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Lift numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Lift it now – now.
  2. And if I lift it up.
  3. I lift them up again.
  4. He began to lift the.
  5. I lift my eyes to his.

  6. My lift came, it was.
  7. She would not lift it.
  8. Lift them up with yer.
  9. The covers began to lift.
  10. Lift up the metal piece.
  11. The lift doors slid open.
  12. They started to lift him.
  13. Let’s just lift it up.
  14. We’ll need a lift back.
  15. Sam led her into the lift.

  16. She started to lift one.
  17. She did not lift her head.
  18. The lift opened back up.
  19. Lift the heaviest you can.
  20. He took the lift down by.
  21. Jean felt his spirits lift.
  22. Gita struggled to lift it.
  23. The fog still doesn't lift.
  24. Sorry the lift is out of.
  25. It ought to lift off now.

  26. He is about to lift Marcus.
  27. He forwent the usual lift.
  28. Lift the pubis toward the.
  29. He judged distance and lift.
  30. Tatiana met him at the lift.
  31. Have the pilot lift off.
  32. Do you need a lift?
  33. Lift heel and pivot on toe.
  34. She would lift her eyelids.
  35. I ran to lift the receiver.
  36. To lift thy cheering spires.
  37. His eyes lift to find mine.
  38. I always go up in the lift.
  39. To come up, first lift the.
  40. Yoga to Lift the Inner Self.
  41. Lift your hand, she thought.
  42. The turbo lift doors opened.
  43. Lift your head up as far as.
  44. LIFT from pan; remove foil.
  45. Do you need a lift back?
  46. He smiled to try and lift her.
  47. One lift out and one lift in.
  48. Lift your bottom off the bed.
  49. She couldn’t lift her arms.
  50. When she lift her head, the.
  51. He gestured towards the lift.
  52. The doors to the lift closed.
  53. It never fails to lift.
  54. Kneel, and lift up your head.
  55. I wear a lift on one shoe, a.
  56. Did sudden lift of fog reveal.
  57. Lift off is in thirty minutes.
  58. And this sorrow too will lift.
  59. So thus you’re in a VIX lift.
  60. Cecily bent to lift the boxes.
  61. If only he could lift the boy.
  62. The heat will lift the fibres.
  63. He needs a lift to northwest.
  64. Tatiana joined him in the lift.
  65. I can’t even lift it an inch.
  66. Need a lift? Where ya goin'?
  67. Carefully lift chicken from pan.
  68. He wanted a lift up the mini-.
  69. Rangers having to lift a finger.
  70. We can lift these values to a.
  71. Now, then, lift him up a bit.
  72. He told us to lift a kerosene.
  73. It’s not too hard to lift her.
  74. Lift your whole leg off the bed.
  75. He felt his hands lift the phone.
  76. But Tragus didn’t lift his axe.
  77. Maybe you could help me lift it.
  78. The soldiers stopped at the lift.
  79. Decrease the height of the lift.
  80. Jesus is wanting to lift them up.
  81. A body sprang tense to her lift.
  82. I met Sam on his way to the lift.
  83. The soldiers jumped into the lift.
  84. For shame lift up the modest maid.
  85. And the strength to lift a car.
  86. Need a lift there? I asked.
  87. Could you give me a lift?
  88. He directed the ship to lift off.
  89. I know not where His islands lift.
  90. As he stepped out of the lift 30.
  91. My eyebrows took an automatic lift.
  92. To come up, first lift the torso.
  93. Hilario struggled to lift his hand.
  94. A buccaneer moved to lift the body.
  95. He gave up, took the lift to the.
  96. I nevers seen him lift nothing.
  97. The lift started moving downwards.
  98. I lift mine, too, and look at him.
  99. We came out here to lift the team.
  100. It is important to lift up others.
  1. I think about lifting a.
  2. I could feel him lifting me.
  3. Besides, the fog was lifting.
  4. Use a larger lifting height.
  5. Lifting his pop bottle, he.
  6. Use a smaller lifting height.
  7. Lifting up the arm in sitting.
  8. My depression is lifting, too.
  9. Lifting the duvet with a care.
  10. He rose, lifting her with him.
  11. He then raped her lifting her.
  12. Now there was a lifting of lids.
  13. Lifting him to new heights, he.
  14. Practice lifting Repeat __ times.
  15. Panos felt his depression lifting.
  16. Sophie laughed, her spirit lifting.
  17. Lifting the lid she sniffed at it.
  18. The heli�copter was lifting off.
  19. It’s almost like lifting weights.
