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Loop numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. The for loop is over.
  2. The while loop is over.
  3. I was out of the loop.
  4. He was caught in a loop.
  5. They have it on a loop.

  6. They were part of a loop.
  7. Moreover, Sound is a loop.
  8. The loop we are trapped.
  9. The loop executes for 10.
  10. But this is a closed loop.
  11. The Army "Loops the Loop".
  12. I'll keep you in the loop.
  13. He dropped the loop over.
  14. She was wearing a loop of.
  15. But can't be there a loop?

  16. Time, then, is also a loop.
  17. But While loop is totally.
  18. The bottom loop would then.
  19. Im out of that loop for the.
  20. The syntax of while loop is:-.
  21. This loop can be constructed.
  22. The for loop is frequently used.
  23. He had them set on an hour loop.
  24. At the head of the loop was a 3.
  25. She seems oddly out of the loop.

  26. Make a small loop and try again.
  27. He ploughs with a loop attached.
  28. We’ll keep you in the loop.
  29. Her response threw me for a loop.
  30. It’s twirling the loop around.
  31. Now the loop will execute properly.
  32. Bring it forward through the loop.
  33. The loop in motion modeled by the.
  34. Use a for Loop at the Command Line.
  35. Adj, slip the loop over the end.
  36. The loop was provided for a hatchet.
  37. This set-up a negative feedback loop.
  38. For example in a situation where a loop.
  39. The interior of the loop would contain.
  40. The top loop of the lemniscate would be.
  41. I just wanted to keep you in the loop.
  42. Keep me firmly in the loop with this one.
  43. And then the loop hole to make more money.
  44. There is concept of loop in C programming.
  45. They go into some sort of continuous loop.
  46. Ambrosius was left out of the loop totally.
  47. Halfway around the loop I paused and leapt.
  48. Then a new loop appeared by the other foot.
  49. The main perform will loop through varying.
  50. This loop is somewhat dissimilar to For loop.
  51. A very long loop, about twenty-five seconds.
  52. Joey tied a loop and draped it over the crest.
  53. Let's look at this foreach() loop more closely.
  54. For loop is based on the value of the variable.
  55. Another loop of their strange video began to play.
  56. ERROR: The %TO value of the %DO I loop is invalid.
  57. Father, that's why I am keeping you in the loop.
  58. He shook loose the loop of rope from his shoulder.
  59. The world was walled away, locked outside the loop.
  60. But is 2nd program, the loop is never going to end.
  61. ERROR: The %FROM value of the %DO I loop is invalid.
  62. Continue with the same speed through a smaller loop.
  63. It looped the loop before our eyes and entered the.
  64. Down came the rope with a small loop tied at the end.
  65. I’ve been out of the loop the past couple of days.
  66. Vinny had already formed the loop in the cable tie.
  67. Remember that the top, side and bottom of each loop.
  68. In this model, each loop matches one of the two zones.
  69. They began to play, very quickly, on a repeating loop.
  70. URIEL: I’ve been out of the loop for quite some time.
  71. How about out there when you dropped the loop over.
  72. Pull the net along and anchor the next retaining loop.
  73. Bill just sat there; his mind locked in a loop of panic.
  74. I looked through an optical loop at the clarity of the.
  75. The pear shaped loop made by the tip of the rod is what.
  76. That should hold its programming in a loop for some time.
  77. Petersen Lindsay, director of the FBI, is in the loop.
  78. It was fastened, she saw, by a loop to its master's arm.
  79. Wait until the line is out in front forming a small loop.
  80. The for loop will exit when this condition returns false.
  81. The For loop in program 1 is going to be executed 29 times.
  82. I guess the professor hadn’t kept any of us in the loop.
  83. The perfection loop knot is used for attaching two looped.
  84. This is TPT programming executing a perfect, endless loop.
  85. A loop clasped the tiny gold cross to a link in the chain.
  86. If you want to iterate over a list of words, use a for loop.
  87. If the universe is a Mobius loop, the twisted nature of a.
  88. The loop itself can be seen as a portal to other dimensions.
  89. The last hours were running through my mind on a closed loop.
  90. Remember that you can have an else clause for the while loop.
  91. The person crossing is secured to the loop, around the chest.
