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  1. And it was a joke.
  2. It was a sly joke.
  3. Life is not a joke.
  4. As a sort of joke.
  5. It was all a joke.

  6. Is this a joke, Mr.
  7. It was only a joke.
  8. This is not a joke.
  9. I mean, what a joke.
  10. This car was a joke.
  11. Yes, of a silly joke.
  12. That was a joke, kid.
  13. And he dared to joke.
  14. It was no joke to me.
  15. I laughed at his joke.

  16. I can take a joke.
  17. He made a joke of it.
  18. That was a joke too.
  19. It is a cosmic joke.
  20. I took it for a joke.
  21. It’s more of a joke.
  22. It was all a cruel joke.
  23. As a joke, if you like.
  24. That was a lame joke.
  25. This is a no joke game.

  26. This funny joke is my.
  27. It had not been a joke.
  28. Gaby: Was that a joke?
  29. No, thats not the joke.
  30. Our little joke on them.
  31. You see, it's all a joke.
  32. Actually it was a joke.
  33. He thought it was a joke.
  34. But he’s a lying joke.
  35. Don't even joke about it.
  36. Let us in on the joke.
  37. A joke, kid, only a joke.
  38. A broken bone is no joke.
  39. It had to be a cruel joke.
  40. It was just a silly joke.
  41. Sana- "Was this a joke?".
  42. He used to joke with the.
  43. To joke about her husband.
  44. Indeed, life's not a joke.
  45. I half meant it as a joke.
  46. They started to joke with.
  47. Is that a joke? Have you.
  48. They didn’t get the joke.
  49. I used to joke that it is.
  50. What a joke, Ganesh thought.
  51. The whole thing is a joke.
  52. This is serious, not a joke.
  53. Some joke of Doyle’s, no.
  54. His joke earned a thin smile.
  55. Olin decided to end the joke.
  56. Everything’s a joke to you.
  57. Gabriel did not like the joke.
  58. Francine, it was only a joke.
  59. He was pleased with his joke.
  60. I wondered if this was a joke.
  61. But the crowning joke was Mr.
  62. It was supposed to be a joke.
  63. I am not offended by my joke.
  64. Is this a joke? he said.
  65. Some people did it as a joke.
  66. Was this an ill-timed joke?
  67. It was a silly kind of joke.
  68. I got the joke later when I.
  69. It is a running joke in our.
  70. Reminds me of a joke I heard.
  71. A joke, sure, only a joke!.
  72. So easily, it's almost a joke.
  73. Everyone laughed at his joke.
  74. I wasn’t in on the joke yet.
  75. Then the joke is on them!.
  76. Come on, what's the big joke?
  77. I knew it; it's all a joke.
  78. He was even up for a nut joke.
  79. Why, hell, kid, it was a joke.
  80. Kinsela snorted at his own joke.
  81. He thought this guy was a joke.
  82. Someone playing a joke on us.
  83. This is some twisted joke?
  84. MARY3: No, that wasn’t a joke.
  85. You know it’s a goddamn joke.
  86. Don’t even joke about that.
  87. What did she joke about?
  88. Vic thinks this is a great joke.
  89. You think everything’s a joke.
  90. Ambrose thinks this a great joke.
  91. Maureen accepted his little joke.
  92. If this is a practical joke.
  93. Then he probed for another joke.
  94. The translator told a great joke.
  95. Kent thought he’d make a joke.
  96. He laughed! It was a joke!.
  97. Russ thought it was a great joke.
  98. I initially thought it was a joke.
  99. It’s just a joke, basically.
  100. I explained it was a joke and why.
  1. No; I am not joking.
  2. He had to be joking.
  3. I am not joking here.
  4. She had to be joking.
  5. I thought he was joking.
  6. My dear, you are joking.
  7. I was just joking around.
  8. You are surely joking, Mr.
  9. He was only half joking.
  10. He was just joking with you.
  11. He had to have been joking.
  12. Of course not, I was joking.
  13. She was joking, or was she?
  14. He was joking; that was good.
  15. Now, I thought he was joking.
  16. No, I’m not joking, Kelly.
  17. I don’t think she was joking.
  18. We thought that she was joking.
  19. This is hardly a joking matter.
  20. I was only joking my darling.
  21. Im only joking, she said.
  22. Internet? You have to be joking.
  23. I smiled, thinking he was joking.
  24. He could tel Punk wasn't joking.
  25. Are you joking? Jamie asked.
  26. I looked to see if she was joking.
  27. You were not altogether joking.
  28. All joking aside, mom has been.
  29. No, no, I'm joking, forgive me.
  30. Come; you are joking yourself now.
  31. Are you joking? she said.
  32. She kept joking with me and, most.
  33. Holmes, this joking is very ill-timed.
  34. Suraj chuckled thinking she was joking.
  35. That’s the thing, I am not joking.
  36. Her joking response was always the same.
  37. I thought she was joking, or having a.
