingers into your eyeballs? Tearing your arms out of their sockets?
  39. YUKI ELBOWED HER way out of the courtroom, smiled at the members of the press who were jamming the hallway, and said, Hi, Georgia.
  40. Then some of the Sea-Artists would drive Wedges betwixt the Enemy’s Rudder and Sternpost, jamming it and making Escape impossible.
  41. TCAS computers and possibly improving our own computer navigation in this area, even with the jamming, well, we can use class one probes.
  42. It was their guy I had seen last Saturday jamming head spins from across the room; I recognized his pony tail coming out of his knit hat.
  43. By ten-thirty, with the sun riding higher, after watching Benjy devour heaped platters of food, Tom thundered from the cabin, jamming his cap on.
  44. Jumping in, jamming his keys in the ignition, careful not to flood the engine even as he turned the key hard, and the old Camaro roared to life.
  45. The southward bogey appears to be the source of the jamming, while the faster bogey is heading straight towards Ramat David at close to Mach one.
  46. For the first time the Germans were operating their jamming stations in a big way and not a single British radar instrument was able to function.
  47. Second, protect those small bomber packs with both escort fighters and radar jamming electronic reconnaissance aircraft, and this up to the objective.
  48. It wasn’t good enough though, as her radio channel was switched automatically to one of the twenty pre-selected frequencies still clear from jamming.
  49. The deathbot‘s head swivelled about, coming to rest when it returned to Kaori, "Jamming source located – you are jamming me, Deathbot Infiltrator!".
  50. By the time Mickey stood to mount his closing argument, my blood was pounding so hard in my ears it was as though a rock band were jamming inside my head.
  51. Steng hangs on with both hands while the man pummels him, Steng’s left hand is jamming the cut off valve, his right hand is still squeezing the handle.
  52. As I hopped out of Bruiser’s ride, Dustin and Isaac came out to greet us with poppin’, lockin’ and wavin’, while Dan’s car stereo was still jamming.
  53. Near panic, the Chinese element leader tried to contact the surveillance aircraft that he was supposed to protect, but could not break through the radio jamming.
  54. Durstan snatched up the shaft, jamming it under the log and bearing down hard, but the section of trunk barely shifted before rolling back and lifting him off his feet.
  55. After Cuppernell and Phil swiped Louie’s beer, Louie retaliated by sneaking out to Super Man and jamming gum into the cockpit piss pipe—the urine relief tube.
  56. If any British ship tries to support this coming air attack in the morning by electronically jamming our radars and communications, then I will personally take care of it.
  57. With it scraping along the ground, the car refused to be steered, but he forced it along, jamming the accelerator to the floor while remnants of the wheel grated thunderously.
  58. Jamming the truck through its gears, he spun the tires as he fishtailed down the road, sliding to a stop and turning into the barely visible trail left by Bloodtooth‘s truck.
  59. In fact, you have here what is the latest in GPS jamming technology in the World and it was tested in real conditions against military-grade GPS guidance and positioning systems.
  60. To avoid having to use elaborate equipment to identify the exact transmitting frequency of the bug, the jamming equipment should constantly sweep through a wide range of frequencies.
  61. The F-15Js, their radars still impaired by the jamming from the Chinese KJ-2000 airborne surveillance aircraft, fired in turn a salvo of AIM-120 AMRAAM long range air-to-air missiles.
  62. Nuke said he had requested that a few craft would fly by for our entertainment, but along the way, Tesar had decided to play with the installations down there by jamming their signals.
  63. Although an excellent precision and hunting rifle, the Ross Rifle had quickly revealed itself to be overly sensitive to mud and dust, jamming continuously and forcing its withdrawal from service.
  64. The way they had all ran and then jumped onto the stage had made them look like paratroopers would have, if they had landed on the ground with instruments in their hands and then just started jamming.
  65. If any Japanese radar lit up then, the second EC-142E, flying well separate from the attack formation, would then jam it at once, apart from jamming all the Japanese radio command frequencies as soon as the attack started.
