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Malarkey numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. No Dux and all that malarkey.
  2. Graham saw right through this managerial malarkey:.
  3. Malarkey was observant, and I had high hopes for him.
  4. Things were going our way, except for poor old Biggsy and Malarkey.
  5. It must have been Malarkey, Gill wasn’t too swift to take the initiative.

  6. Attacking cetaceans with thrusts from a spur! Who ever heard of such malarkey!.
  7. Maybe that was just public relations malarkey on her part—but she was consistent about it just the same.
  8. Tried for treason against the state of Virginia; what a load of absolute malarkey! How exactly does one commit treason against a state?
  9. It said that she was an orphan who’d been discovered by a 20th Century-Fox executive while she was babysitting his child—classic movie studio malarkey.

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