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Loafer numa frase em (in ingles)

1. A loafer and a liar.
2. They belong to a Loafer class.
3. Ah, but he's a loafer, that lad.
4. Nah, only a loafer like this one.
5. Loafer Redhorse is anything but a loafer.
6. Those houses are unaffordable for a loafer like me.
7. His shoes appeared to be black loafer types of shoes.

8. The section represents not individuals - but the loafer class.
9. He hurried to his chamber and was down again in a few minutes dressed as a common loafer.
10. Near the hotel there was always a kind of loafer who accosted travellers, and who would not refuse.
11. He was the president of the corporation that I was in the process of dismantling, loafer by loafer.
12. You booby, you loose fellow! You'll come to want—you'll go begging, you seditious fellow, you—you loafer.
13. Gross! Dropping it, he wiped sticky fingers on the front of a black shirt and ground the heel of a loafer over the squishy mound.
14. He wore a sneaker on his right foot and a leather loafer on his left, but the mismatched shoes were not the most identifiable characteristic the man had going for him.
15. The writer of this letter is Loafer Redhorse, a son-in-law of the Titon Chief, Swift Bear, whose band have colonized as homesteaders along the Niobrara River near the mouth of Keya Paha River.
16. There was as many as one loafer leaning up against every awning-post, and he most always had his hands in his britches-pockets, except when he fetched them out to lend a chaw of tobacco or scratch.
17. Some of these men were of the tramp or the drunken loafer class; some were old, broken-down workmen like himself, and others were labourers wearing corduroy or moleskin trousers with straps round their legs under their knees.
18. I tried to help him with my experience, telling him that he was one of my nearest neighbors, and that I too, who came a-fishing here, and looked like a loafer, was getting my living like himself; that I lived in a tight, light, and clean house, which hardly cost more than the annual rent of such a ruin as his commonly amounts to; and how, if he chose, he might in a month or two build himself a palace of his own; that I did not use tea, nor coffee, nor butter, nor milk, nor fresh meat, and so did not have to work to get them; again, as I did not work hard, I did not have to eat hard, and it cost me but a trifle for my food; but as he began with tea, and coffee, and butter, and milk, and beef, he had to work hard to pay for them, and when he had worked hard he had to eat hard again to repair the waste of his system—and so it was as broad as it was long, indeed it was broader than it was long, for he was discontented and wasted his life into the bargain; and yet he had rated it as a gain in coming to America, that here you could get tea, and coffee, and meat every day.

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loafer bum idler

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