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1. He had not noticed Kris.
2. Kris too was on his feet.
3. Kris was much happier now.
4. Kris begging for his life.
5. Kris seemed to be an enigma.
6. Marianne Kris, came to visit.
7. Kris could not believe his luck.

8. Quickly, Kris, build up the fire.
9. I see that there is goodness in you, Kris.
10. But something within Kris was not satisfied.
11. He watched Kris through half-closed eyelids.
12. The damage had already been done, by Kris.
13. Aglaral and Kris will be shown their quarters.
14. Before Gamying could frame a reply, Kris shouted.
15. Unobserved, for the moment, Kris fouled himself.
16. Kris nodded and smiled and told him not to worry.
17. The three drew lots and Kris drew the first watch.
18. Kris said that she would certainly make the call.
19. Kris built a fire and Manfred soon had it burning.
20. After this turn of events, Kris was a shattered man.
21. Kris seemed a little more relaxed and less fearful.
22. Tell me, Kris, how were you to be contacted?
23. Kris would be able to obtain her patient’s release.
24. He set a slower pace, more suited to Manfred and Kris.
25. Kris could now see nothing but numbers in front of him.
26. What is it? What are you talking about? Kris asked.
27. Simon sat with Jhamed on his left and Kris on his right.
28. Kris the Bard writing in The Chronicle of the Hero.
29. Kris hesitated and looked concerned but he finally agreed.
30. It was the most amazing moment Kris had ever experienced.
31. It was a wonder that Kris had been able to function at all.
32. Kris sat quietly, nibbling slowly on a strip of dried meat.
33. Kris could not control his glee and burst out into a smile.
34. Mark was diligent as ever and quickly placed Kris in a room.
35. At first, Kris did not realize the change in his personality.
36. Kris all arrived at the same time to visit Marilyn and Arthur.
37. Kris was enthralled by what he was visualizing in front of him.
38. The next morning, as Kris woke up, he understood he had changed.
39. Kris was called into service to recount the story of Gilgamesh.
40. She was staring at Kris Menchan, the teammate she’d mentored.
41. Kris was also keen to continue his winning streak in real estate.
42. What about Kris Wild? Have you seen her? interrupted Bryce.
43. What about him? Aglaral gestured towards the cowering Kris.
44. Kris met her gaze, hoping she could see the honesty in his eyes.
45. In essence, for Kris, the money he was making no longer mattered.
46. Kris gathered up their remaining timber and placed it on the fire.
47. Kris has put me in the hospital under the care of two idiot doctors.
48. Kris was now so white that he could have been mistaken for an albino.
49. Kris had never seen so much money and did not know what to do with it.
50. They were in good spirits and shared a warm meal and a story from Kris.
51. Thomas looked at Kris intensely for a while and then offered her hands.
52. Kris felt deep satisfaction as he held the property documents in his name.
53. This was the moment when Kris realized that his intuition was indeed right.
54. After the meeting, Kris readily made arrangements to purchase the property.
55. Aglaral and Ubadah seemed to be all right, but Kris was in obvious distress.
56. Kris, on the other hand, couldn’t believe his eyes, which widened with lust.
57. Kris ignored him as he was expecting the contractor to be a middle aged person.
58. As usual, Aglaral and Ubadah found the going much easier than Kris and Manfred.
59. His first moves in the stock market provided Kris a huge sense of exhilaration.
60. Kris the same chilling story she told Ralph Roberts about her near suicidal leap.
61. Gamying, Aglaral and Kris needed little more motivation to do as Manfred had urged.
62. Thomas asked Kris at what price he would be comfortable in purchasing the property.
63. Within a week, the transaction was consummated and Kris was the proud owner of Mrs.
64. Kris simply nodded and shuffled off to take his turn for whatever rest he could find.
65. The apartments were sold out in no time and in the process made Kris extremely rich.
66. They also reminded Manfred of a thorny little problem he had been putting off: Kris.
67. Kris scheduled an appointment for the same evening at a coffee shop near to his home.
68. Kris was exalted with the success that he had secured in such a short period of time.
69. Manfred led the way, Aglaral second, Kris behind him, and Gamying brought up the rear.
70. Kris as many as five days a week, which at this time most people believed was too much.
71. The conference call will be hosted by Infosys’s CEO, Kris Gopalakrishnan, and CFO, V.
72. In the shadows behind the rubble, Kris closed his eyes, not wanting to watch Manfred die.
73. Steve was the opening act for Kris Kristofferson in 1971 at the Quiet Knight in Chicago.
74. Kris tended the fire and examined the sword he had been given before they left Elannort.
75. Kris seemed to be finding the pace as difficult as Manfred, but Aglaral was unperturbed.
76. The boss now resides with his wife Kris and their daughter Maya in Encinitas, California.
77. As well as Andrea Jewell and Kris Bearss for their very timely help in the eleventh hour.
78. Kris the Bard had been allowed to join the meeting, in his new capacity as official scribe.
79. Kris suddenly felt a surge of power and energy by the affection shown to him by his mother.
80. May I be strong in my final test? Behind a pile of rubble, next to the gates, Kris cowered.
81. Kris had had any notion that Marilyn would relax in this place, she had been sorely mistaken.
82. And as luck would have it, the markets increased significantly and landed Kris a neat profit.
83. Kris still missed her a lot and was cursing his previous version for being such a stupid fool.
84. Kris struck a conversation with her and talked to her about her daughter and her grandchildren.
85. Aglaral had readily agreed that Kris remain with them when he heard the wizard’s explanation.
86. Martha seemed skeptical of what she was hearing but Kris diligently explained everything to her.
87. The next day, Kris met the landowner at the site of the property to discuss the terms of the sale.
88. Kris appeared to be susceptible to hay fever, because he was soon repeatedly sneezing and wheezing.
89. Kris, hid his excitement and expressed that he was skeptical of hiring Mark due to his inexperience.
90. Kris moved to sneak the last nugget back into his pocket, but hesitated and placed it with the rest.
91. When Gamying and Aglaral returned about twenty minutes later, they found both Kris and Manfred asleep.
92. It wasn’t so much the trees, but those damned gnats that have eaten me alive, Kris complained.
93. A servant opened the door and Kris was led inside to the hall after he mentioned the reason of visit.
94. After several weeks of this, I had a fateful conversation with my friend Kris, a senior producer at GMA.
95. Kris was just the right build for walking in the tunnel but he found it very uncomfortable on his wagon.
96. It was a small and very sharp-pointed kris, the wavy blade reflecting the sun on each razor sharp edge.
97. Kris tried to mumble something and remember the words that he was just memorizing but no words came out.
98. As soon as Kris crashed into the bed, he realized that this attack would be the mother of all nightmares.
99. One day, when he could no longer be without Martha, Kris finally decided to muster his guts and meet her.
100. As expected, the response for the property was phenomenal and again resulted in windfall profits for Kris.

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