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Leg numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. A leg to stand on.
  2. A dead leg is any.
  3. I moved my leg, so.
  4. But his leg is fine.
  5. I had one leg in my.

  6. She switched to a leg.
  7. He grasped at his leg.
  8. His leg, it is healed.
  9. But I have a bad leg.
  10. Just fix the damned leg.
  11. She moved the leg a bit.
  12. The ankle led to a leg.
  13. The pain in my leg had.
  14. She tried her other leg.
  15. Sara shot him in the leg.

  16. He shifted his leg away.
  17. Look at this fucking leg.
  18. He stomped his leg and.
  19. Measured for a leg! good.
  20. A leg rested on another.
  21. His leg began to pain him.
  22. She patted his leg gently.
  23. Her leg was bandaged, it.
  24. Her leg started to throb.
  25. Repeat with the other leg.

  26. The boy clings to his leg.
  27. Number of bars in each leg.
  28. Torrian has broken his leg.
  29. Scott planted his left leg.
  30. I shook my leg and it fell.
  31. He broke LaMarche’ s leg.
  32. His leg was back as before.
  33. He fired once into his leg.
  34. Did he bust his leg?
  35. They took that leg at the.
  36. His leg throbbed with pain.
  37. He made 20 cuts on her leg.
  38. Repeat with your other leg.
  39. She patted his leg and stood.
  40. He had to be pulling my leg.
  41. Hold his leg near his ankle.
  42. A clawed foot and horny leg.
  43. His left leg moved slightly.
  44. Nothing remains but one leg.
  45. Frowning, I stare at my leg.
  46. Or her leg, for that matter.
  47. One chair is missing a leg.
  48. Soon he was in leg irons too.
  49. Right here in my pants leg.
  50. He lifted his left leg with.
  51. Ernie grabbed him by the leg.
  52. The mech clips him in the leg.
  53. And leg is entwined with leg.
  54. He did likewise with his leg.
  55. I lifted a leg then the other.
  56. The arrow was gone from my leg.
  57. They shot him in the leg, he.
  58. I raised up that leg and Sue.
  59. Then Sue put her other leg in.
  60. An ache settled deep in my leg.
  61. Keep your weight off that leg.
  62. There was a skitter on my leg.
  63. While squats and leg presses.
  64. I saw an arm swing, a leg kick.
  65. Start with your leg on the bed.
  66. This is labeled the X to A leg.
  67. Get her leg out! She’ll fall.
  68. An arm and a leg! he said.
  69. He slowly hitches my right leg.
  70. Colts in the second leg of the.
  71. You need a bandage on that leg.
  72. At last, he let his leg go limp.
  73. And a leg would be better still.
  74. By the time my leg is back, it.
  75. His leg had begun to hurt again.
  76. Vinny's leg as hard as she could.
  77. She gives his leg a little shove.
  78. He crossed on leg over the other.
  79. It had missed her leg by a few.
  80. I'm proud of how I lost my leg.
  81. He tripped over my leg and hit.
  82. The pain in her leg was intense.
  83. Lift your whole leg off the bed.
  84. Noël lays a hand on my upper leg.
  85. The third leg had strayed too far.
  86. Finish with your leg off the bed.
  87. Her leg throbbed and the bright.
  88. Torrian fell and hurt his leg.
  89. He felt a tug at his trouser leg.
  90. Blood was streaming from his leg.
  91. The snap of the bone in his leg.
  92. The same that had the wooden leg.
  93. My leg is gettin� a might sore.
  94. Shoop shot one of them in the leg.
  95. Leg by leg, arm by arm, body by.
  96. Swinging it, he made a leg iron.
  97. You’re bettin on a leg?
  98. He glanced at the gash in her leg.
  99. I guess he’ll have a sore leg.
  100. He had only one leg, and one hand.
  1. Here are the rules for legging into the trade:.
  2. In both cases, however, we will be legging out of the trade.
  3. Claire looked at Monica's black Cosabella legging covered legs with wide eyes.
  4. A more aggressive approach to spreading options is what is known as legging in.
  5. The latter is known as legging in and is considered a more aggressive approach.
  6. Legging in is the preferred mode of entry, since it has the potential of maximizing our gains.
  7. These may be bought at separate times, which is what we mean by legging into and legging out of the trade.
  8. Legging into or out of the spread is acceptable and often a good way to put on the iron condor spread trade.
  9. The bearded axe-head hit the horseman’s thigh instead, sheering through mail legging, linen trousers, and flesh to jar against bone.
  10. Legging into the straddle position is a strategy aimed at maximizing the potential return of one side of the trade prior to the big move.
