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Livestock numa frase em (in ingles)

1. Eat and pasture your livestock.
2. Won't their livestock and their.
3. Soldiers were treated like livestock.
4. I guessed that it was the livestock.
5. By raising livestock to kill and eat.
6. He took the sheep to the livestock pen.
7. Pastures were created for the livestock.

8. How does it go with the livestock?
9. William and his family dealt in livestock.
10. Yes, ranchers do have livestock to protect.
11. The first was to slaughter the livestock.
12. Cows and chickens were the main livestock.
13. He supplied you with livestock and children.
14. Ranchers’ livestock needs to be protected.
15. The trade in livestock was obvious from the.
16. Auctioneers at the Amarillo Livestock auction.
17. But there were no livestock visible, no people.
18. The square was packed with livestock for sale.
19. Livestock and carcasses were now more prevalent.
20. The family farmed the land and raised livestock.
21. Their interest in your livestock also shows this.
22. The Nian would eat their livestock, fish and crops.
23. The drink given to the livestock before they died.
24. Livestock were dying and the people became riotous.
25. He then sent his livestock out in various directions.
26. Abram's livestock and the herdsmen of Lot's livestock.
27. The Montana Department of Livestock asserts that the.
28. Of the birds after their kind, of the livestock after.
29. What about the livestock? The chickens? he asked.
30. The livestock of herders were easily and quickly stolen.
31. We will take half of your precious stones and livestock.
32. Fencing, securing the livestock, guard dog/s, and motion.
33. Temple area, so that those without livestock and doves to.
34. But leopards are known to kill livestock, have a fondness.
35. They took the carcasses of their dead livestock and tossed.
36. Cote: A livestock shed; a shed where a group of animals rest.
37. Women are ignored except as a means to raise more livestock.
38. I heard the squeaking of rats and the livestock in the hull.
39. Barron treated his livestock as well as he treated most humans.
40. This is a vision of human beings as livestock to be fed by the.
41. Laboratories raised all the livestock for consumer consumption.
42. They began amassing grain in granaries, and food and livestock.
43. All livestock are permitted to you, except what is recited to you.
44. Helping us out? What about helping himself to our livestock?
45. They have slain our livestock unnecessarily and destroyed our crops.
46. Some for raising livestock, some for agriculture, some for industry.
47. Nine tenths of sustenance is in trade and only one tenth in livestock.
48. God, Moses also asked if they can take their cattle and livestock with.
49. Booths were also made to house livestock and are called mangers in the.
50. Ian could not take carts, he refused livestock and he charged two pence.
51. As Walvis Bay is surrounded by desert, there was no farming of livestock.
52. You wish livestock? I would have thought you would want men with firearms.
53. There were pastures with livestock, numerous barns, and large fields of crops.
54. All the livestock had either been killed or run off into the Nevermore Forest.
55. It won't be hard to follow a couple hundred folk and their livestock, trust me.
56. Neither were their livestock, which they often copulated with, allowed to live.
57. Chapter 33 Even dividing his livestock was not enough for Jacob, his wives and.
58. Oh, I suppose the old men are probably safe, and probably the livestock, too.
59. These dogs were to act as cattle grids to restrict the movement of all livestock.
60. They could feed off the livestock for a while, but it was nutrition poor to them.
61. I mean, sometimes after breeding the livestock it was more than a little messy.
62. It was thus much easier to manage your meat production levels by keeping livestock.
63. As an acknowledgement to drovers and stockmen who still, on occasion, move livestock.
64. The Maegar were busy constructing homes and barns to house their livestock and grain.
65. There is no livestock in sight and all of the humans, I would think, are in this room.
66. Serminak was hunted out long ago, so if we do not keep crops and livestock, we starve.
67. Agriculture, farming and livestock are another big need in the rural regions of Honduras.
68. Have they not seen that We created for them, of Our Handiwork, livestock that they own?
69. If you're setting up a new tank with no other livestock in the tank yet, you can cure the.
70. The Lykanthros destroyed many of the crops, fish and livestock that we depend on for food.
71. Peter, you are the best butcher of livestock that I know so I have something to ask of you.
72. There are auctions for home furnishings, vehicles, art, and even animals including livestock.
73. I remember when Joey had been trying to work up a plan to help save the town's livestock but.
74. Booty: The collection of captives, livestock, or objects of worth, taken in war from the enemy.
75. Endless fields and pastures full of livestock were noticeable for as far as the eye could see.
76. Why? Because as far as the men are concerned: their livestock is more valuable than their women.
77. Among the bartering merchants and bleating livestock the two Lieges addressed their companions.
78. As with most other livestock products, the CME offers a futures contract for frozen pork bellies.
79. Tell the men to immediately herd their livestock toward this road and to send their wives and.
80. He had livestock in pens made of woven brush and stores in big urns in a lean-to behind the cabin.
81. Maybe he thought about how, one day, he would be the ruler over all the livestock in his father's house.
82. Nothing could grow under such conditions, and without corn, wheat, and hay livestock could not survive.
83. The islands on which the bat lives have also been intensively logged for agriculture and livestock grazing.
84. For an awful moment she feared he was going to ask about her livestock and she braced herself for a good lie.
85. The crop fields will be burned and the livestock wantonly slaughtered both in the pastures and in the barns.
86. In addition to the supplies from Macnock's store Olin contemplated the value of having livestock at The Rocks.
87. And then he stays back at camp after sending all of his livestock and his wives and maidservants ahead of him.
88. This is very important because it’s the only way we will keep the secret that our livestock have preceded us.
89. With dwindling salmon reserves, the fish could be more effectively raised as livestock than caught in the wild.
90. Worst of all, marauding soldiers could steal every grain of wheat you’ve stored and lead off all the livestock.
91. One man held a bucket, the other a tool that Nem easily recognized from years of working on a farm with livestock.
92. Instead, they’re crushed to produce vegetable oil while the remaining meal is fed to cattle and other livestock.
93. Small businesses can consider buying chickens from local farms if there are issues with interstate livestock transfers.
94. The prime reason for his visit to the office of the Sultan was to deliver a catalogue of his properties and livestock.
95. Livestock, like the tropical and grain commodities, is a unique category in the agricultural commodities subasset class.
96. And in countless agricultural cultures all around the world today: you will find that Livestock represents their status.
97. There were 83 acres of rolling, wooded land with maybe seven or eight acres cleared for planting or running livestock on.
98. They galloped flat out through the streets, scattering townspeople before them, careless of men, women, children and livestock.
99. Part of that land is devoted to vegetables and environmentally raised legumes, hays and grasses for the livestock on the farm.
100. The scene was reminiscent of cattle being coerced to go through spring gates in order to be auctioned off at a livestock yard.

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