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Meander numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Meander around the Internet.
  2. If they meander across the flat.
  3. He let his thoughts meander; to.
  4. All day she would fly and meander.
  5. Time appeared to dwindle into a meander.

  6. Her journey back was rather a meander than a march.
  7. It’s hard to meander at speed, but he managed it.
  8. It seemed they had to continually meander and weave a winding route.
  9. He simply started to meander about the village without any special purpose.
  10. If looked at from the sky, this meander gave the impression of a crescent.
  11. Doesn’t guarantee he won’t meander back to it, but if he does you just.
  12. I watched Bruiser start to meander his way through the crowd towards the DJ booth.
  13. Rivers meander in an attempt to maintain a constant slope on their way to the ocean.
  14. Every meander in a river is independent of other meanders, and thus all are completely random.
  15. Dalynara eventually wandered out of the room to meander the halls, her hood drawn over her head.

  16. My aunt was guiding us out of the wind, taking us somewhere special, this was no random meander.
  17. There is enough land on all sides to park freely and meander to the steps that lead to the front door.
  18. In the time that you soldiers were gone I fed on the rats and Lykanthros that meander throughout this stronghold.
  19. Their farm was in a meander of the brook, two thirds of the way up the vale and on the steeper, sunnier, south side.
  20. However, if we are in a given meander, we are virtually certain of the general path of the river for a short distance downstream.
  21. When the meander of the river came close to this road, buildings might get to twenty stories, bump 'n rolls like she had seen on the Lhar.
  22. They were in the mouth of the great Central Wescarp Valley and the river was starting to tend more and more to the east with every meander.
  23. A meander had been shot thru with a canal, then there was a complex corridor a few miles to the northeast, with a couple sets of tide control locks to pole thru.
  24. If we were to look at all the meanders as an ensemble, overlaying one on top of the other like a multiple-exposure photograph, the meander randomness would also become apparent.
  25. Entering an earthly heaven, to meander in an agony of love and restlessness, of sensuality and sensations, words and smiles, with the movement of our bodies and the flutter of our tongues.

  26. By that token she should be more confident that she could survive on this planet, she'd owned a few properties during her meander to the north where one had to get a cook fire going with twigs for every hot meal.
  27. By the light of week Ekendosa, the countryside was crowded but lovely, neat little farms beneath big-frond archwoods along the bank between meanders, little towns on the deep side of just about every meander, beaches on the other side.
  28. Some are geographic; Two rivers, the Tigris and its sister the Euphrates, meander over the width and length of this silt-filled valley before joining, then pouring over an extensive delta and into what is called today the Persian Gulf.
  29. None of it’s dramatic, not in your way…I mean, how do you make a public drama out of the long drawing down of a cancer, or the slow meander of a mild epidemic, or that fatal nudge into oncoming traffic? Oh, I do things with a flourish sometimes, I suppose, the knife and the psychosis, but no, my book is made up of dark matter, whereas yours lists the stars that shine for bright, sparkling mortality.
  30. While the athletes of the other nations remained more or less at attention, the Americans began to meander about, checking things out—peering down the barrels of some field artillery pieces that had been arrayed facing them point-blank, studying the monolithic stone sculptures at the entrance to the stadium, or simply stretching out on the damp grass and pulling their straw hats over their faces for a nap.
