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Mass numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. If it was mass that.
  2. Mass your gunna be ok.
  3. His hip mass of sores.
  4. Mass seems to be over.
  5. If mass pulls mass as.

  6. Using the mass of the.
  7. Killer saw the dark mass.
  8. Yesterday I went to Mass.
  9. There was a mass movement.
  10. Mass is not connected to.
  11. This mass culture of safe.
  12. Nice to see you too, Mass.
  13. The Culture of Mass Media.
  14. Overall the land mass on.
  15. Saturn mass 95 x the earth.

  16. She’d be a mass murderer.
  18. Only with a mass cultural.
  19. It is the only known mass.
  20. The sheer volume and mass.
  21. The specific mass of atoms.
  22. That woman at midnight mass.
  23. Neptune mass 17 x the earth.
  24. The Universe has mass that.
  25. Everyone knows there is mass.

  26. It was like a mass seduction.
  27. Jupiter mass 318 x the earth.
  28. Out of the large mass, how-.
  29. While the object is in mass.
  30. Mass started at six thirty a.
  31. So the mass can worship them.
  32. The mass must be present if.
  33. Where, m 1 is the mass of the.
  34. The clergyman started the mass.
  35. They had committed mass murder.
  36. There's a mass of good stones.
  37. Then the mass is pulling the.
  38. Mass produced: for the masses.
  39. This mass of glowing crystal-.
  40. A mass of others gather round:.
  41. The enemy approached in a mass.
  42. Trying to herd mass population.
  43. The question is if it is mass.
  44. It is said that mass pulls mass.
  45. There is no mass that can pull.
  46. There was a Mass being sung at.
  47. Simply put, it had virtual mass.
  48. Newton created the factor mass.
  49. They put mass and the distance.
  50. It is a factor of mass that is.
  51. What of the phenomenon of mass.
  52. I saw the mass tombs up north.
  53. Mass is not dependent on weight.
  54. There would inevitably be mass.
  55. Mass prevents or blocks gravity.
  56. The funeral mass had just begun.
  57. Mass is, in effect, an illusion.
  58. The mass suicide occurred in a.
  59. Then every one gets the mass it.
  60. Try not to ruin that dress, Mass.
  61. Mass brings distinction and the.
  62. It was a mass of whirling colours.
  63. It’s all about mass and physics.
  64. It’s for increasing muscle mass.
  65. Morning mass during the week was.
  66. A mass of guns instantly trained.
  67. He gaped in shock as a dark mass.
  68. This mass of land is the northern.
  69. Their mass bears witness to apathy.
  70. The gray mass of the walkway grew.
  71. The country was experiencing mass.
  72. Here are some effects of mass media.
  73. Density is the amount of mass per.
  74. Both mass and weight are measured.
  75. I think mass means a lot to her.
  76. There is a warm mass at the center.
  77. Mass and energy are interchangeable.
  78. I see you as a mass of billions of.
  79. Mass media has created mass madness.
  80. They say that M1 is the mass of the.
  81. A mass of hands rose above the heads.
  82. That is the X in Xmas: Tax the mass.
  83. It would actually be mass murder.
  84. It’s about reaching critical mass.
  85. Behind the woman was a swirly mass.
  86. The more muscle mass you have, the.
  87. Mass is the restraining motion and.
  88. An eye cast upward at that mass of.
  89. In cosmic reality mass plays no part.
  90. This was close range, center mass.
  91. If a body falls it is the mass that.
  92. He wants to open a mass centre there.
  93. The higher the body mass index, the.
  94. Of the Earth’s total mass, 32.
  95. I cannot tell them from the mass of.
  96. A writhing mass of Spriggans waited.
  97. They wove their way through the mass.
  98. The earth has mass that it pulls with.
  99. Although one might argue it has mass.
  100. As it opened, he saw a mass of stars.
  1. A grand massing and marshalling of testimony.
  2. Even in the darkness, they saw the vultures massing above.
  3. Dozens of plant-dinos were massing where I’d stepped off the bank.
  4. They are actually massing on the northern side of the hills facing you.
  5. It simply skipped into his brain, and stood next to the massing water which nearly.
  6. The Universe is not only massing Energy together, it is creating conscious connections.
  7. The border of Poretani was just ahead and my scouts had reported a massing of troops there.
  8. Thankfully, I noted that the crowds were massing on the opposite platform, leading to the city centre.
  9. The Yankees were massing for an attack on the Western and Atlantic Railroad, the line which connected Atlanta with.
  10. Human overpopulation had reached such a critical mass of density that humans began massing together and killing each other.
