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Mature numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. We call you a mature.
  2. But not a mature person.
  3. That is, the mature and.
  4. You would mature your plan.
  6. When the eggs is mature, the.
  7. He is very mature for his age.
  8. Rich just didn't have a mature.
  9. But I was very mature for my age.
  10. But mature love asks more of you.
  11. A more mature plan is to read one.
  12. As you mature you’ll drift apart.
  13. A mature prayer warrior sat in the.
  14. Certainly not the sign of a mature.
  15. Mature males weigh in at around 13 lbs.
  16. Al was very proud and very mature, then.
  17. I looked older, more mature and taller.
  18. This illustrates mature discernment in.
  19. Yet the heart of the mature is corrupted.
  20. He had changed and was a mature man now.
  21. As they mature and start to pair off the.
  22. She was an understanding and mature woman.
  23. When these cysts mature they can swim and.
  24. I became a mature, rounded off human being.
  25. The fish had a chance to mature and multiply.
  26. Cool down and let it mature overnight.
  27. His eyes were cold, hard, mature, different.
  28. This mature union is salvation being worked.
  29. These are common, especially in mature trends.
  30. He is sophisticated, high-class and so mature.
  31. Any mature business has data, examples where.
  32. He thinks agricultural knowledge is mature now.
  33. Mature living humans are egalitarian by nature.
  34. Mature of seasons, Hanor wondered how old he was.
  35. She was pleased to be considered mature enough.
  36. The pushy horse will mature into the aggressive.
  37. The bullish crowd is still far from being mature.
  38. The boy of act one is the mature man of act five.
  39. After splitting the mature and normal egg in half.
  40. As a more mature adult, he could see the problems.
  41. Becoming emotionally mature decrease the tendency.
  42. You’re more mature, experienced and stronger now.
  43. As they mature and start to pair off the dominant.
  44. It‘s a way by which you become spiritually mature.
  45. It was a mature brown bear male of about 600 pounds.
  46. Certain businesses take longer to mature in the SEs.
  47. Dara was as mature at two decades as this kid is now.
  48. We only went for those who were mature and had many.
  49. You know, you’re quite mature and deep for a kid.
  50. FOWLR setups but can become territorial as they mature.
  51. Angelfish mature they will lose those vertical stripes.
  52. She is in fact more mature than all of us put together.
  53. He somehow looked older, more mature than he really was.
  54. I shudder to think what will happen when they mature.
  55. As we mature in our faith we will become stronger people.
  56. Be mature and show the other person what you really feel.
  57. They were mature women, a number of them very mature indeed.
  58. I don’t know if there is somehow a way to grow and mature.
  59. When we begin to mature in our relationship before a loving.
  60. As you may have noticed, she’s not the most mature person.
  61. She’d always considered herself more mature than her peers.
  62. The woman was quite mature and had a long and gilded robe on.
  63. Oh, Marion was mature now, and so was he to a certain degree.
  64. A more mature spiritual understanding of the wheel of fortune.
  65. All morning I had been noticing that Moody sounded more mature.
  66. The voice on the other end of the phone was young, but mature.
  67. Responsible, mature, and, get this, he’s actually got a job.
  68. Having a mature Anahata one knows how to operate with the en-.
  69. Thus the mature person pays attention to what is happening in.
  70. Hence it is obvious that a person with mature chakras is more.
  71. He wore the same glasses which graced his more mature features.
  72. He seemed a little older and possibly more mature than the rest.
  73. Jenny is a responsible and mature girl who is proud of her work.
  74. This mature bride will usher in the coming of the King and have.
  75. The road was surprisingly shady, with mature trees at intervals.
  76. The more mature is chakra, the less energy you have to apply to.
  77. His mature style of clothing did not match the youth of his body.
  78. The killer, while a mature man, was however nothing like Caldwell.
  79. Decidedly, the stately Antonia looked more mature and infinitely.
  80. As your dragon gets bigger, it will take on a more mature voice.
  81. The injustice of such a fate then brought anger to the mature man.
  82. Peppers mature within 70 to 90 days; you can check the seed packet.