  1. Motorway Pass) was how nice it would be meandering.
  2. Their paths are convoluted complex meandering tracks.
  3. I continued down the meandering road, carrying a melon.
  4. With each meandering stride, he agonized his way to Ned.
  5. Meandering or long answers early in the interview says.
  6. The meandering walk up and down short hills stretched on.
  7. He was looking down upon the meandering waterfront streets.
  8. It was a long path, and in some places a little meandering.
  9. They soon came across a meandering path lit by hanging lanterns.
  10. It’s already meandering up the hill to the Van-Bailey residence.
  11. I suppose I was just meandering in a random direction at this point.
  12. The drunken sailor that had thrown the bottle was meandering toward.
  13. This Wolf is meandering and shallow, with several inlets running off.
  14. Accidentally meandering into areas that humans regarded as their own.
  15. Dingles paths meandering here and there with never a moment to be still.
  16. He supposed it was too early to expect much from their meandering search.
  17. They walked and talked for another two hours undisturbed in the meandering.
  18. Her mind wandered to such meandering thoughts whenever Amonas came to mind.
  19. He drove on, happily meandering his way to his destination while listening.
  20. The telegrapher's equation solution also describes the meandering of a river.
  21. He used a thin, meandering column of smoke from an old fire as a compass bearing.
  22. I noticed that as we travelled along, the river started meandering back and forth.
  23. A now that contains the imprints of the past and the meandering dreams of the future.
  24. It made robotic equipment meandering about on Mars look like a toy for a ten year old.
  25. I fear the animal must have been driven to distraction by your meandering monologues.
  26. I took the lead through the dense foliage, following the meandering river at a distance.
  27. Mishea stands in the doorway, her head nodding slowly, tears meandering down her cheeks.
  28. Toby Parker, looking young and sleepy now, struggled to follow Monaghan's meandering tale.
  29. Preferring to travel at night, there was less chance of a delay by meandering travellers in.
  30. The sound ended, the trace of the weak heartbeat silently meandering across the screen then.
  31. The river had in the past apparently changed its course; I could see its old meandering path.
  32. He followed in silence as Miss Simone led the way once more along the meandering forest trail.
  33. Archmagio was there, a gray shifting form, meandering aimlessly between ten thousand forms of men.
  34. What more could a salamander reasonably ask? Red eyes glowed in the middle of the meandering creek.
  35. Meandering carefully over the valley, I slow down, I speed up, concentrating intently all the time.
  36. What was he pertaining to? Then he said, Oh! Maybe, it’s just a wild animal meandering around.
  37. There was the usual meandering lunchtime crowd of dopes and mopes moving in and out of Mickey D’s.
  38. This meandering is not due to a lack of homogeneity in the soil, but to the conservation of energy.
  39. The driver pulled onto the main road and started meandering through the surprisingly busy London traffic.
  40. She drove around in meandering random patterns throughout the city for more than an hour, and got nothing.
  41. Swan Lake road ends and Juju road begins after the meandering, frog-filled Willow River and the bridge over it.
  42. Dressing more casually in cotton trousers, t-shirts and pumps, they set off down the narrow meandering streets.
  43. In the evening it was long, meandering walks in the Quartier Latin, Montmartre, Place Pigalle and Place Clichy.
  44. I dont know how much of my meandering monologues she understood but she listened with a wide-eyed, half-smile.
  45. The Milky Way was aglow as a distinct, meandering band of luminous cloud flowing through the darkness of space.
  46. On the other hand we would not have been able to spend those two lovely, carefree years meandering across India.
  47. Leaves of brilliant yellow, russet, apple red, brown, orange, purplish colours, floated upon the meandering river.
  48. It crossed fields and slipped through hedges, meandering among the uninterested farm animals and the unseeing trees.
  49. And just think of all the extras you’re getting in the meantime! Think of all this meandering as a surprise bonus.
  50. As we followed the river which was meandering around, I started to see some structures stretching out to the shoreline.
  51. The path continued along a wide gurgling creek of crystal clarity, meandering along the whole length of this grand hollow.
  52. Landscapes, pristine mountains, gorgeous beaches, rivers, lakes and streams meandering through forests are all places you.
  53. The train slowed, meandering through valleys at a leisurely 300kph, catering for the sightseers rather than business trips.
  54. Near the end I lost my resentful hate for Vera in philosophical meandering, while her enmity for me seemed to reach a zenith.
  55. The flow began to increase, starting a stream that pooled at the wall and started meandering down the length of the corridor.
  56. The aircraft stayed well below the peaks, and flew along a valley floor over thick forests of fir fringing a meandering river.
  57. Ralf’s meandering train of thought was suddenly set off-track as he became aware of a murmuring on the fringe of his mentality.
  58. But he very soon was delayed again, when he happened to catch a glimpse of a certain shifty Argonian meandering near the marketplace.
  59. Freeman drove a meandering route through the high country and river valleys of Colorado and New Mexico, switching cars two more times.
  60. But after a few hours of meandering around the same spot of town, two elderly men approached us, and already knew who some of us were.
  61. Aiden Willis is sitting alone at a middle table, always that cap turned backward, the strawlike hair jutting out, those beady, meandering eyes.