  11. He sat and took the goblet Herne proffered, The Dark is massing, he spoke without emotion but there was a tremor in his voice.
  12. The priority for this patrol is to find out what the Turks are up to Brigade need to know if they are massing for a serious attack.
  13. He reported that even though this was the best place for the Re Che to stop us, they were instead massing behind a river some distance to the east.
  14. There are also reports of North Korean troops massing at the demilitarised zone with South Korea, while it has fired missiles at Japan, which failed to explode.
  15. As Dorro and Forgo’s vessel ventured forth from the harbor in the morning darkness, folks were already massing along wharfs and celebrating their good fortune.
  16. The enemy, being many times stronger, was always able, by massing his forces at points of his own choice, to break through fronts that were far too widely extended.
  17. Gates are typically the weakest points in a fortification; get enough ramming, bombardment, and a heavy enough massing of troops and any gate can fall; except maybe these gates.
  18. Stalin is also not excused in this regard for despite being warned by both American and British intelligence, he simply dismissed all reports of German troops massing on the eastern border.
  19. While there are no indicators that the Germans are massing troops for such a push South, I have to agree with the British that it would be a potentially catastrophic move for us if successful.
  20. I would gather all of my people together on Pelatia, as I did not think that the Orlandian’s would suspect a massing of Sallaconese people on a moon that we had never claimed as one of our own.
  21. Our first air strike from our local fighter-bomber detachment has cooled down a bit the enemy’s ardor but Muang Phin is now reporting by radio that the enemy is apparently massing for another attack.
  22. Instead of forming themselves into small independent intelligent communities: they began massing themselves together in huge numbers like the herds of the animals whose brains they had eaten for millions of year.
  23. Not necessarily a flow of actual lines (although these often exist); they may be only imaginary lines linking up or massing certain parts, and bringing them into conformity with the rhythmic conception of the whole.
  24. At this distance of time I cannot remember whether I ever gave a thought to Polina; I seemed only to be conscious of a vague pleasure in seizing and raking in the bank-notes which kept massing themselves in a pile before me.
  25. Pushing out the very existence of the whole world massing for war… while he and his royal entourage lolled about in their privileged positions which they had enjoyed for 100’s of years without stop as their god-given right.
  26. It was a genetic reaction of a species which had become so numerous: it was blindly, instinctively trying to correct its excess numbers by inventing something called war: massing as many humans together and having them all kill each other.
  27. All this serenity had been traversed by but a single word of haughty pity; perceiving on his left, at a spot where there now stands a large tomb, those admirable Scotch Grays, with their superb horses, massing themselves, he said, It is a pity.
  28. Carrying a camera with waterproof housing that weighed almost as much as he did, pasty white, frail looking, with stringy hair that fell into his eyes, Stu ran toward the approaching animals which they could plainly see massing on the open meadow in front of them.
  29. The massing of troops in the narrow tunnels would create a bottleneck that could prove catastrophic, if they had death holes through which boiling oil could be poured down onto the attacking troops and the tunnels themselves could likely be caved in, if need be, to stop an invasion.
  30. I want to preserve Wyrshym’s army and add it to Kaitswyrth’s, Zhaspahr! Assuming Kaitswyrth’s estimates of the heretic forces massing against him are remotely accurate, he’s going to need all the reinforcements he can get, and Wyrshym’s too far forward for us to support him.
  31. One behind another, round or pointed, piercing the sky or massing themselves, like sailing ships, like granite cliffs, spires and offices, wharves and factories crowd the bank; eternally the pilgrims trudge; barges rest in mid stream heavy laden; as some believe, the city loves her prostitutes.
