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1. All this invites the question, can you legislate hu-.
2. Why legislate by halves? If this law were passed, Mr.
3. Those departments should also not exist and legislate for the.
4. He was not willing to legislate in this way—by a hop, step, and a jump.
5. And for this reason, I said, I shall not attempt to legislate further about them.
6. In the case of those departments that legislate (EPA and Energy), their rules and.
7. Have we constitutional authority to legislate on this subject, and is it expedient so to do? 321;.

8. But he is bitter against the magnates ofthe bourse and those politicians who legislate to produce.
9. They are discovering that they have been fighting a bugbear; also, that their legislation against the bugbear cannot legislate.
10. The principle and detail had both been attacked; and yet no proposal had been made to try whether the House would legislate on the subject.
11. The president may not legislate and is given power only to make sure that the will of the people, as expressed through Congress, is carried out.
12. It was urged, that if any city in the United States had to legislate on this subject, five times as much would have been awarded as is now proposed.
13. The people elect Representatives and send them to legislate; if they do not please the Governor, he can say, gentlemen, go to your homes—I dissolve you.
14. If the means be not enumerated, you exercise discretion as to the means, having a regard to the existing state of things when you legislate concerning them.
15. The DC district court ruled that their action ―was an unconstitutional allegation of legislative power‖ and that the EPA was not authorized to legislate.
16. To legislate, therefore, correctly, on the subject, it is indispensable that this distinction between the mean and the object should be kept constantly in view.
17. C, has been the history of claims for four or five years past? When a solitary claim was presented the House would say, we cannot legislate upon individual cases.
18. I said it was easy to prove that the broad grant given to Congress to legislate for this Territory in all cases whatsoever, was restricted and paled in by the constitution.
19. As long as the constitution exists, you must select the means most proper for executing the enumerated rights at the precise moment at which you legislate respecting them.
20. Seat belt laws, helmet laws, laws that require children to ride in the back seat, strapped into a plastic shell, are all based on fear and our attempts to legislate against it.
21. This House passes a bill in favor of some particular claim—the other tells you they will not legislate for particular cases; that if they act, they wish to take up the subject generally.
22. To this it is replied that to create a National Bank is to legislate by implication; it is a separate, substantive, and independent power; to levy a tax is one thing, to make a bank another.
23. Democrats were still trying to legislate against the growth of soft money in elections, but we just couldn’t let the Republicans keep killing us in that area while awaiting campaign finance reform.
24. His words are wisdom to those legislators who contemplate no essential reform in the existing government; but for thinkers, and those who legislate for all time, he never once glances at the subject.
25. I expect that once in power, however, the modus operandi will be consolidating power that may (ironically) impede the party‘s ability or willingness, for that matter, to legislate meaningful reforms.
26. The Clinton Health Security Act began as a process to legislate full national health insurance during the temporary alignment of a Democratic White House with Democratic majorities in the Senate and House.
27. He was for providing specially by statute for each case after its occurrence, where the circumstances of the case required an exercise of liberality by Congress, and to legislate generally for future occurrences.
28. The resolution, reported by the Committee of Ways and Means, "that it is inexpedient to legislate upon the subject of the petitions," was disagreed to; and the following was reported to the House as a substitute thereto:.
29. Bib said that the State of Georgia had never undertaken to legislate for the Mississippi Territory; but there was a compact existing between the United States and Georgia, and he called upon the United States to adhere to it.
30. Here no rule exists but the constitution; and to legislate upon the ground merely that our predecessors thought themselves authorized, under similar circumstances, to legislate, is to sanctify error and perpetuate usurpation.
31. The object, sir, of our present deliberations is, or ought to be, to relieve our country from the distresses under which it groans; to do this, we should be prepared to legislate with a single eye to the welfare and happiness of the nation.
32. Whilst I don’t have any personal interest in transvestites or the Gay community I find it interesting that Thailand, which has a very liberal attitude towards that sector of society, would legislate against freedom of choice which only affects the person on whom the operation is performed.