  62. What happened to that river meandering around the back of here groaned Stu, as once again his flip flop had got caught in yet another hole.
  63. The zombies’ feet were meandering at the edge of the circle, with hands outstretched, quite possibly hungering for brains or other vital parts.
  64. The drive in was through a clump of huge oaks, but out back it was all fields and hills, with a little creek meandering away in the far distance.
  65. Even in their last encounter, after he became a vampire, he saw himself for the weak, meandering thing that he was, and had been all of his life.
  66. While Carius continued to gather materials here and there to place in the tent, the Breton found herself meandering near the officer’s quarters.
  67. He looked up to spot it, but only found the darkening blue twilight, a few dozen meandering clouds, and two distant airplanes heading towards LAX.
  68. The grounds were going to be beautiful, and she couldn’t wait to see how the meandering flowerbeds filled in when the last plants were in place.
  69. Twilly noted that Diana Davis’s face was pinched, but she didn’t dare object to Campion’s meandering testimony about the pain of losing his son.
  70. In his mental meandering he had stopped at the photograph of Ian Robinson when he had been sick, head shaven and tubes running all over his frail body.
  71. To relax is simply to be at leisure, to be free from time as money, to be able to be lost in the exquisite excess of meandering nowhere with others.
  72. He showed Sim on the nav-screen a spot on a meandering side trail, curving to the right between two artificial hills, all covered with shrubs and vegetation.
  73. Staring at it hurt his eyes and he turned away to discover that he was in a meandering tunnel, floating freely, pulled along by a brightness that lay ahead—.
  74. Belle had spent the morning assembling trays of assorted flowers from beside the meandering overflow that emptied the pond when heavy rains filled it past its rim.
  75. Slowly he went to the window, casually looked out, checked his watch; then he began a slow meandering course through the room in the general direction of the droid.
  76. I leisurely walked the meandering trail through the intoxicating scent of the full-blooming roses, stopping here and there as purple and green butterflies danced around me.
  77. The innocent, soft blowing winds that kissed the ocean before reaching dry land; the meandering green mountains that still looked virgin, all seemed somewhat larger than life.
  78. While meandering thru the area he would always call 'the mandela' from then on, he thought they passed three different places called Conchidenabla, a name he'd heard talk about.
  79. In the deepest snows, the path which I used from the highway to my house, about half a mile long, might have been represented by a meandering dotted line, with wide intervals between the dots.
  80. He had wandered through a meandering labyrinth of large metal pipes, interconnections and all manners of weird machinery and constructs the likes of which he could not believe were made by mere men.
  81. The two hundred mile trip to Lastriss increased to four hundred miles by the meandering of the river, making the trip from Hazorpean take at least four weeks altogether when the wind was this light.
  82. What else should I know about the new Colin? she asked, and her question gradually gave way to a meandering conversation about growing up in Raleigh and a bit more about his friendship with Evan and Lily.
  83. Byron’s face reacted in surprise, Death had an address!? If Death registered his surprise she didn’t comment on it, instead she led him gently up the steps, pulling his tourist like meandering toward the door.
  84. Brubaker described how the river came down out of the plateau of south-central Ontario, curving back to the northwest; collecting behind the dunes at Le Gran Binge in a series of meandering bayous, before finding its way to Lake Kandechio.
  85. Looking towards the east, in a pleasant morning, you behold a beautiful country of hill and dale spread out before you, divided into convenient and well-cultivated farms, intersected by glittering streams, meandering through them towards the Ohio.
  86. So that after looking at her as she had asked, nothing occurred to him but to lower his eyes again in order to hide his embarrassment and continue the pretense of being lost among the sweet, meandering rivers of Alca Island until he could think of something else.
  87. In one spot you view rugged hills, ruined castles overlooking tremendous precipices, with the dark Rhine rushing beneath; and on the sudden turn of a promontory, flourishing vineyards with green sloping banks and a meandering river and populous towns occupy the scene.
  88. In buffeting winds like these, the only way to keep the boat from meandering down the course in series of S curves was to use the rudder to crab the boat slightly to port, proceeding down the course in a straight line, but with the bow slightly out of alignment with the stern.
  89. The red carpeting was thick and plush, creating the sensation of walking on air, an effect that was further highlighted by the plethora of partially nude young women casually meandering and mingling with guests who found the atmosphere reminiscent of some kind of paradise on earth.