  11. The door! It is open? Ha! They are out, tumultuously, off for a minute's race, all bravely legging it, Burke's of Denzille and Holles their ulterior goal.
  12. The bombers then retreated through our covering fire and legging it back to our lines following the snatch party as the whole front seemed to come to life.
  13. Legging in is a trading strategy that involves placing one part of the spread trade before the other once the underlying security has made an obvious move in one direction or another.
  14. In its more complex form—leg into the straddle, leg out of the straddle—returns can run to +50 percent or more in five to eight trading days (legging in and legging out will be defined later).
  1. I sat up cross legged on.
  2. We’d say he legged into it.
  3. The rat was a two legged one.
  4. Nothing, they must have legged it.
  5. If I were you I'd have legged it.
  6. Flint sat cross legged on the floor.
  7. Tina still sat cross legged on the.
  8. There was a metal legged desk against one wall.
  9. Your blushing bride has legged it with your best.
  10. As she legged it down the corridor she heard Gretchen.
  12. Think of a three legged chair with one leg representing:.
  13. Look at how all four legged monkeys, baboons and Gibbons run….
  14. Three legged, I lunged for the aisle and was headed for freedom.
  15. If it wasn’t for that three legged dog, you’d all be dead.
  16. On this night I wanted the bounty more than my four legged friends.
  17. Yes master, I said absently and sat cross legged on the ground.
  18. Henry Hodge sat cross legged in his living room with his two children.
  19. Rayne stood her ground and slowly lowered to a crossed legged position.
  20. It’s addressed to the person who found the three legged chocolate lab.
  21. Gufders are four legged predators with green skin and yellow stripes.
  22. As he sat cross legged, he asked, So what is an assassin like yourself.
  23. Fortunately, it was still where we'd left it – Chabbat had simply legged it.
  24. Are there any riding on the four legged creatures that serve the humans?
  25. If the market was oversold (we legged into the straddle) and gaps up more than $1.
  26. Some long legged insects there scurried down further from the searing brightness.
  27. If the market was overbought (we legged into the straddle) and gaps up more than $1.
  28. If the market was oversold (we legged into the straddle) and gaps down more than $1.
  29. We stand and watch transfixed as the long legged bird dips its beak into the water.
  30. If the market was overbought (we legged into the straddle) and gaps down more than $1.
  31. Legged into the same spread as described earlier, instead of initiating it all at once.
  32. They sat cross legged on cushions on the floor, facing each other across the low table.
  33. Zae sat cross legged between the statues, his top hands lifted above his head, together.
  34. They legged it down the tunnel, like old canal barge travellers passing through a cutting.
  35. In the tree above them the Leaf Children sat cross legged on the platform outside the shelter.
  36. Jezzabell sat cross legged on the floor, her cut wing slowly slithered in and out of her back.
  37. The high- legged car, doubtlessly a tough four-wheel-drive, was coming closer at a great pace.
  38. He sat very still, crossed legged, waiting, his eyes growing tired as he stared into the night.
  39. Oh relax you’re going to like this! She said, as she moved, stiff legged, into the room.
  40. As fact is often comically ironic, the VSC actually were members of the 3 Legged Animal Movement.
  41. He must have legged it past those three casualties while I was shooting at a creaking floorboard.
  42. The young lovers sat next to each other, cross legged before the fire of their eternal burning love.
  43. A thonga is a lower, wider, eight legged version of what Alan always pictured a 'cow' would be like.
  44. Haley was sitting cross legged and put her hands up in the air, gesturing for Massie to pick her up.
  45. He unwrapped it and hung it on the front of the pedestal that the three legged replica of Limpy stood.
  46. Our four legged creatures do not have the capacity to make an intellectual decision required in some cases.
  47. The final candle in our trio of premier candles is the doji, but not just any doji candle, it is the long legged doji.
  48. As a physical specimen, he was entirely the opposite of the poor wretch sitting cross legged in the back of the Metro.
  49. Jamie looked up to see a long legged, blond, with big blue eyes saunter in the door and stop directly in front of Lily.
  50. A long legged doji candle, should always be validated by a minimum of average volume, and preferably high or ultra high.
  51. The girl sat crossed legged in the middle of the big double bed, watching him make the coffee with a slight smile on her lips.
  52. The young child was sitting crossed legged on her bed with her worn out stuffed rabbit by her side, which was missing one ear.
  53. Helmut sat cross legged on the sand; Brunhilde perched on a rock above – a Lorelei, beautiful face framed by long blonde tresses.
  54. The policeman hadn’t noticed the two suspects had legged it; his vision was blocked by the stupid, impatient kid in the Saxo behind.
  55. The four legged beast, which lay a hundred yards or so beyond the land troll, was equally dead, and equally more familiar in its form.