  32. The Stygians, ever a menace to the northern nations, were apparently not connected with this movement; for they were massing armies on their eastern borders and their priests were making magic to fight that of the desert sorcerer, whom men called Natohk, the Veiled One; for his features were always masked.
  33. That is why this attractor repeatedly emerges, massing memetic particles into idyllic imagitons of human consciousness, inspiring spiritual leaders with love and empathy to invent charitable virtualnisms through which to socially love one another, collectively and individually, through philanthropic systems.
  34. This plan would have succeeded if the four companies of the English guards and the brave Belgians of Perponcher's division had not held the position solidly, and Wellington, instead of massing his troops there, could confine himself to despatching thither, as reinforcements, only four more companies of guards and one battalion from Brunswick.
  35. When death really comes, is not what the ordinary decent dier wants quiet, that he may leave himself utterly in the hands of God? There should be no massing of temporarily broken-hearted onlookers about his bed, no leave-takings and eager gatherings-up of last words, no revelling’s of relatives in the voluptuousness of woe, no futile exhortations, using up the last poor breaths, not to weep to persons who would consider it highly improper to leave off doing it, and no administration of tardy blessings.
  36. Stryver, massing his papers before him, whispered with those who sat near, and from time to time glanced anxiously at the jury; while all the spectators moved more or less, and grouped themselves anew; while even my Lord himself arose from his seat, and slowly paced up and down his platform, not unattended by a suspicion in the minds of the audience that his state was feverish; this one man sat leaning back, with his torn gown half off him, his untidy wig put on just as it had happened to fight on his head after its removal, his hands in his pockets, and his eyes on the ceiling as they had been all day.
  37. The battle once begun, its very various changes,—the resistance of Hougomont; the tenacity of La Haie-Sainte; the killing of Bauduin; the disabling of Foy; the unexpected wall against which Soye's brigade was shattered; Guilleminot's fatal heedlessness when he had neither petard nor powder sacks; the miring of the batteries; the fifteen unescorted pieces overwhelmed in a hollow way by Uxbridge; the small effect of the bombs falling in the English lines, and there embedding themselves in the rain-soaked soil, and only succeeding in producing volcanoes of mud, so that the canister was turned into a splash; the uselessness of Pire's demonstration on Braine-l'Alleud; all that cavalry, fifteen squadrons, almost exterminated; the right wing of the English badly alarmed, the left wing badly cut into; Ney's strange mistake in massing, instead of echelonning the four divisions of the first corps; men delivered over to grape-shot, arranged in ranks twenty-seven deep and with a frontage of two hundred; the frightful.
  1. There the people massed thickly.
  2. Pictures or prints can be massed on a wall.
  3. Below you will be the massed ranks of our membership.
  4. The majority was massed together just behind home plate.
  5. You can check the undersides of the leaves for massed eggs.
  6. The conformity of massed herds breeds stupidity and cowardice.
  7. Troop commanders quickly organised the massed ranks of the undead.
  8. The Spanish crew was massed against the bulwarks to repel the attack.
  9. The massed cannon shredded their attack and they fell back in confusion.
  10. Meanwhile all our cannon should be massed along the north shore of the river.
  11. The men massed upon the drays allowed themselves to be jolted along in silence.
  12. They simply massed about four hundred yards from the one wall and stood there.
  13. In such a world no more troops would be massed on the border between North and South.
  14. He turned on the massed army of the undead and began to put them out of their misery.
  15. Following the announcement of the decision Swordsmen and Evangelical Christians massed.
  16. Under the cover of a torrential downpour the following afternoon, the massed force of the.
  17. He can feel them massed out there now, agitating to take New York back to an imaginary 1954.
  18. A dense herd of fleeing crossbowmen came head to head with massed horsemen itching to charge.
  19. Mounted police launched cavalry charges into the massed strikers, swinging at them with batons.
  20. Massed against the camp-bedsteads was another compact crowd; for here were some of the best places of all.
  21. The door at the top is half-open, the bottles massed on the uppermost step burning with the imminence of morning.
  22. In this case, it was to be a close-up shot of Adolf Hitler gazing out over the massed multitudes as they hailed him.
  23. I could smell blood, magic blasts and heard the clash of steel as the entire group massed around the one carrying me.
