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Key numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Do I need a key.
  2. A few of the key.
  3. He held up the key.
  4. The key is to wait.
  5. The key is not to.

  6. She handed me a key.
  7. A key in a padlock.
  8. A key issue in 64.
  9. So I turned the key.
  10. The key is to have.
  11. I didn't have a key.
  12. This is the key to.
  13. The key to a quick.
  14. One to key off the.
  15. It was easy to key.

  16. He alone had the key.
  17. The key was to relax.
  18. The power of the key.
  19. The key here is not.
  20. The key is a ring.
  21. We are given the key.
  22. Now, give me the key.
  23. The key thing is to.
  24. There was also a key.
  25. You are the key to….

  26. Seems is the key word.
  27. Bill hit the key again.
  28. He mashed the Send key.
  29. A key aspect of this.
  30. The key is to direct.
  31. The key to her fortune.
  32. The real key is choice.
  33. Seven is the key to St.
  34. The action part is key.
  35. The key levels are 38.
  36. I was holding her key.
  37. The key to every man.
  38. I don’t have the key.
  39. He put a key into the.
  40. There used to be a key.
  41. Verse 66 is a key verse.
  42. No key in the ignition.
  43. Key point of this DAY?
  44. Alone, that is the key.
  45. The Key to the Mystery.
  46. I present the key and.
  47. The key to the real me.
  48. The names of most key.
  49. States on the key issue.
  50. The tongue & groove key.
  51. Action really is the key.
  52. Given back with the key.
  53. Hold! She tapped the key.
  54. The key piece in the.
  55. He came back with a key.
  56. This is a key question.
  57. I heard a key in a lock.
  58. He gave me a spare key.
  59. The key here is not so.
  60. She thrust the key at him.
  61. Being creative is the key.
  62. Maybe that was the key.
  63. Happiness is the key to.
  64. A key turned in the lock.
  65. She heard a key turn in.
  66. I think that’s the key.
  67. The key is to match all.
  68. Measure at least 10 key.
  69. The Key to Taking Action.
  70. Can I have your key?
  71. But I don't have the key.
  72. He had handed me the key.
  73. Here is your key, sir.
  74. Here are two key points:.
  75. Here is my key to success.
  76. Here are the key points:.
  77. The key to this deal was.
  78. Key Family | Relatives: Dr.
  80. This is the vital key to.
  81. The hallway seemed a key.
  82. The Key to the Inner Core.
  83. He turned the key in the.
  84. Body Awareness is the Key.
  85. Universal Sign was the key.
  86. Who, then, holds the key?
  87. He fit the key in the door.
  88. The chain had a key on it.
  89. I’ve given you the key.
  90. The key in my lock turned.
  91. And the key word is trust.
  92. The key is to remember me.
  93. I will key it to you now.
  94. Balance is the key to life.
  95. For that: intuition is key.
  96. The key to achieving that.
  97. The key companions of the.
  98. He took a key ring out of.
  99. The key to the beneficial.
  100. All the key symbolism and.
  1. As I’d feared, keying my car wasn’t enough.
  2. Jeffery starts keying her name into his Mac Air, Got it.
  3. Trixie whined and he turned back to keying directions into.
  4. After keying in the code nothing happened, no change from red.
  5. Keying in a command sequence, Zelena programmed the ship‘s.
  6. Keying in options, preferences or settings in screens and tables.
  7. He drove out of the basement carpark after keying his card for the gate.
  8. Keying in the code the wait seemed interminable while the mechanism whirred.
  9. Ava swung around in her stool and spread her screens out, began seriously keying at a couple of them.
  10. She stepped across the hall and opened an emergency weapons locker by keying in Garcia’s access code.
  11. This will help you utilize the code while avoiding the aggravation of keying it in yourself and debugging the errors.
  12. We could have gotten around keying the decimal point by allowing movement to the decimal portion of the amount with a tab.
  13. He had memories of keying things in and making it all up, but he didn't really know that much, they would have to have all worked by luck.
  14. But, I cannot key it to you unless you are wearing it and strumming it at the same time that I’m keying it, and that could be dangerous.
  15. Grabbing and keying the microphone of the portable UHF radio transceiver hooked to her flight vest, she spoke with a deliberate tone in it.
  16. He said that as he was sitting at his desk staring at the restaurant menu, he started keying in some nonsense about how tired he was and then, suddenly, Mi Tair started to come to him in pidgin.