  56. Smaller, legged animal life rushed frantically through the rocks; everything tried to get its living down in the brief hour of respite.
  57. Of course I won’t laugh at you Piers, Lyra said, getting off the box and sitting crossed legged on the mattress in front of him.
  58. He looked up and discovered he now spoke to thin air, as the lads had already legged it out of the study and running towards the vehicle.
  59. His heart leapt and he legged it, skipping over the muck covered road and splitting the fog that had only now just swept in from the bay.
  60. A shriveled brown mummy, cross- legged, arms folded on the withered breast upon which the shrunken head was sunk, sat in the little cavern.
  61. Surges in volume accompanying large price moves, large price moves on low volume, and trap moves, such as low volume on a long legged doji.
  62. The insiders are simply manipulating prices, and in this case, the long legged doji is NOT signalling a reversal, but something very different.
  63. Five year old Veronica sat cross legged on the sunny tiles arranging her doll’s horsehair tresses with a pretty little comb made out of ivory.
  64. I told them as I got level someone called him down into the dugout and he left the precious book outside so I swiped it and legged it back here.
  65. A man came slinking along, went into the hut, gave a cry as if he had seen a ghost, and legged it as hard as he could run until he was out of sight.
  66. Hoping she was alone, Petra opened her eyes and saw rough plastered walls, a three legged table beneath a window without glass, and the moon and stars.
  67. By now I was so drunk that I was staggering around the kitchen, clutching a half-burnt, one legged chicken, making clucking noises between fits of the giggles.
  68. I looked beyond Jim to where Flynn sat cross legged on the deck of the ship staring down the hard eyed stares of the black overseers glaring at him from the dock.
  69. These would be things like having the slave responsible for the cooking and cleaning, or having the slave be required to care for the Master’s four legged pets.
  70. Bomil was a very short elf, barely four feet tall, blond, blue eyed, a bit bow legged, and with ears and a nose that were decidedly too large for the rest of his head.
  71. The killer, sitting cross legged in the unbarred doorway between the two rooms, had averted his face and stared out over the channel at the T shaped island of Peng Chau.
  72. Whilst there are many different sizes and types of doji candle, there is only ONE which I believe is significant in the context of VPA, and that is the long legged doji.
  73. Why did we kill them this way? Because even if they want to: once you have a four legged African mammal impaled by their asshole… they cannot turn around to attack you.
  74. He wasn't a fast runner, long legged and awkward, but he had the natural gift of sudden, incredible movement: an agility one couldn't predict, a swiftness one couldn't teach.
  75. Only a few hours each, though it was more they guessed than their captor who each time they looked was sitting cross legged in the opening between the two rooms watching them.
  76. Hogan strode out towards the back of the monastery walls and Conradie puffed along next to him, his fat wobbling and rolling as he struggled to keep up with the tall, long legged marine.
  77. Lezura leaned in close to Joey, patted Redbolt on his snout, and said, A racusha is an armor-plated, four legged predator somewhere between a mammal and a reptile, known as a therapsid.
  78. Bomil was a very short elf, barely a hundred and twenty centimeters tall, blond, blue eyed, a bit bow legged, and with ears and a nose that were decidedly too large for the rest of his head.
  79. Any prey they hunted; was alerted and ran away, the second they heard the shrieks of the four legged apes and monkeys up in the trees; screaming out their hatred at their two-legged lower cousins.
  80. When she awoke, he’d gentle laid her on a pile of fresh mowed hay, and had his jacket wrapped about her chest and arms, he sat crossed legged right next to her, with his head hung low in his hands.
  81. She put the tray on the bed, then hitching up the fringe of a scarlet embroidered nightdress that only just covered her hips, climbed on to the bed and sat cross legged with the tray between her knees.
  82. Suddenly he was 15 years old and sitting cross legged on the sun frizzled turf in back of the splintered bleachers with 12 Indian boys listening to the coach deliver a pep talk worthy of Vince Lombardi.
  83. At intervals, a loud cry would announce the discovery of some fresh animal, chiefly of the wild pig species; but, as a rule, after an exciting chase, the four legged brutes had the best of it, and got clear into the forest.
  84. Although we’ve seen some trades legged in very effectively, we’ve probably seen just as many result in the trader not getting the market move he had hoped for and thus having to accept a much worse fill on the second half of the spread.
  85. Before the search had started, the Weebil had legged it with all the speed his piggy trotters could muster to the safety of the low bunker of the building he called his office; clearly not as brave as his be-medalled chest would have suggested.
  86. The blue-gray bandy legged dog ran merrily along the side of the road, sometimes in proof of its agility and self-satisfaction lifting one hind leg and hopping along on three, and then again going on all four and rushing to bark at the crows that sat on the carrion.
