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Lineage numa frase em (in ingles)

The lineage of Christ is.
His lineage earned him respect.
Christ would have a perfect lineage.
We honor your lineage for that great service.
Though, we can trace my lineage back to Texas.
The trace lineage or history of Ra was found in.

They were fortunate in that regard because lineage.
Requested in this way, the encircling lineage Gurus.
He then revealed to Spock the boy’s lineage, his.
I felt that I was a stain on the blemish-less lineage.
Thus the lineage of Antichrist is hidden—or rather.
My blood may be the proof of my lineage, but without.
Jeremiah had lost track of his family lineage, and at.
The first one in her clan’s lineage to attend college.
The first lineage holder of these instructions on Heruka.
Yarlungpa, lord of the whispered lineage of the family of.
But he extolled her lineage, from an ancient clan on Rhodos.
Understand that, in ancient times, lineage was very important.
Lineage a line of instruction that has been passed down from.
I’ve always wanted to know how the vampire lineage began.
But the difficulty was that he belonged to their lineage and.
Tibet as a monk, and the holder of the lineage of pure view and.
Lama of the Upper Residence meant that his reincarnation lineage.
The lineage of these teachings, both their oral transmission and.
My, my, I said, your husband must be from an aristocratic lineage.
The ancestry and lineage of the Buddha are carried through the de-.
We demand that our pigs should be of 100 percent genetic lineage.
Sakya lineage as the dominant political force in Tibet at that time.
From verses 1 & 2 here is what we can conclude about the lineage of.
Some of the names are ones that speak to his lineage such as The.
Good lineage, he replied with a slight, almost indistinct nod.
But from her the lineage of the Elf-lords of old descended among Men.
Interestingly, rats of the same lineage in other areas of the world.
The Gorn trace their lineage through the maternal side of the family.
Apparently, he didn’t find the lineage of Gods an interesting topic.
Rinpoche are the lineage holders of the Gelug Tradition – a spiritual.
BIDDY THE CLAP: One immediately observes that he is of patrician lineage.
When you share a gift of life, you further the lineage of Earth the Giver.

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