  17. I can understand entering the street address, but wouldn’t just keying the zip code relieve me of inputting the city and state? This is so because each zip code is tied to one specific state and city.
  18. Moments later, after keying through the images, he said,.
  1. He keyed the radio mike.
  2. Someone had keyed my car.
  3. I keyed in the numbers again.
  4. But it’s keyed to the price.
  5. He then keyed the code into the.
  6. Advanced search, Stacey keyed in.
  7. Mikel keyed the radio: Release Gemini.
  8. But keyed files can have duplicate keys.
  9. The Wards of Hilia are keyed to me and Talia.
  10. Still they'd kiss all right if properly keyed up.
  11. Once the scan was complete, he keyed in the code.
  12. Saul sat in the pilot’s seat and keyed the comm.
  13. She was keyed up, trying to keep her excitement in check.
  14. One of the women keyed the proper code at her workstation.
  15. She keyed in the code to open the door to Paul’s office.
  16. At 10:25 she reached the staff door and keyed in the code.
  17. Those precious numbers had to be keyed in from his station.
  18. Josh keyed in a stop loss that would protect his investment.
  19. Vedara keyed the microphone for the onboard intercom channel.
  20. He grabbed his mobile and keyed in Bear’s number in Sydney.
  21. So if they keyed 4 they will see at the bottom of the screen.
  22. She keyed in her code and the emergency hatch silently slid open.
  23. I keyed in full details of operational costs for all CGPB equipment.
  24. Sanjay peered over Paul’s shoulder as he keyed in, Bugged & Buggers.
  25. Next! He keyed the microphone, and pushed all manual freak buttons.
  26. The Wards were keyed to him and Talia, and he could read their condition.
  27. She quickly punched in a series of numbers and keyed the execute command.
  28. Too keyed up to sit, she’d been pacing for the last forty-five minutes.
  29. He no sooner got thru his door than he keyed in the address of Ava's lab.
  30. The monitor went black, and the chief keyed a button that shut down the.
  31. She thus keyed her intercom to speak with the signals officer of the plane.
  32. Since it cannot be keyed to you, I suggest that Talia be given control of it.
  33. I was ninety-nine percent sure of my password but what I keyed didn’t work.
  34. Luther keyed the MMARV’s over ride self destruct code into the control pad.
  35. She keyed yes to the prompt, 'Commence total grid lockout in sixty seconds?'.
  36. The fact that someone else had keyed into it did not give her cause for rejoicing.
  37. One day I wanted to visit my website so I keyed the name but left out the letter s.
  38. Hamish keyed in the new number and the camera revealed a much younger female foetus.
  39. Isaac looked at the darkness under his wife’s eyes and instantly keyed on her mood.
  40. He keyed his own microphone button, now plugged into an auxiliary jack behind the seats.
  41. But it wasn’t relevant since it listed people with a first name other than what I keyed.
  42. He plugged the mobile into his laptop and keyed in the number to log onto his on-line bank.
  43. Morita keyed his radio microphone and spoke in a low voice while walking towards the cinema.
  44. To the girl whom to my heart have sneaked To the girl whom inside her eyes I’ve been keyed.
  45. We don’t need it for anything else but it will be set to 1 if the names keyed are satisfactory.
  46. He hit the button for the scrambler line and keyed in a code that he had only been given that day.
  47. Then I can have these Wards Keyed to me, and use them to help defend my land, rather than contain it.
  48. Opening the next drawer down he took out a prisoner's leg chain that had keyed manacles at both ends.
  49. These reads would again be keyed reads and the remaining calculations shouldn’t take too much time.
  50. While you do that, I will cast invisibility and inaudibility on this tine band, keyed to Talia and I.
  51. Thinking for a moment before taking a decision, she then keyed her radio microphone, calling her bombers.
  52. Simla keyed her transmitter and sent the command before joining Yaf in their rush to the hatch where they.
  53. If that happens, we will let them, but notify them by the message that actually prints the value they keyed.
  54. The house was alarmed and she blocked their view of the control panel while she keyed in the disarming code.
  55. He keyed in the number of the incubator just below them and the screen slowly lit up with a low light image.
  56. Stopping a moment to answer the call, Elizabeth keyed the microphone of her small, transistorized transceiver.
  57. This is recorded when it is keyed in by the computer but no one really looks at staff movements until payday.
  58. The door buzzer startled her and she dived for the door, pulling it open quickly, keyed up for fight or flight.
  59. Heady continued keyed up as Adi gave me a timid smile and I returned the same with a look of proud in my glare.
  60. Since this stops everything until something is keyed, this assures that it will stay on the screen long enough.
