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Meditate numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. He started to meditate and.
  2. On thee I used to meditate!.
  3. If you meditate daily, soon.
  4. There is no need to meditate.
  5. And then to meditate for days.

  6. I pray, meditate, just as you.
  7. She just continued to meditate.
  8. Those who meditate on the drop.
  9. First meditate on all the limbs.
  10. There are other ways to meditate.
  11. Meditate on the following verse.
  12. When we meditate on taking our.
  13. Do not meditate on anything else.
  14. As we meditate, we can focus on.
  15. Meditate on the Lord God Almighty.

  16. You can meditate by focusing on.
  18. Those who fear me and meditate on.
  19. I intend to meditate once each day.
  20. You meditate about owning the boat.
  21. Read God's Word and meditate on it.
  22. When you do start to meditate you.
  23. We’ve never seen them meditate.
  24. But Alyosha had not long to meditate.
  25. Q: We are told to meditate regularly.

  26. Meditate on the faithfulness of God.
  27. I learned to meditate when I was 15.
  28. You can meditate alone or in a group.
  29. This is another way to meditate and.
  30. When to Meditate - Making It a Habit.
  31. We then meditate on this determination.
  32. Then we shall be able to meditate on.
  34. Meditate on the Inner-self ceaselessly.
  35. In this way we meditate on the assem-.
  36. The selfless meditate with a devotion.
  37. Meditate before writing your intentions.
  38. Meditate on this Power which is formless.
  39. There are many good things to meditate on.
  40. Here is a brief guide on how to meditate:.
  41. When we meditate on the emptiness of our.
  42. As soon as you awaken try to meditate then.
  43. Meditate on it as your true being and try.
  44. Questioner: All teachers advise to meditate.
  46. You can meditate on the color white as well.
  47. To meditate on the Shadow is a serious thing.
  48. Four quadrants walked and traced to meditate.
  49. There are a lot of bad reasons not to meditate.
  50. Meditate on the amount of weight you want to.
  51. Roy decided he wanted to meditate as the sun.
  52. As we think upon God and meditate on Him, we.
  53. We then meditate on this image with stronger.
  54. Let us meditate on the following two analogies.
  55. Reprogram the brain to focus and meditate for.
  56. Isaac went out to meditate in the field at the.
  57. Meditate, man, on the heaven then ask yourself:.
  58. Meditate on it and let the Spirit speak to you.
  59. I learned to meditate from the people over there.
  60. Because I could be using this time to meditate.
  61. Meditate Repeat a positive word, phrase or prayer.
  62. None but a fiend could meditate such a vengeance.
  63. Bible too may be effectively used to meditate with.
  64. Meditate, human, on heaven, and then ask yourself:.
  65. Simply meditate on the energy and send it from you.
  66. I might have to meditate on that And stop thinking.
  67. Getting Started - Where, When, and How to Meditate.
  68. The monks stayed inside the Wat to meditate and pray.
  69. Marquis of Saint-Meran! and he appeared to meditate.
  70. Maslenikoff pursed up his lips and began to meditate.
  71. Read about a chapter of Scripture and meditate on a.
  72. I used to meditate in the Zen Center of San Francisco.
  73. But then at the end of the talk he said lets meditate.
  74. They failed to meditate to think through the problem.
  75. Every so often, my cousin Dana would meditate with me.
  76. To meditate on the emptiness of produced phenomena we.
  77. Meditate on and pray Psalm 27 for you and those around.
  78. If we continually meditate in this way on this assembly.
  79. Meditate only once a week and for only 15 to 30 minutes.
  80. Awakening the Kind Heart: How to Meditate on Compassion.
  81. Francis asked the nun if they might meditate for a while.
  82. Holding this belief, we meditate on the emptiness of all.
  83. Is that what happens when you meditate? the man asks.
  84. Great place to meditate if it weren’t for that damn kid.
  85. It is particularly helpful to meditate on the emptiness of.
  86. We should meditate on this determination every day, and put.
  87. We should meditate on this determination every day, and out.
  88. We should meditate continually on this determination, which.
  89. It was after she learned to relax, deep breathe and meditate.
  90. Jesse decided to go into his library to meditate and to write.