  20. Lifting Sari carefully, he placed.
  21. Fred was doing some weight- lifting.
  22. How would lifting that veil reveal.
  23. They were just lifting it into the.
  24. Lifting his head, he looks at Berndt.
  25. Cadwallader, lifting up her eyebrows.
  26. Grace nodded, a smile lifting her lips.
  27. He’s lifting the sword into the air.
  28. Lifting the corpse, they bore it away.
  29. Lifting his ID card is a simple matter.
  30. By lifting the body I saw, blond hair.
  31. Lifting onto her tiptoes she kissed him.
  32. The pallet trucks did the heavy lifting.
  33. Cheers, she said lifting her glass.
  34. She looked entirely capable of lifting.
  35. She pulled up hair, lifting the spirals.
  36. He stepped up to Madame Button, lifting.
  37. Well, says David, lifting a shoulder.
  38. Lifting it, dropping it, lifting it again.
  39. They began pulling at him, lifting him up.
  40. Practice lifting the object off the table.
  41. Already he could feel his spirits lifting.
  42. After all the heavy lifting, his arms had.
  43. I can help, Cara says, lifting a hand.
  44. Have you noticed the fog is lifting?
  45. His eyebrow lifting in question as he asked.
  46. I made them help out with the heavy lifting.
  47. KK got impressed and smiled lifting his head.
  48. Trouble has a way of lifting us up when we.
  49. Lifting his eyes from the scope, the captain.
  50. Yet before me was my own body lifting itself.
  51. D) Do not overload hoisting or lifting device.
  52. I have a bit of heavy lifting to do first.
  53. I filled orders too, lifting the cases onto.
  54. DeShawn shrugs, lifting his steel shoulders.
  55. FIZZY LIFTING DRINKS, it said on the next door.
  56. They all nodded their assent and begin lifting.
  57. The tornado was lifting Peter up into the air.
  58. Within moments, we were lifting off the ground.
  59. He noticed the light changing, a shadow lifting.
  60. Tonight it seemed the spell was slowly lifting.
  61. He tried lifting the container, but he couldn't.
  62. And, while with silent lifting mind I’ve trod.
  63. Alex turned, lifting a hand, but it was too late.
  64. Half lifting me, he guides me along the corridor.
  65. I let the wind blow memory, lifting the hot dust.
  66. They were lifting glasses and drinking champagne.
  67. He was busy watching his feet, lifting his toes.
  68. It was heavy lifting, done under pressure of time.
  69. Dorothea, lifting her arms to the back of her head.
  70. Without lifting his head, he spoke loudly to Kato.
  71. He would crush us all without lifting a finger.
  72. To new friends, he toasted, lifting his glass.
  73. General? The agent said lifting his eyebrows.
  74. Trevanion was lifting young Carrington in his arms.
  75. Lifting the crate revealed a scared looking Rafael.
  76. No! shouted Tyler, lifting is hands in the air.
  77. She was lifting a hand to rub her bandaged shoulder.
  78. His case is closed, said Yuki, lifting her glass.
  79. I hear, Dron answered without lifting his eyes.
  80. Abram’s going to have me do some heavy lifting.
  81. Now that the fog is lifting she remembers him there.
  82. A nasal roar sounded from the diesel lifting engine.
  83. You don’t have to do the heavy lifting anymore.
  84. Every step was like lifting a foot encased in cement.
  85. Lifting his voice slightly he spoke to the guardsman.
  86. Very I said lifting my chin so he could kiss me.
  87. Lifting his hand to halt the progress Morgan stopped.
  88. Lifting the lid of the cooler, he pulled out another.
  89. Lifting it to her lips she kissed it, then let it go.
  90. She raised her eyes, lifting the bottles, turning away.
  91. Pigeon, lifting her chin so she looked straight at him.
  92. Lifting his hand helplessly, Williamson let himself out.
  93. Lifting her napkin to her mouth, her grandmother nodded.
  94. He held me tight against him, lifting me off the floor.
  95. Lifting his hand, Nole pointed at the wall behind Hanor.
  96. He was lifting the latch: a sudden thought occurred to.
  97. Turning his hand over he saw the finger nails lifting.
  98. He jumps at the sight of Justin’s garage door lifting.
  99. Practice lifting your head up sideways from the pillow.
  100. Lifting the wine glass she gazed across the rim at Harry.
  1. I lifted up my hair.