  66. The disk jockey was practically reading my mind, spinning hits of the seventies and eighties, sending me back to my childhood and to my college days and memories of a hundred nights with my all-girl band jamming in bars and coffeehouses.
  67. General Dows also passed a warning that any further electronic jamming on our part, even from outside Israeli territory or waters, would be considered an act of direct support to Arab attacks against Israel and would attract a lethal response.
  68. Those four Chinese fighters were however finding out that their own air search radars were being swamped by intense jamming from multiple sources, leaving them with only their infrared search and track sensor balls, or IRST, as working detectors.
  69. Witness, too, all human beings, how when herded together in the sheepfold of a theatre's pit, they will, at the slightest alarm of fire, rush helter-skelter for the outlets, crowding, trampling, jamming, and remorselessly dashing each other to death.
  70. Such interference includes electronic jamming of our sensors or communications in support of an attack against Palestine or directly against our force, plus unauthorized overflights of Palestine by military planes for reconnaissance or intelligence purpose.
  71. The radar jamming from the KJ-2000, which was still well beyond effective missile range from the Japanese F-15J fighters, weighed heavily in the outcome of that encounter, with the Japanese missiles seeing their own effective detection range dramatically reduced.
  72. Just before Josephine Silverman, Gertrude’s radar and weapons officer, could switch on their electronic counter-countermeasures suite, powerful jamming noise also blocked the secondary frequency: whoever was attempting to enter Israeli airspace was making a good try at it.
  73. Occasionally the trio would come upon a horde of sheep or carts laden with supplies jamming the roadway, at such times, they would be forced to wait anxiously in the tightly packed street, choking on the stench of sweat and manure until the flow of traffic crept forward once more.
  74. The Japanese had attempted, in vain, to torture information out of Fitzgerald, clubbing him, jamming penknives under his fingernails, tearing his fingernails off, and applying the water cure—tipping him backward, holding his mouth shut, and pouring water up his nose until he passed out.
  75. Much higher but still close to the Chinese coast was an EC-200R, on board which stood Ingrid Dows, which had activated mere minutes ago its electronic jammers in order to jam the two sole Chinese air search radars covering the Beijing area, as well as jamming the radio command network of the Chinese military.