  91. Some meditate with the eyes closed, others with the eyes open.
  92. We are not afraid of the unknown because we pray and meditate.
  93. We should meditate on this determination continually, and put.
  94. Q: In the beginning we may have to pray and meditate for some.
  95. And inside there was a bench where one could sit and meditate.
  96. This association can be used when you are not able to meditate.
  97. As our other student and I continued to meditate we used Second.
  98. Meditating on your breath is a common and classic way to meditate.
  99. We must meditate on who we are in ourselves and who we are in Him.
  100. Not only methods, but the ways to meditate are so different, not.
  1. As if they were meditating.
  2. He was meditating out loud.
  3. Start by meditating 15 to 30.
  4. Yes, I am meditating regularly.
  5. Meditating Alone or with Others.
  6. This way of meditating on empti-.
  7. Specially meditating upon the word.
  8. When I arrived he was meditating in.
  9. He was still meditating on something.
  10. Meanwhile Clare was meditating, verily.
  11. I mean, why tell us you were meditating.
  12. I’m referring to the act of meditating.
  13. Writing is a great way to start meditating.
  14. Try praying or meditating ten minutes at.
  15. There are many ways to practice meditating.
  16. Meditating and praying, to get in the mood.
  17. From meditating regularly you bring about.
  18. Use your affirmatives to continue meditating.
  19. Yes as a matter of fact, I was meditating.
  20. If Rad had been meditating on this he would.
  21. Krishna sat upright in his bed while meditating.
  22. Focusing on the problem and meditating if for.
  23. And indeed, meditating monks are happier people.
  25. He does that when he's meditating, she remembered.
  26. I shook my head and went meditating into the house.
  27. I shook my head, and went meditating into the house.
  28. Meditating is actually easier than you might imagine.
  29. She listened, and bent her head as though meditating.
  30. The priest paused for some time, as though meditating.
  31. When the chant ends, we’re off—we’re meditating.
  32. I sat meditating for a long time on the room's balcony.
  33. Spend the last 20 minutes reading and meditating on the.
  34. While Muhammad (PBUH) was meditating, the Angel Gabriel.
  35. When we are meditating on giving, our motivation should.
  36. I can’t ever imagine meditating without Nitrous Oxide.
  37. In fact it’s the thoughts that keep me from meditating.
  38. Through the yoga of unifying [the two winds], meditating.
  39. The remaining seven benefits of meditating on affection-.
  40. While meditating on the assembly of sixty-two enlightened.
  41. Exercise, eating, praying, meditating, training the mind.
  42. In this practice, through meditating on the body mandala of.
  43. Through continually contemplating and meditating in this way.
  44. This is where the monks walked round and round, meditating.
  45. Your life will improve dramatically after you begin meditating.
  46. As he was meditating on grounding the Collets one day - as he.
  47. When meditating we learn the skills and practice for relaxation.
  48. You have candles on the floor while you’re meditating?
  49. I quietly slipped into the room where Bob sat still meditating.
  50. So after the yoga we were meditating with the chanting of these.
  51. It may be that, while I’m in the process of meditating, I’m.
  52. When you first start meditating you’ll find that your mind is.
  53. Meditating on your breath is a common and classic way to meditate.
  54. As he sat there he had the air of meditating upon sinister things.
  55. When meditating of the word increases sinful thoughts will decrease.
  56. He approaches the man and says, So far, Diane is still meditating.
  57. They told me that while I was meditating, the guy had came over to me.
  58. It is during such valuable times when we are meditating, thinking and.
  59. Both sides of the family would walk in on me while I’m meditating.
  60. He appeared to be meditating; so how did he know Joey was approaching?
  61. He felt he was called to be a prophet of God while meditating in the cave.
  62. I was certain that all the hours I spent meditating would finally pay off.
  63. With at least 20 minutes a day, continue meditating for at least two months.
  64. To commence meditating you will need to acknowledge that you will have some.
  65. He was meditating in an attempt to suppress the pain in his shoulder and leg.
