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Leaping numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. But I’m leaping ahead again.
  2. Angry cloth I saw there leaping.
  3. Lucy, feeling warmth leaping from his.
  4. Then, leaping up, he kicked the levers.
  5. Leaping over a couple of bodies, Kifter.

  6. To outface me with leaping in her grave?
  7. Stop leaping to faulty conclusions, Mac.
  8. Leaping to his horse, he spurred it to a.
  9. I saw a little animal leaping over my head.
  10. What’s to stop them leaping up here?’.
  11. He barely dodged the arrow by leaping again.
  12. Kate shrieked, leaping back against the wall.
  13. Some of the young ones were playing, leaping.
  14. Some were reciting, some singing, some leaping.
  15. He was leaping over thirty-foot gaps with ease.

  16. His tummy was really leaping about now through.
  17. The cane rat burst out, leaping straight at them.
  18. He pushed through the water with leaping strides.
  19. He said leaping off of Liam and shouted into the.
  20. Leaping to my feet I wheeled to meet her assault.
  21. He pushed the dog aside, but it came leaping back.
  22. His mistake was not leaping out of the car on time.
  23. Ok! Enough! He said leaping out of his chair.
  24. Leaping out of the water, arching through the 162.
  25. A sudden tide of joy went leaping out of his heart.