  2. I lifted my hand to.
  3. He lifted them to him.
  4. As he lifted his son.
  5. As the veil is lifted.
  6. She lifted it back up.
  7. I lifted my right hand.
  8. He then lifted a life.
  9. They will be lifted up.
  10. Is lifted we will hail.
  11. As the cape was lifted.
  12. She lifted her left foot.
  13. I lifted it out of the.
  14. Dom lifted him off the.
  15. She lifted a corner of.
  16. Kevin lifted his foot up.
  17. He then lifted his head.
  18. I lifted her in my arms.
  19. Danny lifted up a shirt.
  20. He lifted his head and.
  21. I lifted her body easily.
  22. They lifted her up again.
  23. She lifted her head again.
  24. He lifted the torch back.
  25. She lifted her head and.
  26. They lifted off the cape.
  27. I lifted my eyes up and.
  28. A group of men lifted a.
  29. He gently lifted her up.
  30. He lifted it without any.
  31. So, they lifted the cloak.
  32. The ogre lifted him higher.
  33. He lifted his short sleeve.
  34. And I, if I am lifted up.
  35. Rosebud lifted it to her.
  36. He lifted his glass again.
  37. I lifted the wrench again.
  38. He lifted himself in the.
  39. She lifted her eyes to his.
  40. And Abraham lifted up his.
  41. She lifted her gaze to his.
  42. Jimmy lifted his head to me.
  43. Rumors lifted of a wedding.
  44. She lifted her shirt, put.
  45. He lifted himself on to her.
  46. He lifted his head to look.
  47. She lifted the door chain.
  48. She lifted up her head to.
  49. He lifted, and tossed badge.
  50. She lifted her left arm up.
  51. Look! It lifted its head.
  52. I lifted my eyes to meet his.
  53. One of them lifted the cover.
  54. The man was lifted off his.
  55. Kemberra lifted his cup also.
  56. Eric got lifted into the air.
  57. Lani lifted up the t-shirt.
  58. The baby lifted his fingers.
  59. When the handset is lifted.
  60. Conan lifted his bloody head.
  61. He lifted her face with His.
  62. Libby lifted her chin proudly.
  63. Chandio lifted his foot again.
  64. He lifted his head from the.
  65. He lifted his left leg with.
  66. Moses finally lifted his head.
  67. When he heard that I lifted.
  68. When I lifted my head, I.
  69. Maimoune lifted it a little.
  70. Elowen lifted her head to see.
  71. She lifted an eyebrow at him.
  72. Finlay slowly lifted me down.
  73. I lifted a leg then the other.
  74. Jack lifted his head slightly.
  75. Andrew lifted and pulled, Mr.
  76. Groaning, Jack lifted his arm.
  77. She closed her eyes, lifted.
  78. Rachel lifted her face shield.
  79. She stopped and lifted a fist.
  80. He halted short, dagger lifted.
  81. He shrugged and lifted anchor.
  82. He lifted his eyes and saw her.
  83. Lifted Hands, To Raise Us Up.
  84. PADD and lifted his cup of tea.
  85. He lifted his arms in the air.
  86. Sam lifted his arm and sniffed.
  87. One, it had to be lifted high.
  88. The elders mentally lifted Mr.
  89. Her heart lifted at the sound.
  90. He lifted his head and shouted.
  91. He lifted his chin and laughed.
  92. Then he lifted Ty off of his.
  93. His upper lip lifted slightly.
  94. I lifted my hand to stop them.
  95. I lifted up my eyes to the sky.
  96. Quickly the guard lifted the.
  97. I lifted him up to look at him.
  98. I lifted them up and held them.
  99. It lifted his spirits to know.
  100. Ali lifted a bat from the floor.
  1. So he lifts her dress.
  2. She lifts her head higher.
  3. The lifts are over there.
  4. He lifts his gun and fires.
  5. The One Who lifts to Life.
  6. A weight in my chest lifts.
  7. A corner of his mouth lifts.
  8. Tris lifts her eyes to mine.
  9. On my way to the lifts one.
  10. None of the chair lifts are.
  11. The cat lifts its tail erect.
  12. The helicopter lifts off and.
  13. She lifts her eyes to his face.
  14. Methodically, he lifts his arm.
  15. He lifts his hand to strike her.
  16. Overhead lifts with fifty pounds.
  17. Then her arm lifts and one foot.
  18. Willie lifts the box's lid and.
  19. First, it lifts the woman's hand.
  20. Caleb shudders and lifts his hands.
  21. Pledge in the cup she lifts to Joy.
  22. It lifts and energises your spirit.
  23. She lifts the dead boy into his arms.
  24. Aaron lifts the crystal from my hand.
  25. Then Jesus lifts Himself and shouts:.
  26. Four lifts his hand and keeps walking.