  92. The loop of self is the persistence of the nothingness of I.
  93. It was broadcasting footage of the riot in a continuous loop.
  94. If he's not putting you in the loop, obviously it's a reason.
  95. The do while loop is frequently used where data is to be read.
  96. There should be no slack in the loop when the forward cast is.
  97. Twice? You assume this is only the second time this loop has.
  98. Inside this curve were Sherman Airfield and Chief Joseph Loop.
  99. Simple roll casts can be made with a stationary loop of line.
  100. The break statement is used to break out of a loop statement i.
  1. Again Kerry threw a looping punch.
  2. Graham dropped the cable he was looping.
  3. The painter was still made fast to the looping root.
  4. A big looping circle in the middle of the brass grip.
  5. We may be in a forever looping chain of events, but.
  6. Looping around the headland, he headed along the coast.
  7. This acts as an automatic looping statement with all the control.
  8. Brian shook his head and looked at the looping video on his screen.
  9. Looping is much useful to repeat a set of statements multiple times.
  10. In combat, I once observed a plane, looping, and looping, and looping.
  11. Over the commotion came the bleating, looping wail of a police siren.
  12. A while statement is an example of what is called a looping statement.
  13. The Iteration Statements on the other hand act as an automatic looping.
  14. Quickly looping the hosepipe around the chimneystack, I tied off the end.
  15. But the photographer— I waved at the looping pictures on the screen.
  16. CodeIgniter handles looping through database results using PHP for each statement.
  17. The trooper attempted, quite valiantly, to read the elegant bramble of looping text.
  18. The goblins had laid it out in a large square and were now looping a rope through it.
  19. It acts as one of the simplest looping structures of Java and has the following format.
  20. A large, white, domed apparatus, it had a wide, leather strap looping out of the front.
  21. It was an ornate instrument; looping coils of polished brass flaring into a gleaming bell.
  22. The gravediggers bore the coffin and set its nose on the brink, looping the bands round it.
  23. Pong chooses his moment then once again a flick of the wrist brings the chain looping downwards.
  24. This I learned in my looping about Jesus: he did not kill his enemies, but healed them instead.
  25. I used my interpretation of Fred Couples' looping swing to guide him to the correct arm movement.
  26. Afterward, he went straight to his bag and tossed in his gear before looping it over his shoulder.
  27. The while statement is another looping statement of Java with an entry control option for execution.
  28. Everyone had heard about the mysterious looping broadcast that had interrupted Johnny Guitar's show.
  29. So begin with observing - Observe both what’s on the outside, and also looping around on the inside.
  30. Faint traces of power lines looping between some of the buildings, and a phone line marching in on poles.
  31. There was a long looping northern arm that had been dammed up and connected together in hundreds of places.
  32. All we need is to move the label up one line to the read statement and then we would eliminate this looping.
  33. Horsefield and her friend Miss Dudding appeared at the doorway with their skirts hitched up, and hair looping down.
  34. They looked up and saw Zeros looping through combat maneuvers, far too high for their pilots to notice the raft below.
  35. And I've fed Elenir the looping routes that all these support ships have followed in service to Husim on his demented quest.
  36. Imperial chrysanthemums crowded everywhere, on the stairway, round the doors, in looping arches around the floor, a forest’s worth.
  37. For want of something better to do I put out my strength on that door, getting some purchase on the handle by looping my braces round it.
  38. The looping wire reminded me of the phone cord that Ben and my mom always fought over toward the end, the one we were always tripping on.
  39. Compared to the amount of actual investigating he’d done, he spent way too much time looping in thought on the horror that Ava really was.
  40. My ebony hair hung in looping curls and the eerie alabaster glow on my skin had the palest hint of pink, so I wouldn’t appear like a ghost.
  41. Why? I held the two halves in my hand and, feeling a bit like Popeye, I popped the looping redundancy into my comically gaping cavernous mouth.
