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  1. He had a knack of.
  2. He had a knack for drawing.
  3. I do have a knack for it though.
  4. Thus, if you have the knack for.
  5. He had a knack for twisting things.

  6. I have a knack for going invisible.
  7. He seemed to have a knack for only.
  8. His knack with animals came naturally.
  9. Walt has a knack for…whatever it is.
  10. Stephens has a knack of altering wiring.
  11. Billy Bob, I have a knack for things.
  12. It’s taken me ages to get the knack of it, but.
  13. This man really seemed to have a knack for making.
  14. He has a knack for getting to the bottom of things.
  15. He wondered, because he seemed to be losing the knack.

  16. Even so, he was surprised to find that he had a knack.
  17. But Bill has a knack for pulling things out of the air.
  18. Plus a special knack with tools and hand-eye coordination.
  19. He impressed me immensely with his knack of synchronizing.
  20. Whatever knack he had for cards didn’t carry over to dice.
  21. You have a real knack for knowing what to say, sometimes.
  22. Once again, Rooster was an amazing salesman with a knack for.
  23. Koza, it seems, has a knack for identifying turnaround stocks.
  24. There is a fast way of making these, once you have the knack.
  25. Rose had an uncanny knack for knowing when the time would be.

  26. You’ve the knack of winning arguments, conceded Sathyam.
  27. I have quite lost the knack of talking to ladies, he said.
  28. It was a building that had the knack of attracting the evil eye.
  29. They are undaunted by large projects, because they have the knack of.
  30. There is a knack to it, he said, but you have done very well.
  31. He had developed the knack of understanding what people were thinking.
  32. Now she was no longer susceptible – or perhaps he had lost the knack.
  33. But your cat's instincts will tell it that paperweight or even nick knack.
  34. The man possessed a certain knack for getting the hang of things over time.
  35. Either one of them could have had the same knack with magic that I’ve got.
  36. Gifted with a knack for preemption, a number of ideas passed through her head.
  37. And this new found knack for clandestine organization surprised even himself.
  38. He wished that he could have learned Mori’s knack for speaking to children.
  39. He inspired men to follow him, and had a knack for clever sleights and ruses.
  40. He has a knack of turning over stones and finding what should be kept hidden.
  41. She had a knack for knowing where to find pirates and what to do when she did.
  42. After a while they got the knack of it and started making pretty good progress.
  43. She said, ‘That’s one of the great things about Vincent, he has the knack.
  44. I have a knack for knowing where the market will close at the end of the day.
  45. What can I say? I have a knack for trouble, he replied with a note of irony.
  46. He had always assumed that Mori’s knack for pre-empting things was subconscious.
  47. She had a knack for making sure she got her point across without being overwhelming.
  48. She had a dizzying knack for identifying the key question at the heart of every story.
  49. Oh, and James also had an invaluable knack for putting up with Hunter on a daily basis.
  50. Even Mercer could not deny her knack for the trade, nonetheless eying her suspiciously.
  51. His dark eyes narrowed, and once again Amaranthe remembered his knack for sensing deception.
  52. In fact, he could not hear those last few words, but luckily he had a knack for reading lips.
  53. His mother had always had the knack of making him feel like a guilty schoolboy, he reflected.
  54. Kelly,with his happy knack of hitting off an author's characteristicsin a phrase, says: He still.
  55. There were signs of remorse on her face, but she had a knack of convincing people of her innocence.
  56. I had a knack at this shoe selling, but most importantly I started learning a great deal about myself.
  57. He had the uncanny knack of being able to be in a central look-out position without being seen himself.
  58. But one could never be sure, not with a woman of such a background, and with that knack for making enemies.
  59. A close aide told me that their leader had a knack of being able to deliver a speech with minimal preparation.
  60. I am worried that you have a knack for making unwise decisions, he says when he’s a foot away from me.
  61. Some of the officers and NCO’s have told me that you were known as a finagler with a knack for currying favor.
  62. All because of its reputation of being easy to shoot, easy to maintain, and a knack for getting the job done right.
  63. To whom does this land belong? called Caesar, who seemed to have picked up the knack a lot quicker than Johnny.
  64. The other kids sometimes teased Charlie for being a redheaded Jew, but his knack for marginality helped him here, too.
  65. The cop part of Walter had a knack of wheedling his way inside you, so that you were left feeling transparent and obvious.
  66. I had only been depriving myself as she was a breath of fresh air, whose presence had a knack of bringing life into my soul.
  67. He was a plain man, with knack for rhyme and rhythm that sets your brain a-jingling for weeks, who saw peasants as they are.
  68. Now these brushes both sweep and shovel at the same time Lemoss, Rosecare will show you as there is a knack to using them.
