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Last numa frase em (in ingles)

1. At last it was time.
2. He is here at last.
3. It was last in line.
4. I told you last time.
5. I met him last night.
6. A last bit of effort.
7. But last week in my.

8. He lost the last one.
9. The last time I saw.
10. He did not last long.
11. Last week I went to.
12. They were home at last.
13. Maybe, this is the last.
14. It was his last attack.
15. The first and the last.
16. At last it was all over.
17. The last reading by Mr.
18. The Best Wine for Last.
19. At last they urged us.
20. I give itone last try:.
21. He took one last breath.
22. She had spent the last.
23. Enough to last a year.
24. Those are the last ones.
25. His last name was Winter.
26. That was great last year.
27. At last her eyes opened.
28. Sense at last, I thought.
29. But it wasn’t to last.
30. At last he was able to.
31. Our dog died last year.
32. I turned to the last name.
33. The dart gun was a last.
34. I can’t be ranked last.
35. For the last time their.
36. Her last address was here.
37. When was his last meal?
38. The truth is out at last.
39. This is your last chance.
40. Then there was last week.
41. No more than last week.
42. They can last a lifetime.
43. At last he was satisfied.
44. Mevarn had been the last.
45. Langdon was his last name.
46. When was the last time an.
47. The last thing he wanted.
48. Ah, at last it has arrived.
49. Just before his last year.
50. They began with the last.
51. Jake was the last to land.
52. And one last thing, when.
53. Grinly had the last watch.
54. I was the last one to know.
55. I was the last to be sent.
56. Comes the Voyager at Last.
57. Save the Last Dance for Me.
58. Last Watchman on the Shore.
59. He checked her bedroom last.
60. It will not last the night.
61. I was the last to audition.
62. Here, he said at last.
63. That is the last verse of.
64. I’ve saved that for last.
65. Yet, she was the last hope.
66. It was his last chance ….
67. At last it was Harry's turn.
68. The last time Roman cried.
69. This was his chance at last.
70. At last Jodie said, 'Love'.
71. The last time it had been.
72. We’re the last jet in.
73. A single stage could last.
74. For this is the last hour!.
75. Bit of a problem last night.
76. It is the last thing he says.
77. At last creeping up to the.
78. It would be our last toast.
79. He ignores her last question.
80. It was Last of the Mohicans.
81. He figured last time, when.
82. The last thing on our minds.
83. At last, Nerissa fell asleep.
84. It was the last of its kind.
85. Nick gave Carl one last look.
86. As I got to the last one I.
87. It was his last day with us.
88. Tony got us there last year.
89. The moment had come at last.
90. She was the last one; young.
91. The glory of the last house.
92. This would be his last effort.
93. In fact it was the last time.
94. Now, I have my Queen at last.
95. This fight won’t last long.
96. The last they would see here.
97. That was the last time we met.
98. These will last about 2 days.
99. His last thoughts were of St.
100. Last, but not least, was Josh.
1. With a lasting draw of.
2. Would not have been lasting.
3. What a reason for lasting!.
4. There is no lasting immunity.
5. Forever seems the lasting time.
6. God is Better, and more Lasting.
7. My lasting pieces of this compose.
8. Enjoy Firm and Lasting Erections.
9. For them is a lasting punishment.
10. Lasting till the end of the days.
11. The first is an uptrend lasting 2.
12. They will have a lasting punishment.
13. And, they have developed a lasting.
14. He has no lasting close relationships.
15. The wish was rather eager than lasting.
16. And it was a lasting reminder of home.
17. And his bootless foot is lasting lame;.
18. The few whose impact was long lasting.
19. For most, it is our only lasting skill.
21. This is a trade lasting two trading days.
22. She might have lasting scars, but their.
23. How to have a long lasting relationship!.
24. Repression is the only lasting philosophy.
25. Felt the experience had a lasting benefit.
26. Not lasting long, his perception altered.
27. Yes, he said; and they are fair and lasting.
28. My nap was brief, lasting but a few minutes.
29. There was complete silence lasting a minute.
30. This will give permanent and lasting results.
31. M: Maybe it was not strong enough and lasting.
32. Persistence is the key to lasting weight loss.
33. M: Then you must build it of something lasting.
