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Lively numa frase em (in ingles)

1. The PWC is more lively.
2. We are not a lively party.
3. A good lively march is often.
4. There ensued a lively discussion.
5. The dances were certainly lively.
6. The lively trash of stories long.
7. Lively: Living; as a lively youth.

8. A lively throb greeted her fingers.
9. He was as lively as I’ve seen him.
10. This used to be such a lively place.
11. Professor Lively did have an answer.
12. The trees appeared lively and massive.
13. We had a lively breakfast that morning.
14. The novelty was in their being lively.
15. Yes, there was the odd lively exchange.
16. Elior participated lively in the talk.
17. This time Edgar Lively was not so kindly.
18. Professor Lively, we have some concerns.
19. It makes for lively lessons and happy kids.
20. Who could this lively, bald gentleman be?
21. Yet her throat was still strong and lively;.
22. But for all that it could be a lively party.
23. There was also a very lively boy of sixteen.
24. She had to laugh, to jest, to appear lively.
25. But I hear it’s pretty lively below ground.
26. He’s the only lively Fellow in the Bunch.
27. But Professor Lively had further instructions.
28. I was thinking of something a bit more lively.
29. Then they shun the company of lively and warm.
30. Each year the Bagginses had given very lively.
31. Professor Lively turned to the business at hand.
32. His eyes were still lively, dancing in his head.
33. Things have been pretty lively for me lately.
34. Nana was lively and funny all through the night.
35. Give us a hand here will you and look lively.
36. Wow, someone's in a lively mood, this evening.
37. When in season, these lively and colourful fish.
38. This is an intelligent breed that is lively and.
39. And who told you this? asked Professor Lively.
40. Professor Edgar Lively regarded the other two men.
41. Ye as lively stones are built up a spiritual house.
42. Towards the end of dinner it was still more lively.
43. Is he pretty lively with Miss Linton generally?
44. She showed the group a lively hillside where many.
45. She sung a lively tune while feeding Redbolt leaves.
46. Edgar Lively walked up and opened it with one hand.
47. Professor Lively waited patiently to give his answer.
48. Teresa was lively and gay, but coquettish to excess.
49. Bestir: To put someone into a quick or lively action.
50. Is he pretty lively with Miss Linton generally?’.
51. Sarah looked at Bernice’s once lively devilish eyes.
52. It was so lively, so colorful, so sensuous all of it.
53. Professor Lively had the habit of calling students Mr.
54. The leaf monsters are far more lively and aggressive.
55. Piracy’s still a lively occupation in the islands.
56. This makes it very clear that we as lively stones are.
57. He was humming a lively tune while dressing the wound.
58. Although the hour was still early, there was a lively.
59. A flutist would play a lively tune to spur their dance.
60. Then they had a lively time between them! Bang! Bang! M.
61. Rhone turned to see a lively redhead standing before him.
62. She was merry, lively and affectionate with the children.
63. The painted green hills were glowing lively and colorful.
64. Meanwhile, Serena kept up a steady flow of lively chatter.
65. These children were all quite plain, and infinitely lively.
66. She was as lively and bubbly as Kiki had said she would be.
67. Before Carter could start his next query, a lively officer.
68. November was a very lively month in the regiment's calendar.
69. She hadn't felt so lively with other people in a long time.
70. This Omar looked like he could be a lively character indeed.
71. The baby appears to be lively, but he hasn’t cried at all.
72. Just lately she had been very lively, even playful, in fact.
73. At a lively pace, they trundled back to camp along the track.
74. The feast was excellent and the conversation lively and witty.
75. Matt, who had expected to spend some lively evenings on the.
76. It was as if a company of lively sparrows had got loose in it.
77. Worse, their faces were smooth, unlined, calm and yet lively.
78. Outstanding, Hope interjected in a lively tone, perhaps.
79. The conversation at breakfast in all the cells was very lively.
80. A quarter of an hour later, they were all engaged in a lively.
81. The sun had readied with his energetic lively encouraging rays.
82. As of late, lively discussions among computer enthusiasts have.
83. We had a lively affair, or was it a fling? Whatever it was, it.
84. Professor Lively was regarding her with considerable bemusement.
85. Fortunately, Roley was not a small, lively redhead like Merthin.
86. Their homeward journey was as lively as their drive out had been.
87. Meanwhile, at the smithy, several men were involved in a lively.
88. It made him glad merely to see his children so happy and lively.
89. There was a lively crowd of country folk in and around the place.
90. At this moment a more lively section of the Grosvater dance began.
91. Sounds ancient, doesn’t it? But Puffin has never been so lively.
92. The PIO captain turned back to Court and smiled, his eyes lively.
93. Her lively eyes glazed over, rolled back, and her knees gave way.
94. But it was warm and lively and that was what she needed right now.
95. Marsellus Arulius sat huddled underneath a tree in a lively forest.
96. Her voice was lively, eager, with exceedingly distinct intonations.
97. These encounters seemed to cause Boulatruelle a lively displeasure.
98. All roads led to the Petit Socco, the lively hub of small commerce.
99. She laughed; a sound that was rather lively on such a pensive night.
100. The aunt was simple and illiterate; the niece was simple but lively.

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