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Knock numa frase em (in ingles)

1. A knock at the door.
2. A knock on the door.
3. A KNOCK at the DOOR.
4. A Knock at the Door.
5. Did you knock on the.
6. Knock out a few teeth.
7. There was a knock on.

8. A knock to hard to bear.
9. A knock came on the door.
10. A soft knock on the door.
11. Then a knock at the door.
12. A knock came at the door.
13. Then a knock on the door.
14. Another knock at the door.
15. Would you knock it off.
16. It’s a knock on effect.
17. The next knock was Dorian.
18. He tried to knock on the.
19. A blunt knock on the door.
20. A knock sounded at the door.
21. I heard a knock on my door.
22. Suddenly, there was a knock.
23. Lisa gave it a light knock.
24. There is a knock on my door.
25. Josef to knock on that door.
26. I knock at the door and wait.
27. There is a knock at the door.
28. There was a knock at my door.
29. This is not a knock on Apple.
30. Emily hadn't heard the knock.
32. There was a knock on my door.
33. Let’s not knock him out.
34. There was a knock at the door.
35. There was a knock on the door.
36. There was a knock on her door.
37. And knock over the furniture.
38. There’s a knock on the door.
39. He heard a knock at his door.
40. A soft knock came on his door.
1. Again, there is a knocking.
2. Knocking off the engine, he.
3. I am always knocking my head.
4. Have you heard of knocking.
5. The man who was knocking paused.
6. Someone was knocking at the door.
7. Knocking on the door, he heard.
8. There was a swift knocking sound.
9. I heard the knocking of my heart.
10. Keep knocking at the door of God.
11. After a time the knocking stopped.
12. The exquisite knocking of the blood.
13. Tim is knocking the hinge pins out.
14. He watched it knocking the next peg.
15. The sound of knocking startled Marion.
16. A loud knocking came from downstairs.
17. I was aroused by the knocking of Mrs.
18. So what's the plan for knocking out.
19. The grenade blew in mid air, knocking.
20. John hit the dirt, knocking his wind out.
21. The lender goes round knocking on doors.
22. As such hot foreign money comes knocking.
23. I swore I heard Junie’s knees knocking.
24. I entered the Board Room without knocking.
25. I guess we should try knocking after all.
26. I heard knocking and a voice from my door.
27. Stokes’s gut, knocking the wind from him.
28. And there was someone knocking at his door.
29. She bashed him with her shoulder, knocking.
30. Knocking twice, she stepped back and waited.
31. The knocking was then augmented by shouting.
32. About an hour later, Harold was knocking on.
33. The raven dove, knocking Marja to the ground.
34. She slammed into his shoulder, knocking him.
35. Shatov began furiously knocking and shouting.
36. But she's knocking about in the queerest way.
37. Who else would be knocking this late?
38. Once, we were done John was knocking at the.
39. Suddenly there was a loud knocking at the gate.
40. Knocking at the door startled the both of them.
1. I knocked on the door.
2. I knocked at the door.
3. I knocked on his door.
4. He knocked on door Nr.
5. He knocked at the door.
6. He knocked on the door.
7. He had knocked her out.
8. She knocked on the door.
9. He was knocked out cold.
10. He knocked the wall a.
11. I got knocked on my ass.
12. One man was knocked out.
13. Mac knocked on the door.
14. He knocked at the window.
15. They knocked on the door.
16. Knocked me off, but the.
17. I was knocked out about.
18. I can't be knocked out.
19. Roy knocked his hand away.
20. Steve knocked on the door.
21. Jill knocked on the door.
22. Chair knocked on the door.
23. Joseph knocked on the door.
24. Carter knocked on the door.
25. Herbie knocked on the door.
26. Parker knocked on the door.
27. He hadn't knocked over a.
28. I knocked on the open door.
29. Virgil knocked on the door.
30. You could have knocked me.
31. She knocked me out, though.
32. Barbara knocked on the door.
33. We've been knocked out of.
34. Gladys knocked, and came in.
35. Sharma knocked at the door.
36. Tolro knocked his hand away.
37. Tatton knocked on the door.
38. I should have knocked first.
39. Dominic knocked on the glass.
40. That is what knocked me out.
1. Sadie knocks on the door.
2. It knocks him to his ass.
3. Your head knocks heaven, Mr.
4. Sammy knocks on his forehead.
5. There were several knocks on.
6. Seems he knocks her about now.
7. Expectant knocks upon the door.
8. Loud knocks were heard at the door.
9. A flurry of knocks came at the door.
10. Wealth And the School Of Hard Knocks.
11. Unks knocks on the quaint cottage door.
12. It truly was the school of hard knocks.
13. Tommy heeded the anxiety of those knocks.
14. Then, two knocks came on the bedroom door.
15. The shock wave knocks Epsilon off balance.
16. Andrew knocks on my door, which falls open.
17. Someone knocks on the conference room door.
18. There was knocks, and things flew about!.
19. It nearly knocks the chicken basket I’m.
20. It was like two distinct knocks on the wall.
21. A volley of louder knocks came from downstairs.
22. He knocks and Penny opens the door to let him in.
23. The captain almost knocks Tom over with his elbow.
24. It takes so many hard knocks to get the ten again.
25. I could escape the phone and the knocks on the door.
26. He knew about the knocks, that was the chief thing.
27. When this mark-down time begins, opportunity knocks.
28. The hard knocks develop our courage and moral stamina.
29. He kicks the chair and knocks over another hot coffee.
30. Jaden tackles him and he knocks over some other pieces.
31. That knocks the wind out of the interrogator’s sails.
32. When someone knocks on the door, it was Rob who came in.
33. Then finally, she heard three short knocks at her door.
34. It is about realizing that opportunity knocks but once.
35. There were continuous knocks at the door but she never.
36. On the first day of the week, knocks on my door awoke me.
37. The Investment School of Hard Knocks is not a real school.
38. Zoe knocks, and a voice within calls out, Come in!.
39. It took a total of fourteen knocks for Sandra to open the.
40. Even the Swiss banks took serious knocks the last few years.

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