  27. Slowly he lifts his burly bearded face.
  28. Sometimes he lifts something else too.
  29. He lifts the piece of meat from his eye.
  30. His mouth lifts slightly in a wry smile.
  31. I shut down the lifts, Bayis said.
  32. Maybe it’s time one lifts the other.
  33. Mysteriously, this sailor lifts up a box.
  34. He lifts her up and holds her on his side.
  35. Johanna lifts her hands and bows her head.
  36. Werner lifts the flaps of boxes, peering in.
  37. As soon as the car lifts into the air not.
  39. The fog of depression hanging over him lifts.
  40. He will have to jump as soon as he lifts off.
  41. He lifts his head, his expression distraught.
  42. As some tall cliff that lifts its awful form.
  43. In but a moment, the Other Mary lifts her hand.
  44. The second step is to have lifts for the racks.
  45. She then lifts up the back of Mitch’s shirt.
  46. A hero who lifts less will need to get creative.
  47. Lynch lifts the curled caterpillar on his wand.
  48. DeShawn lifts his steel shoulders in a shrug.
  49. She rubs her eyes as he lifts her up to his side.
  50. The lid lifts with relative ease and flips over.
  52. The tin coyote robot lifts a leg up to walk off.
  53. A trace of a smile lifts the corner of his mouth.
  54. She lifts it before her eyes and sees the locket.
  55. Kaite lifts your crown and places it on her head.
  56. He lifts his eyebrows, and I realize I’m staring.
  57. The Administrator lifts her head with great effort.
  58. Diane D lifts her bottom back up off the bed again.
  59. We have decided to lock one of the lifts with the.
  60. With his cane, he lifts her chin and laughs softly.
  61. The lifts are just round the corner over there, sir.
  62. This place makes me start thinking of face lifts.
  63. They shook hands and walked over to a wall of lifts.
  64. Jack Kang lifts his hands, and the crowd goes silent.
  65. He struggles as he lifts the heavy full can of paint.
  66. There, park in the far left corner, next to the lifts.
  67. The old man and the dog turned back towards the lifts.
  68. Lynch with his poker lifts boldly a side of her slip.
  69. Pretty Boy, can I be the one who lifts the lid?
  70. He wraps his hands around mine and lifts the pistol up.
  71. He lifts his hand and traces my cheek with his fingers.
  72. With his arms draped over Miles and Kairo, TK lifts his.
  73. The lie lifts her head up, but the sadness still remains.
  74. After a few one-word replies, Stallman finally lifts up.
  75. That gets the penis interested, and he lifts up his snout.
  76. He lifts his head enough to say, Passing out is the plan.
  77. Cass gently lifts her hung head and stares into her eyes.
  78. He grabs Dana's luggage and lifts it back up on the cart.
  79. Closing his eyes he lifts his other hand towards the door.
  80. Toge the r the y hurrie d a long the corridor to the lifts.
  81. She slowly lifts his arm upward until he can see where she.
  82. The creature extends his paw and its razor claws; he lifts.
  83. It lifts you up a little, right? That could happen anywhere.
  84. She lifts her arm and slams one of her spheres into my head.
  85. Guido lifts a shoulder, but there is tension around his eyes.
  86. Mabel lifts her weak arm and points to the room next to hers.
  87. She lifts the box up off the stage floor and throws it aside.
  88. No car lifts for cadets with longhaired communist tendencies.
  89. A lifts with one hand beneath thighs the other beneath knees.
  90. She puts her toe on the ledge as she lifts her other leg over.
  91. Cass lifts Becky up to his side so she can have a better view.
  92. The queen lifts a delicate eyebrow at him as if to say no shit.
  93. Mike cups his hands and Vaughn steps in them and lifts himself.
  94. BLOOM: (Lifts a turtle head towards her lap) We have met before.
  95. Christina stands, her legs slightly uneven, and lifts both arms.
  96. Suddenly she lifts her head up and the other three turn around.
  97. He steps closer and lifts his chin toward my acoustic sensors.
  98. She stops, and then lifts his chin up to meet her bent over face.
  99. Lewis obediently lifts his left arm up so she can remove the tube.
  100. Suddenly the haze lifts and an attractive young man approaches me.

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