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Lace numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. He was a straight lace.
  2. And the cascades of lace.
  3. And white lace matched only.
  4. He watched through the lace.
  5. Peacocks in the lace curtains.

  6. He could lace his boot up later.
  7. A thin lace mask veiled her eyes.
  8. It’s decorated in lace and satin.
  9. Mammy would have to lace her tighter.
  10. Lace pantyhose were in vogue at the.
  11. You are not a lady for lace, I think.
  12. The same lace also covered the chairs.
  13. From a window, through the white lace.
  14. So did the lace at my collar and cuffs.
  15. White frilly lace curtains covering the.

  16. Her hand touched the soft lace curtains.
  17. A white lace tablecloth draped over the.
  18. Under the moon with a girl in white lace.
  19. The yellow lace curtains defused even that.
  20. It was hung about with lace—too much lace.
  21. The dresser was draped by an ivory lace doily.
  22. On the table was a jenny for carding the lace.
  23. This time I wore a green dress with white lace.
  24. There she was at the altar, all decked in lace.
  25. I could see the lace at the top of her brassiere.

  26. She was wearing a black lace dress and had long.
  27. Oh! she said, catching the lace at her throat.
  28. Besides,…didn’t he last month, buy her that lace?
  29. Gold lace garters held up black fishnets at mid thigh.
  30. Neither silk, lace, nor orange flowers would she have.
  31. The bottom three inches of which was a decorative lace.
  32. Nerissa fought off the urge to turn her palm and lace.
  33. She was wearing a black lace dress and had long black.
  34. He dropped to his knees pretending to tie his shoe lace.
  35. As soon as Jean tried to lace his sandals the following.
  36. She blinked at madame, and under the thick lace veil Mrs.
  37. She was down to her lace bikinis, and quickly donned her.
  38. Its tint was of dark violet, trimmed with threads of lace.
  39. Our life moved smoothly as if it was tied with golden lace.
  40. A waterfall cascades like white lace from the nearby hills.
  41. She bent over a bit letting me ogle the lace on her red bra.
  42. He didn’t look right in satin and lace, so he wore jeans.
  43. Jack shoved his hand under the lace panties and felt her wet.
  44. She continued drawing the lace with slow, dignified movements.
  45. The working of that lace costs him, perhaps, two years labour.
  46. Thus, you have to take care of it, like it is a fine old lace.
  47. I lost the lace through the family’s going away to Saratov.
  48. Then she looked up and said, But of course, the new white lace.
  49. The white lace leaped in little jumps and bounds on to the card.
  50. She played with the shoe- lace of the foot that was on her knee.
  51. Nisha was wearing a tight fitted black lace dress with red pumps.
  52. Gold-gilded valances made of velvet and lace adorned their tops.
  53. The lace from her sleeves stuck to her skin in the seeping blood.
  54. She had a little bouquet of candy tuft in a collar of paper lace.
  55. A shadow moved behind lace curtains on the upper half of the door.
  56. Then he swiped a hand across the lace of dried saliva on his chin.
  57. These bits of lace are fastened under the chin with a rosebud, so.
  58. Mickey Kevin very slowly rifted a handful of lace bathroom curtain.
  59. She was in a stark black dress, made of twisted lace and thick silk.
  60. The lace curtains continued to move in a white snowfall above them.
  61. He admired the exaltation of her soul and the lace on her petticoat.
  62. Her soul flew out into the azure depths, with wings of Mechlin lace.
  63. The man's only reply was a stirring of gold lace brushed by the wind.
  64. She had silver accessories and a pair of black lace up heel booties.
  65. The long lace train Evelyn would connect to the dress at the church.
  66. Above her brow her head was covered with a cap of silver lace netted.
  67. Alicia’s case a great confection of lace she had piled onto her head.
  68. A skinny girl in a black lace bra and cutoffs pointed toward the stairs.
  69. With a sensually cut neckline, the lace edging near her breasts played.
  70. It had a lace bodice surrounding my chest and led to a mock turtleneck.
  71. That was a little, darkish room too, but it was smothered in white lace.
  72. He was wearing the thick-soled lace up black leather variety I expected.