33. Although you cannot determine the eternal fate of the individual, you may legislate regarding the conduct of the group, for, where two or three of you agree concerning any of these things and ask of me , it shall be done for you if your petition is not inconsistent with the will of my Father in heaven.
34. It is an uniform and unalterable principle, that Congress have the power to lay and collect taxes; they have the same positive, unchangeable right to exercise all the enumerated powers, the only rule of construction relating to them being that the means you use have a necessary relation to the power on which you legislate.
35. Whilst those who preceded us in power endeavored to legislate into the constitution an unnecessary constructive energy, leading to what has been called consolidation, it appears to me that we have taken too much the opposite course, leading to disunion and dissolution, by depriving it constructively of its legitimate, necessary, and proper powers.
36. Would it have had that power, if this right had not been expressly delegated? I know that, under the old Articles of Confederation, Congress did undertake to legislate as to property; but it was always questionable whether they had a right to do so—and this was not the only point on which Congress did exercise powers which were brought into question.
37. Some gentlemen think it improper to legislate definitely over that country, until the pledge given in the proclamation that it will in our hands be held subject to future negotiation, is redeemed in a manner satisfactory to the Executive who made it; and others wish to divide the country between the State of Louisiana and the State to be formed of the Mississippi Territory.
38. And shall we still, with all this information and experience, adhere to this system, and still think we can legislate France and England into a comitance to do us justice, and bring them to the bar of justice in this way? Far be it from me to censure any one for the part they have taken in endeavoring to maintain the rights of our country, and giving security to the interest of our citizens.
39. When, then, we consider the narrow grounds we have to legislate on, that our great privileges are left at home, we shall be convinced that there is no occasion that this body should be as numerous as if we were concerned in the great questions of property and right, which are secured by the constitution, under the guardianship of the State Legislatures, and of the courts for the furthering of justice.
40. There is no more a power given us to legislate ad libitum on this Territory, nor to derive therefor powers by implication, than is given us in the laws we pass for the whole nation; and if this power, sui generis, of creating corporations, is properly defined by our opponents, they ought to go back to the works of yesterday, as well as to those of twenty years' standing, in order to introduce their new order of things.
41. Thus was 'that Wicked One revealed, the Son of Perdition,’ who is characterised, in the prophecies, by his intelligence, audacity, and political power in connection with the Roman Empire; by his blasphemies against Supreme Goodness, Holiness, and Authority; by his long persecutions against 'the saints of the Most High;’ by his bold alteration of Divine Institutions; by his assumption of the right to legislate in opposition to the distinct decrees of the Deity; by his profane reception of honours due to Heaven alone, as he 'sitteth in the temple of God;’ by his disregard of the gods of his Pagan forefathers, and of the conjugal instincts of humanity; by his boundless self-exaltation, yet voluntary humility in the worshipping of angels,’ and 'honouring of a foreign deity,’ with the magnificence of a 'gay religion full of pomp and gold.
1. We are legislating the law.
2. Congressman Tom DeLay noted, the President of the United States is legislating by executive order.
3. This would introduce into the Legislature invidious comparisons, and, instead of legislating, we shall be sitting as judges upon character.
4. This, to my understanding, is legislating retrospectively; it is ex post facto; and, like the Rambouillet decree, is not only prospective, but retroactive.
5. We are legislating for such a country, and it is our business and duty to regard the circumstances, the interests, and feelings of the people of different parts of the Union.
6. We meet here under a constitution expressly framed and devised for legislating on select subjects, which, on account of the generality of their nature, could not be confided to the several States.
7. Why be so restrained, these Justices seemed to hint in their militant dissents, when the Court might do the legislating itself and get it right the first time? But with the exception of the 1947 case of Everson v.
8. The advocates of the amendment also said that they were averse to legislating blindfold, to voting millions without knowing for what, or to surrendering up their judgments to Executive discretion, under an idea that the President would not borrow more than was necessary.
9. In construing the Constitution of the United States, when legislating on the enumerated powers of Congress, I lay down this rule of construction: that the only limitation to the power of Congress is either some positive or implied prohibition in the constitution itself, or the exercise of an honest and sober discretion.
