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Love numa frase em (in ingles)

1. You will be in love.
2. I love both of my.
3. Love is all there is.
4. Tell Dad I love him.
5. We love the shadows.
6. Don't you move love.
7. He’d love it!.

8. The love is endless.
9. Love and care, Judy.
10. Her love touched me.
11. I beat him six love.
12. Love may cause pain.
13. The only love that.
14. I love her dearly.
15. I love them for that.
16. I am here my love.
17. I honestly love you.
18. We know and love me.
19. The love I Carry 56.
21. In a yes love is born.
22. I love the sensation.
23. Don't forget to love.
24. My kids love it!.
25. He forgot about love.
26. I’d love to see it.
27. With all my love,.
1. And I was loving it.
2. God is a loving God.
3. I was just loving it.
4. I said with a loving.
5. Both of us had loving.
6. Loving you is so divine.
7. Sue with a loving smile.
8. She is loving and wise.
9. I am loving and lovable.
10. Ever true in loving be;.
11. She cares her loving dear.
12. Sue was in a loving zone.
13. Because He Is Loving Her.
14. Go on my loving child.
15. He wants a loving family.
16. From Loving in the Moment.
17. Love is learned by loving.
18. Of The War Loving, Lovers.
19. Ben is loving me so gentle.
20. I’ve always been a loving.
21. But how those loving eyes.
22. A highly loving look came.
23. Spencer was kind and loving.
24. But a reason for loving it.
25. I never stopped loving you.
26. Loving without cause is god.
27. He also had loving parents.
28. She is more loving than we.
29. Me loving her was not a lie.
30. Sue said in a soft, loving.
31. It was Jesus’ loving voice.
32. Victor is such a loving man.
33. I said in a tender, loving.
34. He was much loving, patient.
35. But all of the loving tears.
36. Are we interested in loving?
37. Loving someone was one thing.
38. I never leave off loving you.
39. I had not stopped loving her.
40. He was loving, good and kind.
1. I loved her a lot.
2. I am loved by God.
3. I loved her for it.
4. He loved his family.
5. I knew he loved me.
6. The woman he loved.
7. Of one that loved?
8. Yes, she loved him.
9. He still loved her.
10. She loved her food.
11. She loved him, too.
12. He loved watching.
13. They loved it and.
14. She loved his hair.
15. She loved it there.
16. Everyone loved her.
17. I loved that movie.
18. Actually I loved it.
19. I loved the old man.
20. He loved that breed.
21. Never felt so loved.
22. And your loved ones.
23. He loved that place.
24. I loved archaeology.
25. He loved gardening.
26. He loved to explore.
27. I loved going there.
28. These I have loved:.
29. I loved it, Uncle.
30. But I loved him too.
31. Ali loved her deeply.
32. Boehm loved to kill.
33. I loved that girl.
34. We loved each other.
35. He loved to scare me.
36. You loved him when.
37. They both loved to.
38. Loved ones who are.
39. Ruth loved our God.
40. He loved a captive.
1. He says he loves me.
2. He loves us so much.
3. He loves me the most.
4. He says he loves us.
5. If he truly loves Me.
6. I know he loves me.
7. She loves me for ever.
8. He? the one she loves.
9. And He loves us always.
10. He loves you but few.
11. My wife loves it too!.
12. He loves you very much.
13. She loves him and me.
14. He loves us you know.
15. He loves how they sing.
16. He loves us all equally.
17. He loves it out here.
18. After the thing it loves.
19. God loves you all, but.
20. And because he loves me.
21. My sister loves her life.
22. I know that she loves.
23. As noonday loves the sun.
24. My Heart loves the view.
25. He loves us and always.
26. He loves it and it al-.
27. Wow, he really loves me.
28. And a father loves a son.
29. He loves to come with me.
30. Bet your mom loves that.
31. A nice girl who loves me.
32. He who loves is orthodox.
33. The Man Who Loves Comets.
34. Loves Me more than these?
35. Karen loves what she does.
36. I know she loves the owl.
37. He loves her very much.
38. I'm the one who loves you.
39. The soul loves in peace.
40. She loves me, as her slave.

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