  73. It looked like satin mingles with lace on an apron and the front was a.
  74. I lie on the bed, keep my legs together, and lace my hands over my belly.
  75. I sit on the bed and lace up my boots while he washes up in the bathroom.
  76. At the head of the glen a torrent flowed like a white lace over an endless.
  77. One of his boots has lost its lace, and its tongue lolls cannibalistically.
  78. The gold-gilded valances adorned the tops and were made of velvet and lace.
  79. Over her shoulders was thrown a lace shawl pinned with a massive gold brooch.
  80. His finger slips through the fine lace and slowly circles around me – there.
  81. He slowly crawled onto the bed and gently removed my shoes and then fancy lace.
  82. She was dressed in rich materials,—satins, and lace, and silks,—all of white.
  83. Mary came out of the bath wearing a see-through white teddy, a white lace mini-.
  84. The Queen Anne’s lace sways on its taproots, and the bees do their steady work.
  85. The one behind was also a familiar porter, with white crown lace around his cap.
  86. What do you think? she asked, holding a thin strip of blue lace across her.
  87. A plain, simple white dress with a little lace at the top, low cut, a string of.
  88. A couple of them were plain, but the rest of them were made of lace and sparkles.
  89. There were plenty of flowers, knickknacks, and lace cloths in the Mayor’s house.
  90. Beneath the dress she wore a black lace strapless bra and matching lace underwear.
  91. There were Pollyanna ruffles upon ruffles, upon ivory-colored satin and lace bows.
  92. She wore a green silk blouse with ruffled lace sleeves and waist and gold buttons.
  93. I wore my mother’s creamy-white satin and lace dress – as for my first wedding.
  94. I think the first could be “C,” although “E” is also in both lace and vice.
  95. She decides to pick a pretty flower pattern, and then a purple one with white lace.
  96. The window treatments were of ivory lace, trimmed with gold-braid across the bottom.
  97. Hide is one of the best materials for lashings and for thongs to lace things together.
  98. She was dressed in a magnificent pink silk wrapper with lace at the wrists and throat.
  99. She was slim, wearing black lace panties and bra, but that wasn’t the biggest shock.
  100. It was filled; she snipped off the length, and pinned the end down to the banded lace.
  1. Lacing the moon.
  2. They had lacing that went up the front and the.
  3. She slipped into the dress and was lacing the white.
  4. You are there putting on those gloves, Lacing them up.
  5. Thanks, she says, lacing it with a bit of sarcasm.
  6. That’s funny, Thomas said, sarcasm lacing his voice.
  7. As Mark finished lacing his best sandals, a thought struck him.
  8. Kareem was almost finished putting on his boots, lacing them up.
  9. Catching his hand, she smiled before lacing her fingers with his.
  10. Does this speed scare you? he asked, concern lacing his voice.
  11. After lacing the boots tightly, Molly stood and struck a sideways.
  12. How can he be a vampire? she asked, confusion lacing her voice.
  13. I expect it to fall as the lacing of the cord is not glued to it or.
  14. Saul looked at me with questions and anger lacing his eyes, but I felt.
  15. Lacing his fingers with hers, Joel held her hand, for most of the flight.
  16. Dawn was still busy lacing and unlacing her fingers, staring out of the window.
  17. Who? I? Why, don't you think me strong enough? You should see me lacing up my mistress.
  18. He thought for a second, taking my hand from his face and lacing his fingers between mine.
  19. He gave out a little deep laugh and held my hand, lacing the fingers together on his leg still.
  20. It was pleasant in the greenhouse, temperature controlled with a waft of humidity lacing the air.
  21. Lacing his hands behind his head, Gabriel stared at the ceiling before looking back at the Pastor.
  22. He takes my hands, lacing his fingers with mine, and says, The faction that controls the government.
  23. Eilidh could see Shela’s mouth twitch in frustration, probably with the condescension lacing the word young.
  24. Time for confessions, huh? What’s there to forgive? I hold his hands on my belly closer, lacing our fingers.
  25. A couple decades anyway, she said, lacing fingers over his desk then caressing each others arms as they took their seats.