  42. I moved here n there looping in the plane surfing various thoughts and all kind of information related to military capabilities of China and Pakistan.
  43. Louie scrounged up parachute cord and went to each injured man, looping cord around him as a belt, then wrapping the rope around stationary parts of the plane.
  44. Not waiting for an answer, Ingrid then pulled up in a zoom climb, going through a cloud before throttling down her engine and looping around into a vertical dive.
  45. Rapp reached down and relieved him of his weapon, noting the burning hatred in his expression before rolling him over and looping a set of flex cuffs over his wrists.
  46. As the two P-26 were climbing behind the surviving bombers, the Japanese escort fighters, enraged at having been tricked like this, climbed after them after a tight half looping.
  47. After numerous repetitions of a common pattern and while the hawk was looping back around on his friend, Edgar waved his hand and Nightfall swung the free end of the vine out toward him.
  48. He wore a shirtless two-piece suit in the trendy mode, flowing and soft with pants that didn't conceal the size of his sack and large looping epaulettes with solid gold commandant's stars.
  49. As the Naud were nearly completely inept at stellar navigation, the best they could hope was to only ever venture a little ways from wherever they had been before; hence the looping reminders.
  50. Then, looping the loose end of his silk rope about Natala's hips, and cautioning her to hold on with both hands, he lifted her through the window and lowered her the thirty- odd feet to the earth.
  51. These three position fields would represent transaction numbers and by looping through the values in the same fashion, we could check to see if the three digit number we had was a valid transaction.
  52. Long graceful ropes of ivy and grapevine and smilax were hung everywhere, in looping festoons on the walls, draped above the windows, twined in scallops all over the brightly colored cheesecloth booths.
  53. Believing it only to be a theoretical possibility that had no conclusive clinical peer reviewed samples, Ear, nevertheless, was beginning to wonder if they were caught inside an AI's looping mirror –.
  54. In any application with database connectivity, you'll probably need to display records from a database; looping through rows of data returned from a query is one of the most common tasks you'll perform in programming.
  55. She could see people near the arch hoisting speakers onto stands, but what was left to want anymore? Then, as if in response, came a squeal, and an echo, and a voice she’d almost forgotten, looping obsessively back:.
  56. He held it together for his girls at work, but afterward, as in his earliest days in the city, he walked home via the most circuitous route possible, looping up toward Central Park rather than face the emptiness of the loft.
  57. Its waters, in creeping down these miles of meadowland, frequently divided, serpentining in purposeless curves, looping themselves around little islands that had no name, returning and re-embodying themselves as a broad main stream further on.
  58. Yet how could he do this, and how could one small fear have such a bearing upon his daily life and reality?Well, do you remember earlier that Gordon spoke of an 8 track mind looping inner voice that he wasn’t even aware of until single point question 15 - Then why not let it go? Gordon replied, I don’t know why, it’s just there, always bugging me in the background.