  90. All the boys were worried, but off the water they continued to exult in the heady atmosphere that enveloped Berlin that summer, and to revel in one another’s company, meandering through the city, eating schnitzel, drinking beer, hoisting steins, and singing Bow Down to Washington.
  91. The sheriff’s eyes turned up in their sockets till only the whites were visible, and Tom was so close that he could see the meandering pathways of the tiny veins within the white surfaces as the man collapsed like a heavy bag of potatoes, crashing onto Davidson’s empty chair which was right behind him.
  92. Imagine, then, natural meadows, of various dimensions, and of every figure which the imagination can conceive, with here and there a gentle rise of ground, decked with a few scattering trees or a thick cluster of them, and bearing a tall, coarse grass, which is thin on the rises, but on the lower grounds thick and luxuriant; imagine, also, a rill of a reddish colour scarcely meandering through ground a little lower than the surrounding plain, and you will have a very correct idea of the appearance of these barrens.
  93. If you look closely you observe that first there pushes forward from the thawing mass a stream of softened sand with a drop-like point, like the ball of the finger, feeling its way slowly and blindly downward, until at last with more heat and moisture, as the sun gets higher, the most fluid portion, in its effort to obey the law to which the most inert also yields, separates from the latter and forms for itself a meandering channel or artery within that, in which is seen a little silvery stream glancing like lightning from one stage of pulpy leaves or branches to another, and ever and anon swallowed up in the sand.
  1. We meandered over to Dr.
  2. The path meandered without me.
  3. In the morning, he meandered around Kofu.
  4. She stood, dressed and meandered to the.
  5. Ian meandered his way around to Donna’s arm.
  6. It meandered into a corner by the window wall.
  7. I slid out of bed and meandered into the bathroom.
  8. Eventually he meandered into some relevant detail.
  9. We all meandered down to the stern, drinks in hand.
  10. Rhone meandered out of the dissolving fog and into a.
  11. He meandered to the front of her and blocked her view.
  12. We meandered east through the hills and woods of the.
  13. Grady’s Camaro and meandered slowly through the city.
  14. I walked down the road for several hours as it meandered.
  15. Jed mumbled his facetious gratification and slowly meandered.
  16. Sheep meandered by their van, separated by a high fence line.
  17. How’s your arm? he said as we meandered down the street.
  18. The paths meandered naturally, as if they had been cut by water.
  19. The road twisted and meandered around the island’s topography.
  20. It meandered around stalagmites protruding from the cavern floor.
  21. The road meandered to and fro in a lot of switchbacks to the summit.
  22. They meandered their way through the street trying not to bump into.
  23. Senta and Song, and the others, meandered off in different directions.
  24. We were interrupted by Toby, who meandered up to the bar and stood beside me.
  25. One of Babs’ hobbies was a scale railway that meandered through his estate.
  26. The light clicked off and the sound of the crying meandered down the hallway.
  27. Once inside the brightly lit store, Mark meandered over to the luggage section.
  28. The others meandered away leaving Sabrina and Beau standing alone in the galley.
  29. She meandered over in front of the Rotunda and looked up at the hovering Crucifix.
  30. As the hours ticked by and we meandered around the yard sharing conversations with.
  31. Disbelieving the Souls had still not struck, down he meandered, opting not to run in.
  32. I meandered back to the house arriving a little after midday just as the wind picked up.
  33. The path I had chosen meandered all over the place and soon I lost all sense of direction.
  34. The scene repeated itself as they meandered here and there, occasionally being interspersed.
  35. She followed the river Outhen as it meandered along the flat plain between two ranges of hills.
  36. Having lost interest in the dart game, the ice-cream eaters meandered east along the concourse.
  37. He turned off the road before he got to his own door and meandered down to the waterfront again.
  38. As the sun sank into the ocean, the satiated group meandered back over to the two living hearths.
  39. He meandered under the spreading boughs of hardwoods and along shrub-shrouded trails until he saw The Lake.
  40. Coming out of a fold in the hills, a small black indistinct line meandered in the direction of the lowlands.
  41. Why was this brother culture of humans called Neanderthals? Because they meandered all over the fucking place.
  42. As he spoke, he meandered over to the table, gently lifting a corner of leather and thumbing through the stack.
  43. A beautiful brook meandered underneath and a small signpost announced the location of „Brookdell Cottage’.
  44. There would never have been a better audience than this one man, who meandered along with the flow of my speech.
  45. As he lay there in the womb-like comfort of his bed, his thoughts meandered around the imagery of Nancy’s dream.
  46. They had meandered around the galaxy, searching for a suitable home, and just happened to stumble upon our doorstep.
  47. The weather of the day was beautiful and as he meandered he saw a falcon floating effortlessly in the sky above him.
  48. His mind was losing its sharpness to the reality of death, and his thoughts meandered amongst happy cubhood memories.