  26. He watched me joking with Sharif, watched Soraya and me lacing our fingers together, watched me push back a loose curl of her hair.
  27. As he bent over, lacing his boots, there was a certain vulgar gusto in his movement that divided him from the reserved, watchful rest of the family.
  28. Lacing through his nervous system like a bat out of hell, the pain connected to his brain in a series of electromagnetic shocks, forcing him to realize his action.
  29. Both Mark Webber and Megg Robbins were there already, Mark eating his way through a doorstep of bread and Megg lacing a pair of high boots in the hope of keeping her feet dry.
  30. Spitting the lump of phlegm onto the floor and turning away, he missed the thin line of blood lacing its way through the spittle that was now oozing its way into the cool soil.
  31. In a small square of white light in the vast, dark void of the stadium, Louis stalked Schmeling around the ring like a predator for three rounds, lacing him with hard left jabs to the face.
  32. In all, I counted in Christ's season one night half a hundred bands of convent girls or public-school boys lacing the cold air and weaving great treadles of song up, down, over, and across from end to end of Dublin.
  33. The old man walked lightly across the store to the wall of ten thousand boxes, came back with some shoes for the boy, and wrote up a list on some paper while the boy was lacing the shoes on his feet and then standing there, waiting.
  34. This time we will succeed not only in our conquest of any and all that oppose us, but also in the complete annihilation of your filthy kind! He finished, fairly spitting out the last few words at Iya, with caustic venom lacing his tone, even as hatred shown from his eyes.