  87. At peace for the first time in days, she sat watching the land slowly passing by; ducks dabbled in and out of the reed beds bordering the river and here and there she spotted the long legged herons, poised like statues peering at the water intently as though hypnotising their prey.
  88. What is a country without rabbits and partridges? They are among the most simple and indigenous animal products; ancient and venerable families known to antiquity as to modern times; of the very hue and substance of Nature, nearest allied to leaves and to the ground—and to one another; it is either winged or it is legged.
  89. For just these few moments, I was in pure country bliss — the smell of the spring lilies sweeping through the air, the sun dancing through the early leaves and flowers of the blooming trees, the sounds of the morning robins looking for those worms, the excitement of our four legged fur-babies as I snuck them extra dog treats while Grandpa had his back turned (I was their favorite) — this was true joy for any young child born to be wild.
  90. Ulfur ruled the pack; he stood stiff legged and tall,.
  1. Legs Up The Wall -.
  2. I nodded at his legs.
  3. No legs to sink him.
  4. Legs Up The Wall –.
  5. You run my legs off.
  6. I can't feel my legs.
  7. Even the legs of the.
  8. She had long legs and.
  9. Now let's try the legs.
  10. His legs were shot, so.
  11. His legs were very long.
  12. She had such great legs.
  13. Only her long legs and.
  14. My legs feel like rubber.
  15. I slid my legs out of bed.
  16. He is high and his legs.
  17. He bent his legs stiffly.
  18. She pounded at her legs.
  19. And then my legs leave me.
  20. You have lovely legs too.
  21. I stood on my hind legs.
  22. Lost the use of her legs.
  23. My legs ached as I stood.
  24. Her legs were numb with.
  25. Sue put her legs around me.
  26. Her legs were spread wide.
  27. Legs Up the Wall - Page 36.
  28. My legs had turned to wood.
  29. Legs Up The Wall - Page 36.
  30. Then Sue snapped her legs.
  31. It'll have legs and things.
  32. I can’t move my legs too.
  33. His arms and legs were numb.
  34. Its hind legs had collapsed.
  35. I sighed and slapped my legs.
  36. She stared down at her legs.
  37. Not MUCH of my legs showed.
  38. Between her legs, she kept.
  39. Then with my legs slightly.
  40. Felix miaowed around my legs.
  41. My legs are covered in long.
  42. John moved his legs uneasily.
  43. Day 2 – Legs and Shoulders.
  44. He had no legs, but floated.
  45. He opened his legs a little.
  46. The arms and legs are cut off.
  47. It has two legs like a human.
  48. The legs were badly broken.
  49. The girl’s legs had relaxed.
  50. Our legs still work this way.
  51. His legs and arms were cut off.
  52. Her hit her a lot on her legs.
  53. Her legs barely supported her.
  54. Strengthens the arms and legs.
  55. His legs buckled for a moment.
  56. Credit stared down at her legs.
  57. The long legs that carried me.
  58. He had a hairy chest and legs.
  59. Their arms and legs were blue.
  60. A sudden weakness hit my legs.
  61. His arms and legs were scrawny.
  62. Just a couple of legs and arms.
  63. My legs started to feel strange.
  64. Her bare legs kept sliding off.
  65. He had the legs of an athelete.
  66. Then something grabbed his legs.
  67. His arms and legs were missing.
  68. She swung her legs around the.
  69. His legs go out from under him.
  70. Her legs moved on their own now.
  71. And long beautiful legs as well.
  72. His legs came out from under him.
  73. Same with the ones for the legs.
  74. My legs would barely hold me up.
  75. I saw Topps glance at her legs.
  76. However, his legs only weakened.
  77. Tom’s legs clamped her tightly.
  78. My legs started giving way.
  79. The legs bent at the knees and.
  80. I took hold of the legs and put.
  81. The woman without arms or legs.
  82. No more chain tattoos on my legs.
  83. I then finished off Sue’s legs.
  84. Slender legs and well built was.
  85. His legs were far to fat, you see.
  86. The worst part is both her legs.
  87. He could feel his arms and legs.
  88. This time, he stretched his legs.
  89. Having not used her legs for two.
  90. Twisting her legs, she aimed high.
  91. My legs replaced with fin and tail.
  92. She shimmied her legs vigorously.
  93. The legs were about two feet long.
  94. Something was wrong with his legs.
  95. The legs that touched each other.
  96. Her legs, however, would not move.
  97. His legs strengthened beneath him.
  98. Little black legs flew up and out.
  99. Ewok had nestled close to my legs.
  100. Leaning on his legs to keep them.

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