  83. When we were kids together, it was an adoring love but not mature.
  84. If you're gifted, when you mature, you could become a wind reader.
  85. The crews, some of my more mature, steady, sober and reliable men.
  86. There is a huge difference between a mature man and an immature man.
  87. One minute their faces were mature, fairly smooth, alive, electric.
  88. Not only the mature ones but they have reached to our children too.
  89. Women mature earlier than men and some even much earlier than that.
  90. I'm not trying to say she's too mature or sober—she acts her age.
  91. The problem, he says, is that, [S]ocieties don’t always mature.
  92. It's easy to tell the sex of a mature pair of normal green budgies.
  93. They likewise need to grow and mature in an open, secure environment.
  94. Yet he was intelligent, and more mature than Hartle at first thought.
  95. The mature sperms gather in the center of the tubules and the sperms.
  96. In the case of mature markets, there are several things to be aware of.
  97. The honest acknowledgement of your selfishness is a mature experience.
  98. That’s how we mature; we think of other things instead of ourselves.
  99. The orchard was mature, and blossom covered the apple trees like snow.
  100. The only mature use of Power is when it is used to balance imbalances.
  1. With the maturing of the sattva.
  2. I have eight or ten similar cases maturing.
  3. The maturing tadpole goes through stages of.
  4. Treasury bonds maturing in 10 years yielded 3.
  5. The meat from the sheep is still maturing in the sun.
  6. One step in maturing as a species is to come to the.
  7. The pattern seems to be maturing so we check it daily.
  8. The only thing the three horsemen are doing is maturing the.
  9. It was part of maturing, part of getting a little older she thought.
  10. The Spirit of God is the close blossom-friends of the maturing person.
  11. Each maturing issue will be matched with the date of maturity and an.
  12. Winter had set in, and it was a good time for the maturing to take place.
  13. Maturing children are touchy, sensitive, self-conscious, modest, seclusive.
  14. With the rise of estrogen, LH receptors are also expressed on the maturing.
  15. Sarah by now was maturing and fashion conscious with her clothes and smart.
  16. He was maturing and taking a lot more notice of what was going on around him.
  17. Either the sale of shares, or, more often, a bond maturing, said Pierre.
  18. It is a product of love ties, but only as these flourish in a maturing intimacy.
  19. Usance bills, maturing within 90 days or so after date or sight, are discounted by.
  20. Onion planting is divided into three categories: early, mid-season and late maturing.
  21. This could be a result of an broad market economic slowdown or the business maturing.
  22. GMAC had three types of assets that could be convertible to cash to meet maturing obligations:.
  23. Yes, it has been a long time, but Sonia, I remember my maturing years like they were yesterday.
  24. It must be considered partly equivalent to current liabilities and partly to early maturing debt.
  25. From these origins Sammy's gang evolved and was shunned even by the maturing old boys of the DMS.
  26. It is an abomination to the soul of the young who have the impossible struggle of maturing into adulthood.
  27. A March futures contract maturing in two years may be the underlying for a March option expiring in two years.
  28. Before we leave the subject of the biological aspects of sex teaching, a word concerning preparation for maturing.
  29. History, an entertaining, sometimes hysterical biography of the maturing of a journalist, growing up in New Jersey.
  30. It is the uncompromising kitchen that acts; certain in-season ingredients have a maturing limit of just a couple of days.
  31. Denied access to capital markets to refinance maturing obligations, the GMAC business was effectively in runoff in October 2008.
  32. A decreasing unemployment figure signals a maturing cycle, whereas the opposite is true for an increasing unemployment indicator.
  33. Dalia and I… Well, I’m right behind Mother, and I’ll probably equal her when my power has finished maturing in a decade or so.
  34. Soon she would be beyond youth, slipping into middle age, her whole life wrapped up in a maturing daughter and the bare need to survive.
  35. By the time that he was twenty, however, his urgent desire for a shag, for any shag, was growing and maturing into a desire to find a partner.
  36. These were contracted to pay for property additions or to meet maturing debt or—in the case of some railways—to carry unearned fixed charges.