  76. Shouts, laughter, jamming 'gainst the wall,.
  1. Its door was jammed open.
  2. It was jammed in with a.
  3. I saw that Raya’s AK jammed.
  4. It was jammed shut in the mud.
  5. She jammed her foot on my neck.
  6. I can’t the door is jammed!.
  7. Both highways today are jammed.
  8. Yes, the bullet has got jammed.
  9. Felt a pistol jammed into his ribs.
  10. When he tried the door it was jammed.
  11. He took out a pen and jammed it under.
  12. Jammed headlights play off street signs.
  13. Robbie was moaning, his eyes jammed shut.
  14. The place was jammed with Weston students.
  15. Perhaps he had hit so hard it had jammed.
  16. He jammed the barrel of the gun into his.
  17. Lydia jammed her fingers into his knee again.
  18. Now suppose your needle is jammed on zero.
  19. Wood from the other ship was jammed into it.
  20. As he fell, he jammed the pick into the mud.
  21. He tried to open the door, but it was jammed.
  22. The pilot jammed over the helm to starboard.
  23. He jammed his hat on resolutely and departed.
  24. Their radios were jammed with distress calls.
  25. It’s jammed with broken heroes on a last-.
  26. Some small rocks had jammed themselves inside.
  27. She jammed her fingers into his shattered knee.
  28. It was entirely locked, jammed solid with muck.
  29. The saw jammed itself in my chest as it stopped.
  30. She jammed the last of the dampers into the earth.
  31. The roads are jammed with merchants and peddlers.
  32. The rails were jammed with people enjoying the view.
  33. I raised my gun to shoot him, but the Berretta jammed.
  34. She had this crappy pistol, which jammed all the time.
  35. Pa threw himself forward and jammed mud in the break.
  36. They all jammed into the closet in gales of laughter.
  37. The jammed typewriter and its story would have to wait.
  38. Who is my neighbour? Jammed by the hour to slow music.
  39. He kept the barrel of the gun jammed in her neck as he.
  40. She jammed it back into the lock and turned it and—.
  41. In a minute he was alongside, and jammed on the brakes.
  42. THE WHORES: (Jammed in the doorway, pointing) Down there.
  43. The trouble is, the tip actually jammed and snapped off.
  44. He propped it between his boots and jammed the crow bar.
  45. By the time we got there, the hal was absolutely jammed.
  46. The hall was jammed pack with seniors and juniors students.
  47. An interior doc she’d jammed after work took that honor.
  48. She jammed the pistol into a side pocket of her long coat.
  49. He stood in front of me, his hands jammed into his pockets.
  50. Weston had woken with the pistol jammed against his temple.
  51. My hands were jammed deeply into the pockets of my overcoat.
  52. We had one crate left, and three boxcars jammed to the rafters.
  53. I tried to open the door to go to her, but it was jammed shut.
  54. She hit the Focus just as I jammed the key home and turned it.
  55. It jammed itself into the head but the zombie was still alive.
  56. Okay, said Darek, as he jammed his hands into his pocket.
  57. It wasn’t Mike’s fault the controls jammed, said Thorn.
  58. It never jammed and could withstand just about any mistreatment.
  59. She jammed the meat down her throat, nearly swallowing it whole.
  60. He rolled up the old stuff and jammed it in the trash receptacle.
  61. I jammed my bony knees as hard as I could into the tough guy’s.
  62. I’m jammed, she called, peering into the gloom before her.
  63. Except when he jammed her face into that brick wall in the alley.
  64. And? she said as she jammed her gun against Elaine’s head.
  65. Charles and Ronald were jammed together inside the police station.
  66. Almost all of their machine guns jammed or misfired after a few.
  67. There was so much I wanted to ask, the words jammed up in my throat.
  68. There was a bank of blue ice, and a couple of logs jammed in there.
  69. It is astonishing how much information is jammed into this program.
  70. Now he came over to us, his hands jammed in his Windbreaker pockets.
  71. Bryony followed, holding her breath for fear of getting jammed again.
  72. It was a single wood seat too small for an adult, jammed in a corner.
  73. The bomb’s ready, and the breaker’s jammed closed, she said.
  74. Consider! For hereby Flask's dinner was badly jammed in point of time.
  75. Hal jammed on his brakes and yanked up the sleeve of his thick sweater.
  76. House was jammed again that night, and we sold this crowd the same way.
  77. But it is fast: We cut down the space between two lanes of jammed cars.
  78. If only Genting Highlands had a patch of snow, it will be jammed packed.
  79. Farouk jammed his thumb on the remote control to turn the television off.
  80. I waited four minutes, then jammed the phone down and stormed out of Mrs.
  81. The guards jammed Harris in a seated position against a wall, then left.
  82. My foot jammed against something and I fell sideways onto my injured leg.
  83. He had expected the place to be buzzing with energy; jammed to the gills.
  84. Dacian, with cruel precision, jammed the altered blade of his lance into.
  85. Then, as her finale, she recklessly jammed the envelope into the opening.
  86. Trucks belching diesel fumes were jammed with passengers as well as goods.