  38. He was always joking and teasing, and.
  39. We were chatting and joking in no time.
  40. Ok, I was joking, but two years later a.
  41. You must be joking, he coughed out.
  42. Joking and poking fun at each other, the.
  43. Joking! Joking! The bloody fascist police.
  44. We were joking around and he kicked at me.
  45. Stop joking around! What was that?
  46. It was nice to see Bob still joking around.
  47. Swimming and joking, shouting and laughing.
  48. Don’t worry, Bernie, I was just joking.
  49. The nurse was happy and we were joking.
  50. They were all in there laughing and joking.
  51. She was joking around with Claire and Nick.
  52. You’re joking and it’s not that funny.
  53. Or, at least Marilyn thought Pat was joking.
  54. The shepherds could see he wasn’t joking.
  55. But I was only joking with Mike and Mitch.
  56. You couldn’t tell if he was joking or not.
  57. Even if I was only joking, not a smart move.
  58. Are you joking? he says, his eyes wide.
  59. She smiles, and I realize that she was joking.
  60. Joking apart and, getting down to bedrock, A.
  61. I do keep joking with her about moving me 46.
  62. He didn’t know if the man was joking or not.
  63. Does it look as if I am joking? Dunit said.
  64. She didn’t give any indication she was joking.
  65. He found himself laughing and joking and shout-.
  66. He may have been joking, but I took it seriously.
  67. Thomas grabbed Chuck by the collar, joking around.
  68. Thomas looked at him, realizing he was not joking.
  69. He lets the sentence hang in his usual joking way.
  70. Are you joking? The audience is in the millions.
  71. I was joking this morning, don't be angry with me.
  72. He has carried his joking propensities far indeed.
  73. Do you know, I believe he thought I was joking? '.
  74. She couldn’t be sure if he was joking or serious.
  75. You’re joking, Kors said, sounding appalled.
  76. Nonsense, papa; you are only joking to excite me.
  77. Garcia stared at Lester, wondering if he were joking.
  78. But he was simply walking and joking with every-80.
  79. I’m joking, lad, Graham said, still laughing.
  80. Instead he drove away laughing and joking with Anna.
  81. With any luck, she had only been joking around, and.
  82. Oh, he was very likely joking; he said it for fun.
  83. I have hitherto been joking, but now listen to this.
  84. Pim said in a joking around manner, That’s the.
  85. I’m joking about the tape recorder, she said.
  86. Harper took mild offense to it, but knew he was joking.
  87. Henri couldn't work out whether his clerk was joking.
  88. Have you got her pregnant? I think he was joking.
  89. It was a good sign if the children were already joking.
  90. You’ve got to be joking - the house overlooking yours.
  91. Only joking! Don't say anything to the wife, you hear?
  92. What was also being tested was my reaction to the joking.
  93. She was just as calm as usual and joking with us all day.
  94. Tony thought he was joking and waited for the real answer.
  95. He might have heard a couple of young guys joking around.
  96. I really hope she wasn’t joking about that one way glass.
  97. He may have been joking, but I took it seriously.
  98. They may have been joking, but Rip and Wilx were 100% right.
  99. But you weren’t joking about ‘no parades,’ eh?
  100. This was a golf club? Are you joking? It's a bloody castle!.
  1. We joked about the lady.
  2. She is now, he joked.
  3. I can’t swim, Zoe joked.
  4. As if he cruelly had joked!.
  5. Just the one? Conal joked.
  6. I’ll call you, he joked.
  7. That went well, joked Rod.
  8. She smiled as he joked with her.
  9. They laughed and joked some more.
  10. Is that all? joked the man.
  11. Thomas would have joked about it.
  12. They ate, talked, and joked around.
  13. As long as that? Gomes joked.
  14. Mummy’s the word, he joked.
  15. Do you come here often? I joked.
  16. They joked and teased one another.
  17. Someone is hungry, she joked.
  18. Wow! A yearning heart, I joked.
  19. We all joked around with each other.
  20. Gee, thanks, ma’am, he joked.
  21. How dare you accuse me, I joked.
  22. They joked that it was a girl thing.
  23. For a long while he chatted and joked.
  24. Ooh, a bit scary though, he joked.
  25. Was there ever any doubt? he joked.
  26. Kosmo joked about ghostwriters in the sky.
  27. I can only give the recipe, I joked.
  28. It would be bad for my image! he joked.
  29. They talked, joked and sipped their coffee.
  30. Ah! A match made in heaven! Brad joked.
  31. Yes honey, you thought what? she joked.
  32. You should see the other guy, he joked.