  26. Toby pushed me out of the way by leaping at my back.
  27. You idiot! she hissed, leaping from her chair.
  28. Hill committed suicide by leaping off a ledge while.
  29. Leaping to his feet, he was not behind the nearest.
  30. Objection, Mickey shouted, leaping to his feet.
  31. All round the clearing of the Wargs fire was leaping.
  32. I took advantage of the situation, by leaping out to.
  33. As soon as I was within leaping distance of the kid, he.
  34. As soon as I was within leaping distance of the cloud I.
  35. Now he sent a swift and sure shot into the leaping beast.
  36. I made my move with perfect calculation leaping onto the.
  37. The hands and feet are well padded aiding in leaping and.
  38. He heard some one running down the hill, leaping lightly.
  39. I responded by approaching him, and then leaping unto his.
  40. After leaping unto the counter I inquired about Linda’s.
  41. But there was a big tiger angrily leaping down to prepare.
  42. Leaping beyond the crown, beyond the crabby hang of apples.
  43. He on the other hand woke with a start, leaping out of bed.
  44. I approached her directly, leaping onto the bench and then.
  45. I was a millimetre away from the point of leaping into the.
  46. When Tamlyn described the wolf leaping through the air over.
  47. Killed by a troll! he yelped, leaping back to his feet.
  48. Leaping across the chamber, he seized the surprised wizard.
  49. That was the only life—water leaping in the late sunlight.
  50. Without thinking, I went into jaguar mode, leaping onto the.
  51. I go hunting polar furs and the seal, leaping chasms with a.
  52. After leaping onto the cyclist's chest, I licked his cheeks.
  53. It ran after Lezura, leaping to the side out of another arrow.
  54. Visitors with leaping hearts to Ireland that I meet convey a.
  55. Silas dropped his wings, rotating around the leaping bullfrog.
  56. There were trees that moved around the grounds leaping about.
  57. Leaping to his feet he yelled, Come help me get a metal post.
  58. Leaping behind the barn, he felt an instant sharpness in his leg.
  59. Leaping from their seats, controllers cheered, hugged, and cried.
  60. A bucket of water was poured over his head from behind, leaping.
  61. She looked at the leaping flames and then pivoted her head to Doc.
  62. The black horses were filled with madness, and leaping forward in.
  63. And as they cursed and drave him, the fool went leaping on his way.
  64. Practice leaping forwards off the trampoline, leading with one leg.
  65. She turned from me and began leaping down the stairs two at a time.
  66. It was like a scarlet spear of terror suddenly leaping at her heart.
  67. Nikita screamed, leaping up from her chair so fast it flipped it over.
  68. What does this mean? cried our hero, finally leaping out of bed.
  69. Leaping from one to another, his knee started aching from the exertion.
  70. The moon set sail upon the gale, and stars were fanned to leaping light.
  71. He quickly kisses his forehead before leaping into the back of the jeep.
  72. Away below Shagrat went leaping down the stairs and out over the court.
  73. The fire was blazing, in lovely leaping flames, more merrily than ever.
  74. Don’t touch her! Ali shouted angrily, leaping forward to hit him.
  75. Embers, leaping off the burning sticks, rose into the air and faded away.
  76. Heart leaping, I glanced through the window, saw the smooth, green stone.
  77. The boys crouched down and sprang off with their legs like leaping frogs.
  78. I use the staff as leverage, leaping and twirling as I have not in years.
  79. He saw flames begin leaping at the walls, the old planks as dry as tinder.
  80. He could see flashes of black, leaping towards him and then vanishing away.
  81. She scurried past the others and began leaping down the steps two at a time.
  82. Nothing short of main force would have kept Nostromo from leaping overboard.
  83. Pearl continued to run, slipping and sliding, and leaping over larger rocks.
  84. What about leaping to your death in the dream? Is that actually going to.
  85. Leaping out of bed she puts her dressing gown on as the pounding is repeated.
  86. Get up! he said, throwing the covers to the floor and leaping from bed.
  87. From the corner of his eye, he saw something leaping out at him from the void.
  88. When he swings round, the nearest of the dogs is already leaping towards him.
  89. They will not stop us so easily! Murbella said, leaping out of the jeep.
  90. She raised her hand and sprang towards me like a cat leaping towards a mouse.
  91. You would have dodged that two years ago, Sir, yelled Arnie, leaping to.
  92. He even saw Wrangler leaping clear and beginning to doggy-paddle for his life.
  93. Stop it! I’m not proud of how I acted, but I turned and fled, leaping.
  94. It was high enough to prevent even a fully grown mynamather from leaping over.
  95. He responded instantly, leaping to his feet with the dog tucked under his arm.
  96. Without pausing a moment, the horse began leaping from one ice floe to another.
  97. Moshe, leaping as the horse slid to a stop, repeated, It's me, Moshe! It's.
  98. She chased after them, leaping from windowsill to windowsill to reach the roof.
  99. Soon he was racing through the forest, leaping pools and fallen logs with ease.
  100. Son of a bitch it was Tricky Dick, Sam shouted, leaping to his feet as he.
  1. Men leaped to the rail.
  2. He leaped to his feet.
  3. Onn leaped in the air.
  4. I leaped into the womb.
  5. Willie leaped out of bed.
  6. He leaped about in his.
  7. And leaped into the aisle.
  8. Reuben leaped to her feet.
  9. His heart leaped for joy.
  10. All leaped to their feet.
  11. Bigwig leaped to his feet.
  12. She leaped out of the jeep.
  13. So, I leaped onto a wall.