  66. I spent the rest of the day sitting next to the cairn fasting and meditating.
  67. He appeared to be meditating with his eyes closed and his breathing regulated.
  68. There are pluses and minuses in meditating alone and in meditating with others.
  69. He sat long with his elbows on his knees and his chin in his hands, meditating.
  70. Infusing an essential oil while meditating can compound the effect of meditation.
  71. He sits and contemplates, meditating on such things in the cave of Jabal al-nur.
  72. To commence meditating you will need to accept that you will be exposed to your.
  73. Malcolm wasn’t actually meditating he was just sitting watching the television.
  74. For the last year or so I have been doing a lot of meditating and self-evaluation.
  75. At that time a man came upon me while I was meditating along the side of a creek.
  76. This was in early September of 2009, about a month after I’d started meditating.
  77. We always need a boost in self-development, which we have this boost by meditating.
  78. Essentially, Jud’s invention tells people whether they’re meditating correctly.
  79. Rather than work at a job that does not bring us contentment, meditating helps us.
  80. But the smile disappeared as she went on meditating, and at last she said aloud—.
  81. Perhaps prayer is about meditating and reflecting on life, Self and relational love.
  82. Nekhludoff thanked him and strolled about the garden, meditating on what he had seen.
  83. Wopsle, as the ill-requited uncle of the evening's tragedy, fell to meditating aloud.
  84. Finally the last thing to do is to place with that - the Bible talks about meditating.
  85. The main thing to keep in mind during your search is to continue meditating for self-.
  86. The Buddah today sits in a cover-up called Pagoda meditating until the Lord comes home.
  87. Just because your legs are crossed doesn’t mean you’re meditating more effectively.
  88. Hindley sat opposite, his head leant on his hand; perhaps meditating on the same subject.
  89. The book opened itself up to the chapter on meditating, something I'd never dared to try.
  90. By meditating, you will learn how to relax; that can be one of the most effective ways to.
  91. Meditation opens the way for you to begin to experience the reality of God, so meditating.
  92. Well, after I started meditating, I found my soul or spirit wandering the universe again.
  93. We feel purer and clearer after meditating because we're less blocked by frustrated energy.
  94. Now that you have done the meditating process, you are ready to start the withdrawal process.
  95. At the time, I was near, meditating in my glade of contemplation, and I detected his approach.
  96. Your aunt Marilyn snapped the pictures of your eyes and face while you were meditating?
  97. Because of its importance I covered some practical guidance on how to start meditating at the.
  98. Someone who spends his life on the water probably spends a lot of time meditating on the water.
  99. I usually have a couple or a few lit candles on the floor in front of me while I’m meditating.
  100. Her only beef was that she had to tiptoe around the apartment if I was meditating in the bedroom.
  1. They meditated none to us.
  2. I meditated and prayed for.
  3. The other meditated for a space.
  4. She meditated and played Numero.
  5. He had meditated much upon death.
  6. Severa meditated her response, then said:.
  7. But Magua meditated no immediate violence.
  8. He meditated and continued with his carving.
  9. Maslennikoff compressed his lips and meditated.
  11. She closed her eyes and meditated on Luna’s words.
  12. Did she really meditated while she was on stage?
  13. As his mother had failed him, he meditated on his country.
  14. I meditated Psalm 23, in the presence of God being with me.
  15. He had meditated all night long; he had meditated all the.
  16. After centering herself she meditated on it for 30 minutes.
  17. Enjolras meditated for a few moments, and made the gesture.
  18. In this situation Jean Valjean meditated; and what could be.
  19. Meditated information has been known to be a part of your day.
  20. This picture forms one of a series long since meditated by Mr.
  21. And we encouraged him, and we meditated with him and I saw that.
  22. The prince stayed behind, and meditated alone for a few minutes.
  23. In the same way, having meditated with an unwaveringand one-.
  24. Many students have said that if they meditated for one hour every.
