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Jazz numa frase em (in ingles)

1. Want to jazz it up.
2. GFMK is a jazz station.
3. I told you before, Jazz.
4. Great jazz from some guys.
5. Love Stalin, all that jazz.
6. Jazz held up the toiletries.
7. Jazz Bryant appeared on cue.

8. We have a jazz band!.
9. Jazz was fumbling in her bag.
10. Jazz remained isolated in a.
11. The hip joint, said Jazz.
12. Jazz read what he had just read.
13. Peg was moving, but Jazz wasn’t.
14. Back to square one, said Jazz.
15. Jazz was in her usual front seat.
16. Jazz - And that friend is?
17. Jazz felt the stirring of interest.
18. What of the Ultra? Jazz asked.
19. Evans and Jazz followed in his wake.
20. Jazz - Not really the right answer.
21. Evans and Jazz were waiting in the car.
22. Okay, Jazz, this is where you shine.
23. That was amazing, Jazz on the Beach.
24. The atmosphere helped, Jazz loosened.
25. Jazz was perched on a stool, glaring.
26. How far is the station? Jazz asked.
27. Whenever I think of crab cakes and jazz.
28. Jazz - Tell me about the safe at ACCS.
29. Uncle Arthur led a jazz band in New York.
30. They played a little reggae, a little jazz.
31. And they both died, anyway, said Jazz.
32. Send Jazz out there to ask a few questions.
33. But whenever I think of crab cakes and jazz.
34. She wasn’t at the funeral, said Jazz.
35. With the calls complete the focus was on Jazz.
36. Pierre, Cel, Dol and Jazz had al disappeared.
37. He then turned to Jazz You can't pretend.
38. Jazz Bryant felt better than she had in a week.
39. The chart of Jazz Pharmaceuticals in Figure 4.
40. At eleven pm Jazz had done her dash for the day.

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1. He had been so jazzed to find the tribe alive that.
2. He had been really jazzed about the ideas he’d come up.
3. But his head was so jazzed on coke it was hard to get things straight.

Infelizmente ainda não possuímos quaisquer frases de exemplo para esta palavra.

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