  1. His hair was wild, laced.
  2. Laced his hands under his head.
  3. I found out later it was laced.
  4. I could feel lead pellets laced.
  5. Donna laced her fingers with his.
  6. Or possibly what they were laced.
  7. Hurry up and get your boots laced.
  8. My hands shook as I laced my boots.
  9. His fingers unlaced and laced again.
  10. Today, I laced the water with poison.
  11. Laced with the fragrance of flowers.
  12. And laced it with something deadly.
  13. This was not a dream laced with fear.
  14. Each breath was laced with electricity.
  15. The underside of these zBands are laced.
  16. Richard laced his fingers with Donna’s.
  17. They were a winter sky laced with cirrus.
  19. Laced with golden tears and silver smiles.
  20. The outlying stone walls are laced with a.
  21. He then put the shoes on and laced them up.
  22. Kestrel leaned forward and laced his fingers.
  23. His fingers moved, laced themselves with mine.
  24. Breathing solemn sighs laced with salty tears.
  25. Laced up and ready to go, I face him and stand.
  26. Scott laced his hands under the fall of her hair.
  27. Laced together, beaded with sweat, swallowing her.
  28. I watched dumb movies and ate chemically laced foods.
  29. He leaned against it and laced his fingers with mine.
  30. Her look was so laced with hate my blood turned cold.
  31. They have recruits laced up and down the city streets.
  32. She laced her fingers into his beard and pulled it gently.
  33. She took Richard’s hand and laced her fingers with his.
  34. Laced with? I asked as she sashayed in front of the.
  35. The thing that struck me the most was a regal chair laced.
  36. Maynwaring, Pee Wee said in his deep voice, laced with.
  37. There were trees laced together with vines--as Virgil said.
  38. Yes, Alby, Minho said, his words laced with annoyance.
  39. What about it? The response was laced with irritation.
  40. Warning laced his voice, but his eyes showed some interest.
  41. This morning he was—well, he was pretty well laced with.
  42. Maybe the next time you drop acid it’ll be laced with me.
  43. The dust was literally laced with bright shiny gold flecks.
  44. He hadn’t expected such a bold and sexually laced comment.
  45. Many of the deaths resulted by consuming a soft drink laced.
  46. Hello? anxiety laced her voice, but there was hope also.
  47. She did not raise her voice, but it was laced with authority.
  48. Sir Richard laced his fingers and rested his arms on the table.
  49. Sam laced his fingers with Donna’s and led her to the lounge.
  50. Stand erect with your hands on your head, your fingers laced.
  51. His fingers laced through hers as they walked through the door.
  52. Are you crazy? she said, her quiet voice laced with scorn.
  53. She laced her corset straight, without skipping a single eyelet.
  54. He tells me that he loves me, his breath laced with strong mint.
  55. I pulled on my boots, quickly laced them and followed at a trot.
  56. It tasted fine and I was wondering whether he had laced it or not.
  57. When I laced them up, Loren said, You know how to do that?
  58. She is said to have used coffee laced with herbs for her routine.
  59. The creatures wings were bright orange, laced with black patterns.
  60. At the first opportunity, Gerard slips the guy a drug laced mickey.
  61. Only after I was laced in and ready to push off onto the ice did I.
  62. Richard laced his fingers with hers and kissed the back of her hand.
  63. My long fangs tore into the meat that was laced with strings of fat.
  64. All laced and filled with this molecular chemical that is not food.
  65. His eyes were laced with something dark—almost a sick fascination.
  66. No, you will not, I said and laced my words with a bit of fear.
  67. What happened to her leg? mum asked, her voice laced with hor-.
  68. Sam laced his fingers in front of him and rested his hands on the table.
  69. Another dismissive huff from the Argonian, his voice laced with loathing.
  70. Brianna, there is someone here for you, she said, her voice laced.
  71. She fed twigs to the fire, and the flames laced up and lighted the tent.
  72. His hand found hers under the table and he laced his fingers through hers.
  73. I’m sure they will be, Graisco replied in a tone laced with sarcasm.
  74. Then the straight laced white shoed nurse said, You can’t do that Bob.
  75. She quickly pulled on her boots, laced them, and collected her other things.
  76. A cool draft laced, ghost-like, through the room, making the lanterns quiver.
  77. I was having one hell of a ball before that straight laced colonel showed up.
  78. He laced his arms through the coat, and when he realized how comfortable he.
  79. Is that all! Henry shot back with his voice laced with a confused anger.
  80. Fortunately, John had brought along chili and liberally laced the food for us.
  81. Suddenly the floor plates were laced with bone and white skulls that screamed.
  82. When he resumed his narrative, his voice was quiet and laced with indignation.
  83. Thing 1 and Thing 2 were playing a game with string laced between their fingers.
  84. Hollowcrest will see her, he told his superior, voice laced with surprise.
  85. How pretty and fresh Cathleen had velvet slippers laced about her small ankles.
  86. They were pulled back to expose a matching bedspread and pillows of laced ivory.
  87. But what? he asked, and then took the risk and gently laced her hand in his.
  88. No thanks, I’m trying to quit since I found out those things are laced with.
  89. His eyes were dead of life, his face drawn and white, dried blood laced his chin.