  25. However we meditated or prayed sporadically whenever it suited you.
  26. He sat down cross-legged and meditated upon the ruro within his chest.
  27. We all sat in a large meditation hall for ten hours a day and meditated.
  28. In proportion as he meditated, they grew before the eyes of his spirit.
  29. It was still mildly embarrassing to admit to most people that I meditated.
  30. The next morning the two monks ate, studied their scriptures and meditated.
  31. Don meditated for his inner energy to flow out and break open the booby traps.
  32. So instead of surfing the net, he meditated for a bit and then went to sleep.
  33. So Brujon meditated, and he emerged from the chamber of punishment with a rope.
  34. He closed his eyes, and meditated upon how nice it would be to finally be alone.
  35. Before retiring that evening, he meditated on his new plan at great length, and.
  36. They just meditated on average 40 minutes each day; you don’t have to be a monk.
  37. Stopping the internal dialogue was obviously the crux of true meditation meditated.
  38. He meditated quietly for an hour after Matins, something he very much enjoyed doing.
  39. It could be seen that he would be one of the principal supporters of the meditated theatre.
  40. With uneasy conscience I meditated on the amazing alchemy, potent in young and tender passion.
  41. Her mind still echoing with the mighty voice of The One, Nancy stayed on her knees and meditated.
  42. As she meditated, at about nine o'clock, he opened the door and came in, slinking, and yet sulky.
  43. Even to be read aloud and meditated on they are a great help to encourage us along the pilgrim way.
  44. She couldn’t remember any of these colours when she and Johan had meditated together in the past.
  45. It was still sitting on the floor in a meditated position where I left it, just like in the painting.
  46. I, too, have had my dream, I, too, have meditated, I, too, have sighed; I, too, have had a moonlight soul.
  47. This is why if you visit a temple where people have meditated you will feel an over-powering sense of peace.
  48. In the morning he meditated for an hour, then he said his mass, either at the cathedral or in his own house.
  49. I’ve spent a hundred hours in yogi posture, of which I actually meditated no more than a few brief moments.
  50. Most certainly Ulysses meditated upon these words during the seven long years he spent in his prison on Ogygia.
  51. The woman entered and they made their way to the sun room where not long before Sister Scholastica had meditated.
  52. If suicide formed part of what he had meditated on coming to this sepulchre, to that spot, he had not succeeded.
  53. It would seem as if he meditated another batch of midnight judges, and another midnight retreat from the Capital.
  54. Relationship Enhancement, found that couples who meditated reported more satisfaction with their relationships.
  55. Speaker, that our countrymen were to fall in the meditated conflict, and that American blood was to stream afresh.
  56. He had heard, I fancy, of the meditated representation, and said nothing about it, lest he should spoil everything.
  57. Andrew Towhee, he went to his room and meditated for several hours and then slept on the floor next to the large bed.
  58. This garden held her salvation, where she meditated and prayed and felt whole and connected to God’s healing energy.
  59. In his spare hours, he sat and meditated on how to deal with these problems though the solution continued to evade him.
  60. He was nerving himself to this rigor as he rode from Brassing, and meditated on the representations he must make to Rosamond.
  61. Having been on a 10 day Goenka Vipassana silent retreat where I meditated for 8 hours a day I can say that coming to stay with.
  62. He was up before the sun, celebrated the Office of Vigils, meditated, and spent an hour in the hotel health club on the treadmill.
  63. It was now about a year ago, when he had stated his reasons at length on the question of the war then meditated against Great Britain.
  64. After waking from his last sleep, he did some light exercises and then meditated for another six hours until he felt like sleeping again.
  65. As I said earlier, I had not meditated in some time, but I did miss the process and I thought this was the perfect excuse to get back to it.
  66. There is a large eerie painting of Diane D’s physical body sitting on the floor in a meditated position inside a large dimly lit bedroom.
