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Melody numa frase em (in ingles)

And you are the melody.
I felt sorry for Melody.
Made a melody out of it.
Is the melody he writes.
Melody looked a bit upset.
With its melody enwind me.
Melody yelled, Well if Mr.

Do you hear that melody?
And the melody changed them.
The sweetest melody he plays.
The melody of harps they wrung.
This is Melody of the Wind.
Beau Gardner and Melody Turner.
A melody took root in his mind.
And so I kissed Melody properly.
Unless, Melody drove off with it.
Of your name the soothing melody.
Was that it? giggled Melody.
Some hummed along with the melody.
It sang the sweetest melody, she.
Feel the effects of a warm melody.
The melody is the key, my friend.
Melody was in the bathroom after me.
Melody saw me do it and stopped me.
Jason and Melody Ashby respectively.
A faint melody sprang out on the air.
Feel the effects of his warm melody.
Every time I felt the melody of love.
I can’t hear the melody anymore.
A bouncing melody reverberated out.
Many have been visited by the melody.
It was something I could see Melody.
A haunting melody woven with healing.
The melody begin on a melancholy note.
Melody and I both listened attentively.
We have already created melody circuit.
Now Melody collapsed in fits of laughter.
Step3: Connect the melody circuit to LED.
Birdsong joined with the universal melody.
Grover played a quick melody on his pipes.

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