  1. She looped her arms protectively.
  2. I looped around it twice and stopped.
  3. It’s a 15 mile looped tunnel that.
  4. This element of communication looped.
  5. Looped my kite on top of the blue one.
  6. The reins were looped around his neck.
  7. The birds looped clear water songs in the air.
  8. Over and over it looped and looped below her.
  9. They were just looped around convenient holds.
  10. It latched on, looped around and formed a knot.
  11. He transferred the looped end of the line from.
  12. Zoe stared at Henry and looped her arm around his.
  13. It looped the loop before our eyes and entered the.
  14. I had looped the Sonata several times to give me a.
  15. Rope is looped around her neck and her hands are tied.
  16. I watched as they looped around the house to the front.
  17. She ran her fingers over the looped wool of a black rug.
  18. She looped her arms around his neck as she pressed close.
  19. We got out and before I knew it Beth had her arms looped.
  20. Greg Tracy and Tanner Foust (both USA) looped an 18.
  21. The perfection loop knot is used for attaching two looped.
  22. Alan looped his reins around a sapling and led the way inside.
  23. He glanced down to see a ball and chain looped about his ankles.
  24. Her arm was looped around my neck, as I headed back towards the house.
  25. A power line as thick as Reacher’s finger looped in under the eaves.
  26. She looped an arm around his waist, pressed her cheek to his shoulder.
  27. He looped one thumb over the pocket of his jeans and gave an angry laugh.
  28. When it snarled, strings of drool looped between teeth as long as knives.
  29. He then looped an arm around Christina and pulled her to lean against him.
  30. Lord Preston took his wife's hand, looped it through his arm and patted it.
  31. They looped arms and took a long, luxurious sip from the refreshing crystal.
  32. Hopping nimbly out of the cabin, Julie grabbed the spring line and looped it.
  33. He looped the needle through a new stitch and the green thread hissed quietly.
  34. They bypassed the Reservoir and looped north, paths he hadn’t taken in years.
  35. Rave melted behind a thick ash tree, a looped leather thong ready in his hands.
  36. The crew were frightened off by that looped recording of the shrieking demons.
  37. Westwood looped away, and came back head-on, and stopped about two hundred yards out.
  38. Petra’s heartbeat accelerated as Emory looped his belt over the monster’s horns.
  39. The other end of the chain was likely looped around the bed leg closest to the wall.
  40. Taking the spare dog whistle from his top drawer, he looped the string over his neck.
  41. He kept her inside his head, like a digital camera full of pics, looped over and over.
  42. As he looped the muzzle of the bridle around Astra’s nose, he looked her in the eye.
  43. The hallways looped around with stairs heading down, then back up, and back down again.
  44. She had a creme skirt that had looped rows of black flowery crochet over top the fabric.
  45. The perfection loop knot is used for attaching two looped pieces of monofilament together.
  46. Her professional life was falling apart, and she hadn’t looped him in on this until now.
  47. I dragged the battery to the side of the rover and looped one end of the harness around it.
  48. He leapt on to the front of a lifting skid and looped the rope around it a couple of turns.
  49. The rutted road became a driveway that looped in front of the manager’s cabin just ahead.
  50. He looped a sinewy arm around her shoulder for a moment, until she appeared to be more steady.
  51. It was looped around the rock, a dangling end lying ready to be wound around the Bird’s body.
  52. His forward motion translated into an arc and then to a circle as they looped around an asteroid.
  53. And with that I turn and stride away, tugging Bera behind me by the rope still looped about my neck.
  54. Joe was still cuffed, but the chain that had been looped around the rear leg of the bed was now free.
  55. A rusty chain, looped through the place where the handle had been, held the door impressively closed.
  56. All was still, save for the noonday the trees of the Belt were looped and netted with darkest shadow.
  57. Glass doors led out to a balcony, which rimmed the outside and looped around the High Schoolers' wing.
  58. That is preposterous, Chofsky said with his chest puffed out and his thumbs looped under his lapels.
  59. After ten minutes of totally unnecessary buffeting, Brad looped the ship around and pitched the nose up.
  60. Mutt took the end of one chain and looped it around the ankle of their victim and padlocked it in place.
  61. But Acadia’s did when Sunday looped the belt around the programmer’s neck and began to throttle him.
  62. He walked straight, cane looped on arm halfway to elbow, his straw hat glued to his head with patent oil.
  63. Abigail stepped up to the iron gates and fingered the heavy, rusted chains that looped through the railings.
  64. Justine saw the heavy chains around his waist, probably looped and locked around the steering-wheel column.
  65. Madeline had been doing Christmas shopping, and her wrists were looped with dozens of plastic shopping bags.
  66. I watched him coming, he rode up to the tent door and leapt off his horse and looped its reins around a tie.
  67. I had been so caught up in his story that I had not realized the path had looped us back to where we started.
  68. One was recovering from wounds and looped out on morphine; the other was a chief who appeared reluctant to go.
  69. Its appearance changed little from month to month, except when they looped around it two and a half years ago.
  70. They looped it around his neck and hanged him unceremoniously from the nearest tree at the side of the street.
  71. The massive Humboldt squid looped back, and with its two longest tentacles, snatched Max away into the darkness.
  72. The men on the ropes looped around the colt‘s neck were sweaty—more from strain and concentration than heat.
  73. She pointed to a wide arch corresponding to the window, and hung like it with a Tyrian-dyed curtain, now looped up.
  74. The arch of its fair trailing moustache was repeated in the fair eyebrows looped above pleasantly astonished eyes.
  75. Seconds later, I was back in my own stall—just before the marine looped a white terry towel over the top of the bar.
  76. I gasped, surprised at his grace, as he looped around overhead then flew away over the forest surrounding the paddock.