  67. Instead of being frustrated, he meditated and prayed which allowed the Infinite to orchestrate the manifestation of his PEARLS OF POSSIBILITY.
  68. The high priest will ask me if I have prayed and meditated, should I lie to the high priest and risk damnation or should I answer truthfully.
  69. I have meditated on the idea several times in an effort to fully understand not only what he said, but also the full potential of his statement.
  70. There was much here that was suggestive to the kindred spirit of Plato, who had doubtless meditated deeply on the 'way of life of Pythagoras' (Rep.
  71. As he meditated, he whipped up his horse, which was proceeding at that fine, regular, and even trot which accomplishes two leagues and a half an hour.
  72. My family told the doctors and the authorities that they would see me sitting on the bedroom floor in a meditated position inside a dimly lit bedroom.
  73. The meditator and the meditated, the thinker and the thought, the worshipper and the worshipped, the subject and the object have now become identical.
  74. These verses should be meditated on and grounded on, as they are all giving us very powerful revelation into the nature and personality of God Himself.
  75. Inspired by this conversation with Gabriel, Mohammed left the cave in which he meditated, and the first thing he saw was a breathtaking view of nature.
  76. Judas was becoming increasingly nervous as he meditated how the eleven loyal apostles would detest him, and he feared they would all seek to destroy him.
  77. You said your physical body was on the floor sitting in a meditated state while your soul or spirit was out of it away from it, just like in that painting.
  78. Perhaps, had he meditated a bit longer, he would not have allowed the Empire to end up in the hands of his son, Commodus, with the ensuing disastrous results.
  79. Vydor, before we jumped last time you meditated, and when I finally came out of the post-jump effects I noticed that you were already in control of the ship.
  80. He watched on in silence for a few seconds, noticing how eerily quiet the baby was now, with its small hands caressing Nancy’s face while she seemingly meditated.
  81. It was early when I woke, laying still and silent as I meditated on the new day, and if I was strong enough to get all the way to Capernaum, and do it all in one day.
  82. Javert leaned both elbows on the parapet, his chin resting in both hands, and, while his nails were mechanically twined in the abundance of his whiskers, he meditated.
  83. And now that she is vanished to her rest, and I have meditated for another hour or two, I shall summon courage to go also, in spite of aching laziness of head and limbs.
  84. And now that she is vanished to her rest, and I have meditated for another hour or two, I shall summon courage to go, also, in spite of aching laziness of head and limbs.
  85. But this is not so strange: he most surely meditated at length on Christ’s words that say: Unless you eat of my flesh and drink of my blood, you cannot have life.
  86. I meditated wonderingly on this incident; but gradually quitting it, as I found it for the present inexplicable, I turned to the consideration of my master’s manner to myself.
  87. The elder monks stayed in the Wat preparing for the arrival of the new Tinju, they meditated and cleaned the weapons that would be used in time for ceremonies and demonstrations.
  88. Because we've had disappointments and setbacks, and we haven't processed them; we haven't meditated and engaged with God to keep our heart in faith; so keeping our heart in faith.
  89. As he meditated thus, dejected but resolute, hesitating in every direction, and, in short, shuddering at what he was about to do, his glance strayed to the interior of the barricade.
  90. Michael Ivanovich followed her advice and went to the public gardens, which were so near to Everything, and meditated with annoyance on the stupidity, the obstinacy, and heartlessness of women.
  91. Beneath the cudgel, beneath the chain, in the cell, in hardship, beneath the burning sun of the galleys, upon the plank bed of the convict, he withdrew into his own consciousness and meditated.
  92. Here he paused, the pen fell from his fingers, he was seized by one of those sobs which at times welled up from the very depths of his being; the poor man clasped his head in both hands, and meditated.
  93. After breakfast he meditated for a quarter of an hour; then two generals seated themselves on the truss of straw, pen in hand and their paper on their knees, and the Emperor dictated to them the order of battle.
