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Jump numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Jump on the bus &.
  2. I need to jump in.
  3. I jump in the grass.
  4. Jump out of the box.
  5. I jump into the gap.

  6. You had to jump a gap.
  7. A big jump in salary.
  8. Set up a jump at the.
  9. A laugh made him jump.
  10. I jump over the bones.
  11. I had to jump for it.
  12. I jump out behind him.
  13. I had to jump off the.
  14. She was one jump ahead.
  15. You will have to jump.

  16. Two police men jump out.
  17. That was a short jump.
  18. The voice of God Jump In.
  19. Jump after me if you can.
  20. I saw a chance to jump in.
  21. Azareel and I will jump.
  22. Let me jump to the end.
  23. The doorbell made her jump.
  24. A few things jump out here.
  25. Bubba could jump up there.

  26. I hear your heart jump!.
  27. A gruff voice made be jump.
  28. I’d have to jump for it.
  29. You can jump directly to.
  30. If one could jump up and.
  31. What could I do but jump in.
  32. Trying not to jump the gun.
  33. This jump was no exception.
  34. You step forward; you jump.
  35. Will it jump out of a cake.
  36. I jump up from my chair too.
  37. I jump out of Lenya’s head.
  38. We’ll jump straight on in.
  39. But as he was about to jump.
  40. Jump and retrieve your sword.
  41. Can you jump through it?
  42. I had to jump out the car.
  43. Jump on the spot in one hoop.
  44. Other electrons may jump to.
  45. Quint, jump in, show the way.
  46. They all jump on me, we have.
  47. He had to jump and swim for it.
  48. I was about to jump into the.
  49. Their shares jump as a result.
  50. In a jump, she was out of bed.
  51. Quindich told me to jump first.
  52. If you were to jump rope for.
  53. To improve the ability to jump.
  54. My heart makes a jump with joy.
  55. Chevalier felt his heart jump.
  56. Jump forward to 2 Chronicles 3.
  57. Jump up and down on the floor.
  58. Don’t jump on to the first.
  59. With a hop, a skip, and a jump.
  60. Harbhajan jump and jumped along.
  61. Japan had a massive Monday jump.
  62. The boy had to jump back often.
  63. Fiona quickly programmed a jump.
  64. Men were poised to jump the gap.
  65. I jump a little, but I enjoy it.
  66. She was poised and ready to jump.
  67. The sudden question made Bo jump.
  68. Dare he jump? No, it was too far.
  69. Eva had to jump in to rescue me.
  70. Mona, jump ahead by ten hours.
  71. I saw the ball jump over my.
  72. Vydor, this is our final jump.
  73. Then, I jump in the heated pool.
  74. Don’t jump back in right away.
  75. He would have to crouch and jump.
  76. Louis and managed to jump aboard.
  77. That’s why they all jump on it.
  78. See if you can jump up here, Tam.
  79. Those are the ones we jump on.
  80. The twins jump and take me along.
  81. A normal character can jump 10 ft.
  82. So, when he said jump, she jumped.
  83. He then jump down and walk near me.
  84. He did not know which way to jump.
  85. They felt the Pa Nun jump to warp.
  86. Increase the distance of the jump.
  87. She’s going to jump in the snow.
  88. Get undressed and jump into bed.
  89. Why don't you jump? You got wings.
  90. The phone rang, making her jump.
  91. Your eyes jump beyond my shoulder.
  92. I jump, then realize it’s Mother.
  93. They wanted to jump in jubilation.
  94. I mean, he gave me a jump start.
  95. I jump ahead two lockers and find.
  96. I had done the high jump in school.
  97. Come on, Lloyd, jump through it.
  98. Thankfully, I didn't have to jump.
  99. I jump out of bed and into the hall.
  100. A flea can jump 150 times its size.
  1. By jumping in the air.
  2. I was jumping up and down.
  3. Jumping ship was a hard task.
  4. A few tried jumping for safety.
  5. I started doing some jumping.
  6. She was jumping over a mogul.
  7. Sorry to be jumping around a bit.
  8. Jumping into the sledge beside.
  9. Contemplated jumping off a bridge.
  10. Henchy, jumping up from his chair.
  11. He smiled at her, his heart jumping.
  12. Jumping in would be nearly suicidal.
  13. Jumping up he lent across the table.
  14. The joint was definitely not jumping.
  15. The guards were shouting and jumping.
  16. I can only tell by jumping into the.
  17. When the Nutter's finished jumping on.
