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Manage numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. How was he to manage.
  2. But if one manage to.
  3. He could not manage it.
  4. He does manage to stand.
  5. Yes, we can manage it.

  6. How did you manage to.
  7. How did he manage that?
  8. It’s all I can manage.
  9. You have to manage them.
  10. I think he can manage.
  11. I can manage on the sofa.
  12. Yes, we could manage that.
  13. She decided to manage it.
  14. Leave me to manage it; he.
  15. He did manage to close his.

  16. How do you manage that?
  17. Failure to manage the post.
  18. We can only manage our risk.
  19. I couldn't manage it myself.
  20. I think you can manage that.
  21. I think they can manage that.
  22. If he can't quite manage to.
  23. I didn’t manage to kill him.
  24. Surely, she could manage that.
  25. If I manage to live that long.

  26. Manage the use of them wisely.
  27. Twite could just manage a tray.
  28. Herbs we can manage, seemingly.
  29. That was the way to manage him.
  30. We can manage, can’t we?
  31. But I manage, and so would you.
  32. How will you manage that?
  33. You manage the entire portfolio.
  34. How did you manage that?
  35. Somehow, I felt we would manage.
  36. How could we manage that?
  37. Manage the C 4 Call Management.
  38. Or as clean as she could manage.
  39. But there’s nothing to manage.
  40. Could he manage another piece?
  41. Think you could manage that?
  42. Don't interfere, I'll manage him.
  43. I could manage to live with that.
  44. How did he manage to please them.
  45. I shall manage one way or another.
  46. If only I could manage to find it.
  47. How you manage that is irrelevant.
  48. I can manage without the revolver.
  49. When did you manage to lock it?
  50. She said: How will you manage.
  51. I see, was all I could manage.
  52. This means that we have to manage.
  53. I think you could manage one more.
  54. Certainly I could manage him easier.
  55. Unless you manage to save the world.
  56. Only you can manage the absence of.
  57. I thought I could manage the coffee.
  58. She couldn't manage to hold onto it.
  59. I think I can just about manage that.
  60. I don't know how you manage this, Mr.
  61. Was the only thought he could manage.
  62. He barely can manage the small steps.
  63. He used to manage Franconi's stables.
  64. Wounded? was all I could manage.
  65. You’ll need to manage their output.
  66. I think they can manage without me.
  67. N… No, was all she could manage.
  68. But how will you manage to get out?
  69. Woof could not manage to see behind it.
  70. After that Richard had to manage the.
  71. I shield my eyes and manage to sit up.
  72. But do you think you can manage it?
  73. How I would manage this, I had no idea.
  74. You still need to manage the position.
  75. Eventually he did manage to secure one.
  76. I have a string of blogs that I manage.
  77. It was all she could manage to sputter.
  78. I’m sure I’ll manage, he said.
  79. How did he manage to steal so much?
  80. How did you manage that? she asked.
  81. I manage this trade as a single position.
  82. He could not manage to pronounce his Ds.
  83. Then they must manage without a bridge.
  84. I have about ten thousand Orcs to manage.
  85. They still manage to go on a honey moon.
  86. Couldn't you manage with some of that?'.
  87. The guards can manage without our help.
  88. Oh, was all he could manage to say.
  89. How did I manage to land in such a fix?
  90. But all I could manage was to whisper No.
  91. She did manage a polite smile to Fernand.
  92. But how do you manage with Emmeline?
  93. He's awkward, that's why he can't manage.
  94. Some people can manage to relate to 500.
  95. Grenades if they’ve manage to find any.
  96. This was an unhappy way to manage a ball.
  97. I could manage it better if I were alone.
  98. Manage the losses or you'll soon have no.
  99. We can manage that, the Colonel said.
  100. Oh, was all she could manage to say.
  1. I had set the Managing.
  2. Every day He is managing.
  3. You have been managing the.
  4. Is not he managing that case.
  5. You are managing to have fun.
  6. Managing risk is our top duty.
  7. Tim Tindall was the Managing.
  8. Yes she will be managing them.
  9. This trader is not managing risk.
  10. Managing Students that have ADHD.
  11. Part of that is managing expectations.
  12. Managing Emotions, Beliefs and Stress.