  37. This is Miss Hood’s account, on the screen, he pointed, and there’s no sign of an investment maturing that would produce that sum of money.
  38. Both he and Eileen particularly loved the smell of their garlic bed and the way that sunlight thickened the broad, upright blades of their maturing crop.
  39. The forest and the fields have been proved to rear more indigenous plants, and to be capable of maturing more exotic ones, than any observer had supposed.
  40. Instead of returning to Rome with the sudden fortune, which had been his dream maturing in misery, José Arcadio converted the house into a decadent paradise.
  41. Early varieties need to be planted in mid to late summer; mid-season varieties are planted in autumn and the late maturing ones in late autumn to early winter.
  42. Maybe its core product line is maturing, its industry's growth has slowed, an ancillary business is booming, or it is investing heavily in new products or services.
  43. The impending maturity of a bond issue is of importance to the holders of all the company’s securities, including mortgage debt ranking ahead of the maturing issue.
  44. Examples: An excellent instance of the value of such an arrangement is afforded by the Westvaco Chlorine Products Corporation 5½s, issued in 1927 and maturing in 1937.
  45. It has been recognized by the oil and gas supplies industry that the UKCS is a maturing province, and that success in exporting is therefore key to its continued pros-perity.
  46. When any of the stages of experience are missing or not experienced, the entire linear process of growing up and maturing becomes frozen, or stunted, or damaged in some way.
  47. When you see a business make an acquisition outside of its core business, this may be a signal that the profitability or sales of the original business are declining or maturing.
  48. As far as we can tell, near-term market prices for common stocks (where there are no near-term terminal events such as maturing options, tender offers, mergers) continue to be a random walk.
  49. To illustrate this concept of average daily trading volume maturing as a stock gains leadership status and a larger institutional following, we can observe the weekly chart of Crocs, Inc.
  50. Two years later Interborough Rapid Transit Company, recently so prosperous, barely escaped an imminent receivership by means of a voluntary reorganization which extended a maturing note issue.
  51. The vast majority of creditors have continuing relationships with the companies to whom they lend, so they are interested in refinancing maturing debt and/or continuing to ship goods or rent properties.
  52. In addition, the old brutality and injustice of animal sacrifice, and the restrictive nature of the maturing class system supported by Hinduism, led some of the more advanced Indian people to reject it.
  53. It is true also that the general practice of guaranteeing mortgages due only three to five years after their issuance contained the possibility, later realized, of a flood of maturing obligations at a most inconvenient time.
  54. If the 1980s were about the rise of the industry, the 1990s were about its maturing into a Hollywood-esque landscape of ever-increasing budgets and increasingly consolidated publishers, with the losers slowly being crushed or absorbed.
  55. The prerequisite is that the fresh fish has been treated correctly, cleansed by the Japanese ike jime method and allowed to come out of rigor mortis while maturing on a bed of ice, which can take up to twenty days for turbot, for instance.
  56. In those days I was young, and all sorts of fancies bright and dark tenanted my mind: the memories of nursery stories were there amongst other rubbish; and when they recurred, maturing youth added to them a vigour and vividness beyond what childhood could give.
  57. The only questions are how soon will it be dead, and what progeny, if any, will it leave behind? The excuse the Court offers to keep the Constitution living is to claim it is applying such tests as evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society.
  58. Remedios the Beauty stayed there wandering- through the desert of solitude, bearing no cross on her back, maturing in her dreams without nightmares, her interminable baths, her unscheduled meals, her deep and prolonged silences that had no memory until one afternoon in March, when Fernanda wanted to fold her brabant sheets in the garden and asked the women in the house for help.
  59. Young as one ―feels‖ contrary to how one really feels, holding fast to youthful designs and illusory impressions, has undermined our human dignity by its failure to properly complete itself in a manner welcoming every changing phase in our lives as a life (maturing) process injecting vitality and new meaning as it passes through each successive stage offering its own unique rewards while preparing it for the uncertain road that lie ahead.