  90. They were dark chocolate and laced up the front of my shins and ended at my knees.
  91. It addicted them to all kinds of drug-foods; laced with artificially added sugars.
  92. The intercom buzzed and Holland held down a button, his voice laced with annoyance.
  93. I laced my fingers through his for a better grip, and he gave me a smile in return.
  94. Her eyes did not see; they were sewn shut with laced black-widow web, dark threads.
  95. Why wont you listen to me? he asked, his voiced laced with rooted frustration.
  96. Johnny produced a flask of hot tea laced with whisky, which Lorna drank thankfully.
  97. Like all visits it was short lived and like all goodbye’s it was laced with tears.
  98. Ready ? Right, now kneel down in your corner with your hands laced behind your head.
  99. She handed him a pair of soft white leather sandals that laced halfway up his calves.
  100. He let his face fall on the cold window laced with condensation, and started licking.
  1. One of his shoe laces.
  2. One by one, he laces his.
  3. That binds you with hard laces.
  4. He laces his fingers with mine.
  5. High brown boots with laces dangling.
  6. I am not worthy to tie his shoe laces.
  7. It was a simple wooden shoe with broken laces.
  8. He laces his fingers, skin to skin, into mine.
  9. Paul snapped at the laces of his boots angrily.
  10. Brown Shoe, meanwhile, had its laces tied together.
  11. They loosened the knots and the laces in their shoes.
  12. She should be gentle with hairpins and corset laces.
  13. She tied her laces and quickly ran over to the bucket.
  14. She adjusted her black dress decorated with laces then.
  15. They are black sneakers with chrome eyelets for the laces.
  16. Jezzabell began to rub her hands against the untied laces.
  17. Jezzabell got in them and tied the laces into a single bow.
  18. She laces her fingers through his and leans her head on his arm.
  19. He laces his fingers and sets them—gingerly—on his stomach.
  20. What are you doing? I asked as he tied the laces off again.
  21. Grover tried to sit up, but he couldn’t get close to the laces.
  22. Elowen’s fingers trembled as she struggled to tie the laces on.
  23. I take off all my heavy clothes and tighten the laces in my boots.
  24. Then he laces his fingers with mine to cover up what he just did.
  25. She bent down to tie the laces of her converse before saying anything.
  26. Robert Puller had on his orange prison jumper and sneakers with no laces.
  27. Ok, you hold him to his seat and I’ll tie his laces to the chair leg.
  28. She’s wearing tennis shoes much like his own, but black and with white laces.
  29. I bought a copy of a new translation of The Divine Comedy and laces for my boots.
  30. There was a hole in the toe of one of her boots and both laces were much knotted.
  31. His riding coat was of delicate hue, and laces fluttered at his wrists and throat.
  32. It was cramped but if he cinched up the laces, it was a little bit warmer at night.
  33. They were dangling from my pack by their dusty red laces, evil in their indifference.
  34. Lastly, Lyra pulled on her trainers - white, with yellow flashes and pale green laces.
  35. He had hiking boots on his feet, with speckled laces like miniature mountain-climbing ropes.
  36. Kid Mojo randomly started talking about his new fat laces that he had put silver glitter on.
  37. The director attempts to hold on to some measure of pride, and laces his voice with defiance.
  38. Mary gave the laces on the brown velvet gown a tug and then stood back with a satisfied smile.
  39. Henry pulled the laces tight on his boots and noticed that the door to the other room was closed.
  40. I suspected that they were really boy shoes, but it was made of black leather with laces up the.
  41. Erik, after looking at his watch, made a show of starting to undo the laces of his running shoes.
  42. Slinging the tied laces around her neck, she sprung up onto the smelly mare behind her new guide.
  43. Right, he says, and stands in front of Werner’s table and laces his hands behind his back.
  44. Laces and silks and braid and ribbons, all blockade run, all the more extra affront to the Yankees.
  45. He’d made an attempt to dress himself but he’d tied knots in his laces and misaligned his buttons.
  46. Laces could be transformed into rope, which could be used as either a weapon or a way to kill oneself.
  47. For eight years she had reclined in laces and ribbons, amid velvet, gilding, ivory, bronzes and flowers.
  48. With his neck tie, she tied his hands together behind his back and his feet together with his shoe laces.
  49. She suddenly became sick, while Ethan produced an extra pair of shoe laces from one of his pants' pockets.
  50. Billy fumbles along the edge of the sofa and finds his shoes, slipping them on without doing up the laces.
  51. You could see the pattern on his trousers; the old thorns on his stick; his shoe laces; bare hands; and face.
  52. Christina reaches for his hand and laces her fingers with his, like it’s the most natural thing in the world.
  53. He hurried to help her, because her bodice was tightly fastened in the back with a long closure of crossed laces.
  54. She undressed brutally, tearing off the thin laces of her corset that nestled around her hips like a gliding snake.
  55. The light glimmered upon his pale cheek, and on the fine laces of his shirt, redly, as if with stains of new blood.
  56. From the delicate laces made by the local elders, to the mouth watering chocolates and the aromatic blends of coffee.