  33. Mark joked with the young woman leading him.
  34. Lucky you're modest with it, Simon joked.
  35. Think we can eat around the bite? I joked.
  36. You obviously drew the short straw, he joked.
  37. What? Am I hurt that bad? I joked and winced.
  38. I haven’t run away – yet! I joked quietly.
  39. Maybe I should shout more often, Philip joked.
  40. Then we’d all have been sunk! joked a third.
  41. Would you exchange with me then? Hallen joked.
  42. What is he? Mildly tolerable now? Brenda joked.
  43. And I thought I was the drama queen, she joked.
  44. At least you got a new car out of it, he joked.
  45. Only you could eat more than I, the Hite joked.
  46. In fact, I understand it less every day, I joked.
  47. Joked the aliens: You didn’t think you’d fly.
  48. I’m metrosexual and proud of it, Billy joked.
  49. DC Whitton is a bit of a bin diver, Smith joked.
  50. Does that mean he passes the test? joked Euther.
  51. Sounds like my wife is in there, Thompson joked.
  52. Stu waved at the cows they’d just avoided and joked.
  53. Miriam joked to me that we should get her as an agent.
  54. You’re asking her what shame is? joked Montana.
  55. Thanks for the vote of confidence, joked Donovan.
  56. When he’s not always scaring him, Samuel joked.
  57. My wife and I joked that the baby would arrive on the.
  58. Even you’re skin is twice as white! Xeila joked.
  59. Stray animals seem to love her too, he joked fondly.
  60. Your the one with a nutcase for a dad, Jeanna joked.
  61. His master’s voice, he joked to the silent room.
  62. Yeah, that’s what I thought too, Wickland joked.
  63. Now you are telling me I’m not perfect, he joked.
  64. Waiting for you would have taken too long! She joked.
  65. Hey now, my Kurt is a great competitor, joked Darci.
  66. How about some lions and tigers and bears? he joked.
  67. At least there are no children, he joked as he left.
  68. Better confess before it gets out of hand, he joked.
  69. He was chatty, she joked, back to her old self again.
  70. The whole town had joked and made bets in the past on how.
  71. Then they wouldn’t be in their town anymore, I joked.
  72. A young child sat among the three, giggling as they joked.
  73. He often joked that he did not run the company, it ran him.
  74. Sophie joked for years that she always wanted a home birth.
  75. Too poor to be robbed, too old to be raped, she joked.
  76. He was hiking…and it was love at first bite, I joked.
  77. Then the druggist joked him about quill-drivers and the law.
  78. He shook hands and joked with everyone about their costumes.
  79. He joked with the boys on the train, trying to cheer them up.
  80. On their way to Bosworth’s office, Jerry joked with his dad.
  81. Do you need help winding that thing up? Jefferson joked.
  82. Now, the women smiled more often, joked, supported each other.
  83. Only good news, I joked, as his voice came on the phone.
  84. In the morning, he joked, sometimes he found something to eat.
  85. My mom joked that she didn’t shave much and that was a start.
  86. Anyone would think this was a Royal wedding, joked Linda.
  87. This man joked that he himself had two wives, and if one were.
  88. It’s because I’ve had so much practice, Callder joked.
  89. You sure this isn’t the ‘new’ country club? I joked.
  90. She will just have to wait until I have my turn, he joked.
  91. Not unless you become a nun and move in with me, he joked.
  92. Nathan and the midwife joked about football while Madeline died.
  93. What’s this ‘your Alex, my Alex’ business? Mom joked.
  94. Roxy bought it, Willow said, Wendy still joked about it.
  95. Yeah this camp’s getting a little grown up now, Ava joked.
  96. One friend of mine joked painfully, My 401(k) is now a 201(k).
  97. More than a few observers joked that Bush is not very intelligent.
  98. Doctor’s orders, he joked, though it was technically true.
  99. That’s the price he pays for being so pretty, Billy joked.
  100. I joked with my mother to keep the flints away from Monkey Mother.
  1. He likes to make jokes.
  2. He told me jokes until.
  3. Oh, I had heard jokes and.
  4. Now: all jokes are censored.
  5. He was trying to make jokes?
  6. They have an arsenal of jokes.
  7. I couldn't laugh at his jokes.
  8. Jokes are overrated, after all.
  9. Build a site on sharing jokes.
  10. He explains his jokes to me.
  11. No transvestites, no gay jokes.
  12. He told me jokes and read to me.
  13. Always the damn jokes with you.
  14. His jokes are getting a bit damp.
  15. Modi was the butt of Rambo jokes.
  16. We had no end of jokes about this.