  14. Wulfric leaped to his feet.
  15. Donna leaped into the back.
  16. He leaped up from his seat.
  17. I leaped to my feet then.
  18. Zach leaped from his chair.
  19. I leaped onto the platform.
  20. They leaped across the gap.
  21. He might have leaped back.
  22. She leaped into Kemp's arms.
  23. Music leaped from the screen.
  24. Sammy leaped up and hurled.
  25. I leaped onto her lap then.
  26. Pipkin leaped back in alarm.
  27. He thanked me then I leaped.
  28. Zaphod leaped out of his seat.
  29. At the last moment, he leaped.
  30. He leaped up and glared at her.
  31. Ettil leaped up from his letter.
  32. Will leaped through the animals.
  33. Then, I leaped onto Kathy's lap.
  34. The Rider leaped from his horse.
  35. Men leaped out of it, shouting.
  36. Drums rolled and fires leaped up.
  37. He leaped and pulled himself up.
  38. The caretaker leaped to his feet.
  39. The lanky man leaped over a root.
  40. A third leaped over Scott's head.
  41. A creature leaped out of the sack.
  42. I leaped into it landing on the.
  43. Gwenda’ s heart leaped with hope.
  44. I leaped onto her chest, causing.
  45. Afterward, I leaped onto the ground.
  46. I leaped onto his shirt, gave him.
  47. I leaped out of my chair toward her.
  48. Fiery bolides leaped up out of the.
  49. He leaped up, almost upsetting the.
  50. Sam leaped into the air and kicked.
  51. It was time to leave! I leaped onto.
  52. He leaped into an onrushing dark wave.
  53. Moncharmin leaped up at the suggestion.
  54. I must’ve leaped a good thirty feet.
  55. Campion, who leaped back just in time.
  56. Both sons! Ralph’s heart leaped.
  57. As soon as I was hidden away I leaped.
  58. Thomas’s heart leaped into his throat.
  59. She leaped up in bed, filled with alarm.
  60. He missed as the Teriz leaped for the.
  61. I boarded the bus then leaped unto the.
  62. He leaped up the steps and grabbed the.
  63. The boat leaped and jounced and spanked.
  64. He leaped over it and kept pursuing her.
  65. We leaped into bed and nothing happened.
  66. I leaped onto the grass, behind the tree.
  67. I turned and then leaped out of the semi.
  68. As soon as I turned the knob and leaped.
  69. As always, his anger leaped up in a flash.
  70. That’s when I leaped across the stream.
  71. He gave a great cry, and turned, leaped.
  72. When it did I leaped out of the elevator.
  73. He leaped up the step and was in the room.
  74. Chuckie leaped from his chair and grinned.
  75. Before him the milling beasts leaped away.
  76. Instantly, I leaped onto it and stayed put.
  77. I leaped onto the ground, then continued.
  78. Immediately, Çrámerr leaped to his feet.
  79. Instantly, I leaped onto the roof of the.
  80. So saying, he leaped lightly onto the sand.
  81. She leaped diagonally through the opening.
  82. The music leaped in a clear fountain, high.
  83. He gave a sigh as the tiny blaze leaped up.
  84. Frantic, going insane, I leaped out of my.
  85. Ruthie leaped into the air and jumped away.
  86. He leaped after them, shouting and yelling.
  87. I ran to it then leaped through the opening.
  88. I leaped and then rammed into his stomach.
  89. I leaped onto the Doberman pinscher’s neck.
  90. I leaped up unto the bleachers then lad on.
  91. That's when Brian and I leaped through the.
  92. And they leaped about the altar which they.
  93. Woundwort looked up quickly and leaped back.
  94. A single pack of cigarettes now leaped from.
  95. Sammy leaped off the bed and started barking.
  96. It leaped for her, tackling her to the ground.
  97. She waved me over, so I leaped onto her chest.
  98. Then, I leaped onto the cage bars and bared.
  99. When she met his dark eyes, her heart leaped.
  100. I leaped over the creek into enemy territory.
  1. The wolf leaps toward her.
  2. The wolf leaps towards him.
  3. The wolf leaps to the window.
  4. My heart leaps into my mouth.
  5. Johan leaps to the cave entrance.
  6. In two leaps he is down the stairs.
  7. Its stamping, capers and high leaps.
  8. O! Water is fair that leaps on high.
  9. Jemelda curses and leaps after them.
  10. That works as Cass leaps to his feet.
  11. Intuition works in leaps and bounds.
  12. I flip it around, and my heart leaps.
  13. Pandora nearly leaps out of her seat.
  14. She leaps against Cass, and then hugs him.
  15. Becky fearlessly leaps onto the bending Cass.
  16. The reporter suddenly leaps out of the bushes.
  17. At the same time Simon leaps towards them both.
  18. My anger grew by leaps and bounds and I screamed.
  20. Public morality was moving forward by leaps and.
  21. Galluk leaps aside and spears the giant creature.
  22. LEAPS are long-term equity anticipation securities.
  23. As the train dips down to street level, Edward leaps.
  24. Ace leaps onto the back of the anthropoid and begins.
  25. The waking Becky leaps off the bed and joins the pair.
  26. In a few bounding leaps he vanished into the darkness.
  27. The intimacy grew by leaps and bounds and hour by hour.
  28. She leaps into his lap causing him to juggle his teacup.
  29. Then energy leaps to a new level of awareness and power.
  30. Dean gives an excited Yeah! and leaps off the sofa.
  31. Bile leaps into my throat and I throw up against the wall.
  32. Little Becky leaps up, and then stumbles her way over to him.
  33. The hypnotic monster leaps to the pounding of the metronome;.
  34. Willie leaps from the ramp into the sky and flies down in his.
  35. Your martial abilities seemed to improve by leaps and bounds.
  36. As you probably heard, we have gone forward in leaps and bounds.
  37. Then he struck gold, invested it, and came up by leaps and bounds.
  38. A glow leaps in the south beyond the seaward reaches of the river.
  39. My heart leaps into my mouth, and I can’t seem to find my voice.