  57. Her fingers went to the laces at her shoulders that held her dress-up, but she stopped and let her fingers fall away.
  58. I felt his hands move to the laces of the corset, and I caught my breath as he untied them, anticipating the cool air.
  59. Yet here he was messing it up in the most ridiculous way, a footballer tripping over his laces at the World Cup Final.
  60. The poor soldier sat on the bunk in his cell, alone and without shoe laces in his shoes or a belt to secure his modesty.
  61. Next I kicked off my shoes and put on the new ones which had a cushioned sole and cupped my feet well with laces on top.
  62. When Brett helps me off the bike and then laces his fingers through mine, my heart starts beating like I'm back on the mats.
  63. He was found out because it was not customary to include laces with the shoes; these were on a separate requisition coupon.
  64. He only saw in them people who were disagreeable to him personally, like some he had met in dress-coats, uniforms, and laces.
  65. He now appears to be wearing a gray tee shirt, breeches of a thick blue fabric, gray shoes with laces and stripes, and dark glasses.
  66. Reaching down, she found his trousers’ waist and pulled hard on the laces, freeing the garment enough to reach her hand in and down.
  67. Please don’t connect the laces together because I’ve replaced them with explosives, try not to go near open fires with them.
  68. He looked down, only to see two black boots, with shoe laces and the bad foot that had swelled, had grown back to his normal shoe size.
  69. I see a young lady who pins her collar straight, laces her boots neatly, and neither whistles, talks slang, nor lies on the rug as she used to do.
  70. I slip my hand into his, and for a moment he just stands there, looking down at where I am, then he closes his eyes and laces strong fingers with mine.
  71. Standing in the center of the way was a cask of wine with its head staved in, and a big, drunken man in crazy laces and a plumed hat strutted beside it.
  72. She took a fancy to Mademoiselle, and amused her very much with odd stories of her life in France, when Amy sat with her while she got up Madam's laces.
  73. Hazy continued, Dude are you going to wear your new seventy dollar suede gym shoes with the fatty fat laces when you battle those guys next week?
  74. The laces of her sleeve fell back, and there about her wrist Stephen beheld a bracelet—a string of large, irregular pearls, rimmed and linked in silver.
  75. The case wasn’t locked, and under papers and files, the men saw a dozen or so small leather poky-bags, drawn together with leather laces and carefully sealed.
  76. The jacket was closed around her lower torso by laces that pushed up her already impressive chest, which was partly visible thanks to the opened top of the shirt.
  77. The old woman is wearing a dress that wouldn’t be out of place last time Loki was here, but she wears the same leather-like shoes with stripes and laces that Amy wears.
  78. To make moccasins, shelters, laces, thongs, water bags or canoes, the hair is removed, but for warm clothing, bedding or a good insulating groundsheet it should be left on.
  79. I’m not, she laughed Our lads gave them their belts and shoe laces back and released them around ten, but that doesn’t mean they’re clean for the hours following.
  80. But let us suppose she has not thought about this: still she cannot help knowing that velvet and silk, sweetmeats and flowers, and laces and dresses, do not grow of themselves, but are made by men.
  81. With a longing that almost amounted to a passion, she craved jewels, good gowns, laces and all the other dear, delightful pomps and vanities of this world, which only a plethoric purse can procure.
  82. Running small races with untucked shirts and undone laces, Letchard and Mr Cigar on the clap-tap-tar, pay visits to the many far places, supporting and introducing themselves as play-play Sirs, when ever the sporting need occurs.
  83. This person was occupied in his own affairs at the moment, for he was taking up the laces of his gold-chased armor, and abstractedly whistling—a rather unconventional performance, considering that he was in the presence of a king.