  49. Upstream to the north the river meandered lazily through the countryside, flanked by green trees and other vegetation.
  50. They were sailing very slowly up a river without banks that meandered between arid sandbars stretching to the horizon.
  51. It meandered for some distance in a long slow curve, always the same width, always the same height, and always silent.
  52. Unlike the Cave of the Spirit Mouth, which meandered like a river, the Cave of the Spirit Eye was as straight as an arrow.
  53. The scent of roses and lilies filled my nostrils as Annelle chose a walkway that meandered towards the middle of the garden.
  54. As soon as it was quiet from the receding stampede, a herd of something else meandered into the area at a slow deliberate pace.
  55. The heady scent of roses and lilies filled my nostrils as Desiree' chose a walkway that meandered towards the middle of the garden.
  56. Anna climbed over the stile and with her tread falling softly on the carpet of leaves and grass she meandered her way through the trees.
  57. We meandered merrily and unsteadily and found yesterday's carriage driver who called us with an upraised whip to attract our attention.
  58. The course of the stream meandered around rocky knolls and forlorn willows, through bare, brown hills and fields of dead and dying grain.
  59. There were millions of tiny hisses as laleets called for mates from the reeds lining the tiny creek that meandered around this clump of trees.
  60. Trees and flowers were everywhere and a graceful stream meandered through the streets where sparkling trout leaped among the stones and the water.
  61. Randal grabbed his bag of grub, meandered through the crowd, and made his way to his daddy’s BMW that was filled with a bunch of older kids that were wearing golf shirts.
  62. When the markets meandered around slowly last winter, I made a killing selling Theta; but with the recent spike in volatility, it makes much more sense to capitalize on Vega.
  63. The children also roamed the jungle floor to the river which did not rush on its way to a distant end, but meandered along providing calm security for water creatures of all sizes.
  64. As the road slid beneath his feet, and the hot day meandered to an end, he wondered of the vengeance those natives must surely be planning to even themselves with those iron-gang boys.
  65. After crossing a low vale, through which a gushing brook meandered, he suddenly ascended a hill, so steep and difficult of ascent, that the sisters were compelled to alight in order to follow.
  66. They were travelling a barely discernible path that meandered along the bank of the Andith River, searching for a place where they could cross, and Broshee wondered if they would ever find one.
  67. Broken columns glimmered among the trees, the straggling lines of crumbling walls meandered off into the shadows, and under his feet were broad paves, cracked and bowed by roots growing beneath.
  68. Growing impatient, Tanya loudly excused herself to the bathroom and meandered her way towards the door, choosing a strategic route that took her between the man and one of his captivated courtiers.
  69. David and Chantal meandered the mostly narrow streets of Chinatown, sometimes on the sidewalks and sometimes in the street, depending on whether the foot traffic or the car traffic was more of a challenge.
  70. The course, which had meandered under Fishmael's erratic influence at night, was now set straight for the day, away from the City, away from the happy entrapment of culture and uncouthness, wealth and poverty.
  71. The six thousand men under his command would be reorganised into four groups to defend the three mountain passes that meandered up into the high grounds and town above; one force for each pass with the fourth as a reserve.
  72. That is one insane, twisted reason Modern Cro-Magnons used in killing their brothers the Neanderthals… who meandered aimlessly about; during the periods between the growth of the huge Ice Sheets; where they were needed and used by Nature.
  73. The scene repeated itself as they meandered here and there, occasionally being interspersed with the bodies of horses, some of which were still attached to the lightweight war chariots similar to those that Moshe remembered having been barged down the river.