  18. The smell pulled me into a jumping run.
  19. Those boys up here jumping around--.
  20. Josh was jumping to conclusions again.
  21. Practice jumping forwards over the line.
  22. You’re jumping to conclusions, Liz ….
  23. They were hollering and jumping for joy.
  24. You're jumping to conclusions Mitchell.
  25. What the hell? I yelled, jumping up.
  26. Am I jumping to any conclusions that are.
  27. Practice jumping forwards over the lines.
  28. She thought of jumping in and shaking him.
  29. On the inside I was dancing and jumping.
  30. Doc was jumping up and down with excitement.
  31. Jumping out of bed he found a new suit of.
  32. You don’t cry for help by jumping off a.
  33. Eva is finally jumping back into the pond.
  34. It is like a lion jumping on the back of a.
  35. A nervous tick started jumping above one eye.
  36. There are many tales of crewmembers jumping.
  37. Jumping out of bed, he hit the bedroom light.
  38. Zoey was jumping up and down with excitement.
  39. Where is he? I said, jumping to my feet.
  40. We are always flying and jumping and running.
  41. Jumping rope is a great way to burn calories.
  42. Jumping onto Petr’s shoulders first, then.
  43. Practice jumping off the block onto the floor.
  44. The car was jumping on its suspensions as it.
  45. Jumping up to shut the curtain, he glanced to.
  46. Shut up! Hal yelled, jumping to his feet.
  47. But Cam had no trouble jumping into the silence.
  48. I start toward her, tears jumping into my eyes.
  49. Not sure if he's jumping to conclusions or not.
  50. Somebody jumping onto a bus at the last second.
  51. No, drowning was definitely better than jumping.
  52. Bungee-cord jumping, para-sailing, gliders, etc.
  53. Soon after jumping, Felix went into a spin.
  54. Only that we will be jumping soon, he said.
  55. Follow me, said Neil jumping off the stage.
  56. Ah, ha! he said, jumping up from his chair.
  57. Jumping out of bed, she dressed in a great hurry.
  58. By jumping down the hatches you're about to open.
  59. Killer loped around the roof jumping and hopping.
  60. Walking on a chilly dream Jumping within a dream.
  61. People jumping onto your list are interested in.
  62. That’s Anna, he said, jumping out of bed.
  63. Jumping to her feet, she swallowed back a gush of.
  64. Turned out to be about $14m, but that is jumping.
  65. Same with hanging myself, or jumping off the roof.
  66. Before jumping up, he checked his computer monitor.
  67. By the Great Baal, shouted Rimmon, jumping.
  68. Jumping down sounded like a good idea at the time.
  69. So focus on the big problems, not on rate jumping.
  70. It felt as if an elephant was jumping on his chest.
  71. I kicked his leg and he started jumping on one leg.
  72. She told me Marian was not exactly jumping for joy.
  73. What the hell? I yelled, jumping up.
  74. Jumping up and down the TreeStalker did a little jig.
  75. You can try jumping at the top guides but this has.
  76. Where all those guys are jumping off the rocks?
  77. They got excited, jumping, running toward the house.
  78. Oh, I’ll go and see, said Pierre, jumping up.
  79. Yeah, I’m coming, I said, jumping to my feet.
  80. Aurora_ Evver shouted jumping out of her chair.
  81. Jumping ahead to the year AD 1500, we note that the.
  82. Meantime Paul must practise jumping off the sofa arm.
  83. The overall design was for speed and jumping ability.
  84. Vinnie saved D'Oliya by jumping on a flying pigs back.
  85. The awaiting crew were jumping and waving their hands.
  86. Hunter closed his eyes and Cara waited, nerves jumping.
  87. Already men were jumping into the water on every side.
  88. The verb: to jump, comes to mean all kinds of jumping.
  89. It hits near the spine! Another shot at the jumping ox.
  90. Get the cat to run around, jumping, and attacking toys.
  91. Their bodies twisted and turned, jumping spasmodically.
  92. His tongue was tied, but his heart was jumping for joy.
  93. The last thing Blaine expected after jumping off the St.
  94. Practice jumping sideways over the line and back again.
  95. A pulse was jumping in her throat and her eyes narrowed.
  96. The next waits at least two full minutes before jumping.
  97. Very nice, Silya said after jumping off the horse.
  98. Jumping onto his son’s bed he waited eagerly for his.