  87. The door wasn't going to close because Rexy had jammed his arm in the door.
  88. He jammed down the gas and pointed the car back to where they had come from.
  89. If they had extra, they jammed the burritos in the snow alongside the beer.
  90. All quantum and radio communication is still being jammed by the Disrupter.
  91. And so, I would roll me one before bed each night as I jammed out in the van.
  92. Without warning, Johan swung around and jammed his hand over Simon’s mouth.
  93. Lance jammed on his brakes and sagged over the wheel shaking uncontrollably.
  94. Almost on cue, the door handle turned and the door jammed against the chair.
  95. Alan jammed the stump of the club into it's mouth just ahead of her backside.
  96. He slipped me an envelope absolutely jammed with cash, when no one was looking.
  97. And with eyes now open, now shut, Fentriss drew scales and jammed in the notes.
  98. You should see the shop in Surfer’s and the horrible muck it’s jammed with.
  99. There we were jammed in like sardines, unable to escape each other’s company.
  100. There were twenty-three dead bolts, five chains, and a bar he jammed into place.
  1. The jams of teaching self-recovery.
  2. A bent spoon jams the lock of the downstairs door.
  3. Maybe that's why I want Fannie's jellies and jams.
  4. I saw lots of jams, sauces, jellies, and mayonnaise.
  5. Jams, jellies, and preserved fruits in jars and cans.
  6. We all know that Jalan Tun Razak is the Mecca for traffic jams.
  7. Test them beforehand, because some hollow points do cause jams.
  8. In the small refrigerator she had seem a selection of jams and.
  9. She stuffed the slices of bread and the jams into one of her parkas.
  10. Their flow jams up and comes to a dead halt at the slightest mishap.
  11. He was always bumping the bass and Bboy jams from his car; loud and proud.
  12. Then Slim Jim shook my hand and started Poppin’ as the slow jams had ended.
  13. Suzy jams the cushion under the headrest making it look as head shape as she can.
  14. We wouldn’t have jams that much in training, but overseas was a different story.
  15. It’s unclear if he jams the guy with it, or if I push the guy onto the knife myself.
  16. Tania and Poly once again served coffee and offered her plates of toast with butter and jams.
  17. The only thing that was left was for Steve to pull off his shoes and let his toe jams wake Mr.
  18. Traffic jams were not unusual in Malibu with tourists visiting the city from all over the world.
  19. Steve laughed, but the other children were getting choked and turning green from Steve's toe jams.
  20. Athens is one of those cities that never sleep; ordinarily it has traffic jams at two in the morning.
  21. Steve then took off his shoes and let his toe jams out; his feet grew big and the odor did a good job.
  22. Steve took off his shoes and let his feet grow to produce toe jams, but that did not bother the spider.
  23. Steve once again took off his shoes and let his hairy feet grow, and then let off the stinkiest toe jams.
  24. Toast and sausages, butter, jams, biscuits and coffee or juice were standard morning fare at Clive House.
  25. This caused the build-up of enormous traffic jams, resulting in major logistical and supply difficulties.
  26. Once he reaches the bubble he jams a chromobomb into the opening of the ventilation shaft and hits the deck.
  27. Jams and jellies, squash, green beans, pickled okra, tomatoes, salsa, apple sauce, you name it; it was there.
  28. Agami has since become heartbreakingly suburban with high-rise apartment buildings, traffic jams and pollution.
  29. The traffic is really terrible and will cure you of all ideas you have of traffic jams in first world countries.
  30. Or perhaps buying the array of jams, pickles, or flavoured olive oils in order to stock up there pantries at home.
  31. Priscilla could branch out with recipes, jams, cakes, gardening advice, a column in a magazine, a cookbook and more.
  32. Jams, jellies, salad dressings, wilted lettuce, a rich cold shrine of colors and scents where Fannie had worshipped.
  33. Steve knocked them out with his toe jams, and Millie was disappearing and secretly tying up men with their own chains.
  34. Predictably, all cities were soon experiencing traffic jams, pollution, noise, ring-road construction, and endless expense.
  35. Because of the ongoing battle with the plate freezer, it seemed that we always had someone stationed up there to get the jams out.
  36. Also during the many traffic jams I learnt that unless you were bumper to bumper some arsehole would stick their car into your lane.
  37. Macnock had set up a table nearby and a breakfast feast of breads, jams, meats, hard-boiled eggs and hot coffee was spread out upon it.
  38. That is the business the Smucker family has been in for years, packaging the sugar in the form of jams, jellies, and other sweet treats.
  39. Just as the driver tries to put his car into reverse the gears jams, and the car stalls… as it had when the 1st bomb attempt had failed.
  40. One was the state of the road traffic in the Los Angeles area, with its massive road jams that made the use of a fast sports car redundant.