  77. They made fragile silhouettes of the bridges that looped between the two islands, and the prayer gate in the shallows.
  78. At the front of the line of garbage trucks, two of their drivers had looped a tow chain around the stolen car’s bumper.
  79. As I crossed Sixth Avenue Callas is Medea is Callas looped in rhythm with my boot heels hitting the surface of the street.
  80. One was recovering from wounds and looped out on morphine; the other was a chief who appeared reluctant to go.
  81. I remembered when we would occasionally go deep sea fishing with Travis's parents they'd get all looped up on that shit!.
  82. Taking her wrist like a truant schoolgirl, he led her around the hideous stumps that still looped and knotted on the floor.
  83. He’s not going to get it! He indicated the rope looped through the cage, loosely tying it to a tie-down near the cab.
  84. When she was properly bundled, she looped her satchel over one shoulder, her purse over the other, and left for work on foot.
  85. Conan wrenched his knife free and sprang clear as the great body knotted and looped and whipped terrifically in its death throes.
  86. It looped its titan coils in front of the captive, and the great head on the arching neck swayed a matter of inches from his face.
  87. Immense snakes of copper looped down from the twilight ceiling, and vertical pipes webbed up from cement floor to fiery brick wall.
  88. He threw the folders from his desk into his leather bag, looped the strap over his shoulder, and walked to the door to shut the office lights.
  89. Ankles would be hobbled and the soldiers would then be linked together by a rope looped around the hobbles and threaded in a long single file.
  90. He looped and twisted the cord around her swollen and bruised skin, probably in a Caruthian lock-knot, which would be damn hard to break out of.
  91. She went on to explain how she had driven off the country lane and taken the field drive that looped behind the woods and back towards the house.
  92. While she cried it out of herself, it condensed in her mind into a song, and it looped over and over in her brain for the remainder of the evening.
  93. Is the point of my mantle in the middle, and have I looped my dress evenly? I like to show my boots, for my feet are pretty, though my nose isn't.
  94. He took the last ten hours of telemetry and last ten hours of feedback and looped them, then jumpered that in right where it came from the antenna.
  95. The gush of blood subsided as Tramell looped the belt around once again, and then pushed the belt end under the tight tourniquet to retain it in place.
  96. Jake looped his arm in mine and we strolled down a lantern-lit pathway where intimate tables clustered around a fancy buffet under the African night sky.
  97. Koberman strolled by below, on the sidewalk, returning from his night's work, his cane looped over his elbow, straw hat glued to his head with patent oil.
  98. The firefighters were wrapping up as the ME and arson investigators came and went, ducking under the barrier tape that had been looped around the premises.
  99. Once in position he looped the vine through the crotch and wedged the knotted end snug, and waved to Nightfall, who gave a few securing yanks at the other end.
  100. Mr Koberman strolled by below, on the sidewalk, returning from his night’s work, his umbrella looped over his elbow, straw hat glued to his head with patent oil.
