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Loyalists numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. So much for the loyalists.
  2. Not that the Temple Loyalists had had it all their own way.
  3. The majority of Reformists outside the Charisian Empire still regard themselves as Temple Loyalists.
  4. Peter, at thirty-one, was worth about $100,000 and was accused by some Kennedy loyalists of being a gold digger.
  5. The recent cluster of graves in the town cemetery indicated just how hard the loyalists had fought before their defeat.

  6. Some Temple Loyalists are also Reformists (see above), but all are united in condemning the schism between Charis and the Temple.
  7. That meant the interrogated person felt or knew the Romanov treasure was still hidden somewhere in western Canada (Western Loyalists).
  8. Rising—the term used to describe the rebellion against Lord Protector Greyghor and the Constitution of the Republic of Siddarmark by the Temple Loyalists.
  9. There thousands of California fans dressed in blue and gold mingled on the span with hundreds of Washington loyalists in purple and gold, everyone jostling to get a good view of the water.
  10. They’d also been virtually wiped out over the past year and a half—first by the rebellious Temple Loyalists, then by the advancing Army of God, and finally by Wylbyr Edwyrds’ Inquisition.
  11. When you focus on building relationships and actively nurturing those relationships, what you are doing is laying strong foundations for converting your followers into customers and brand loyalists.
  12. He was perfectly prepared to assume the Inquisition and the Temple Loyalists had applied Langhorne’s Golden Rule to their enemies as the Writ enjoined and were prepared to have the same done unto them.
  13. Nothing in the Church of God Awaiting’s theology supported the concept of physical resurrection, and even if it had, the Temple Loyalists would instantly have proclaimed the three Mahlards had to be demons.
  14. A team loyal to the president should be able to penetrate the departments and identify the functioning and connectivity for control and fire the suspected corporate loyalists that destroy the president’s connectivity.

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