  40. The boy leaps on them as if he has been on the verge of starvation.
  41. The gods were coming in slow motion, covering kilometers in leaps.
  42. You may also write monthly options or LEAPS as far away as 30 months.
  43. It always gives the best results as against the method of quick leaps.
  44. She leaps into the air and anti-gravity particles move around her body.
  45. A heartbeat later, the Lost One leaps forward and reaches for it, also.
  46. He leaps into the stack and mightily shoves straight two tons of crates.
  47. Cass locks the door, and then leaps down to help Unks out of the water.
  48. Medical science has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last few decades.
  49. Swiftly he ran, but Shelob was swifter; in a few leaps she would have him.
  50. Before he leaps out, he leans over to me and kisses my cheek, then smiles.
  51. With tremendous leaps and bounds the horse was recovering his lost ground.
  52. She leaps over to the tipped car then straddles the window of the rear door.
  53. He put it on his list of things to do, which was growing by leaps and bounds.
  54. Where a strange energy leaps from treetop to treetop as the stars fall to earth.
  55. Credit reached the mesa top in three powerful leaps, but then hesitated when he.
  56. They look back on their life and see that they have not made giant leaps forward.
  57. Augusta leaps eagerly forward to meet them, commercially, if not always socially.
  58. Indeed, astonishing herself and me, Emry was progressing in leaps with her writing.
  59. No one disagrees that Fantasy Football has grown by leaps and bounds over the years.
  60. He had felt his age creeping up on him over the past few years in leaps and bounds.
  61. Cass leaps out of the fire, carrying a dozen children, plus one clinging to his neck.
  62. He leaps out of the way, but some of it hits him head on, tossing him ten feet away.
  63. That means it’s speeding up, making huge leaps forward in shorter periods of time.
  64. The sea was as a crucible of molten gold, that bubblingly leaps with light and heat.
  65. Tussie's temperature, high already, went up by leaps during the few minutes of waiting.
  66. One of them leaps up towards the orb of green fire, jaws closing round its small form.
  67. The Internet and this opportunity will only continue to grow by leaps and bounds every.
  68. Now you know what dieselpunk can be when it leaps into a two-fisted fight with the norm.
  69. Registering the look on her face, he immediately closes the book and leaps to his feet.
  70. She leaps on Jerry and they fall on the bed, his hand following the curves of her legs.
  71. Hartle’s intuitive leaps of the imagination are unique among all the subjects tested.
  72. Down this long hall, Graisse made several leaps into the air, appearing to desire flight.
  73. The Darwinians said the process was all jumps, hops, genetic leaps, with no links between.
  74. This date coincides with Long-term Equity AnticiPation Securities or LEAPS expiration dates.
  75. Parliaments were inordinately successful, and Benson and Hedges expanded by leaps and bounds.
  76. Shadow dives into a bush and two seconds later Century leaps at the same bush, Gotcha!.
  77. Don’t proceed by dozens of leaps and bounds, but instead reward for a few inches of progress.
  78. The boy leaps off the fallen man and jumps into the arms of the very surprised large black man.
  79. As a consequenceof all of these things, their new love for each other grew in leaps and bounds.
  80. Gone were the wizards that made miraculous leaps in technology yet still employed slave labour.
  81. He’s waiting outside the station with his baggage, but leaps into my car as soon as I draw up.
  82. He leaps the chasms of the valleys to ride the mountains’ path, and the sky road between them.
  83. Scorch to the ground for the second time, Scorch leaps up and says, I have had enough of this.
  84. Her knowledge and understanding of the human body was growing by leaps and bounds, she reflected.
  85. Which in a sense is the case, Jenny just has time to think, before he leaps to the ground, falls.
  86. Swearing, he quickly pulls Adamant over, leaps off the gg and starts delving into one of his bags.
  87. The last phrase leaps from his mouth as if its truths were daggers that could tear his flesh again.
  88. A strangled scream leaps out of my body as the boy slumps to the ground, and I squeeze my eyes shut.
  89. To use a well-known phrase, the capital or income of the country has moved on by leaps and bounds.
  90. She had grown up leaps and bounds as Bridget had said into the prettiest and most intelligent girl.
  91. He knows there's something for him, and as soon as he feels the Holy Ghost, he leaps; massive kicks.
  92. Today we are finding a learning curve closer to 18 months before we see the greatest leaps in progress.
  93. The catcher (and leaps from trapeze to hands of catcher) appeared later, at the end of the 19th century.
  94. The neolithic era is considered one of the great creative leaps in the development of human’s thinking.
  95. Diane D leaps up out of the stool and hurries to the front door! She opens the door and hurries out of it.
  96. Once or twice walking round the village I think I see him and my heart leaps, which doesn’t help at all.
  97. Founded in year 1999 in Jaipur, ZNetIndia progressed in leaps and bounds and achieved high repute globally.
  98. With a wild cry Ralph leaps at the nearest dog, the one holding in its jaws the severed remains of an arm.
  99. Jaden catches his balance and runs then leaps over an open pit of lava coming from the split in the ground.
  100. LEAPS (Long-term Equity Anticipation Securities): long-term option contracts with life spans up to 30 months.

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1. As soon as I leap.