  61. Considerate of him to check I’m not busy … I quickly keyed in his number on my direct line out of the office.
  62. Whether, indeed, they were still her friends; she’d seemed so keyed up, going to see them play on New Year’s.
  63. She keyed in a series of commands into her computer, turning off the beeping, and then headed back to the window.
  64. Grabbing her portable UHF radio, she keyed the microphone and spoke in as much of a calm voice as she could muster.
  65. Whether this is done or the record is busy, the program will then return so that another account number can be keyed.
  66. Since Ava wasn’t around to catch him, he keyed in some override codes and enabled administration rights to his desk eye.
  67. If you work with different computers you will hear about flat files, sequential files, indexed or keyed files and databases.
  68. There is another kind of file that you can use called a keyed file, one with information on the people who enter the lottery.
  69. Elizabeth rose from the ditch with Mary Takahashi and keyed her UHF radio while starting to follow Moten and his command party.
  70. Some thought changing the equipment was the answer; so they would be keyed up and tense for ages and then nothing would happen.
  71. In this way, techno-precise music triggers the mind keyed to patriotism to march to anthems marshaling obedient citizens to war.
  72. So if the characters keyed into the variable for the changed last name can be found in this string of values, the result will be 1.
  73. As soon as we find that a character is not in the string, we can stop the search since we know that the first name keyed is invalid.
  74. The keyed manacles were placed around the wrists of the thugs, including Catkin's as he moaned in pain and continued to bleed from his wound.
  75. The chair is mundane, but the platform it is bound to has had a keyed permanent Flight spell cast upon it, which is Levitation combined with Movement.
  76. Then he keyed the magic numbers into the magical money machine and watched in absolute wonder as the machine spewed out huge great wads of ten-pound notes.
  77. As mentioned earlier, all the files in our system are indexed files, so we’ll read them with a keyed read, even if we process the file one record at a time.
  78. It was in the middle of this and everyone else all keyed up that a runner had arrived I have no idea where he has come from but I can see him repeating something to them.
  79. Since the dates are keyed by observation, the result of the INTFIT() function shows the interval as the relationship between observations, not the actual date values themselves.
  80. After seemingly endless months of chasing from here to there, always at full throttle, she was burned out, completely keyed up and with a fuse so short, everything pissed her off.
  81. At the border, which was also crawling with police, she got keyed up all over again, when it was discovered that Caroline’s residency document didn’t have the current tax payment recorded.
  82. Since this procedure is executed over and over, if 0 was keyed it could mean either that at least one field was changed or perhaps none at all so we need to determine if we have to update the file.
  83. She stood in the doorway and watched Herminia’s gentle breathing, regretting that she was far too keyed to enjoy the comfort of such placid sleep: if she tried, all she would do was toss and turn.
  84. The casino countered that jackpots were triggered by a random clock keyed to the 1/1000th of a second, thus, even had the woman been playing the machine continuously, she might not have hit the jackpot.
  85. We light-warped into a sandstorm of information, with each nano-bit-blasting fact desensitizing us to the reality or fiction of the following assertion x: whatever your mind is being skeleton keyed for.
  86. Wishing he had his cell phone on him, instead of having left it behind in the limo, so he could have simply keyed this information into it; Joel realized he’d have to obtain this information the old fashioned way.
  87. That being so, when I enter a surname, how does the system arrive at someone that matches what I keyed? It appears that there’s another file – connected to these pages – with the data in a form that facilitates our searching.
  88. But be all this as it may, certain it is, that with the mad secret of his unabated rage bolted up and keyed in him, Ahab had purposely sailed upon the present voyage with the one only and all-engrossing object of hunting the White Whale.
  89. Reaching the bottom of the ladder and entering the cross tunnel, she righted herself, feet down, then allowed a few small bubbles to escape her lips while she looked down the tunnel in both directions, keyed for any approaching, unanticipated threats.
  90. Bending back, while looking me straight in the eyes, he smiled, as if content in my rendering of the subject, said in a low keyed tone of speech; I know where this Paul is, if you’d like, will take you there, for I too want to hear more of this Love that is spreading throughout the country.