  74. We meandered here and there, two dazed souls in the midst of frenetic activity and the agitated, tense noise of luggage moved, families bidding farewell to loved ones, instructions shouted by officials, complaints and protests voiced, all in a vast variety of decibel counts.
  75. Groping in the darkness to which he had become so accustomed that he could all but see through it, he discovered that the tunnel did not run straight, but meandered, and he fell back beyond the first turn, so that the light of the strangers should not fall on him as they passed.
  76. He was splendid in state robes and orders, and there was a charger, and an obviously expensive looped-up curtain, and much smoke as of nations furiously raging together in the background, and outside this magnificence meandered the unmeaning rosebuds of Priscilla's cheap wallpaper.
  77. She always went by way of the swamp; it was a lovely place—a boggy soil, green with the greenest of mossy hillocks; a silvery brook meandered through it and spruces stood erectly, their boughs a-trail with gray-green mosses, their roots overgrown with all sorts of woodland lovelinesses.
  78. She did not mention this meeting at home (though she discovered that, thanks to the upset, her new dress was much damaged by the rivulets of dressing that meandered down the skirt), but went through with the preparations which now seemed more irksome than before, and at twelve o'clock all was ready again.
  79. After a remarkably fine and cheap meal in a self-service restaurant, I relaxed in the Park of Albert the First, where a parade of handsome young couples looking self-assured and elegant, shaking hands and embracing friends, chatting amicably, strolled arm in arm around a more or less circular path that meandered between the trees.
  80. There it stood in its corner, melancholy, sick, crumbling, surrounded by a rotten palisade, soiled continually by drunken coachmen; cracks meandered athwart its belly, a lath projected from its tail, tall grass flourished between its legs; and, as the level of the place had been rising all around it for a space of thirty years, by that slow and continuous movement which insensibly elevates the soil of large towns, it stood in a hollow, and it looked as though the ground were giving way beneath it.
  81. He meandered aimlessly through the corridors of the mighty vessel,.
  1. Viewed as an aerial photograph, every river in the world meanders.
  2. Anthony meanders in to my room, leaning his shoulder against the doorframe.
  3. It meanders through the valley, taking in some interesting scenery on the way.
  4. Next to a paved path that meanders through the broad green lawn around the Silver.
  5. Every meander in a river is independent of other meanders, and thus all are completely random.
  6. Thus, meanders cause the river to take the path of least resistance in the sense of energy conservation.
  7. It is one of the Lhar's largest tributaries, nearly as wide as the Lhar where they left it, less braids but tighter meanders.
  8. Her morning in the Baker fields and by the banks of that part of the Sym that meanders through them had tuned her mind to meditation.
  9. The stream that runs past the Well emerges from the trees here and meanders its way through the soft green grass and hawthorn bushes.
  10. If the slope is too severe, the meanders have the same effect as a skier who weaves back and forth across the slope to slow his descent.
  11. Only the tops of those five hundred foot walls of crystal building were visible, the river still had a few meanders on it's way to the docks.
  12. If we were to look at all the meanders as an ensemble, overlaying one on top of the other like a multiple-exposure photograph, the meander randomness would also become apparent.
  13. I lament, sir, that the discussion has not been confined to the subject which the resolution presents for consideration, but as I had no control over the debate, I am compelled to pursue it through the meanders it has taken.
  14. By the light of week Ekendosa, the countryside was crowded but lovely, neat little farms beneath big-frond archwoods along the bank between meanders, little towns on the deep side of just about every meander, beaches on the other side.
  15. From the Tennessee line, which would be the northern boundary of the State, to the confluence of the Mississippi with the bay of Mexico, is a distance of from eight hundred to a thousand miles, in the nearest direction, and following the meanders of the river, not less in my opinion than twelve hundred miles.
  16. Emott) who gave the information, I ask, would he have been contented with the long investigation of documents, to ascertain if any of the diplomatic meanders turned towards French influence? No, sir, he would not; he would have demanded of the National Government to have his children restored to his arms; he could demand this in a way to be heard.
  17. Where the ravine opens between the cliffs, and a slender, shallow rivulet meanders out of the bushes to lose itself in the sea, the lighter was run ashore; and the two men, with a taciturn, undaunted energy, began to discharge her precious freight, carrying each ox-hide box up the bed of the rivulet beyond the bushes to a hollow place which the caving in of the soil had made below the roots of a large tree.

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