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Little numa frase em (in ingles)

It was a little girl.
We moved away a little.
The elder is a little.
That throws me a little.
Wasn't it a little too.
Both are a little tipsy.
Has when they are little.

Her smile fades a little.
There was a little pause.
How little the fear of.
A little bit later the.
But a little too neutral.
I was also a little wild.
Little more than a child.
Raise the paper a little.
Not a little child, but.
Mary Had a Little Lamb, v.
She melted just a little.
I’m a little wiped out.
The little girl was Sophia.
They could tell him little.
Little Jack made no reply.
In this little boy of mine.
Just one tiny little soul.
Be safe, my little Anakim.
What of this little flock?
I scratched a little more.
We'll have a little merry.
Cletus was a little braver.
Here is a little experiment.
Danny was a little shocked.
That little was all he had.
Aspen smiled a little sadly.
There would be two little.
I could see a little more.
Not real bad, just a little.
Yeah, for a little while.
Tell us more, little man.
A little soon to say that.

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