  13. Remember you’re managing a portfolio.
  14. Bruce Ismay, Managing Director of the.
  15. Managing the emotions: Physiology first.
  16. Nobody really loves managing their money.
  17. Pete, he 's managing director now, used.
  18. Gopalakrishnan, CEO and Managing Director.
  19. You were managing to slowly heal yourself.
  20. However, Roopa is managing all, on her own.
  21. This can be a major benefit in managing risk.
  22. The others did the same, barely managing to.
  23. Minor zones are critical for managing trades.
  24. Ayres, then assistant managing editor of the.
  25. He was a CEO of a corporation managing 3,500.
  27. We are managing your consumption and production.
  28. Managing to keep his fury in check, Mitch nodded.
  29. Such implies managing it in a responsible manner.
  30. Chapter 5: Managing Data In and Out Introduction.
  31. Rene was managing it with true French thrift and.
  32. Evans, then a consultant, as its managing director.
  33. Managing to stand, where were they? Why were they.
  34. Cameron was managing the horse stalls, and Hunting.
  35. Requirements for updating and managing the content.
  36. It is about saving money and managing your finances.
  37. It's not GE managing earnings—everybody does that.
  38. As introduced in Chapter 1, managing information—.
  39. As a consequence, managing the supply chain through.
  40. I was thinking about the managing partner at my firm.
  41. The reporter looked at her, managing only a weak smile.
  42. It has been linked to reducing cholesterol, managing.
  43. Joe Kieser was the Managing Director of Penta Holdings.
  44. You are managing 20 to 30 positions on a regular basis.
  45. He stalled twice before managing to get the car moving.
  46. Ingrid paused while looking at him, managing her effect.
  47. I remained Managing Director of the now quietly idling.
  48. I’m so glad, Sharon said, managing to sound warm.
  49. But she’d have the last laugh, Libby thought, managing.
  50. I continued as Managing Director of the Venture Finance.
  51. This is fine, he said, even managing a smile up at me.
  52. Accountant talked to the managing partner as recommended.
  53. Tilth refers to the managing of the soil for growing crops.
  54. After trying not to cry, and barely managing to keep her.
  55. He stopped and turned his mount to see how she was managing.
  56. He wonders how she is managing the burden he left her with.
  57. In addition to trading and managing a small hedge fund, Dr.
  58. But what is wrong with this approach to managing emotions?
  59. And the end result of managing your time properly should be.
  60. Successful investing is about managing risk, not avoiding it.
  61. Management is all about managing in the short term, while.
  62. Congress’s track record on managing the federal budget is.
  63. I could only stare before managing to mumble the words needed.
  64. He was a wizard when it came to managing the earth’s assets.
  65. Pressprich and Company was listed as the managing underwriter.
  66. There are two choices when it comes to managing fibromyalgia:.
  67. They sort of own a few things, and hoped I'd do some managing.
  68. I am managing Samanoff’s affairs—the millionaire, you know.
  69. At any given time, I could be managing as many as 60 positions.
  70. What about the managing partner? Can we interrogate him?
  71. Did you anger the managing staff or students or say anything.
  72. He is the Managing Director of Carl Commodities Nigeria Limited.
  73. The role of manipulation in managing RA has received little study.
  74. On the other hand, not managing your Paydex score can cost your.
  75. I'm beginning to see how effective you are at managing your time.
  76. In managing the risk, we are not fans of rolling out a trade.
  77. Even the best companies have difficulty managing the exponential.
  78. I am… managing, Bane said, unwilling to look across at him.
  79. Do you know how they’re managing the process there today, Jane?
  80. I was just put in charge of managing a portfolio for the first time.
  81. Existing as long as possible, not living: just managing to survive.
  82. If cash is king, then managing your cash flow is absolutely critical.
  83. Alex explained, managing to keep his annoyance out of his voice and.
  84. Finally managing to pull herself together, she headed out to the barn.
  85. Likewise, she said, managing to convey the sentiment in a very.
  86. He thought of the orphanage and wondered how the Old One was managing.
