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Jazz numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Want to jazz it up.
  2. GFMK is a jazz station.
  3. I told you before, Jazz.
  4. Great jazz from some guys.
  5. Love Stalin, all that jazz.

  6. Jazz held up the toiletries.
  7. Jazz was fumbling in her bag.
  8. Jazz Bryant appeared on cue.
  9. We have a jazz band!.
  10. Jazz remained isolated in a.
  11. The hip joint, said Jazz.
  12. Jazz read what he had just read.
  13. Peg was moving, but Jazz wasn’t.
  14. Jazz - And that friend is?
  15. Jazz was in her usual front seat.

  16. Back to square one, said Jazz.
  17. Jazz felt the stirring of interest.
  18. What of the Ultra? Jazz asked.
  19. Evans and Jazz followed in his wake.
  20. Jazz - Not really the right answer.
  21. Evans and Jazz were waiting in the car.
  22. That was amazing, Jazz on the Beach.
  23. The atmosphere helped, Jazz loosened.
  24. Okay, Jazz, this is where you shine.
  25. Jazz was perched on a stool, glaring.

  26. How far is the station? Jazz asked.
  27. Whenever I think of crab cakes and jazz.
  28. Jazz - Tell me about the safe at ACCS.
  29. Uncle Arthur led a jazz band in New York.
  30. Send Jazz out there to ask a few questions.
  31. And they both died, anyway, said Jazz.
  32. They played a little reggae, a little jazz.
  33. But whenever I think of crab cakes and jazz.
  34. She wasn’t at the funeral, said Jazz.
  35. With the calls complete the focus was on Jazz.
  36. Pierre, Cel, Dol and Jazz had al disappeared.
  37. He then turned to Jazz You can't pretend.
  38. Jazz Bryant felt better than she had in a week.
  39. The chart of Jazz Pharmaceuticals in Figure 4.
  40. At eleven pm Jazz had done her dash for the day.
  41. You can’t see your father Jazz! I forbid it.
  42. Jazz - Did anyone else know about the money?
  43. He stopped and started shaking his hand as jazz.
  44. This was the Jazz of old firing on all cylinders.
  45. It was familiar, some sort of Earth jazz he had.
  46. Or was he the one who killed him, asked Jazz.
  47. Clifford was a student of jazz, bebop and hard bop.
  48. It was a sampler of jazz, rock and roll and fusion.
  49. Rudolph had seen the name in Jazz Bryant’s notes.
  50. A packed house with a jazz band, and a platoon of.
  51. Country & Western, Rock ‘n Roll, Jazz & Blues, etc.
  52. No O negative anywhere in the safe? asked Jazz.
  53. Jazz explained the events of her morning to keen ears.
  54. In the car Evans had been on his mobile to Jazz Bryant.
  55. She performed jazz, torch songs, swing, pop and blues.
  56. Funny, Jazz? I couldn’t see that, said Rudolph.
  57. Maybe Bates; and he’s lost interest, said Jazz.
  58. Jazz - And what about you? Were you his friend?
  59. Already asked that chief, of the man, piped Jazz.
  60. Are we looking a gift horse in the mouth, Jazz?
  61. Rudolph ended the call and turned his attention to Jazz.
  62. Jazz composer and pianist that inspired the free jazz.
  63. The skronking jazz from the kitchen had ended abruptly.
  64. You were about to tell me who Jazz was, she teased.
  65. The crazy-making jazz continued as Lyle called out a hello.
  66. Jazz and country music poured out of bars and dance halls.
  67. The radio was still on and it was playing light jazz music.
  68. Jazz was holding the bible and read aloud from the fly leaf.
  69. Jazz - What happened to your cousin? Motor accident?
  70. Jazz Bryant had taken it upon herself to study the policies.
  71. I heard about his impromptu jazz sessions, Riker said.
  72. Jazz was doing a reasonable job of controlling her emotions.
  73. I saw the shoes, Jazz; dozens of pairs, dozens of shirts.
  74. Hi Jazz, what’s up? he said, glancing back at Donna.
  75. The enigma of the major’s diary they left with Jazz and Peg.
  76. ASEAN Jazz Festival is held in different cities in the country.
  77. That was fun, jazz on the beach; and that food was delicious.
  78. As we were both about to doze off listening to the soothing jazz.
  79. The cakewalk music form was actually a forerunner of modern jazz.
  80. Which could account for why the place was clean, offered Jazz.
  81. Not only the jazz standards we used to do together, but classical.
  82. He was known for his promotion of bebop as well as his jazz playing.
  83. Through the throbbing beat of the jazz we heard a knock at the door.
  84. What I came to know as modern jazz played on the record player.
  85. By that time I could probably pick up WJZR, a Rochester jazz station.
  86. It means in music to prefer Beethoven not only to jazz but to Brahms.
  87. In this pass through the material, you get to jazz it up, if you wish.
  88. Jazz - That’s much better from you, Mr Tripp and not a bit stupid.
  89. Who else? He’d have keys for every lock in the place, said Jazz.
  90. A jazz combo was playing in a corner and a number of couples, mostly.
  91. Had he ever regretted not staying with his first love of playing jazz?
  92. Jazz had been there since six and he didn’t arrive while she was there.
  93. Jazz took the seat next to him and gripped his forearm in desperate hands.
  94. A jazz trio calling themselves the Phourx began playing an improvisation.
  95. The crowd in Faces is mostly black, but white people come by for the jazz.
  96. The inspector opened his meeting allowing Jazz Bryant to take centre stage.
  97. Jazz chose that moment to excuse herself, but returned a few minutes later.
  98. He recognized the zip and jazz disks which lined the shelves, row upon row.
  99. A group of jazz bands were the source of the music on the corner of Orleans.
  100. He was transfixed and still unmoving when Jazz Bryant walked into the office.

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  1. He had been so jazzed to find the tribe alive that.
  2. He had been really jazzed about the ideas he’d come up.
  3. But his head was so jazzed on coke it was hard to get things straight.

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