  24. They have massed an incredible army at the northern slopes of the mountain and they are prepared to ascend the slope.
  25. Slow food? Who has time? We chew without swallowing, inhaling artificial aromas and tasting massed produced deceptions.
  26. Rather, over the centuries she rotted from within, making it easy for the barbarians massed across her empires borders.
  27. And so I had run to them, where they had massed northeast — where the fields begin and the city ends, over Willow River.
  28. The entire idea is that the larger accumulation of packed men wins by routing and dispersing the other pack of massed men.
  29. Two to three combinations practiced with heavy repetition, these moves were more effective when used in a massed formation.
  30. SCS Arbitrage hung 300 meters out, holding station alongside Hardway with the ships of the combined fleet massed behind her.
  31. There had been hard fighting in Pennsylvania, near a little town named Gettysburg, a great battle with all Lee’s army massed.
  32. The horses, camels, alpacas and llamas massed in the haphazard boulevards, paying no mind to the desire of the visitors to pass.
  33. I had the cannon massed and loaded with shot just in time as the largest enemy force charged across a clearing toward our center.
  34. The staircase has two stories; the English, besieged on the staircase, and massed on its upper steps, had cut off the lower steps.
  35. This is what they called their B-17 Flying Fortress and B-24 Liberator whose massed firepower would provide collective protection.
  36. Most importantly Kasserine Pass taught the Americans the doctrine of massed firepower, and to coordinate aircraft with ground forces.
  37. More vehicles frozen at odd angles in the street, beyond which massed party-goers, faces looming and receding in the ambulance lights.
  38. History books are very powerful cultural tools in training the masses to ignore and not discover their own massed power and potential.
  39. George’s Hall to salute the massed ranks, including my Grandad Ablett, before they went off to the slaughter in France and Flanders.
  40. During the training, war games and simulated massed battles obtaining a clear victory had always been an extremely difficult challenge.
  41. If the last night was any indication, they could probably expect a massed infantry assault late tonight, something Winslow was dreading.
  42. Within four hours, we had massed to the very foot of the huge stone fortress called the Castle, modeled after the stone Fort Ti across the river.
  43. I can look at whole beds of wallflowers every spring, and pass on with nothing but a vague admiration for their massed beauty of scent and color.
  44. It was massed with a great number of individuals ranging from the very old to the very young; and all still seemed to have a smile on their face.
  45. It did not speak with the rage and hostility of its massed walls or towers, nor with the bulk of its cobbled avenues and fortresses of machinery.
  46. In the angle at the left of this epaulement, there was visible the head of the column of a battalion from the suburbs massed in the Rue Saint-Denis.
  47. Massed arenas with blimps floating over them make sense: only if the souls of living human are being controlled by ancient bird-reptile intelligence.
  48. And in every future, she saw disaster for this world, great armies massed across the Free Lands doing battle with Alit’aren gone mad from the taint.
  49. Yamamoto swore on understanding that this was a massed night air attack on Rabaul, using some of those new American weapons he had been thinking about.
  50. It was reported that flares had been dropped all over London and hundreds of German planes one of the longest massed raids that London was experiencing.
  51. The scouts reported large numbers of enemy troops massed in concealment just over the border, but they showed no sign of wanting to engage us in battle.
  52. Beyond the rocky crags of the first choke-point, the enemy had massed, the path widened out in points as it wound its way up to the mountain plateau above.
  53. They gave us reports of Saxons running around in the north near the Wall, and Arthur knew that it would soon come time to go into massed battle against them.
  54. The light dead people see when they enter that realm of undead ghouls is the light of untold human souls all massed into a vortex of evil negative dying filth.
  55. She used it to help extinguish the forest of the People of Life, much of which had been set alight by a massed incendiary attack by most of the dwarven wizards.
  56. The massed youth twisted and ground against each other to the tune of strobe lights their doped out senses lost in the euphoria of the wantonness of their actions.