34. A not very just or lasting peace: The treaties.
35. More multiform far--more lasting thou than they.
36. My most lasting gift was of a different order.
37. Better is the reward of Al'lah and more lasting.
38. The only lasting thing for us is self-motivation.
39. Heart-Wall made from deep, lasting emotions that.
40. Though the Hereafter is better, and more lasting.
41. She was the longest lasting crush I have ever had.
42. This tantrum seems to be lasting longer than usual.
43. Not only that, it’s a painful lasting influence.
44. Better is the reward of Al’lah and more lasting.
45. Because of this: there was never any lasting peace.
46. Through devotion, they can find lasting happiness.
47. Thus, casual drug use may not be without lasting.
48. Your Lord's provision is better, and more lasting.
49. This is not the lasting happiness that we all seek.
50. Better is the reward of Al’lah, and more lasting.
51. But what is with God is better, and longer lasting.
52. I wouldn’t want you to keep that as your lasting.
53. Yet these states, however wonderful, are not lasting.
54. Not only have they given you a lasting satisfaction.
55. To us children, they provided every lasting memories.
56. Well, young lady, I can see that there is no lasting.
57. True and lasting peace is won only when the Self has.
58. Without warning, there came the lasting screech of a.
59. Although the life to come is better and more lasting.
60. They built no lasting relationships, they just wandered.
61. You and father were bound by a friendship lasting years.
63. Next, determine if the price increases are lasting or not.
64. If she does form a lasting relationship she is very loyal.
65. Your cheesecake certainly left a lasting impression on me.
66. Even though the life to come is better and more lasting.
67. They could make them permanent or lasting only a few hours.
68. History proves, making peace is spotty and not long lasting.
69. That will not prove to be a lasting ruse, Herr Krazinsky.
70. This attack was stronger and was lasting longer than before.
71. True science can have no lasting quarrel with true religion.
72. Extraordinarily late the raspberries are lasting this year.
73. The really lasting wealth is made up of spiritual acquisition.
74. Primary trends, lasting between a few months and several years.
75. Keep your places, objects than which none else is more lasting.
76. It did bring closure to some and lasting resentment in others.
77. To create a strong LASTING marriage, you first CHOOSE LOVING.
78. An experience creates more lasting pleasure than a possession.
79. It could have been a lasting legacy of scientific research.
80. So let’s drink to their lasting happiness and good health.
81. But having these very vivid and drawn-out flash backs (lasting.
82. There are only two lasting bequests we can give to our children.
83. Their lasting love continued for several years, until late 1973.
84. A life lasting has the support of angels breathing God is life.
85. She held him tight, their embrace lasting what felt like hours.
86. Out of this power comes your ability to find lasting happiness.
87. A crew like you re-affirms my faith in lasting the candle out.
88. Creation" or reflect on the long lasting argument over Darwin"s.
89. Now the young Adrian drifted into a long and lasting depression.
90. A life well spent with joy and love lasting fifty fruitful years.
91. Long lasting human atrocity ever to poison western civilization.
92. Lasting only a moment, the white glow vanished, leaving no trace.
93. The punishment of the Hereafter is more severe, and more lasting.
94. It seemed to be my life's only true and long lasting love affair.
95. There was more to it though; each picture left a lasting feeling.
96. Personal vendettas passed on from father to son lasting centuries.
97. This is one of the great chal enges of building a LASTING marriage.
98. Truth and tears clear the way to deep and lasting friendship.
99. Sitting on the bed, my composure maintained, the only long lasting.
100. Only Adros’ staff sticking out of its torso had a lasting effect.
1. It has lasted a year.
2. It barely lasted a day.
3. It lasted only a moment.
4. It lasted a long moment.
5. He lasted for three days.
6. This lasted for nine days.
7. The raid lasted four days.
8. It only lasted two years.
9. The flight lasted an hour.
10. The contest lasted a month.
11. And it lasted a long time.
12. And a car lasted 30 years.
13. The ad lasted a total of.