  91. Knowing that this abduction could lead to war with my people, a war they had no hope of winning, Milishak and Melcom held Yzandra in a magic cell with no physical entrance, deep beneath the deepest dungeons of their palace, reachable only by a keyed Translocation plate in the royal apartments.
  92. Did it matter, Richard wondered, that it was robots instead of men in the boats, lighting the fuses? But then, wouldn’t some nuance, some human thing, be lost? And would the computer remember to mail a special program of music to the radio stations, keyed to the detonations? Surely they still did that.
  93. She’d told her new secretary that the standing appointment was with an orthopedist, because it seemed imperative that no one at the firm suspect her of being a basket case, but who ever got this keyed up about going to the orthopedist’s? The morning before an appointment, she’d be unable to get anything done.
  1. A set of car keys.
  2. I give you the keys.
  4. Map keys to be exact.
  5. Had I left the keys.
  6. He hit the keys again.
  7. The one with the keys.
  8. Give him the keys to.
  9. She has her own keys.
  10. Keys rattled on a chain.
  12. Alicia Keys and Mary J.
  13. He had her keys as well.
  14. They are the keys that.
  15. I took the keys, stunned.
  16. And the keys to the car.
  17. She fumbled for her keys.
  18. Give me your car keys.
  19. The Keys That Parted Ways.
  20. Give me the keys, Lexie.
  21. Then I handed her the keys.
  22. The others are house keys.
  23. He handed her his car keys.
  24. Fine, give me the keys.
  25. He would use the Keys of.
  26. I fingered the keys again.
  27. The keys are in his pocket.
  28. The keys were on the bench.
  29. Where are the keys to the.
  30. Grab the keys and the bike.
  31. He’s left me no car keys.
  32. They possessed the keys to.
  33. These are keys of heaven.
  34. We keep a set of keys there.
  35. He tapped away on a few keys.
  36. The keys were old and loose.
  37. Keys for the Newly Diagnosed.
  38. The motion sets his keys to.
  39. Caramarin tossed him the keys.
  41. They then hear the keys stop.
  42. All I have left are the keys.
  43. And the general has the keys.
  44. Her car keys were in her hand.
  45. The girl hit a couple of keys.
  46. I have keys and I have drugs.
  47. Keys to growing in Character:.
  48. Of course not, Honored Keys.
  49. The keys were in the ignition.
  50. I just stared at the car keys.
  51. He had many keys at the museum.
  52. One of them rattled the keys.
  53. She held the keys to his soul.
  54. He handed Reuben a set of keys.
  55. It contains the keys you will.
  56. He handed Thompson his car keys.
  57. Come in, I’ll fetch the keys.
  58. Keys looked on from the counter.
  59. Garcia tossed the keys to Niki.
  60. Then she tapped the keys again.
  61. He handed me a set of car keys.
  62. Where are the keys, Mom?
  63. Johnson then punched more keys.
  64. It was the keys of his Mustang.
  65. The Keys of the Kingdom (1944).
  66. Where are those blasted keys?
  67. These are the keys to my truck.
  68. He pressed a couple of keys to.
  69. Wait! The keys! said David.
  70. Picked the keys of his car and.
  71. I found your keys, he lied.
  72. Keys for the museum where I work.
  73. Even your keys can be used as a.
  74. Jesus was revealing the Keys of.
  75. I dangle the keys in front of her.
  76. He dug the keys out of his pocket.
  77. Samantha fumbled for her car keys.
  78. Where the guy kept the room keys.
  79. She respects you, Honored Keys.
  80. He has keys, Rancid replied.
  81. He kept the keys inside his sock.
  82. She already held the keys for Miss.
  83. Bring me the keys for all of them.
  84. Simeon as treasurer held the keys.
  85. The two keys to a good crust are.
  86. I checked and the keys were in it.
  87. The Bible's Keys to Mental Health.
  88. I left my room to find the car keys.
  89. He'd handed me the keys to his car.
  90. Then he put his fingers on the keys.
  91. The bailiff got Gary’s keys and.
  92. Hirsi, here is a copy of your keys.
  93. Keys: Use your putter, it's the key.
  94. He took his keys out of his pocket.
  95. That way, nobody had both keys to.
  96. Using the keys he opened the trunk.
  97. Max took his keys from the ignition.
  98. Give me the keys, he demanded.
  99. I can’t find her keys anywhere.
  100. Yes, the keys were in the ignition.

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