  57. Since then, the Soviet forces massed along the Polish and Baltic states’ borders have launched their anticipated invasion and combat is presently raging in Europe.
  58. The lintels and pergolas and gargoyles massed above kept the snow off, mostly, but he was surprised that Regan, in her skimpy dress, wasn’t ready to turn back inside.
  59. They had had one or two short showers before, but that day the clouds massed high in great peaks of cumulonimbus that spread and covered the whole sky so that it grew dark.
  60. For the Jews who were now massed on the Temple Mount and on both sides of the causeway, the Golden Gate was where their long-awaited Messiah was supposed to enter Jerusalem.
  61. With all the American forces in Afghanistan now massed along the Iranian border, Taliban attacks around the rest of the country had multiplied and become increasingly bolder.
  62. Industrialization caused human populations to explode even faster and it was the root-dynamic of overpopulation which created the new massed cultural identity of Nationalism.
  63. He spoke few words, but he was quite as highly excited as any one there, for he was the first to spring out of the barrack when the others massed themselves in the court-yard.
  64. Although I knew nothing of the game—and I scarcely knew the stakes, except those on black and red—I joined the ring of players, while the rest of the crowd massed itself around me.
  65. There appeared to be confusion among the massed ranks of enemy soldiers as to why they were suddenly so many of us before them, when they had thought us almost beaten and few in number.
  66. The hosts of undead in their countless millions all the way back to the first angels of Yahweh had massed and invaded certain key persons in order to perpetrate the crime of the century.
  67. The two thousand five hundred transports, consisting of barges, tugs, and light craft massed in the invasion ports came under intense attacks from RAF Bomber Command and Coastal Command.
  68. Korea than are massed on the border of North and South Dakota; a world in which the citizens of Taiwan, in the shadow of China, would be no more concerned for their sovereignty than the.
  69. The massed bands would, until that key moment, be led by the Royal Marines Director of Music, but he would then ceremoniously hand over the baton to his opposite number in the US Marines.
  70. As they uttered the very first word of the ceremony the most horrendous wailing drowned out their massed voices and the air was filled with the thud and boom of bass notes and percussion.
  71. Recovering himself in a minute he opened for us two hulking patent cabinets which held his massed suits and dressing-gowns and ties, and his shirts, piled like bricks in stacks a dozen high.
  72. Massed at one end of the concrete floor, opposite where the rolls of carpet and padding had been deposited, was a mountain of gear—guitar cases, amplifiers, mixing boards, tangles of wire.
  73. The greeting they got was tame compared to that of the favorites, but still a volleying cheer, rising and falling along the quarter-mile of humanity banked and massed either side the course.
  74. General Sherman was trying the fourth side of the town again, fourth side of the town now, no skirmishing units or cavalry detachments but the massed striking again at the railroad at Jonesboro.
  75. He hoped these would suffice and once he had massed enough pieces of wet yet not soggy wood, he piled it down neatly to form a fire stack, wishing his flint and stone would be enough to get the fire going.
  76. From the excitement of watching the results of the Uphrian charge and the damage inflicted by his shock troops the delay had formed a natural gap between the massed units awaiting their orders to advance.
  77. The massed snarl of living DNA is another example of how the Energy in the Universe is trying not only to come together, but to organize itself into bonded linkages as logically and selectively as possible.
  78. One day in August, a fine warm day, about one o'clock in the afternoon, a time when, as a rule, everybody took a nap before resuming work, the convicts rose as one man and massed themselves in the court-yard.
  79. In an operation that involved the formation of the largest invasion fleet in history, the massed Allied armies successfully landed in Normandy to punch a hole in Hitler’s seemingly impregnable Atlantic Wall.
  80. Once within we were massed close to the door so that we could scarcely hear anything except the deep voice of the ministering deacon; now and again we caught a glimpse of a black chasuble or the bare head of the priest.
  81. By brainwashing ;living humans to live in massed hordes of cities all conforming to each other: they have solved the problem of having to deal with billions of souls individually and having their charades stripped naked.
  82. If I could keep the hounds on the move instead of letting them form into larger packs, my hope was that they would be unable to mount a massed attack and pass beyond the sentry lines and claim the innocent lives of children.