  41. Oh, Christ, I thought, what am I looking for? Is the answer one of these? I almost shoved in to hurl all the jams and jellies to the floor.
  42. It is alive and exploding with hotels and huge apartment blocks, with crushing crowds and traffic jams, dirty streets and polluted beaches.
  43. Common courtesy games, like the simple politeness of 'After you' , can go feral in untamed areas, like traffic jams, resulting in road rage.
  44. Jellies, jams, varieties of mayonnaise, salad dressing, pickles, hot peppers, cheesecake, rolls, white bread, butter, cold cuts, an Arctic delicatessen.
  45. Colombo had expanded; its population at twice the rate, the crowds, the traffic jams comparable to European cities, which meant approaching the unbearable.
  46. The aromas of the meal arrived before the server returned laden with a tray of steaming biscuits, eggs, a rasher of bacon and sausages, toast and bowls of jams and butter.
  47. But what if it jams, which sometimes happens! I know of a case where the policeman was stabbed and his own blood made it very difficult to cock the Z88 because it made it too slippery.
  48. C’mon mates! At that, the trio headed off for a local pub and tucked into a late-morning repast of tea, rolls, biscuits, and all manner of butter, sweet local jams, and fresh cheeses.
  49. Imagine, making the same money you make working 40 plus hours a week, dealing with traffic jams daily, putting up with slobs, and stressing over job security, without the headaches and hassles.
  50. And finally the uprising of his listener base, which turns out to be not some savvy cognoscenti, grooving on the ironies of his self-presentation, but the same Not-So-Silent Majority that jams up the Yackline each day.
  51. I like to say that changing investment styles to the latest fad produces the same results as changing lanes during rush-hour traffic jams: You increase the risk of an accident with little chance of achieving better results.
  52. Oh, there is tourism but it hasn’t taken over this city of 200,000 the way it has Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, with their pricey high-rise hotels, traffic jams, noise, and sharp characters looking to make a few.
  53. An example is exposure to traffic---we need to assess how they let the discomfort pass, such as leaving early to beat the traffic jams, sleeping during traffic hours or singing, watching movies or getting irritated, cursing etc.
  54. He talked of the reddening apples around, of the browning nuts, of jams and preserves and the distilling of cordials; till by easy stages such as these he reached midwinter, its hearty joys and its snug home life, and then he became simply lyrical.
  55. Whitefish Bay, at the southeastern end of Lake Superior, was invariably a congested area because the shallow bay allowed rapid ice formations that grew into ice jams which traveled unimpeded over the vast East-West-bearing lake at the head of the prevailing westerly winds.
  56. Yes indeed! Away with everyday traffic jams, be gone tiresome railway waiting rooms and congested bus terminals, with DOCTOR GLORIA PLANKTON's new flying course it's Hello Blue Skies as you soar gracefully through the heavens like something that soars gracefully through the heavens quite a lot.
  57. My friends sort of hung out by the popcorn machine that was by the entrance, so I walked back over towards them after I checked out those two Bboys, when I saw all of my homies checking out this group of twenty something’s that were housing it up and jack dancing to the rink DJ’s house jams.
  58. You and I have not seen a soul since we left Ritterston this morning … if this were Earth, we would have gone through a dozen or so villages, and probably got stuck in a couple of traffic jams – everywhere on Earth you find signs of man and his works – and generally speaking not good signs.
  59. Agami which was practically a desert with just a few villas, a few cabins, one single hotel cum nightclub which collected the well-to-do youth of the day, during the summer nights and whose crowning glory was the beach and the sea, has now become a city of apartment blocks and hotels and traffic jams.
  60. There are a few other features you might want to keep an eye out for, such as the ability for your machine to handle paper clips and staples, a reverse function to help in preventing paper jams, and an automatic on and off function that turns the shredder on when paper is placed in the feed, and turns it off again when the job is done.
  61. Alexandria started emptying after the first week of September and the beaches were a delight not only because the crowds and the traffic jams at the Corniche had eased but also because the usually turbulent sea and huge waves that alternated with milder conditions throughout July, August and mid-September gave way to an exceptional calm.

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