2. I watch as they leap.
3. I leap into the brick.
4. He motioned me to leap.
5. You can only have one leap.
6. Can you make that leap?
7. Your wife will leap for joy.
8. We leap forward a year or two.
9. His mind began to leap about.
10. Conklin said, It’s a leap.
11. Ty's leap up onto his shoulder.
12. They tried to swing and leap.
13. Show in which direction to leap.
14. We must leap onto the counter.
15. Then with a leap he started off.
16. This time my leap was successful.
17. As thou'dst leap into her breast.
18. He prepared to take a running leap.
19. Leap off the mini-Repeat __ times.
20. It’s a huge leap of faith for me.
21. My thoughts leap all over the place.
22. It is an evolutionary leap forward.
23. Andrea felt his heart leap with joy.
24. I felt as though I could leap from.
25. The flames would leap and then expire.
26. It was time for a great leap forward.
27. Silent now, the wolf prepares to leap.
28. My overall health took another leap.
29. The baby was doing his best to leap.
30. Rejoice in that day and leap for joy.
31. Danny felt his heart leap with relief.
32. Instruct the patient to leap sideways.
33. He was afraid and made a leap backward.
34. There is fire, but it cannot leap in-.
35. Thou canst leap like a young deer!.
36. Tyler motioned me to leap onto the desk.
37. A leap month (Adar II) is added every.
38. She was forced to leap in the air again.
39. With a bracing breath, she took the leap.
40. Come here and then leap unto my hands.
41. Then, she motioned me to leap onto the.
42. Just thinking of him made my heart leap.
43. It is gurgling by, and little waves leap.
44. Then something made his heart leap madly.
45. God knows, but I think it was leap year.
46. Did heart leap to heart? Nay, fair reader.
47. I understood that I had to leap onto the.
48. I managed to leap aside and dodge the bite.
49. Fill the grove, and the fire suddenly leap.
50. He called this plan the Great Leap Forward.
51. Instantly I resisted making that fatal leap.
52. It was like a leap, over the bus that went.
53. As he prepared to leap from the mog, Aerith.
54. In another place, He tells us, leap for joy.
55. The momentum of the leap caused him to fall.
56. I now had the ability to leap directly onto.
57. But his hand wasn’t ready for its leap yet.
58. Also, some ISO 8601 years contain a leap week.
59. Josh’s heart wanted to leap out of his chest.
60. To leap below would be to sink into blackness.
61. I motioned Corey to leap unto the kitchen table.
62. I was lucky to have been able to leap to safety.
63. Sensing the extreme leap of faith she had just.
64. I always crack up when I leap into the unknown.
65. Simon sensed the leap of confusion in his mind.
66. What effect does a leap year have on kangaroos?
67. I had experienced a quantum leap in my strength.
68. She winked at me, and then she took another leap.
69. He expected her to leap from the Ringmaster’s.
70. With one giant leap the being leaped into the sky.
71. Marcus and Ameana leap out and roll to the ground.
72. Love's logic is the science of the empathetic leap.
73. He saw a big blue bird leap up out of the shallows.
74. All around is now silence, except when there leap.
75. He bolted like a wild horse and tried to leap out.
76. He swore blind that that corpse was about to leap.
77. I grabbed the hand and I must have made a leap of.
78. The man was running, and confused by Penn’s leap.
79. These machines represent a leap ahead over the old.
80. I heard his snarls leap to a new level of intensity.
81. It took me a couple of years to make that big leap.
82. I thought my heart was going to leap out of my chest.
83. David’s memory took a leap back over several years.
84. I felt my heart leap with joy at this turn of events.
85. In one leap, he pressed his nose up to the warm pane.
86. About to leap forward to protect her, a commanding.
87. After he was done he told me to leap onto the ground.
88. Thus 2000 was a leap year but 1900 and 1800 were not.
89. Stop! she cried, but this time she did not leap.
90. But to leap alone? I had lost the will to leap at all.
91. As soon as it was time to leap off, we'd do just that.
92. Giving requires a leap of faith, an ability to trust.
93. To check for the leap year, we have two possibilities.
94. It was tucked into the mountains on Stag’s Leap Road.
95. The assistants leap at the victim's legs and drag him.
96. I didnt scan the area right before the charge and leap.
97. Well, I’ll just have to leap and hope a net appears.
98. I looked back and saw a smal fish leap out of the water.
99. When it's time to leave, Sharon and I will leap onto an.
100. When I got there I asked Corey to leap onto the top of.

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