  99. Xen, Druze and Raphe all came running over jumping with.
  100. Don’t you think you’re jumping to conclusions?
  1. I jumped out of bed.
  2. But as I jumped in.
  3. I jumped off the bed.
  4. He jumped out of bed.
  5. He jumped on its back.
  6. We jumped on the deal.
  7. She jumped in her bed.
  8. She jumped and sat up.
  9. So he jumped to the.
  10. He jumped to his feet.
  11. He jumped in to steer.
  12. Ryo jumped to his feet.
  13. All jumped out at him.
  14. She jumped out of bed.
  15. Erin jumped to her feet.
  16. He then jumped to the.
  17. He jumped when he was.
  18. Phil jumped to his feet.
  19. He jumped up and bowed.
  21. I jumped at the chance.
  22. He jumped off the horse.
  23. Raf jumped in his seat.
  24. My body jumped to life.
  25. He jumped off the bed.
  26. Will jumped off the log.
  27. His heart jumped a bit.
  28. Sahana jumped up in joy.
  29. I jumped up with a shout.
  30. Tears jumped to her eyes.
  31. Doug jumped on the bed.
  32. But I’d jumped the gun.
  33. She jumped at the sound.
  34. Panny jumped up on the.
  35. They jumped out of the.
  36. I jumped in the mid-air.
  37. He jumped into his car.
  38. Locke jumped off the bed.
  39. Andre jumped to his feet.
  40. I jumped up in a hurry.
  41. Raoul jumped at the idea.
  42. Haven jumped to her feet.
  43. And jumped off the cliff.
  44. Nothing jumped out at me.
  45. But Jonno jumped the gun.
  46. She jumped and cried out.
  47. He jumped back in horror.
  48. Pulses jumped in my ears.
  49. Ashley jumped off the bed.
  50. She jumped at his touch.
  51. Stacey jumped to his feet.
  52. I jumped and shrank back.
  53. Locke jumped in his seat.
  54. He jumped from his chair.
  55. I jumped into car 3 and.
  56. The driver jumped out in.
  57. Neil jumped into the car.
  58. He jumped up and went out.
  59. Her mother jumped in again.
  60. Some jumped up in the air.
  61. I should have jumped first.
  62. He jumped into the machine.
  63. He jumped up and sat down.
  64. Nothing jumped out at him.
  65. Maggie jumped up in alarm.
  66. Dave jumped on behind her.
  67. Ruby jumped from the cart.
  68. He quickly jumped up and.
  69. She jumped back, too late.
  70. Dominic jumped to his feet.
  71. Tears jumped into my eyes.
  72. Harmony jumped to her feet.
  73. I jumped into the shower.
  74. The crew jumped and waved.
  75. Melodía jumped to her feet.
  76. Each state jumped on this.
  77. He jumped out of this seat.
  78. Jumped in the spa with my.
  79. He jumped about, grabbed up.
  80. She jumped over a tree root.
  81. Gruesome jumped to his feet.
  82. So I jumped out the window.
  83. The boy jumped like a frog.
  84. Mike jumped out with Robert.
  85. Alan jumped in front of it.
  86. Peter jumped out of the bed.
  87. The mayor jumped in at once.
  88. Azura jumped out a window.
  89. Quickly he jumped onto the.
  90. The Stiff had jumped first.
  91. Marilyn jumped into her car.
  92. Then he jumped in his seat.
  93. Zoe was startled and jumped.
  94. She should have jumped then.
  95. Suddenly it jumped over a.
  96. The pulse jumped in my hand.
  97. As the figure jumped into.
  98. Clara jumped in and told Mr.
  99. Pjodarr jumped from his var.
  100. Clifford jumped in her lap.
  1. Dirk jumps to his aid.
  2. Out of nowhere, she jumps.
  3. He jumps out of the truck.
  4. That jumps into your mind.
  5. Nothing jumps out at me.
  6. John jumps out of the car.
  7. Everyone in the room jumps.
  8. Amy jumps beneath his hand.
  9. At the top Babsie jumps off.
  10. Time moves in sporadic jumps.
  11. He is startled and jumps back.
  12. And then there are night jumps.
  13. Enzo jumps onto the tipped SUV.
  14. Without much thought, Mary jumps.
  15. The 4th guard jumps to cover you.
  16. She jumps and turns to apologize.
  17. She jumps up and down, mad with.
  18. Fine jumps, Tom, you'd love it!.
  19. McSpadden jumps away fast and turns.
  21. They got to California in two jumps.
  22. Stacey jumps in, "Did it kill him?".
  23. Phelps she jumps for him, and says:.
  24. During the breaks between hyper jumps.
  25. Noah jumps back, startled for a moment.
  26. And then there are night jumps.
  27. Bellona jumps onto the ceiling with him.
  28. Opening the door he jumps into his seat.
  29. Mathematically, these large jumps would.