  17. Is that because of the bad jokes?
  18. She cracked wicked jokes or made.
  19. I mean, it was either make jokes.
  20. They remember their jokes because.
  21. The but_ of all his opponents jokes.
  22. His jokes were obviously faked and.
  23. By asking questions or telling jokes.
  24. This is hardly the time for jokes.
  25. Those jokes won't pass a second time.
  26. Today, Kiyosaki jokes that he is a.
  27. Usually he's the brunt of the jokes.
  28. The jokes were senseless or childish.
  29. These days I can make jokes about it.
  30. We tell them jokes and tease them.
  31. The old man was fond of making jokes.
  32. In fact, they were anything but jokes.
  33. I guess this is no time for jokes.
  34. But the jokes are on her, not the men.
  35. Ha, ha! Always with the jokes, Brad.
  36. They have an arsenal of TYPES of jokes.
  37. You know, you never laugh at my jokes.
  38. Ha, ha! You with your jokes! But good.
  39. He’d even enjoyed the stream of jokes.
  40. Four Sardarjis are always found in jokes.
  41. She hated when Buddy tried to make jokes.
  42. Cat fluently, but could tell jokes in Cat.
  43. It was another of life's sad jokes to him.
  44. Laughter and jokes were heard on all sides.
  45. I have already mentioned all the old jokes.
  46. Jokes don't have to make sense to be funny.
  47. We can’t help the jokes, neither of us.
  48. The Devil liked his little jokes and there.
  49. They shared jokes and helped cook their food.
  50. Jabran was also amused over these light jokes.
  51. He made rather silly jokes, and wore a red tie.
  52. She laughed at his odd jokes, just to be polite.
  53. Please, with the jokes, the Professor said.
  54. She laughed almost silently at the men’s jokes.
  55. The jokes had come, the jokes had come….
  56. Corey often laughed at his own stupid jokes but.
  57. Fine, you just sit there and keep making jokes.
  58. One of my favorite jokes (which would offend some.
  59. But jokes on him because he thought Leah were Jess.
  60. Many jokes about foreigners are based on cultural.
  61. In time, it might even become the subject of jokes.
  62. Chuck Day smoked Lucky Strikes and cracked jokes.
  63. However this sort of language may be used in jokes.
  64. He was the perennial butt of his classmates' jokes.
  65. Ma’s ’Old Country’ jokes, like the priest who.
  66. By the time we got home, all the jokes had been told.
  67. Having said that, here’s one of my favorite jokes.
  68. The squirrels tell jokes in tasteless sense of humor.
  69. She tired quickly of his off color jokes and advances.
  70. These jokes and ridicule are quite usual occurrences.
  71. Bless him and his silly jokes; they will keep me sane.
  72. During the walk their laughter and jokes never ceased.
  73. She missed having him there to share jokes and dreams.
  74. We parted with friendly smiles and good natured jokes.
  75. He talked non-stop with Maria and told her silly jokes.
  76. They laughed and made sweet jokes, and then they came.
  77. The old man smiled happily at his jokes and so did Ethan.
  78. I will not dwell on Naumann's jokes at the expense of Mr.
  79. You will not stop your jokes, and be serious for once.
  80. She is throwing her hair back and laughing at his jokes.
  81. I listened as Suraya talked and smiled at her weak jokes.
  82. What's with the jokes tonight, mister? Vicki yelled.
  83. Mrs Astley was a character for endless jokes and ridicule.
  84. She jokes that it’s because marriage is like a crusade.
  85. Jokes can be memorized and the Con can make it sound funny.
  86. Outside the home, Stallman saved the jokes for the adults.
  87. Making jokes is also an integral part of American culture.
  88. The psychopath often plays jokes and tricks on others to.
  89. He could hear the voices talking to him and cracking jokes.
  90. Insults, jokes, unusual comments, all seemed to make sense.
  91. That's why they were all making jokes, and trying to laugh.
  92. Coombs was known for off-color jokes and pejorative remarks.
  93. You could be the only kid on your planet to tell jokes!.
  94. Together, they used to make jokes about their foster parents.
  95. Who do you think came up with all those jokes to begin with?
  96. I would like to negotiate a truce from the practical jokes.
  97. She knew this woman wasn’t about jokes and sneaking around.
  98. She jokes that it’s because marriage is like a crusade.
  99. We shared Chris’s laughter, smile, pranks, jokes, and stories.
  100. Omes tells another one of his lame jokes and the class bursts.

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