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Large numa frase em (in ingles)

It was a large, walk.
The large man was gone.
Large plumes on his hat.
Giving her a large smirk.
He'd taken a large swig.
They sat in large circles.
There was a large over-.

So the knife is so large.
There was a large wind.
He carries a large staff.
The feeling was too large.
MBA and a large amount of.
Johnston, was a large man.
There is a large number of.
On it was a pack of large.
It was a very large forest.
There were two large tents.
God's table is a large one.
They was a large piece of.
Your penis is rather large.
It was a large place, with.
Grease a large roasting pan.
He pointed up into a large.
They arrived at a large old.
Now the large dog could not.
In a large company of 5,000.
This is a large concept for.
In a large old cardboard box.
It was too large to be a bird.
Probably a little too large.
He walked off with five large.
The large man looked over at.
The large cloud of dust that.
It was a large fenced in house.
But with an additional large.
He was a large man with huge.
It was not large and not long.
A large covering had finally.
Seth shook his large gray head.
The event was at a large hotel.

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