14. Graham lasted about an hour.
15. It was fun while it lasted.
16. This lasted about a minute.
17. It truly lasted at least 1.
18. The silence lasted some time.
19. It lasted for a few moments.
20. It lasted all of three days.
21. His warning lasted three days.
22. But this lasted only a moment.
23. He lasted in that state for.
24. The war lasted for many years.
25. It lasted less than a day.
26. This lasted for about a week.
27. This signal lasted 10 months.
28. They hadnt lasted out here.
29. The Cretaceous lasted from 145.
30. My recovery lasted six months.
31. It all lasted only one moment.
32. But it lasted only an instant.
33. The venture lasted until 1855.
34. But this only lasted a moment.
35. But this lasted only a second.
36. Surprised he lasted this long.
37. But that lasted only a moment.
38. The investigation lasted a week.
39. This lasted only a few minutes.
40. The ordeal only lasted a minute.
41. I wish that hug lasted forever.
42. This lasted for several months.
43. Luckily the snow hadn't lasted.
44. Silence lasted for two minutes.
45. This time, it only lasted for.
46. It may have lasted a long time.
47. The case had lasted five years.
48. The show lasted for a good hour.
49. But this lasted only an instant.
50. Silence lasted for some seconds.
51. It lasted all that day and the.
52. The tableau lasted only a moment.
53. But that only lasted a few days.
54. It lasted all of eight episodes.
55. It lasted all of eighty minutes.
56. Could they have lasted this.
57. This lasted an instant, however.
58. This lasted about ninety seconds.
59. The silence lasted half a minute.
60. How long this lasted I cannot say.
61. But this lasted only for a moment.
62. All this lasted about three hours.
63. His shock only lasted for a few.
64. The drive lasted nearly six hours.
65. The silence lasted for some time.
66. Well, it was fun while it lasted.
67. Their journey home lasted three.
68. The wondering only lasted a few.
69. Jason’s training lasted a week.
70. But it lasted only a few seconds.
71. One of our hunts lasted for 18hrs.
72. Smiles lasted the rest of the day.
73. This lasted for about three hours.
74. Not that he lasted too much longer.
75. My walk lasted roughly three hours.
76. It lasted less than a few seconds.
77. Our silence lasted for five minutes.
78. The lesson lasted for about an hour.
79. The revolution lasted thirty years.
80. He lasted for three songs and fled.
81. But this lasted only a few seconds.
82. The match lasted less than a minute.
83. It only lasted for a moment though.
84. Vaccination lasted all the next day.
85. The seizure lasted about 30 seconds.
86. This strategy lasted exactly a week.
87. The reprieve lasted a matter of days.
88. He couldn’t have lasted the full.
89. The strong kind that lasted decades.
90. They would have lasted me for weeks.
91. These refurbished seats lasted 3-5.
92. It lasted like that for a few years.
93. The wonder is that it’s lasted as.
94. That lasted a while, but he finally.
95. Their suspense lasted an hour or two.
96. This feeling lasted but for a moment.
97. A pain like this only lasted a moment.
98. The crossing lasted about nine hours.
99. I lasted seven weeks as a plural wife.
100. Mawrth Vallis was fun while it lasted.
1. M: As long as it lasts.
2. It lasts not an instant.
3. For as long as it lasts.
4. Day ten lasts thirty hours.
5. It is something that lasts.
6. This station lasts an hour.
7. That high never, ever lasts.
8. As long as the food lasts.
9. This phase lasts only about.
10. It has no end and lasts forever.
11. If one order lasts seven years.
12. The Time stop lasts for 3 rounds.
13. This period lasts until the 22nd.
14. This lasts for maybe half an hour.
15. The meeting lasts for another hour.
16. Tirith will fall, if the Ring lasts.
17. It lasts a month and will have you.
18. A curse lasts forever; a spell is a.
19. Motivation without reward rarely lasts.
20. Let’s not waste time while it lasts.
21. It’s good as long as the beer lasts.
22. And any member who lasts five years in.
23. Stands to reason no man lasts that long.
24. Motivation without rewards rarely lasts.
25. It lasts longer than other staple crops.
26. Typically all this lasts around two years.
27. Hope this one lasts longer than the rest.
28. His embarrassment lasts for quite a while.
29. As long as this age lasts, He will reign.
30. In toto the ceremony lasts about five hours.
31. Whilst that lasts, there can be no disbelief.
32. It lasts until the character steps out of it.