  60. She was embarrassed to admit, even to herself, that several times when asked to help, when she was blossoming into adulthood, Ailia had declared her independence, saying that Unni and Brander were not her real parents, so how could they order her around? Ailia liked to think her remorseful and quick attitude adjustment was proof of her maturing, but it probably had a lot more to do with her having to sleep outdoors in the pigsty and not having the privilege of a meal.
  1. Have Matured In My Eyes.
  2. It is caused by matured age.
  3. His ideas matured as he grew up.
  4. It is caused by matured age being.
  5. They started small and slowly matured.
  6. The calf had matured into a young bull.
  7. Pick only those that have already matured.
  8. When these wild ecstasies shall be matured.
  9. Then she can help as she has matured enough.
  10. As the days went by, Danny matured quickly.
  11. Saul had matured years in the last few months.
  12. He was a matured man now, full of respect for.
  13. Viral marketing has matured a bit over the years.
  14. Young Jordon seemed to have matured considerably.
  15. Yes, you have matured since you were last here.
  16. That would change as the evil matured within her.
  17. Later, as he matured to build his own ideas, he.
  18. He felt that he had grown up and matured very much.
  19. Anyway he grew and matured to a man that had reason.
  20. Now greatly matured, the beauty pleased his tired eyes.
  21. When she matured, she may have realized the enormity of.
  22. He was still very evil but had matured so much that the.
  23. I always believed that he would change when he matured and.
  24. Thoughts fully matured in the mind are seen to be there in so.
  25. Through it all the boy matured into a quiet but strong thirteen.
  26. It seemed to Adrian that Lucas had matured well for someone his age.
  27. I was attaining twenty-sixth years of age, fully matured young lady.
  28. Church for several years, yet have obviously not matured spiritually:.
  29. As he matured and evolved, his own concept of truth kept on changing:.
  30. There are possible that the matured egg produced by the ovaries without.
  31. But he found out that he had matured a great deal over the past few years.
  32. Thanks to a new influence, mine broadened and matured with the ripening summer.
  33. It was a long time since they had seen Natalie and she had matured quite a lot.
  34. There are strange, new, dreadful things for which we are not yet matured enough.
  35. Over the years as my dogs have matured and become senior citizens I have seen some.
  36. His thoughts had matured to concerns, and his concerns finally moved him to action.
  37. One major problem you may encounter is that while you’ve grown and matured in your.
  38. Gareth learned quickly, he matured into a highly proficient Baron in a turbulent time.
  39. Sometimes he behaved as so matured way and sometimes he behaved as a little naughty child.
  40. These dense plantings matured quickly, creating the cool leafy effect of woods in Canada.
  41. Where all the convulsions of mundane or spiritual thoughts sleep, there lies the matured.
  42. Her features had matured, and there was a sensuality about her that he had not noticed before.
  43. But right now it didn’t feel like her love had weakened over time rather that it had matured.
  44. He seemed to have matured during this time and he didn’t fumble around as much as he used to.
  45. Then, inevitably, the plan of a bold stroke matured in her resolute, inflexible, feminine heart.
  46. She remembered thinking how she would never know love because she had never matured as a mortal.
  47. Now he seemed self-assured, as if he had quietly matured a few years in the space of a few hours.
  48. He’d matured, filled out, and added quite a few new experiences to his list of accomplishments.
  49. When the pregnancy is matured the day of deliverance (enlightenment) will come as a natural outcome.
  50. Maye placed a robe around Savannah’s shoulders, but it had already seen that her body had matured.
  51. As this little project matured into a full book, I have to thank my editorial team and beta readers:.
  52. Skeets matured and his sociopathic tendencies focused on his work, neutralizing him as a public threat.
  53. He liked to say that he grew up in England, meaning that, that was where he matured and where the final.
  54. As the city matured and prospered, development moved out of the core and up the lakeshore to the northeast.
  55. Beets are matured after three to four months of growth and should be harvested before the plant goes to seed.
  56. The war had matured him, but he was still the same grave, thoughtful David Margaret had learned to rely upon.
  57. Taj excused it as the exuberance of youth, but until Gadai matured, he would have to be watched with extra care.
  58. This protective instinct intensified as JY matured and he had no control over it as if programmed into his being.
  59. The Cossack’s report, confirmed by horse patrols who were sent out, was the final proof that events had matured.
  60. She wasn’t the mind that Ava was, she was the mind Tdeshi would have become if she had slowed down and matured.
  61. When they matured in 1933 many of the holders accepted an offer of 65 for their bonds made by the parent company.
  62. She had matured into a beautiful woman who gave him steadfast love and supported him in his revolutionary activities.