  69. Ganesh’s father also had a fierce visage, dominating eyes, and a knack for rubbing others the wrong way, including his son.
  70. A chance meeting, a service rendered, a happy phrase, a knack of facetious mimicry, and a man’s career might be made in a trice.
  71. If they had stood together, she was reasonably sure they would be about the same size, but he had a knack of taking up less space.
  72. Who'd have thought the coolly logical Llewellyn would have the knack of restoring his good temper? Perhaps he'd keep him after all.
  73. Over the past few months, David’s knack for instigating an argument with his son over the minutiae of life had spread to his wife.
  74. I’d made it to the point that I fairly well understood relationships, but just didn’t have the knack at finding a compatible girl.
  75. The musical sense in each of the children was of the quickest, but the elder in especial had a marvelous knack of catching and repeating.
  76. But Ulbrickson was left staring at a cold, hard fact: Ebright just seemed to have an uncanny knack for winning the ones that mattered most.
  77. And there he is now, he added, the same fellow, pulling the skin with his fingers, some special knack evidently, and he laughing at a yarn.
  78. Not that I really think she needs me here for protection as she seems to have quite the knack for victory – but don’t tell her I said that.
  79. Like many men who take life easily, he had the knack of saying a home truth occasionally to those who felt themselves virtuously out of temper.
  80. Sicarius had the knack of moving without anyone noticing him move, so when he appeared at Akstyr’s side, the younger man jumped several inches.
  81. He becomes an appendage of the machine, and it is only the most simple, most monotonous, and most easily acquired knack, that is required of him.
  82. However to us who were used to the trenches it was no hardship for we had a knack of dropping off anywhere and sleeping sitting up suited us fine.
  83. Because I hear that you have an uncanny knack of getting away with things, Barns, and unlike poor Hives, I've no intention of taking an early holiday.
  84. It turned out he had a knack for encouraging fellow nature lovers to believe their ecological enthusiasm made all the difference to the future of the planet.
  85. Kim Il-sung’s organized political machine had the formidable knack for creating associations with the allure of democracy and openness to the general public.
  86. Coming to grips with her qualms in time, she developed the knack to induce beauties to keep Global’s supply lines fresh and spicy to cater to the high and mighty.
  87. Same man: remarkable northern accent, knack for dressing sensibly despite belonging to a nation of civil servants who favoured morning coats with buttonhole flowers.
  88. Our youngest son Frank has an eight year old daughter who loves to draw and is real good at it, especially fashion type drawing and has a knack for drama and theater.
  89. It would indeed boost his already-lofty reputation in the legal community and the press as an aggrandized showman with a knack for savvy yet convincing, eloquent 281.
  90. This gentleman belonged to a German family of decidedly bourgeois origin, but he had a knack of acquiring the patronage of big-wigs, and of retaining their favour.
  91. He had a knack for speaking clearly and grammatically without sounding as though he were talking to an idiot, and Thaniel was learning at the speed of sound because of it.
  92. Many conglomerate managements in 1968, on the other hand, demonstrated no abilities other than a knack for promoting the prices of the stocks of the companies they controlled.
  93. Believe it or not, many clients will choose to come to a trainer who has a knack for a certain type or style of training, because they will be looking for the quality of your work.
  94. The reference location here changes in a constant and complex but predictable manner as Blenda circles Kellaran, making for a very tricky jump, but he has the knack for such things.
  95. The caller had earned a well-deserved reputation for achieving success with his commissions; he had the uncanny knack of picking up the correct leads, which helped him succeed where others failed.
  96. He seemed to have an uncanny knack for estimating who would come out on top in the bloody fighting at the highest levels of Roman power; or failing that, to ingratiate himself to the ultimate victors.
  97. It was so remote that even to this day, Linda couldn’t trust herself to drive there alone, and it was always Ben who took her there nowadays since he had a great knack for remembering remote routes.
  98. Some had a knack of mixing some vinegar with wine right before consuming it, in case some of the officers or procrastinators were making their rounds checking up on morale, or discipline in the latter case.
  99. White Feathers found that the head of one of those families, Melvin Pierce, a nice fellow with a pair of roan geldings stabled at the livery, had a real knack for husbandry and a serviceable business sense.
  100. At the small salon, which was owned and run by a young Armenian coiffeur and his sister, he soon learnt the techniques and knack of washing, cutting, shaping, combing and permanent waving of long, beautiful.

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