  87. Phil has failed miserably in always managing an erection, practising.
  88. You need to be able to remain comfortable managing the open positions.
  89. Before the end of the year, he was managing around $300,000 in capital.
  90. The managing directors are citing mismanagement of funds as the cause.
  91. There are also meditation and techniques that deal with managing stress.
  92. Risk management should be part of the entire process of managing TOMIC.
  93. Ciere is half-buried beneath a crate and barely managing to sit upright.
  94. The question really is how you are managing and navigating your career.
  95. Investing is all about managing the risk involved in generating returns.
  96. At first it also sounded good to Greeley’s managing editor, Charles A.
  97. The chief difficulty Alice found at first was in managing her flamingo:.
  98. Some traders managing large positions might decide to exit using scales.
  99. URIEL: That was a deft job you did, managing the story of your Emergence.
  100. Without computers in those days however, managing the system was going.
  1. Too old to be managed.
  2. How he managed those 1.
  3. He managed to rent an.
  4. We managed to get there.
  5. How had he managed to.
  6. I managed a step forward.
  7. I managed a smile and nod.
  8. He managed a bashful grin.
  9. Walt managed a weak smile.
  10. I had managed to do both.
  11. They managed to live in.
  12. When now he managed his.
  13. I managed to evade them.
  14. He had managed a full page.
  15. He even managed a couple.
  16. Don't know how we managed.
  17. I managed to put my hand.
  18. Smith managed to look over.
  19. But Sue still managed to.
  20. But he always managed to.
  21. I managed to get past her.
  22. But I managed pretty well.
  23. Thomas managed a weak smile.
  24. She managed to speak to me.
  25. How had he managed to get.
  26. But he managed to hang on.
  27. I managed to grab my knife.
  28. We managed to retrieve one.
  29. The only reason I managed.
  30. He even managed to add his.
  31. It was good, I managed.
  32. I managed to hit the target.
  33. Norman had managed to lose.
  34. I managed to shove five of.
  35. She managed only a whisper:.
  36. My face, he managed at last.
  37. We have not even managed the.
  38. They managed a muffled assent.
  39. But he managed to confirm it.
  40. He had managed another scoop.
  41. I managed to mourn your tears.
  42. He managed to cry out as he.
  43. Yet somehow she managed both.
  44. Walkyr managed not to grimace.
  45. They managed to get inside St.
  46. I know that, she managed.
  47. He managed some joviality in.
  48. He hadn't managed to shake him.
  49. Glaze managed a few mouthfuls.
  50. We managed to take 20 of them.
  51. He managed to free his knife.
  52. Still, I managed to function.
  53. She had managed to wrangle an.
  54. In six months, she managed to.
  55. Eventually I managed to force.
  56. Nick managed to compose himself.
  57. Garcia managed to turn his head.
  58. Milo managed to speak this time.
  59. I managed to avoid her, though.
  60. Only an oof! managed to escape.
  61. Mercedes we’d managed to hire.
  62. You only managed to wound me.
  63. I finally managed to find a few.
  64. I managed to dodge most of the.
  65. I also managed to talk to Cathy.
  66. Dion has managed to pursue the.
  67. Caymus managed to down a young.
  68. Wizard had only managed to turn.
  69. She managed to salvage her life.
  70. She’d never managed to leave.
  71. I’ve managed to drag this out.
  72. Somehow, he managed to track me.
  73. He never managed to stomach the.
  74. But he managed a smile at Bryony.
  75. But, he managed to cover it well.
  76. Louis and managed to jump aboard.
  77. Leesa, she managed to reply.
  78. Vogel managed to find the balance.
  79. Instead, he managed to tear the.
  80. You managed not to kill this one.
  81. I’d managed to convince a cat.
  82. In the process he managed to 46.
  84. I don’t know how Mim managed it.
  85. Isidore Saack managed to run away.
  86. Finally she managed to bring him.
  87. He managed to not put all of his.
  88. Then I managed to creep past him.
  89. I managed to run out of the house.
  90. He somehow managed to make doing.
  91. In a poorly managed operation, 3.
  92. She managed a faint smile for him.
  93. She managed to hold back her tears.
  94. It was difficult, but I managed it.
  95. The hostages managed to overpower.
  96. Somehow I managed to slip as I went.