10. But legislating as we are for a confederated Republic, it is worse than idle not to regard the character, situation, and interest of the people, in the several sections of the Union; and I ask gentlemen who are so ardent in the war, whose bosoms seem to glow with patriotic fire, is it just and fair to abandon the internal taxes and impose so much of the burden of the war upon the people of the Northern and Eastern States, the majority of whom are known to be opposed to it; whose hearts and souls are not in the business; who are driven, and dragged, and forced into a war, in which they will go with you no further, nor any longer, than a patriotic obedience to the constitution and laws of the country requires; a war which they consider unwise, impolitic, inexpedient, and ruinous; a war which must annihilate their commerce; that commerce to which they owe their rapid progress in population, in the arts of civilized life, in knowledge, in literature, in all that adorns and makes society valuable and interesting? From this people, in such a war, you have little to expect.
1. While some of the departments that legislated did.
2. Once again, government has disregarded God and legislated.
3. Ten Commandments that were never legislated by any governing body.
4. This was the first time Congress ever legislated approbation before.
5. The Almighty God 'Glory to Him' chose bounds, decreed rules and legislated laws for mankind.
6. In the case of the departments that have legislated the states can accept or reject the regulations issued.
7. Not only are our emotions regulated and monitored, but also how they are stimulated are legislated and dispensed.
8. Therefore, they did not exist at all, because their author had abrogated them and legislated other laws in their place.
9. The respective States have, with studious care, legislated upon and regulated the various duties and obligations of masters and apprentices.
10. This private insurance covered about 65 percent of Americans under retirement age, and we hoped if we legislated a new standard there, it would be adopted across the board.
11. For example, the ordinance requires two judges to hold a court; and, in a variety of instances, Congress has legislated with respect to the form of government of the Territory.
12. How do you overturn a corrupt democracy by submitting to the rules of the game they've legislated? Blind obedience is always a nazi goose step into the ovens of indifference, 365.
13. Thus, any article mentioned concerning the animal’s suffering and pain is refuted by the wisdom folded in pronouncing the Name of Al’lah over the animal which the Almighty has legislated.
14. Only legislated changes to the food stamp program that don’t depend on whether there is a recession or not, for example being more generous to each eligible person, would count, if we desired that.
15. Whatever is the case and scenario at workplace for gross misconduct, the procedures that are legislated should be followed and if actions are taken after proper investigation then there will always be harmony in the business world.
16. Where police corruption manifests itself when police officers commissioned as ‘upstanding’ members of the community choose to abuse the extensive powers bestowed upon them by the public’s representative (Government) to endorse and enforce legislated law.
17. God wanted then to show man another verse of the verses indicating His potency and His great care of this man so that if he also thinks, he may glorify his Creator and appreciate Him, then he adopts the way which the Almighty has legislated to gain the happiness in this life and the life to come.
18. It is then perfectly clear, that our predecessors who have legislated on this subject considered a public disclosure of an invention an abandonment of all claim to the exclusive use; that they understood the object of the constitution to be the advancement of national improvement; and that when the public are in possession of any important discovery they could not be divested of it.
19. He manifested the reason behind mentioning the tale of the Israelites (Sons of Israel) frequently in the Holy Qur’an and their arguing with their noble messenger, our Master Moses (PTH), clarifying that if man does not follow the way of faith legislated to him by the Almighty, he will profit nothing from watching miracles and super-natural actions, nor will he be one of the believers whatever you bring him of the signs and cogent evidences, but indeed seeking the truth honestly and using the thought in searching for it is that which guides the spirit and leads it to the sources of real knowledge.
20. He manifested the reason behind mentioning the tale of the Israelites (Sons of Israel) frequently in the Holy Qur'an and their arguing with their noble messenger, our Master Moses (pth), clarifying that if man does not follow the way of faith legislated to him by the Almighty, he will profit nothing from watching miracles and super-natural actions, nor will he be one of the believers whatever you bring him of the signs and cogent evidences, but indeed seeking the truth honestly and employing the thought in searching for it is that which guides the spirit and leads it to the sources of real knowledge.
1. It is commanded by the state-owned bureaucracy that legislates on behalf of the economic area to administer the Country.

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