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Laden numa frase em (in ingles)

Laden with arms and cash.
Laden kisses down my neck.
Where the hell is Laden?!.
We need to get to Bin Laden.
You, and Laden? Are you two.
When he fled to the laden boat.
As for Laden, go for it Honey.

They same as we armed Bin Laden.
The cart was quite heavily laden.
An odd-looking waggon laden with.
What happened to Osama Bin Laden?
Laden grabs me and holds me to him.
You will find the air laden with.
Osama bin Laden is his second fruit.
The Industry was laden with 152 bbls.
They acted as couriers for bin Laden.
Clinton considered killing Bin Laden.
Did Doc Turner leave with Laden?
Even Osama Bin Laden would have been.
Laden pulls me into his hot, hard body.
They were laden with staples and water.
Pity the laden one; this wandering woe.
Laden knows more than I thought he did.
Laden says, I was helping that patient.
This is one more reason that debt laden.
Laden with honey through the clover days.
And with that, Laden and I leave her office.
Laden stops everything and lays still on me.
Gina’s expression was laden with concern.
World events appeared to affect debt laden.
There were animals laden with I knew not what.
Laden is standing in my room, waiting for me.
A woman barged into me with her fully laden.
Without a moment’s hesitation I say, Laden.
If the last choice is Bin Laden, call the FBI.
A bin: laden with a mass of undead corruption.
We were coming from Syracuse laden with grain.
He's going to question me about Todd and Laden.
Refrigerator? Freezer? One was laden with locks.
Laden is making this a magical, memorable night.

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