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Know numa frase em (in ingles)

1. So far as I know.
2. As much as I know.
3. But I had to know.
4. You know how it is.
5. I know where it is.
6. But I have to know.
7. I said I don't know.

8. We know and love me.
9. I think I know that.
10. I know I killed her.
11. How do I know this.
12. Not that we know of.
13. It was hard to know.
14. I need to know what.
15. I know, what a shame.
16. Not that I know of.
17. And I know how much.
18. Did he know this? No.
19. But I know not where.
20. How did I know this?
21. Think so? I know so.
22. But I do know this.
23. Z, but I don’t know.
24. And I know it is true.
25. I know what you meant.
26. Would it help to know.
27. They need to know th.
28. We all know what the.
29. You know what you did.
30. You know it will come.
31. Even I don't know that.
32. We know some of them.
33. I know they would help.
34. You know me and a dare.
35. Of course, I know you.
36. He’d know who she was.
37. All I know is that the.
38. I know, Luni… I know.
39. All they know is hunger.
40. I don’t know how and.
1. Even knowing what he was.
2. Knowing you as I do, I.
3. Not knowing it, doing it.
4. I have no way of knowing.
5. Knowing the short cut, W.
6. Care of God (ESP KNOWING).
7. He gave Credit a knowing.
8. Not without my knowing it.
9. Knowing that they had no.
10. Knowing the head of Pre-.
11. One is knowing when to.
12. Knowing the Way Things Are.
13. You lied about knowing her.
14. The sense of just knowing.
15. Knowing that she'd had an.
16. Knowing The Key Players In.
17. The not knowing, that is.
18. It is madness knowing that.
19. And knowing there would be.
20. Not knowing what I know now.
21. He was now brave and knowing.
22. It was maddening not knowing.
23. Not knowing what to say, he.
24. It’s the not knowing that.
25. Not knowing how to face his.
26. But she had no way of knowing.
27. It is frustrating not knowing.
28. The issue was not knowing God.
29. He took it without knowing why.
30. Knowing she would be able to.
31. Knowing that in his heart she.
32. Knowing Trent, it probably was.
33. Imagine a kid not knowing that.
34. Knowing who I truly am in His.
35. Not knowing where I was going.
36. Knowing that life is out there.
37. Knowing what was about to come.
38. We long for this, knowing how.
39. She counted to fifty, knowing.
40. It was all about knowing when.
1. T known as the wall.
2. I had known Amanda, a.
3. This is known as the.
4. He was known as Bruce.
5. It can be known only.
6. They are known as the.
7. It is not known: I am.
8. The boys she had known.
9. I had always known that.
10. That is well known but.
11. She had known all along.
12. There is a concept known.
13. Army known as the Army.
14. This point, known as a.
15. It is not known what….
16. And he has not known it.
17. With all the known rules.
18. But nothing more is known.
19. I should have known that.
21. Known for its folk music.
22. The path is known as the.
23. She had known some of 71.
24. His only known source of.
25. I've known it all my life.
26. Known as the clown of the.
27. It is known that both the.
28. We should have fucken known.
29. I would have known about it.
30. But she should have known!.
31. But it is a known fan out.
32. He should have known better.
33. I should have known better.
34. This is a well known truth.
35. I should have had it known.
36. She must have always known.
37. I’ve known for some time.
38. I’d known this was coming.
39. She should have known better.
40. It was known that when the.
1. He knows I am love.
2. Wa knows what to do.
3. He knows I wanted Lea.
4. He knows me too well.
5. God and God knows man.
6. God who knows how to.
7. God knows what it was.
8. He knows when you lie.
9. He has seen and knows.
10. She knows I love that.
11. No one knows for sure.
12. She knows we are here.
13. He knows this is a trap.
14. He knows that this is.
15. She only knows her beam.
16. He knows the area best.
17. The one that knows you.
18. He knows where we live.
19. He knows she is lying.
20. No one knows about this.
21. He knows about the gold.
22. It knows the way out.
23. God, and He knows best!.
24. She knows all about you.
25. Every one here knows it.
26. He already knows the way.
27. He knows that too much.
28. Who knows what goes on.
29. More even than he knows.
30. I AM knows what is best.
31. The horse knows the way.
32. But he knows what to do.
33. And God knows what else.
34. No one knows what we did.
35. She knows where they are.
36. Bill Ellis knows all.
37. Knows not my secret that.
38. Nobody knows where he is.
39. That way she knows that.
1. I knew I was gone.
2. He knew who he was.
3. As I knew he would.
4. That is all I knew.
5. I knew he wanted me.
6. I knew all of this.
7. She knew who he was.
8. He knew what He did.
9. He knew it was crazy.
10. She knew it was lust.
11. No one knew it could.
12. But I knew the answer.
13. I knew it would come.
14. I knew what he wanted.
15. She knew he was late.
16. No one knew why they.
17. He knew he had to ask.
18. And he already knew it.
19. I knew what to expect.
20. I knew he could do it.
21. I knew you were alive.
22. I knew it would hurt.
23. He knew what she meant.
24. Yes! I knew it was real.
25. I knew why Ish grumbled.
26. I knew what this meant.
27. If I had not knew the.
28. They knew he was wise.
29. All knew how to use it.
30. But they all knew that.
31. You knew it would come.
32. He knew who was coming.
33. I knew she never would.
34. I knew it was no dream.
35. The men knew what to do.
36. He knew before he looked.
37. Coach Demera knew it too.
38. He knew the game was up.
39. But he knew that if he.
40. I knew she would love it.

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