  1. The Army "Loops the Loop".
  2. Loops are described in forthcoming.
  3. These Mobius loops unite space and.
  4. These loops unite space and time into.
  5. Thick loops of chain held the gate shut.
  6. The tires make big loops, this is a skill.
  7. You may find many uses for fixed double loops.
  8. The women pull theirs back in voluminous loops.
  9. The young fellow put his hands in his belt loops.
  10. Check it—the two loops should slide on each other.
  11. Spread out the loops to create the look you desire.
  12. I hook my fingers in his belt loops, my eyes closing.
  13. Smitty flew loops around the box for fifteen minutes.
  14. She went thru a few ‘couldn’t be that bad’ loops.
  15. Now when it loops 5 times then the value of I becomes 6.
  16. For updating variable repeatedly, we must use it with loops.
  17. Tobias undoes his belt buckle and slides it from its loops.
  18. Swimming over to the helm Will managed to flick the loops.
  19. EIGRP uses Split Horizon by default to prevent routing loops.
  20. Partitioning loops through, swapping elements below/above pivot.
  21. Loops it over his neck and shoulder, resists a gathering tightness.
  22. Just beyond the path is a two-lane road that loops around the park.
  23. I used the resin and straps to make two 10-meter circumference loops.
  24. She loops her slender arm through his and talks to him in a low voice.
  25. He lost count of the number of loops in his tie and had to start again.
  26. Mid$ can be combined with loops to generate interesting string pattern.
  27. I pulled my belt through the loops and cinched her thigh above the wound.
  28. Two seconds later the safety loops broke, and he was in full plummet.
  29. Everyone had them in their minds, they were simple short term memory loops.
  30. It is important to note that negative feedback loops are not by definition a.
  31. Upon a closer inspection, the loops could be described as figures of 8.
  32. However, look a little closer, and while definite loops can be seen to exist.
  33. My mind did pretzel loops around that peephole as I tried on every possibility.
  34. Beyond a certain point the self-validating feedback loops become unsustainable.
  35. Instead they all tied thick shoestrings through the loops where a lock would go.
  36. Iron rod threaded through three rusted loops, old mortise lock with a rusty cam.
  37. Depending on the size of your last paycheck, you can invest in a few more loops.
  38. We would then loop the line several feet and tie the loops with a piece of zinc.
  39. He hooks a thumb in one of his belt loops and says, How are you, Beatrice?
  40. These could be called strings or superstrings or Mobius loops (a Mobius loop can.
  41. Dahms told Gaal to turn around, then she helped him put his arms through the loops.
  42. Inside are oats and water buckets and horseflies flying sleepy loops but no horses.
  43. Furthermore, the interaction of negative feedback loops and causal factors can lead.
  44. Particles and the local universe can be regarded as closed loops of electromagnetic.
  45. These could be called strings or superstrings or Mobius loops (a Mobius loop can be.
  46. The sergeant major loops one finger under his collar and pulls against its tightness.
  47. I did three long loops around town in my mom’s old car to be sure I was not tracked.
  48. These could be called strings or superstrings or Mobius loops * (a Mobius loop can be.
  49. Yet, in Asia, millions of dollars are spent buying up these figure of 8 loops of infinity.
  50. The various loops had been compiled so that he could see essentially an all-inclusive feed.
  51. Cursing, White threw the guitar strap over the wire and squeezed his hands through the loops.
  52. Jutta blinked at Werner with wet eyes, pulling at the battered loops of yarn in her sweater.
  53. Beneath were sloping figures and at the foot a crooked signature with blind loops and a blot.
  54. How do we achieve this? Well, you start by studying your own loop, then your staff’s loops.
  55. Also, use drip loops on all of the cords or hang the power strip on the wall, thereby causing.
  56. Turning my head slightly I could see the brown leather belt threaded through the loops of his.
  57. Where heat exchangers are used they should be arranged in continually circulating loops or sub.
  58. Teller began folding the nylon cord from his legs in loops and retied the ends into a triple knot.
  59. The blue kite sliced a Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner big purple one and swept twice in big loops.