  63. She could flirt for social advantage, but Alan never saw any evidence that any vestige of a libido had matured in her.
  64. From the first baby vegetables to the fully matured ones at harvest in the fall, it's never showmanship–just pure nature.
  65. The deep green luscious mallows towered up crisp and rich and as they matured their little cheeses hung down provocatively.
  66. Area One was the ‘Nursery' where test tube babies were produced and matured to a stage not yet known to the outside world.
  67. The soft-spoken Ben has now changed to a confident matured personality, a loose demon, feasting on the ignorance of the world.
  68. When this extended issue matured in 1932, the company was again unable to pay, and this time receivers took over the property.
  69. Your PEARLS OF POSSIBILITY are matured as you strive to overcome the obstacles that present themselves along life’s journey.
  70. In general, the same remark, only within a less wide limit, applies to the solitaries and hermits among the matured, aged sperm whales.
  71. As he matured, his concept of ‘truth’ evolved and the importance of practicing this virtue in all spheres of life became ingrained.
  72. But this beauty serves merely as a guide to birds and beasts, in order that the fruit may be devoured and the matured seeds disseminated.
  73. New mortgages were granted on an increasingly liberal basis, and when old mortgages matured, they were frequently renewed in a larger sum.
  74. Is this really Dani’s pixieish face grown up, matured from delicate with a sharply pronounced jaw to sophisticated, sculpted, and cool?
  75. The villa had seen better days, having matured over more than a century of irregular neglect into its current state of generally poor repair.
  76. And there it was before his eyes: the very same scribble Truman had settled upon, matured but, in fact, little changed from that day to this.
  77. Once again, as this feeling or sense grew and matured, he felt it all being herded together by Annie and directed into a single line of travel.
  78. You may have matured a bit, lost a few hairs, and got a bit greyer, but you come out much better in your spirit, much better in your spirit!.
  79. As he matured, the young Adorno’s reputation for extravagant affairs with bouts of sadistic and vicious cruelty surfaced and became widespread.
  80. In all such cases some fundamental difference in the growth or development of the parts, and generally in their matured structure, can be detected.
  81. Even as the Christian church matured under the overlordship of Constantine and his immediate successors, there were those who continued to fall away.
  82. As he matured she ‗d thought he‘d become shy, but he didn‘t and was ready to tell any visitors who objected that they had the problem, not him.
  83. Broshee had matured quickly during the winter and was not the same self-centred youngster that had romped through Brockenhurst Forest such a short while ago.
  84. Prior to the boom of the 1920’s such securities were owned almost exclusively by those having or commanding large financial experience and matured judgment.
  85. The hunt for a somewhat larger chicken that had matured in age and gained a real fat layer under the breast skin by walking freely in the woods went on for a long time.
  86. Terry had matured into a clever individual with strong beliefs in the ways of the Aryans and he had a hunch that he would soon be somewhere overseas serving his masters.
  87. We want the meat to be matured, so we do not take the youngest animals where the flavor is underdeveloped nor the oldest animals, for they have too much bitterness in the meat.
  88. These colors are not the bright colors that represent spring and summer or the sparking colors that epitomize Christmas but the colors of nature once she has seasoned and matured a bit.
  89. Childhood fears matured at university into a paranoia that, together with reclusive belligerence, earned him no friends and few acquaintances apart from fellow devotees of Old Testament dogma.
  90. Through it all the boy matured into a quiet but strong thirteen year old who was never ashamed to scratch the dirt out from under his fingernails after grubbing up the last of the late potatoes.