  83. The massed attack turned into a riot as the trapped soldiers ran to and fro in hysteria at what they were confronted with, an unreasoning fear that ate through whatever manipulation and programming that had been done to them.
  84. He followed it warily, hugging the edge of the paving where the shrubs massed their shadows thickly, until he saw ahead of him, dimly in the dusk, the clump of lotus-trees, the strange growth peculiar to the black lands of Kush.
  85. On the other hand, slingers had to stand upright to launch their projectiles, and any massed formation that stood upright in the open within two or three hundred yards of Charisian riflemen in open terrain wouldn’t do it twice.
  86. Yet he seemed to have them eating out of his hands - the accommodating wife; the outwardly unassuming and apparently loyal secretary; the massed ranks of discarded mistresses, as well as the hopeful future ones, like Nurse Wright.
  87. Understand this: throughout living human history; wherever any GOOD positive energy has raised its head: evil undead energy has massed together around it, and inside it … trying to overwhelm and destroy that GOOD positive energy.
  88. Now it seems that we are down to ketchup, pickle relish, salsa and steak sauce, and although they historically were fermented, today’s massed produced condiments rely on sugar and vinegar rather than lactic acid as a preservative.
  89. At 05 30 hrs on the morning of December 16th 1944, the peaceful illusion along the front was shattered when two thousand secretly massed German guns promptly opened up with a terrifying barrage to stun the troops on the receiving end.
  90. It was hopeless! What could she do to stop them? In every future, she massed her armies to try to capture and Heal her friends, but in every future, she was defeated, her armies were defeated; it was the beginning of the Age of Chaos.
  91. So that the sharpshooters of the line ranged on the outlook behind their paving-stone dike and the sharpshooters of the banlieue massed at the corner of the street suddenly pointed out to each other something moving through the smoke.
  92. Pitty gave a little squeak, like a mouse who Slipping his knife into his boot top and loosening the pistol in his trouser band, Archie feels the trap snap down, as she saw massed in the doorway, a Yankee captain and a squad of bluecoats.
  93. The third station, the one adopted at seven o'clock in the evening, between La Belle-Alliance and La Haie-Sainte, is formidable; it is a rather elevated knoll, which still exists, and behind which the guard was massed on a slope of the plain.
  94. Now, if the same defects are found in another piece of writing, that makes the presumption all the stronger, and when you have massed together a number of such characteristics it raises the presumption to a mathematical certainty, does it not?
  95. Massed behind the sort of sloping ridge which the vaulted canal forms at the entrance to the Faubourg du Temple, the soldiers of the attacking column, gravely and thoughtfully, watched this dismal redoubt, this immobility, this passivity, whence sprang death.
  96. The undead controlled the masses from the top on down: the undead have been controlling all of massed humanity from the top, from the highest positions of power and influence on down and also in every other facile, cunning, hidden, sneaky filthy way they can.
  97. Seen thus from above, the whole landscape looked immovable as a picture; the anchored ships were massed in one corner, the river curved round the foot of the green hills, and the isles, oblique in shape, lay on the water, like large, motionless, black fishes.
  98. The massed death of munitions factories churning out weapons of death, steel factories killing human souls and using humans as mechanized robots: the birth of the new mass dehumanized mechanical men: programmed and trained to live as inhuman obedient machines.
  99. This evil culture of observation became a mass culture of evil spectatorship in Rome: where 2,00,00 living humans gathered to watch horse races and thousands of others massed to watch the bloody murdering of living humans forced to kill each other in gladiator games.
  100. The larger the population, the more this chain reaction of mindless conformity is magnified, reinforced, followed, supported, and joined… until it reaches the level of mass hysteria, massed mobs… all singing and shouting and waving their fucking imperial nationalist flags.