  30. The daydream jumps ahead one week, and Mr.
  31. He jumps back into the Rover, fires it up.
  32. He jumps from death in sheol before the.
  33. Vaughn panics and jumps wildly towards her.
  34. Davie knows what to expect but still jumps.
  35. Every little while he jumps up and says:.
  36. You can also build jumps on top of the tarps.
  37. My heart jumps at the sound of Sean’s fury.
  39. He jumps a little, but eventually smiles at me.
  40. Tom’s hand jumps, and he looks at me, stunned.
  41. The Clerk jumps up, the Sentinel presents arms.
  42. Eugene runs to the door and jumps into the car.
  43. Heck yah! She about jumps out of the seat.
  44. Willie jumps and pulls the cord to deploy the.
  45. As I ain't got no future jumps up and runs 929.
  46. Kristin jumps out and runs up to the front door.
  47. Johnson jumps forward and pulls the sheet aside.
  48. His mind took a couple of jumps before settling.
  49. A quest? Kat asks as she jumps to her feet.
  50. In Hartstongue’s arms, the boy jumps and gasps.
  51. He says yes and climbs over the railing and jumps.
  52. Oh, no! cries Kate, and jumps out of the car.
  53. He jumps up and crosses the room in one quick move.
  54. He jumps out of bed, puts on his jeans and a shirt.
  55. Now, she says, as she jumps to her feet and.
  56. In looking at the list, something striking jumps out.
  57. He jumps into the van and closes the door behind him.
  58. I watch as Kevin jumps up and bounces back into the.
  59. At the same time the man in the room jumps towards me.
  60. He jumps from death in sheol before the resurrection.
  61. Their next four jumps showed the same dark desolation.
  62. Thereby, the other detail that jumps out is the third.
  63. He jumps at the sight of Justin’s garage door lifting.
  64. Devon jumps a foot into the air and utters a loud curse.
  65. A horse trots into the courtyard and a woman jumps off.
  66. Alex almost jumps out of his seat, Who’s there?
  67. Jaden jumps off the cloud again, but this time headfirst.
  68. What’s the bet he jumps the barrier? said Maguire.
  69. It was like the astral jumps done in the movie Inception.
  70. Ricci comes in and Ahmed jumps up, speeds to his embrace.
  71. She jumps on the wall and begins to run vertically up it.
  72. Olaf jumps off his horse and unloads the leather backpack.
  73. Willie jumps off the truck, rolls in the dirt, gets up and.
  74. Willie jumps to the ground and drops the robot's controller.
  75. If you think of a person who jumps into the water to save a.
  76. He jumps to the kitchen and spits the salty cum in the sink.
  77. But soon the smelly beast jumps up and pulls Galluk with him.
  78. Jaden runs, jumps on the wall and tries to catch his balance.
  79. But a big, fine looking man jumps up on a bench and shouts:.
  80. He jumps in the car and burns the tires all the way down the.
  81. Willie arrives in great haste on his bike and jumps off of it.
  82. She kisses his check lightly, and jumps off the king size bed.
  83. One jumps inside, begin shouting almost immediately in Arabic.
  84. He told himself that all jumps were different, and that this.
  85. Increase the distance to the jump and try other familiar jumps.
  86. Once they have stopped in the driveway, Katsuya jumps out and.
  87. He jumps onto the bed and looks me in the eyes for a long while.
  88. Immediately Century jumps up and runs back inside the building.
  89. Oh— Aiden jumps upon seeing me on the floor to his left.
  90. The Roadrunner jumps over the gate, closely followed by Willie.
  91. Saul had done short jumps enough to know how painful they were.
  92. Aaron tosses his apple core over the cliff and jumps to his feet.
  93. Cherrie jumps her board around and looks in the direction of my.
  94. The white lace leaped in little jumps and bounds on to the card.
  95. Large blinks or teleports within viewing distance we call jumps.
  96. A toddler who jumps into an empty box and runs around the house.
  97. My Christian upbringing immediately jumps in and shouts No.
  98. She jumps to her feet, and then runs to the bathroom to try it on.
  99. The Holy Spirit jumps into the water, swims to the bottom of the.
  100. As soon as Amy’s done, she wiggles and jumps into Amy’s arms.

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