  91. After a short conference, the plan was matured, and rendered more intelligible to the several parties; the different signals were appointed, and the chiefs separated, each to his allotted station.
  92. She was surprised at how much she had grown and matured, and she praised the good judgment with which she managed the house, the good taste evident in the patio, the brazier filled with orange blossoms.
  93. Each $1,000 note was secured by deposit of $1,736 face amount of 5s; the principal of the notes had matured; they were entitled either to be paid off in full or to a sale of the collateral for their benefit.
  94. When an investor was able to take very much the same attitude in valuing shares of stock as in valuing his own business, he was dealing with concepts familiar to his individual experience and matured judgment.
  95. Now: the human ape has evolved and matured enough so it can understand the true meanings of not only GOOD and evil, but the true meaning of Life and the Universe, the true meaning of both Everything and Nothing.
  96. For example, when Jack Greenberg became the fourth CEO of McDonald’s in 1999, growth at McDonald’s began to slow as international markets matured and concerns about fatty foods in the United States hurt consumption.
  97. By 1968, her Camp Shriver had matured into a professional charitable organization dedicated to addressing the needs of intellectually and physically disabled youth through similar camps in a few cities across the nation.
  98. Considered, indeed, in relation to the latter, whose mied was matured, she was altogether a mistake, and calculated to shock his trust in final causes, including the adaptation of fine young women to purplefaced bachelors.
  99. In value investing, there might be some merit to buying the junior issue only if the analyst were in a position to determine that a creditworthy company would continue to remain creditworthy until after the bond owned matured.
  100. As they matured, they began to resist, for the sake of stability, the newness of further interpretation that might have allowed greater revelation, on the assumption that all that was needed to be known had already been revealed.
  1. It matures for a couple of weeks and.
  2. After the baby matures it finds out that this not true.
  3. The possibility for complex pullbacks as the trend matures.
  4. It will protect us when it matures; just as your Snotaks did.
  5. Suppose that a forward contract matures at the end of the three-month dividend cycle.
  6. Love matures in tragedy and gives expression to wiser faces – empathy, compassion, and action.
  7. The child grows and matures within the mother till it is ready, and then it comes into the world.
  8. And sometimes you can use those regular interest payments (dividends) as income while the bond matures.
  9. The hedge is also effective once it matures, in keeping the wind from blowing with so much force over your yard.
  10. Having said that and meant in a general sense only, unattended core fears express themselves more as life matures.
  11. When a TIPS matures, the investor will either be paid the adjusted principal or the original principal, whichever is greater.
  12. When he matures to manhood, the child she is carrying will be the man who announces that the Son of God is now upon the earth.
  13. But the collective soul matures in reflection and this time saying we're fucked could elicit it's time to act, not time for melancholy.
  14. Also, when interest rates drop, sometimes the issuer of the bond can call it in and pay back your principal before the bond matures.
  15. Those thoughts include your intended actions as the trade matures and can help you through difficult decisions because they were compiled under ideal conditions, with no stress.
  16. We have discovered that premeditated, orderly thinking for a purpose matures that purpose into fixed form, so that we may be absolutely sure of the result of our dynamic experiment.
  17. Trading is anticipating a potential price action, positioning to enter the early stage of the trade, adding to it as it develops, and then exiting as it matures and sets up a reversal.
  18. At this stage seeker’s practice on mantra recitation matures to a level that he starts feeling within … the glowing radiance of mantra and his impurities start burning away in this radiance.
  19. These circular patterns are endured by all of us over a style that rhymes with the fashion of our personal lives that matures and transforms all of us over different `vibes` that have to `pulsate` along with our lives that consequently change and alter us.
  20. What is success in the market? Is it being able to make a living, pay your bills, and have enough left over for security? Is it having the satisfaction of being able to do something extremely difficult well, so that being able to manage the trading process is itself a degree of success? Is it as simple as beating the indexes by a few percentage points, consistently outperforming what a professional investment manager would be able to do for your account? Your definition of success will probably change as your trading ability matures and your personal financial goals shift, but trading success must be both financial and nonfinancial.

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