  84. She had already valiantly renounced finery, had dressed herself in linen, and had put all her silks, all her ornaments, all her ribbons, and all her laces on her daughter, the only vanity which was left to her, and a holy one it was.
  85. She cannot help knowing that her dressmaker, whom she scolded to-day, made this dress not at all out of love to her, therefore she cannot help knowing that all these things—her laces, flowers, and velvet—were made from sheer want.
  86. Kid Mojo looked over to me since he knew I was our head spin guy but he could see I was still tying my laces, so he strode out to the middle, looked back at me and us NSR’s and said, I’ll show ‘em wazup … We’ll mess anybody up!.
  87. We may from thence form some notion how great must be the annual consumption in all the different parts of the world, either in manufactures of the same kind with those of Birmingham, or in laces, embroideries, gold and silver stuffs, the gilding of books, furniture, etc.
  88. Then he retrieved a crisp new EDA flight officer’s uniform from the long rack behind him and presented it to me, on a hanger draped in clear plastic, along with a pair of black running shoes with dark gray soles, Velcro laces, and no manufacturer’s logo anywhere on them.
  89. I execrate these vampires who and laces when our men are dying for want of quinine, who load their boats with tea and are sucking the lifeblood of the men who follow Robert Lee—these men who are making the very name of blockader a stench in the nostrils of all patriotic men.
  90. His stern aspect, ceremonious bow, and measured gait, and the exactness of his wearing-apparel,—the leg-rags fitted his legs like stockings and the laces crossed each other symmetrically on either leg,—all his appearance seemed to express rebuke and enmity on account of the land.
  91. After the currency reform, new watches began appearing in jeweller’s stores with certified dates of manufacture, food drifted off the coupon system and into stores, you could buy shoes with or without laces for nothing but money and Volkswagen was rumoured to be restarting production soon.
  92. All the people who sat and stood in the boxes on the opposite side, those who sat near and those who were in the parterre, with their grey, grizzly, bald, or curly heads—all were absorbed in watching the thin, bony actress who, dressed in silks and laces, was wriggling before them, and speaking in an unnatural voice.
  93. By all appearances, it seemed like Emily ignored him, standing gracefully and walking to the front of the class, through his years of training and an overly acute eye for detail, Brice detected a hair thin thread of blue leave her body and work its way toward Tetloan's sandals where it rapidly tied his laces into knots.
  94. She cannot fail to know that the seamstress, with whom she has already quarrelled, did not make her dress in the least out of love for her; therefore, she cannot help knowing that all these things were made for her as a matter of necessity, that her laces, flowers, and velvet have been made in the same way as her dress.
  95. By the side of a Parisienne in her laces, in the drawing-room of some illustrious physician, a person driving his carriage and wearing many orders, the poor clerk would no doubt have trembled like a child; but here, at Rouen, on the harbour, with the wife of this small doctor he felt at his ease, sure beforehand he would shine.
  96. He laces his hands behind his head and sits on the edge of an unmade bed and looks at the clothes here—a slip folded over the back of a chair, a pewter-backed hairbrush on the bureau, rows of tiny frosted bottles and pots on a vanity, all of it inarticulably feminine to him, mysterious and confusing, in the way Herr Siedler’s wife confused him four years before as she hitched up her skirt and knelt in front of her big radio.
  97. Sensible of a benignant persistent ache in his footsoles he extended his foot to one side and observed the creases, protuberances and salient points caused by foot pressure in the course of walking repeatedly in several different directions, then, inclined, he disnoded the laceknots, unhooked and loosened the laces, took off each of his two boots for the second time, detached the partially moistened right sock through the fore part of which the nail of his great toe had again effracted, raised his right foot and, having unhooked a purple elastic sock suspender, took off his right sock, placed his unclothed right foot on the margin of the seat of his chair, picked at and gently lacerated the protruding part of the great toenail, raised the part lacerated to his nostrils and inhaled the odour of the quick, then, with satisfaction, threw away the lacerated ungual fragment.
  98. She laces her slippers and dances a waltz,.

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