  97. I wondered how they had managed it.
  98. She managed to keep her hand from.
  99. As it was, she managed well enough.
  100. The Paramedics managed to save her.
  1. My father manages a cinema.
  2. Loki manages to raise his head.
  3. She manages to disentangle herself.
  4. Kate always manages to ensnare men.
  5. He manages to open one eye slightly.
  6. She barely manages to find her voice.
  7. That’s the spirit, he manages.
  8. Their team manages everything in the.
  9. The abbot of the monastery manages to.
  10. Owns and manages a fancy hotel on Park Lane.
  11. He manages getting a few PSA on local radio.
  12. She manages existing relationships with our.
  13. Although I've always wondered how he manages.
  14. She manages to stay quiet for a dozen heartbeats.
  15. Ulysses manages to solve the problem at its core.
  16. He has tears in his eyes, but he manages a smile.
  17. Fumbling, she manages to detach the pepper spray.
  18. Time is found by those who manages it wisely and.
  19. Chieftain Capital manages $3 billion for its clients.
  20. Jeremiah Dixon still manages to own The Lonely River.
  21. He is not in love, and yet he manages to be intrepid.
  22. He always manages to get places before the Yankees do.
  23. Unable to maneuver, Trace manages to level out the mecha.
  24. Sorenson, somehow manages to suck all the life out of it.
  25. She always manages to take my breath away, Zarko thought.
  26. Demarcus activates his charge and manages to blow off the.
  27. A man may not have a mistress, but manages to have an affair.
  28. David manages to adapt to most of the doctor’s recommendations.
  29. Another Lope yawn and, How the brain manages to keep track of.
  30. Noah, emotionally overloaded, shaking, manages to nod in response.
  31. Maggie manages to resist the urge to brain Jock with the crockery.
  32. But it would seem that only the Muslim religion today manages to.
  33. Star Trek is best when it manages to do both these things at once.
  34. But, he manages to catch himself right before entering the doorway.
  35. He always manages to beat it and be out on the street the next day.
  36. When a person manages to blend the animal with the spiritual and the.
  37. We need to determine a good entry and exit strategy that manages risk.
  38. It is a journey that manages to blend cosmic forces with human ones to.
  39. What the hell? The words are ragged, but she manages to say them.
  40. Too bad, she always manages to get here when you're having forty winks.
  41. Teow, who is about 50, is a very good masseuse who manages Lovely massage.
  42. Devon somehow manages to dodge cars without so much as hitting the brakes.
  43. The model has access to the data and manages the state of the application.
  44. Chelsea manages to nap halfway through, but wakes up for the dinner break.
  45. But with the end of a pen, she manages to lever off the panels one two three.
  46. He is exhausted and only just manages to fall next to her, both facing the sky.
  47. He also manages a company, the International Institute of Trading Mastery, Inc.
  48. The song is still playing in Billy's head but he manages to turn the volume down.
  49. Oh, Lord, such a life! One hardly knows one’s self how one manages to live it.
  50. His first reaction is rage and homicidal urges, but he manages to stop and think.
  51. Maggie doesn’t see her but Billy does and he manages to catch Maggie's attention.
  52. I'm worried that he'll fall on to the stones, but he manages to regain his balance.
  53. Maggie feels suddenly impotent, but she focuses and manages to spit her message out.
  54. His mind begins to regurgitate the definition of overkill, but he manages to quash it.
  55. It manages to filter out market noise through the calculation which removes the small.
  56. Devlin manages to slip a blindfold over Fanny’s eyes and then backs out of the shot.
  57. The wise decision is to adopt a strategy that manages our risk in all market conditions.
  58. Fears a thing generally manages to start into operation forces which will cause the thing.
  59. I’d suffer far worse than any blade could cut me if this hateful man manages to stop you.
  60. Every single virtual fund he manages has beaten its relevant benchmark over the last seven years.
  61. If a single human manages to cut it once or twice in the arm before dying, that's just spicy food.
  62. Leaning on his chamber she manages to make her way to the front of the unit and finds its controls.