  60. Now that only one bridge is operating on each segment, packets can be forwarded without loops forming.
  61. Continue making equal-sized loops that rest directly underneath each other by using the same technique.
  62. Outside, the guys were piling into a truck and peeling out in loose, showy loops across the parking lot.
  63. Since there are no for loops, we cannot use summations to express the total number of operations.
  64. His mind was doing loops and barrel rolls and spinning out of the sky with flames pouring out the back.
  65. Recognizing their predicament, the two Viking ships split and followed Buddy and Daisy into their loops.
  66. Once my feet are in the loops, he pulls the parachute up, and I place my arms through the shoulder straps.
  67. Tom looked at the intricate scrolls and loops, the flowers, the mysterious figures, the shuttling patterns.
  68. Systems have self sustaining feed back loops and also non-balancing loops which may throw it out of control.
  69. These figures of 8 loops are commonly known in China as loops of infinity, better known as the number 8.
  70. If the platform has a pole projecting at each corner, the loops of the bowline-on-the-bight can be slipped over.
  71. She was perhaps in her late-twenties and had long, wavy, blonde hair that curled in fantastic loops at the ends.
  72. Slime-covered octopus tentacles probed through his abdomen, worming between the steaming loops of his intestines.
  73. Scattered along the pathway ahead were a number of loops similar to the one that still held him in its tight grip.
  74. Figure 4-7 Redundant bridges provide fault tolerance, but they can also create bridging loops and broadcast storms.
  75. Next, let's iterate across all the virtual machines and their associated Hyper-V host using multiple for-each loops.
  76. Then, carefully holding the loops, reach the hooked pole through the next hole and slip the remaining loops onto it.
  77. One of the links loops back to her recent memories, to a sequence of images showing Hawke’s office in Pioneer Base.
  78. The caretaker hung his thumbs in the loops of his gold watchchain and spoke in a discreet tone to their vacant smiles.
  79. Loops were tied in the rope, forming handholds to maintain a steady grip when Carla was level with the new pocket in the rock.
  80. Then the water burst into spray and Desa shrieked as three loops of tentacle spun around the stick and yanked it from her hand.
  81. It was of a metal like copper, and was made in the form of a scaled serpent, coiled in three loops, with its tail in its mouth.
  82. Around the base of your tent, where pegs are often required to fit through eyelets or sewn on loops, you may have limited choice.
  83. Our guide finds a dry piece of wood in the undergrowth, stamps it into the ground, like a peg, and then loops the cable around it.
  84. Habit memory is Pavlovian, an archive of involuntary stimulus/response loops — the memory that never forgets how to ride a bike.
  85. As the plane turned loops above, the pilot waving, the POWs swarmed into the compound, out of their minds with relief and rapture.
  86. The question loops itself in my head, twisting and knotting and slipping through my fingers as I try to wrap my mind around an answer.
  87. My transfer from plane to ambulance occurred as I was sleeping and I didn’t wake up until we were passing the loops of the Beltway.
  88. These many conflicting loops, IT theorizes is an allegorical experience of a virtual state – a state not recognizable as one's own.
  89. The meditation that helped make us the imagineers of iT as a system of loops is not the meditation of or with IT as a mind self-coding.
  90. The boys both reassured her that she was, shook hands with each other and clipped their karabiners into the hang loops of their gliders.
  91. The building looked like a miniature fortress, with a crenellated parapet around its flat roof and windows hardly larger than arrow loops.
  92. She stood completely up, balancing on the top of the fence by holding the wire, and then deftly put one leg over the loops of barbed wire.
  93. So ego throws its snares onto you and beware that sensual desires are loops of ego that it uses to capture and manipulate your inner energy.
  94. Three ropes were carefully knotted and hanging from the branch, three loops waiting for heads to be slipped in, waiting for someone to hang.
  95. The older loops a large forearm over the younger’s shoulder and pulls him along, both of them still joking as they arrived in front of you.
  96. If there is an else clause for a while loop, it is always executed unless you have a while loop which loops forever without ever breaking out!.
  97. The cage was however a sturdy one, reinforced with iron loops, and it resisted his efforts, even though some of the wooden bars started to break.
  98. Stan slid the poles from the canvas loops and folded them with Daphne’s help, though her hands were trembling so much she probably slowed him down.
  99. I read the fresh pages that I’d ripped from my guidebook as I walked the paved loops of the campground, straining to see the words in the dying light.
  100. Suffice it to say, we often make snap decisions and impulse purchases with certain foods due to one or more of these feedback loops being activated by.

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