  94. Now, after the galleys, he saw the cloister; and when he meditated how he had formed a part of the galleys, and that he now, so to speak, was a spectator of the cloister, he confronted the two in his own mind with anxiety.
  95. Our progress was leisurely, and gave me ample time to reflect; I was content to be at length so near the end of my journey; and as I leaned back in the comfortable though not elegant conveyance, I meditated much at my ease.
  96. No wonder that Lydgate had been unable to suppress all signs of inward trouble during the last few months, and now that Rosamond was regaining brilliant health, he meditated taking her entirely into confidence on his difficulties.
  97. The German security guards and camera people already told me, that when I first meditated, to the time I landed on the stage floor, laid up, opened my eyes again then saw my family rushing to me, ten or fifteen minutes had went by.
  98. After scanning their rooms for bugs, a precaution they’d begun taking when another scientist seemed to know more than she should about their activities, they meditated for twenty minutes then discussed the events of the afternoon.
  99. Nevertheless, the Bishop meditated on the subject, and from time to time he gazed at the horizon at a point where a clump of trees marked the valley of the former member of the Convention, and he said, There is a soul yonder which is lonely.
  100. But this ill-tempered anticipation that she could desire visits which might be disagreeable to her husband, this gratuitous defence of himself against selfish complaint on her part, was too sharp a sting to be meditated on until after it had been resented.
  1. In His law he meditates day and night.
  2. He always meditates at this time of day.
  3. I hear that she meditates from time to time.
  4. So it is that Arjun is a sage who meditates with.
  5. Q: In meditation, who meditates, the person or the witness?
  6. The yogi with a restrained mind who thus meditates on me in-.
  7. Remember also that every one who meditates upon the Master makes a.
  8. The worshipper who always meditates on God with a steady mind real-.
  9. Yeah I heard that she meditates, the second police officer says.
  10. We’ve seen Dana sitting on the floor with Diane while Diane meditates.
  11. Cass meditates on this revelation as he lay in his bunk before falling off to sleep.
  12. But his delight is in the law of the Lord, And in His law he meditates day and night.
  13. It’s a pity that man meditates for peace of mind having purchased headaches at a discount.
  14. From the egotism of the man who suffers he passes to the compassion of the man who meditates.
  15. No we didn‘t! She usually meditates late at night during the wee hours of the morning!.
  16. Indeed, if a person meditates on a camel, they will sense that there is wisdom and precision in creation.
  17. He who chants and meditates upon this monosyllable OM chants and meditates upon all the Scriptures of the world.
  18. Sire, the usurper is arming three ships, he meditates some project, which, however mad, is yet, perhaps, terrible.
  19. This became one of Roger’s habits, even during Sunday sermons… He listens and meditates, but does not correct.
  20. Now that I’m here she has her hippie moment and meditates while I have to deal with all this crap that I thought was important at the time.
  21. Where Self meditates with an intuitive reflective spirit on Self’s past experiences learning about Self in conjunction with informed information.
  22. Indeed, if man meditates on a camel, he will sense wisdom in creation and precision in making that acquaint him with its great Creator and wise Maker.
  23. When the work is over, a prisoner goes out of the barracks, sits down on the threshold, meditates with his chin resting on his hand, and then drawls out his song in a high falsetto.
  24. Prayer may be personal, intimate and creative, yet also focused on the structured and traditional prayers, as when one reflects and meditates on the ‘Lord’s Prayer’; which reads:.
  25. For example, a human being who meditates may feel that he has spent one minute in a state of maximum internal calm (lying or sitting motionless), although more than an hour may have actually passed.
  26. Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the path of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful; but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night.
  27. When one meditates today, if they are communing with the Earth, there will not only be simple feelings of oceanic bliss and global peace, but also panic, confusion, and rage from the threat of catastrophes and the inevitability of emotional chaos.
  28. Someone who meditates regularly, over time, learns to restrain mental activities in the conscious mind (often associated with the left brain) and to go deeper and deeper within the subconscious mind (which is often associated with the right brain) until it merges with the ‘bedrock’ — the Universal Mind.

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