33. The silence lasts about another twenty seconds.
34. It lasts no time at all, and is worth nothing.
35. Fever that lasts more than two or three days.
36. Now a box of these pads lasts me indefinitely.
37. No creation, whatever its form, lasts forever.
38. Alexander the Great’s fame lasts to his day.
39. As long as this fog lasts, we’ll be fine.
40. Duality lasts only as long as it is not ques-.
41. As long as this age lasts, He will reign unto.
42. It is a temporary condition, and usually lasts.
43. The transforming tadpole stage lasts only a few.
44. As the saying goes, "nothing lasts forever" and.
45. The period from A to E lasts roughly seven years.
46. We can't do anything much while this storm lasts.
47. Day eleven lasts thirty hours and twelve minutes.
48. On average, a squeeze signal lasts about six bars.
49. This compression lasts, in this case, for 13 bars.
50. For him the season lasts all year: he hunts coyote.
51. This process lasts not for seconds, but for minutes.
52. The whole of such a rehearsal lasts six hours on end.
53. I think we will be fine, but nothing lasts forever.
54. A cluster seldom lasts longer than five or six weeks.
55. Notice that only one of those emotions lasts forever.
56. Each kiss lasts but the kissing; and grief goes over;.
57. The high-to-low interval lasts approximately 12 years.
58. Here’s hoping it lasts, at least for a little while.
59. The journey lasts only a heartbeat and it lasts forever.
60. Make Sure It Lasts - Especially When A Child Is Involved.
61. This phase lasts anywhere from four to seventy-two hours.
62. The first lasts 8 years, and it runs from a low to a high.
63. The longer an uptrend lasts, the more confident they feel.
64. We’ll have to see how long this battery actually lasts.
65. The relief lasts only a moment, followed by a swell of panic.
66. It was more likely a Khamsin, a storm that lasts fifty days.
67. It’s surprising how long a bucket or two of water lasts!.
68. And Make Sure It Lasts - Especially When A Child Is Involved.
69. It happens in a flash but the memory sometimes lasts forever.
70. This happens about once a week and lasts seven to ten minutes.
71. The dispute lasts a long time; they have almost come to blows.
72. As long as the rain lasts we’re suspending all activities.
73. A new season starts then that lasts 16-17 years – until 2024.
74. Lust lasts only when love is true; & is always understanding of.
75. Things went well, but nothing lasts forever - good men included.
76. As long as this age lasts, He will reign unto the ages of ages.
77. Only virtuous deed lasts forever which is remembered in history.
78. It lasts only a couple of seconds, but it feels like an eternity.
79. This advantage is the most interesting to Miller because it lasts.
80. It blossoms in May, and is annual, it even lasts only three months.
81. They were drowning and clasping at the lasts straws they could find.
82. Some think it lasts only a few days while others think it lasts months.
83. From our human point of view, nothing lasts forever in a stable state.
84. Again, the increase may be part of a pattern that lasts at least two.
85. I hope it lasts at least a few years and doesn’t miss too many calls.
86. It lasts longer and more important, it’s easier to grate when frozen.
87. This celebration lasts for seven days, with an extra day added on for.
88. Sonia, Sonia Marmeladov, the eternal victim so long as the world lasts.
89. A feeling of whirling lasts a few seconds, and the world seems to stop.
90. Punishment lasts so long as its results last, and where death has been.
91. The assault lasts only a few minutes, but it seems like hours and hours.
92. The impact with Scylla comes unexpectedly and it only lasts a few seconds.
93. That lasts about thirty seconds, and then they fall into a thick silence.
94. After that Jesus establishes His Millennial Reign on earth that lasts for.
95. Yes, that way the meat lasts until the next feeding, Isaac explained.
96. In fact, every identification only lasts as long as the thought triggering it.
97. The second long-term interval lasts 15 years and also runs from a low to a high.
98. My relief is enormous, but it only lasts as long as it takes me to see his face.
99. The kiss lasts a long time, a time in which the cinema disappears and you are in.
100. The most important long-term interval lasts about 15 years, or somewhat longer.

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