  63. Papa Roach isn’t Fae? What the hell is it, then? What a vast, complicated world Ryodan manages!.
  64. It is even more palatable since Christian manages to retain his good humor for the rest of the meal.
  65. Anyone manages to stay awake longer than the others will be in no shape to climb around on the roof.
  66. Surprisingly enough, Pedro manages to present his homosexuality as if it were something really cool.
  67. Ulysses manages to save his ship and then he throws more poisonous words full of hybris at Polyphemus.
  68. The FCM provides you with a trading platform, whereas the CTA actually manages your accounts for you.
  69. So even when a tipster manages to tip a big winner, chances are the subscriber won’t have bought it.
  70. Unbuckling her seatbelt, she manages to hold onto the strap and not bang her head against the ceiling.
  71. Subsequently he made the announcement through all the forums he manages and the groups on LinkedIn™.
  72. You learned French as a child, Marie-Laure says, though how she manages to speak, she is not sure.
  73. The answers to these questions will determine how a market maker prices options and how he manages risk.
  74. A brute culture eats itself to death; a smart culture manages its resources; a wise culture renews life.
  75. Civilization manages to corrupt even the dualistic polar connective bond of sexual-social-personal mating.
  76. You know too well what would happen to the Shiites in Bagdad if ISIS ever manages to capture the capital.
  77. He manages all affairs, and He explains the signs, that you may be certain of the meeting with your Lord.
  78. By the time the journey is over, Ulysses manages to reconquer lost beauty (as Helen was brought home again).
  79. The meat had been cooked to perfection, as had the rest of the meal and Lewis nearly manages to eat it all.
  80. Finally MC manages in a strangulated voice: What you mean a real pervert? With a dirty mac and everything?
  81. If one of them manages to do these physical activities more perfectly than their competitors: then they win.
  82. When I asked how she manages their expectations, she said nothing more than that family is an unbreakable bond.
  83. Another benefit would be the possible downfall of President Assad of Syria, if ISIS manages to defeat his army.
  84. Steve manages to catch his breath enough to shout a 'Thanks' as Alex gets into his van and drives up the street.
  85. The blood helps; providing a lubricant and Simon pulls with all his might and manages to pull his right hand out.
  86. If your friend in there manages to find her for them there will be no end to the havoc they will be able to wreak.
  87. We all get in and Gregory manages to get the van out onto the street before the police have a chance to block us in.
  88. He curses beneath his breath, straightens his underwear and one of his eyes manages to fix us with a baleful stare.
  89. It takes some doing to keep them apart, but John manages by hanging onto their collars and spreading his arms wide.
  90. He then helped to form The Baupost Group, an investment company that today manages over $2 billion of client assets.
  91. But in her usual fashion, she manages through it with poise and a warm smile, Hey there Apollo, I'm glad you're here.
  92. I frequently have coffee with Doreen who is married to Henry – you know the chap who manages their props and scenery.
  93. Sitting on the toilet she manages to prise the sliver of glass from her calf using her beautifully manicured fingernails.
  94. There are very small countries with a very dense, even over population, who manages the dead and never runs out of space.
  95. Owner of Chester’s and the brains behind the Nine’s business empire, he manages the daily aspects of their existence.
  96. Ulysses expresses all of his hybris when after he manages to get out of Polyphemus’ cave he arrogantly makes fun of him.
  97. He can smell damp soil, but he manages to summon-up the last flickering embers of his youthful vigour to whisper, Kitchen.
  98. It’s a quasi-governmental entity that manages joint assets and concerns of commercial banks and reports to the government.
  99. And even though debris and concrete chunks litter the cobblestone pavement, the lane still manages to retain its quaintness.
  100. Cliff, the real sportsman and all rounder, manages a par 3 with his handicap of as much as five, and he wins the game easily.

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