  1. A craze of the masses.
  2. Saka: They are the masses.
  3. Trees, the masses of, 196.
  4. A staple to feed the masses.
  5. If the collective masses of.
  6. The masses were misled into.
  7. Hears three Masses every day.
  8. Blinding the masses to reality.
  9. Mass produced: for the masses.
  10. The cheering masses rang with.
  11. The brainwashing of the masses.
  12. The new creation of the masses.
  13. Blinding the masses with deceit.
  14. The masses rose throughout the.
  15. They give comfort to the masses.
  16. Locke had been one of the Masses.
  17. The gathered masses seemed broken.
  18. The public came to-day in masses.
  19. It is understandable to the masses.
  20. The masses know nothing about this.
  21. The Masses would never stand for it.
  22. Our lives are dominated by the masses.
  23. But the Masses were getting everything.
  24. The masses are traitors to the people.
  25. Executions will show the masses that.
  26. They are very popular with the masses.
  27. The benefit for the masses was simple.
  28. For if the ignorant masses ever wake up.
  29. But masses are composed of individuals.
  30. Corot, his masses of foliage, 197, 214.
  31. Good old KRAP, radio for the masses.
  32. In full view of the brainwashed masses.
  33. The melting polar ice masses, moved to.
  34. Do you hate the Masses? Is that it?
  35. That is the usual reaction of the masses.
  36. The masses were misled by their leaders.
  37. The masses always worship power only.
  38. Or, better still buy masses for your soul.
  39. If you can’t save the masses, save a few.
  40. Not by consulting the masses, but by the.
  41. The masses have no real say in the matter.
  42. He swayed the masses with words like over.
  43. I’m not just one of the faceless masses.
  44. She had masses of friends, male and female.
  45. The praying masses of superlative humanity.
  46. And we don’t call you Masses, by the way.
  47. Brainwash the masses into being spectators.
  48. Govicide will be even harder on the Masses.
  49. Ski could have more control over the masses.
  50. Why should that cause the masses to riot?
  51. Brainwash the masses into not being active.
  52. His Flesh which continues to feed the masses.
  53. None of the Masses knew about his promotion.
  55. What keeps the masses stuck where they are.
  56. The waves were saturated with masses of blood.
  57. These men, in masses, have become Christians.
  58. This hatred for the Jews won over the masses.
  59. The masses are always churlish and ignorant.
  60. Roman watched as the masses exited the stadium.
  61. Soroven Keep was forced to house these masses.
  62. Stalin did this to his masses by the millions.
  63. Except for the few the Masses ride, of course.
  64. Sixth, the masses may elect servile leaders.
  65. Personal Growth: The New Opiate of the Masses?
  66. Proceed to a shadow of three different masses.
  67. Why? The masses aped the hypocrisy of the rich.
  68. It shows that masses of losers are bailing out.
  69. Humanity = a few sovereigns + masses of subjects.
  70. Then, how could it keep the Masses from having.
  71. For the Occidental Union still needs the masses.
  72. And still the masses vote the liars into office.
  73. The masses became more educated because of this.
  74. The intercalated cell masses have been shown to.
  75. The masses were misled into believing that they.
  76. Land masses would be forming by volcanic activ-.
  77. From this point of view, the revolt of masses is.
  78. That advance surely brought culture to the masses.
  79. So I wasted no time bringing the act to the masses.
  80. In spite of the shoving masses crowding the square.
  81. Brainwash the masses into only worshipping winners.
  82. And fear Him who created you and the masses of old.
  83. For one brief morning, the masses have taken over.
  84. Masses of overhanging rock had to be gotten around.
  85. It kept the roman masses entertained for centuries.
  86. It descended upon the huddled masses who, in dark.
  87. Without strong authority, the masses sink into chaos.
  88. If you are doing the same thing as the masses, you.
  89. The belief system of the elite influences the masses.
  90. The Nautilus went into these brittle masses like a.
  91. Many masses and suffrages were offered for his soul.
  92. The Masses would have to endure his mistakes forever.
  93. I only give attention to the Masses when I have to.
  94. The masses giving all of their power; to a few elite.
  95. Make the masses physically inferior to elite winners.
  96. Thus spawning State-suckled masses needing it to live.
  97. And the Masses want those more than elections anyway.
  98. The Masses could be so artistic when the OWG mandated.
  99. They’ll offer choice and convenience to the masses.
  100. He observed the Masses and thought the exact opposite.

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