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Joanne numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Forgive me, Joanne.
  2. He and his wife Joanne.
  3. Was Joanne Dru in there.
  4. According to Joanne, she.
  5. Joanne, his loving wife of 33 years.

  6. The Trust was set up after Joanne.
  7. Asking that question helped Joanne connect.
  8. Alexandra Joanne De Luca, I’m your father.
  9. Joanne had told about the Cyprus finds and had.
  10. The lady sitting at the table drawing is Joanne.
  11. I suspected that Joanne had a Heart-Wall, and her.
  12. So Joanne had a Heart-Wall made of indestructible.
  13. Two years after Joanne was married, the abuse began.
  14. Joanne Markson Research Trust was assembled in the.
  15. In the end, you became everything; Alexandra Joanne.

  16. I wish I'd had Joanne - and it was worth every penny.
  17. Anything else? she asked Call Joanne, tell her to have Mr.
  18. Joanne was my replacement PA; she was a sweet and hardworking woman.
  19. Switzerland, where he and Joanne spent four-and-one-half happy years.
  20. I walked out of the boardroom, and Joanne followed me back to my office.
  21. This happened the next day at point 6, and Joanne closed out her long at $20.
  22. Well, I was alone because my friends left me; they were fed up with me talking about Joanne.
  23. If we had a daughter, we said we would call her Joanne; a combination of my name, John, and your mother, Maryanne.
  24. Kurt, inured to the patterns of Chuck’s relationships, let him know it was obvious his ten-year-old son had fired Joanne.
  25. After hours of relentless work I stood up to stretch my legs, just as Joanne came back in with JT, announcing that she was heading out.

  26. Joanne also intensely disliked the delays engendered by Stan’s, then my, insistence that the lab’s policies and procedures regarding green sheets and Program Directives be followed to the letter.
  27. I inferred as much during my second large panel interview when Joanne Esparza visibly winced when I made reference to the corrupt Greek EB GM who nearly caused me to be brought before a grand jury (investigating him).
  28. As Joe was berating himself for being such a stupid fool and sitting through his first day of marriage counseling, Joanne was counting her profits, totaling $45,680, and wiring a portion of them out of her account to pay for a one-week vacation to Maui.
  29. There is an old theatrical saying that you should never work with rabbits or children, but by the twentieth attempt to say their lines without laughing, the actors Bernard Hill, Michael Angelis, and Joanne Whalley were ready to add both “magician” and “musician” to that list.

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