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Makeup numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I can’t put on makeup.
  2. She wore a lot of makeup.
  3. No amount of makeup could.
  4. Their genetic makeup is solid.
  5. Matching makeup with hair color.

  6. The same goes for the new makeup.
  7. Some makeup, he could understand.
  8. Storing your makeup in the bathroom.
  9. Sue also had it show her some makeup.
  10. She was that, even without the makeup.
  11. I washed my hair and put some makeup on.
  12. The crowd consisted of a diverse makeup.
  13. She went to the mirror to fix her makeup.
  14. Sue stopped putting on her makeup for a.
  15. Then I washed my face and fixed my makeup.

  16. I rarely wear makeup – it intimidates me.
  17. They didn’t use makeup for work any more.
  18. What to think about in buying makeup items.
  19. Bleach blonde bimbo with a shitty makeup job.
  20. The best way to start in applying eye makeup.
  21. As Sue started putting on a little makeup, I.
  22. I put on my shabbiest dress and wore no makeup.
  23. She didn’t wear makeup, and didn’t need to.
  24. There’s no perfume, no moisturizer, no makeup.
  25. He could feel the makeup of the field in his mind.

  26. A little subtle makeup would complete the picture.
  27. She had combed her hair and put a little makeup on.
  28. I put on the jewelry and even the makeup of a Queen.
  29. You didn’t need to put on makeup just for that.
  30. Her makeup is a little sticky and her feet are tired.
  31. Hair and makeup stylists were wearing white overalls.
  32. I can help you with your makeup and hair if you want.
  33. I collected my makeup bag and headed for the bathroom.
  34. The pyramidal makeup of human value systems is obvious.
  35. With that, you should opt for mineral based makeup kits.
  36. When I went to pay, I was startled by the makeup on the.
  37. Makeup isn't my style, nor are the glittery painted nails.
  38. I have no doubt that mischief is quite in your makeup Fern.
  39. She wore some casual women’s clothing but her makeup was.
  40. Teenagers have teenage rebellion hard wired in their makeup.
  41. When you apply makeup, you should also consider your eyes.
  42. She looked so beautiful without any makeup or fancy clothes.
  43. Till u learn that the makeup is only to hide your true face.
  44. The sweat is dripping down ruining your fabulous makeup job.
  45. I said a little less makeup but I didn't mean this much less.
  46. Storing your makeup inside the bathroom is not a good idea.
  47. Rachel’s makeup didn’t hide the angry flush in her cheeks.
  48. She was wearing very little makeup, other than the slightly.
  49. I took the time to check my makeup before answering the door.
  50. Even underneath his makeup I could still see his menacing eyes.
  51. The shades of earth vary with the chemical makeup of the rocks.
  52. Yuki fixed her makeup in the bathroom at the end of the hallway.
  53. The only thing that was in the purse was makeup, tissue, and a.
  54. The woman’s clothing, makeup and hairdressing were impeccable.
  55. Two hours later, she had taken me through all the makeup and now.
  56. The best way to apply eye makeup is to start with a clean skin.
  57. Then he came to the small cylinder tucked under some makeup jars.
  58. The latina's face was beautiful, barely needing any makeup at all.
  59. She needed at least ten minutes for makeup before she’d be ready.
  60. She wears this makeup all over her body that completely.
  61. Forget black eyes, we could never disguise a broken leg with makeup.
  62. Well, it sure scares me, she admitted, returning to her makeup.
  63. Consider the makeup of a cardboard box or a newspaper for that matter.
  64. Sally sat on the couch downstairs, her hair and makeup done, but the.
  65. Light that, unbeknownst to her, refracted through the makeup she wore.
  66. Use the proper brush, so that you can apply your face makeup properly.
  67. Her red hair shined brightly in the light and her makeup was flawless.
  68. She was carefully dressed and wore a little makeup, carefully applied.
  69. She had cut her long, blond hair short and had used a touch of makeup.
  70. Secret specialties, as she stood at the mirror putting on her makeup in.
  71. We should probably take this makeup off if we’re gonna go in there.
  72. He gazed at the tiny section of makeup covering the cut on her upper lip.
  73. She wore makeup and a tiara studded with gems framed her long black hair.
  74. I was still amazed by the transformation that a little makeup had created.
  75. She applied makeup for me and when she had finished, placed the wig on my.
  76. The makeup artist gave her a mysterious smokey eye and luscious dark lips.
  77. And there was all the special attention to my skin, hair, and makeup, too.
  78. He then applied her makeup and proudly declared, I’ve got rhythm!.
  79. She’d also put on makeup: foundation, powder, the whole kit and caboodle.
  80. You can put makeup on a pig, but it doesn't make the bacon taste any better.
  81. But, what is in our genetic makeup cannot be lost, it can only be forgotten.
  82. Hey, maybe if you ate some of that makeup you could be pretty on the inside.
  83. There is also a quality difference in the fatty acid makeup of the animal -.
  84. To prevent pimples though, choose makeup items that are gentler on your skin.
  85. While in the rest rooms, both Mary and Kurt had quickly removed the makeup in.
  86. I blushed again, though I doubted anyone could tell through all of the makeup.
  87. You wear a lot of makeup and the way you dressed it looked like you were older.
  88. He had false eyelashes but his face was without makeup, his hair without a wig.
  89. She also began to go without makeup, something she hadn’t done for many years.
  90. She hadn’t overdone the makeup, just a little pale lipstick and some eyeliner.
  91. Besides, being a tomboy most of her life, she never felt the need to use makeup.
  92. I was actually stupid enough to look in the mirror, prelude to putting makeup on.
  93. With a bit of makeup on, especially with the body she has, boyfriend acquisition.
  94. She wore slightly too much makeup for the job, but she seemed energetic and spry.
  95. Once I had fixed my hair and makeup, I headed downstairs, with Astra following me.
  96. It happens all the time, it has to do with the makeup of the rock and landscape.
  97. Her face was free from makeup and her still-damp hair sprang out in wild disarray.
  98. Therefore, you should make sure to close your makeup kit once you are done with it.
  99. She would come in with bruises here and there that they would cover with makeup.
  100. But the Mafia knew of some weakness somewhere in his makeup or background and was.

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